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Unknown Burial Sites-1921-1935

These records were taken from microfilm index books.

Abbreviations used -  HT-Holy Trinity

b. born d. died  par: parents bro: brother sis: sister sibs: siblings w: wife h: husband

grpar. grandparents  res. residence  wid. widow/widower emp: employed

They were reported as Funerals at Holy Trinity, although the cemetery had been established in 1914, there were Funerals recorded at Holy Trinity. Most of the earlier burials were children, and I would guess in Section One of this cemetery. Or they may have been buried at St Mary's. The exact grave sites are not known by me, but the Parish may have the records.

Listed as Name-Date of Death-Place of Death-Age-Survivors


Annalette Rudolph b.11-4-1921 -47 E 4th ST. Little son of Emil bur. 6-6th

Barone Maria d.4-9-1921- 43 W 2nd St- b. Italy age 67- h: Samuel 6 ch.

Comella Anthony- d.4-5-1921- 181 E Main Fredonia b. Italy age 78718d-2 sons-2 sis in Italy

Yerico Mary- d.1-30-1921- 202 Lynx St- age 5 mo Par: M/M Anthony Yerico 6 sibs Funeral HT


Feniello Joseph- d.1-15-1922- 73 E 2nd St-b. Italy age 66 -w: Clara 4 ch.

Messina Nicholas- d.9-6-1922- 106 Lord St age 7 Par: M/M Samuel Messina 3 sibs (menigitis)


Aquavia Daniel- d.2-23-1923- 97 E Front St- child's body placed in receiving vault 2-24th

Bartona Mary-d.2-4-1923- 85 Chestnut St-b. Italy age 63 h: Frank bur.2-6th

Carboni Joseph- d.3-12-1923 Brooks Hosp. age 56 of 15 E 2nd St. single-emp: Radiator Plant

Genovesa Rosalia ( Mrs ) d.5-12-1923- 208 Beaver St. Wid/Frank

Mignoli Carmella Carruci - d. 9-30-1923 Brooks Hosp. b. Italy age 47 h: Anthony 3ch.res:55RR Ave

Notte Nascenzio d.6-4-1923-Buffalo of Dunkirk age 26 -3 sibs

Valentine Anthony-d.1-31-1923- of 123 Robin St-"Child" Par: M/M Henry Valentine bur: same day


Allenza Orazo- d.5-24-1924- 501 Main St- b. Italy age 63 w:Rosalia 4 ch

Casella Joseph -d.10-18-1924- of 13 W 3rd St-infant of Rocco- 3 sibs bur:5-27-1923

DiPasquale Samuel Mrs.- burned at home 4-1-1924 of 46 E 2nd St-b. Italy age 44 -6ch. (Sarah ???)

Fadale Charles- d.12-24-1924 at 311 Park Ave. w: Rose ch:6 bur.12-26-1924

Latona Rosalia- d.2-29-1924 -59 Ruggles St. b. Italy age 83 wid/Pasquale -7 ch. Funeral at HT but buried Eden

Lombardo Jesely d.4-22-1924- 209 Park Ave. age 74- w: Carrie ch.2 bur.4-24th


DeCarlo James-of Dunkirk-funeral res:Daugh.Mrs Frank Serio-308 Swan St bur 6-25th (Vingento ???)

Prietis Daughter-b.8-6-1925- 93 E 2nd St infant of M/M Joseph Preitis; 2 sibs bur.HT

Scovona James d.5-10-1925- 53 E Front St-infant of M/M Joseph Scovona; bur.HT

Sidari John- d. 4-26-1925- 37 E 2nd St- 4m9days Par: M/M Paul Sidari bro:Paul bur.HT


Ambroso Bessie- d.3-23-1926- 407 Columbus Ave.-b.Dk 14y11m-Par: Carmille and sibs.

Galofara Sam-died 5-18-1926 - 59 RR Ave. 3m15d Par: M/M Loius Galofara ;4 sibs

Orlando Petrena Gatto- died 8-2-1926 -312 Columbus b.Italy age 47 h: Frank, and ch.


Funari Mary Mrs.- d.4-9-1927 -322 Columbus Ave. age 56 in US for 28 years-h:John 3 ch;2 sis.

Orlando Catherine (Miss) died 9-18-1927 -312 Columbus Ave-age 22y3m19d Par:/Frank Orlando;sibs


Catalano Anna- died 7-5-1928-Brooks Hospital-res:63 RR Ave-infant Par: M/M Anthony Catalano

Mancuso Joseph- died 2-23-1928- 423 Columbus -age 1y Par: M/M John Mancuso-Funeral Holy Trinity-buried St Anthony's.


Barone Cosimo- died 5-30-1929- 43 W 2nd St-b.Italy age 72 w Martha :ch.

Ferrar Joseph- died 6-4-1929- St Louis Mo age 18 Par: M/M Sam Ferrar  grpar; Samuel Garranto

Pagano Joseph- died 4-11-1929-Buffalo b.Italy age 64y7m4d w: Anna 4sons 3 daught.




Calarco Mary- died 2-26-1931 Westfield Hosp.-b.Italy age 58 h:Dominic 5 ch bur.HT

Erico Anthony -died 9-3-1931 122 Park Ave born Italy age 74 w:Katherine bur.HT

Taxeira  Charles died 12-21-1931 -93 E 2nd St b.Dk age 2y6m Par:M/M Joaquin Taxeira -5 sibs


Aguglia Eleanor Ronfola- died 10-5-1932- 102 Main St-b.Italy age 64y1m23d h:Phillip

Morrone Pasquale died 12-16-1932- 59 RR Ave. b.Italy age 51 Par: Onofrio/Vincenza Morrone

Murino Infant Daughter-died 7-13-1932-423 Canary St Par: M/M Thomas Murino bro:Frank



Covatta Anthony-died 12-3-1933 -318 Columbus Ave.-b.Italy age 40 Par:Frank/ w:Josephine (Floramo) 3 dau. bur.HT

Gatto Mary Mrs.-died 6-10-1933-Brocton-b.Italy age 73

Lettieri Mary- died 1-29-1933 Brooks Hosp.-b.Italy 6-5-1850 -res: 28E Green St

Orlando Thomas died 4-10-1933- 50 E 2nd St-b.Buffalo age 36 Par:Anthony/ w: Josie-funeral HT but buried St Marys.

Pasquale Phyliss (Miss) died 11-8-1933 Newton Mem.Hosp. Age 21 Par: Sam Pasquale

Serrone Joseph died 11-22-1933 -30 E Green St-b.Rome age 84 w:Pauline

Tenamore Richard-died 5-13-1933 New Rd Sheridan b.Dk. age 6y2m Par:M/M Robert Tenamore-3 brothers and  4 sisters


Martin Rose Marie died 3-9-1934- 112 Main St infant Par: M/M August Martin gpar:Wm Martin, Anthony Triburella

Pasquale Sarah N (Miss) died 11-4-1934 Newton Mem.Hosp. age 19y6m11d-Par: Sam Pasquale

Taxeira Alice- died 6-10-1934-116 Deer St b.New Bedford MA-age 11y11m6d-Par: M/M Jack Taxeira - 6 sibs.


Barone Mary-died 2-5-1935 Brooks Hosp. born Italy age 76 h: Cosmo died 5yrs ago-son Anthony Trillizio


Petz Diana- died 1-29-1936 -73 E 3rd St-b.Italy h:Anthony

Salpietro Frank- died 6-5-1936 Municipal  Beach- b.Italy age 65 res: Deer St w:Frances


Aguglia Phillip- died 11-24-1937 -102 Main St b.Italy res:in Dk for 30yrs, w:Eleanor d.5yrs ago


DiPasquale Concetta  d.9-7-1938 Brooks Hosp. b.Italy in Dk.30yrs. h: Marion/sis:Anthony Valentine bur.HT

Gullo Joseph d.2-16-1938 -39 W 3rd St. b.Italy in Dk 30 yrs. w:Martha

Patti Frank d.5-15-1938 Nickle Plate RR Xing-age 26 Par: Gertrude/late Angelo sibs.


Barone Anita -d.10-29-1939- 310 Swan St Infant-Par:M/M Samuel Barone grapar: Anthony Charles Borziller

Fenar Casmir-d.6-3-1939 -514 Main St b.Italy funeral HT

Lisi Louis-d.3-30-1939- 46 W Talcott b.Italy age 70 w:Theresa 6 ch-funeral HT buried St Josephs Cemt.


Barone Crocifisia Audino d. 4-30-1940 -Brooks Hosp.b.Italy Par:Joseph Audino res:in Dk. for 35 Yr. h:John 7 ch. bur.HT

Leone Jennie d.3-7-1940 Brooks Hosp. b.Italy h: Michael died. bur,HT

Rizzo Antonio d.7-31-1940- County Hosp.-b.Italy w: Lucy died 6 yrs.ago

Valentine Mary d.5-3-1940- 203 Swan St b.Sicily age 67 h: Anthony funeral HT

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