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Unknown Burial Sites

These records were taken from microfilm index books.

Abbreviations used -  HT-Holy Trinity

b. born d. died  par: parents bro: brother sis: sister sibs: siblings w: wife h: husband

grpar. grandparents  res. residence  wid. widow/widower

They were reported as Funerals at Holy Trinity, although the cemetery had been established in 1914, there were Funerals recorded at Holy Trinity. Most of the earlier burials were children, and I would guess in Section One of this cemetery. Or they may have been buried at St Mary's. The exact grave sites are not known by me, but the Parish may have the records.

Listed as Name-Date of Death-Place of Death-Age-Survivors


Cucchara Pauline-d. 5-11-1911 -56 W Doughty St age 16 Par: M/M James Cucchara

Leone George- d.2-22-1911 Brigham Rd. youngest son of M/M Phillip Leone-indigestion

Lagano  Dominick -d.4-7-1911-310 Swan St. age 8mo26dys Par: M/M Charles Lagano-1 bro 2sis

Lre ?? Tony-d.4-6-1911 Brooks Hosp. res.323 Leopard-age 30y6m4dys-w & 3 chidren

Santacrose (Santacroce)-Daughter d.4-12-1911 -age-9m -215 Fox St-Par: M/M Nicholas Santacrose


Cateleno Frank-d.Oct.3,1912- age 2m7d-Par: M/M Joseph Cateleno (Catalano ??)

Gavo Leo Nordo-d.11-28-1912-315 Fox St-b.3-24-1912-Par:M/M Petrian Gavo

Salvatore Angeline Rose-d.5-8-1912-53 RR Ave-little daughter of M/M Comento Salvatore-accute indigestion

Valone John-d.10-6-1912-88 E 3rd St-age 2 par: M/M George Valone-poisioning-3 sibs

Vooli Joseph-d.4-10-1912 -203 Swan St-age 10 mo-par: M/M Joseph Vooli


Bartello Joseph d Oct.24,1913-age 3-Par: M/M Carmen Bartello buried HT

Caddio Theodore- 18 mo-d.June 13,1913- Par: M/M John Caddio

( Could be Taddio ??)

Forti Lena Mrs. d.9-6-1913 -315 Fox St

Mano Anna-d.12-29-1913- 215 Fox St age 11 mo-pneumonia-Par: M/M James Mano

Moir Anthony-d.5-2-1913-208 Eagle St-age 2mo-Par: M/M George E Moir

Popola Samuel d.2-28-1913 Brooks Hosp. age 9 Par: M/M James Popola-435 Fox St-several sibs

Ramonti Rose-(Mrs) 12-26-1913-Leopard St- b.Italy age 68 -Daugh:Mrs Jos.Lombardo

Scott Frank-d.8-4-1913-57 RR Ave. age 26 Par:J.F.Scott-4 bros.

Vacanti Frank-d.3-20-1913-323 Leopard St age 9 mo-Par: M/M Joseph Vacanti


Carmenica John Pedro-d.3-12-1914 age-1yr10m5dys Par; Rose Carmonica

Nucher Mather d.3-14-1914 -4 Talcott St-age 28m-Par: M/M Lawrence Nucher

Recoett Samuel d.5-1-1914 -311 Canary St -age 10 m Par: M/M Libora Recott

Salvatore Comento Mrs. d. Oct 12,1914-Brooks Hosp. Fatally injured in fire at home

Thomas George- d.1-28-1914- 302 Swan St- age 2y1m Par: M/M Frank Thomas


Comella Eleanor-d.7-18-1915 -b. Dunkirk age 7 Par: Frank Comella-6 sibs

Leone Anthony -d.4-22-1915-  63 RR Ave-age 14 Par: M/M Charles Leone

Letterie Frank d.4-7-1915-Brooks Hosp. res:506 Fox St-W: Ch:3 sons 1 daughter

Pompender Anthony- d.12-21-1915 -63 RR Ave-Age 3 days- Par: M/M Frank Pompender


Catalana Joseph d.7-19-1916- 124 Front St-age 1m6d Par: M/M Anthony Catalana

Favata Philip -d.8-17-1916- 52 E 5th St.-age 10m-Par: M/M Frank Favata ( Farata)funeral 8-18-1916

LaMattina Louis-d.4-15-1916- Van Buren of 50 RR Ave. Age 28 Hit by train,w & ch in Italy

Messere John d. 2-23-1916 -22o Pike St- infant son of M/M Louis Messere

Morida Ann-d.11-2-1916- 318 S Beagle-age 18dys-Par: M/M James Morida, buried this P.M.

Scott Josephine-d.1-27-1916-Brooks Hosp.b.Italy age h: Joseph Bros: surnamed Serio & Cerrito


Hasinski Alexander d.4-4-1917- 129 RR Ave. b.Rus-Poland age 36 w & 2 sons; 3 sibs bur.4-7th

Pagano Mary Gergagi (Mrs) d.7-14,1917-208 S Beaver St-age 20y11m funeral 7-16th

Salpidro Anthony-d.3-26-1916- 209 Park Ave-age 19y11m2d Par: M/M Frank Salpidro;3 sibs

Tabona Annie (Miss) d.3-21-1917-109 W Front St- b. Buffalo age 21y8m Par: M/M Michael Tabona;5 sibs- bur.3-24th


Arlotte Louis d.12-6-1918- 523 Fox St-3y2m-Par: Samuel Arlotte-scalded by teakettle

Bangore Andrew- d.10-28-1918-Brooks Hosp. b.Italy-age 35-w &4 small sons

Dauria Charles-d.10-23-1918-52 E Front St-age 33 w:2 ch:7 sibs -Father died last wk.bur.25th

Dauria Phillip- d.10-18-1916-39 N Beaver- b. Italy age 62y7mo-w & 6 ch. bur.20th

Dauria Joseph- d.2-10-1918- 319 Fox St-age 3m-Par M/M Joseph Dauria-bur.2-11th

DiCarlo Joseph d. 1-17-1918-111 Zebra St-age 2days-Par : M/M Phillip DiCarlo;2 sisters

DiCarlo Rose-d.4-19-1918-114 Zebra St-age 1y4m20d-Par: M/M Phillip DiCarlo bur.4-20th

Falzone Jennie- d.10-24-1918-504 Brigham Rd-age 9 mo. Par: M/M Dominic Falzone bu.10-25th

Ginata Francesco- d.9-19-1918-46 E 2nd St-age 1y-Par: M/M MG Ginata bur.9-19th

Ierarn(??)  Frank d.9-12-1918-28 W 2nd St age 7m- M/M Anthony Ierarn;1 bro.bur.9-14th

Incavo Russell d.1-15-1918-Sheridan-youngest son of M/M Peter  Incavo, Deland Rd.

Lazura Joseph-d.10-18-1918-56 E Front St-youngest son of M/M Joseph Lazura 3 sibs bur.19th

Loiacono Rosario-d..11-8-1918-56 Doughty St-age 12 Par: M/M Salvatore Loiacono bur.11-10-1918

Lombardo Joseph d.9-8-1918-331 Leopard St-age 1m-Par: Joseph Lombardo: 7 sibs bur.9-9th

Maggio Carl d.4-15-1918-W Front St-Hit by street car-age 12-Par: M/M James Maggio 17 E Front

Taravella Frances d.11-5-1918-840 Monroe St-age 55-nee Genovese h:Peter 1 dau 5sibs

Vacanti Mary-d.4-12-1918-323 Leopard St-6y7m Par: M/M William Vacanti bur.4-13th


Dauria Vincenza d.3-19-1919-9 N Beaver-age 10 Par: M/M Joseph Dauria bur.3-19th

Jarus George-d.2-25-1919-304 Fox St. infant-Par: M/M John Jarus bur. 2-25th

Lima Marion- d.4-4-1919- 415 Main St-age 2y11m son of M/M Sam Lima bur.4-5th

John Anthony-d.2-27-1919-511 Canary St-age 2m11d Par: M/M Frank John bur.2-28th

Resso Alexander- d. Jan 1919-Camp Lewis Wash.-age 19 Par: M/M Crescenzo Resso bur.1-31st

Warino Thomas- d.7-21-1919 -138 W 2nd St.- b. Sicily: 5sons 2 daughters


Aquarra Pasquale- HT church-5-25-1920

Annalett Emil- d.6-1-1920 -54 E 4th St.-age 5y8m Par: M/M Emil Annalett :3 sibs grpar: Sommitz

Cambria Joseph- d.2-2-1920 -204 Lynx St-age 1m21d Par: M/M Camilla A Cambria

Ferrara Sarah ( Mrs ) d.12-29-1920- Brooks Hosp. b. Italy h: Samuel 3sons bur.12-31-1920

Galofaro Lena - d. 1-6-1920- 784 Main St-age 2 m-Father at work in Detroit-Triple funeral

Jarris John-d.2-16-1920- Fox St-b. Italy age 84-w:Louise 6 children

LaMattina Angeline-d.11-9-1920- 59 RR Ave.-age 4y-Par: M/M Rosario LaMattina 2 sibs

Mangus Frances d.5-26-1920 -Bennett Rd-b. Sicily-age 66 wid/Frank-Funeral Holy Trinity but buried St Anthonys cemetery.

Petrella Lester d.2-12-1920- 200 Deer St infant son of M/M Frank Petrella bur.2-13th

Raimonds Russell d.6-16-1920-207 Main St infant son of M/M Salvatore Raimonds bur.6-16th

Russo Jennie-d. 2-16-1920-506 Park Ave. age 14 mo. Par: M/M Anthony Russo bur.2-18th

Salinardo Frank-5-9-1920 Buffalo- Age 23 Par M/M James Salinardo-Murdered-bur.5-12th

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