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St Hedwig's Cemetery Chautauqua County Dunkirk NY

Compiled July 2009 -Any questions or corrections please email Here

Alphabetical List of Interred- Please refer to the Map page to locate the grave

When you see that someone is buried w/ another, it could be a spouse or sibling or friend. It just means they share the same lot and stone. Most often they are spouses.There are almost 3000 interred here.This is a beautiful cemetery, well kept by the caretakers and families.

Names  Dates  Vet  Section  Row  Lot

? Josephine -HTRead 1917-1921 E R2 L3
A.L. (flat stone in ground) 1880-1913 D R3 L2
ABRAMOWICZ Clara A w/Vincent J 1901-1961 D1 R17 L9
ABRAMOWICZ Stanislaus 1874-1928 D R2 L21
ABRAMOWICZ Vincent J 1896-1965 vet D1 R17 L9
ADAMCZAK Daniel 1912-1991 A2 R1 L3
ADAMCZAK Gregory A 1952- ----- A2 R1 L3
ADAMCZAK Roger D Jr d.1980 A1 R3 L3
ADAMCZAK Virginia 1917-1994 A2 R1 L3
ADAMEK Mary w/ Stanley 1895-1974 D R7 L18
ADAMEK Stanley 1886-1952 D R7 L18
ADAMOWICZ Peter 1890-1919 vet E R5 L10
ADAMS Frank B 1888-1926 vet E R6 L9
ADAMSKI Martha September 1923 D R10 L2
ADAMSKI Franciska October 1946 D R10 L5
ADAMSKI Jozef July 1937 D R10 L4
ANDRASIK John- son w/ mother Katherine 1914-1973 D1 R11 L10
ANDRASIK Katherine-Mother w/ John- son 1888-1968 D1 R11 L10
APTHORPE Carl R 1913-1993 D R3 L4
APTHORPE Victoria B 1916-1992 D R3 L4
ARCISZEWSKI Anna R 1907-1983 C R45 L4
BAJCZARCZYK John 1884-1966 D1 R16 L5
BAJDAS Anastazya 1900-1941 D R4 L20
BAJDAS Arthur W 6-6-1931 / 7-23-1972 vet C R45 L5
BAJDAS Brenda Ann no dates E R6 L30
BAJDAS Norbert June 1931 D R4 L21
BAJDAS Thomas 1894-1980 D R4 L20
BAKER Kimberly Ann October 1983 A1 R1 L8
BAKER Lyndsey Marie March 1986 A1 R1 L9
BALSAY Andrea d.1947 A1 R1 L2
BALZER Andy Sr 1909-1955 D R6 L24
BALZER Carol G d.7-25-1961 D R6 L17
BALZER David J 1944-1947 C R38 L3
BALZER empty slab no dates C R38 L6
BALZER Godfrey R 1935-1985 C R43 L3
BALZER Harry Nov.9-10,1927 E R2 L18
BALZER Hattie wife of Andy Sr 1913-1974 D R6 L24
BALZER John 1907-1968 C R38 L5
BALZER Jonnie 1945-1953 D R6 L23
BALZER Josephine w/ John 1907-1984 C R38 L5
BALZER Stanley F "Buddy" 3-24-1939 / 2-15-1992 vet D R6 L26
BALZER Tommy 1944-1960 D R6 L25
BALZER Walter J 1933-1973 C R43 L3
BANACH Edward W 1922-1990 D1 R6 L4
BANACH Eleanor C w/Edward W 1922-1976 D1 R6 L4
BANIKOWSKI Eva R w/Frank M 1894-1961 D1 R20 L2
BANIKOWSKI Frank Jr par: Frank 1915-1917 E R2 L17
BANIKOWSKI Frank M 1892-1964 D1 R20 L2
BANJKOWSKI Sona M (Our Baby) d.1947 A1 R1 L3
BARANOWSKI Mary 1882-1918 E R5 L7
BARGER Bernice 1923-1972 D1 R11 L4
BARGER Michael A "Andy" 11-23-1946 / 11-23-1974 vet D1 R10 L4
BARTELA Estelle wife of Frank 1880-1966 C1 front L19
BARTELA Frank 1878-1956 C1 front L19
BARTH Virginia M w/Raymond J 1926----- C R50 L6
BARTH Raymond J 1-24-1925 / 2-27-1980 vet C R50 L6
BARTKOWSKA Wiktorya 1898-1925 E R6 L11
BARTKOWSKI Andezej died 5-13-1948 D R9 L24
BARTKOWSKI Antonia w/ Andezej died 1-4-1953 D R9 L24
BARTKOWSKI George 1869-1951 D R10 L34
BARTKOWSKI Leonard 1923-- FR-MAS R3 L6
BARTKOWSKI Susan w/ George 1878-1962 D R10 L34
BATESKY Leo w/ WYSOCKI-WILSON 1897-1974 D1 R26 L9
BATESKY Mary (Wysocki) w/ hus. Leo 1900-1996 D1 R26 L9
BEGIER Florentyna M 1890-1969 D R7 L14
BEGIER Maryanna J w/Theodore 1872-1962 D R7 L14
BEGIER Theodore J 1862-1943 D R7 L14
BEKELESKI Dolores T w/ Ralph F 1930-2006 E1 R2 L1
BEKELESKI Ralph F 6-16-1928 / 4-3-2002 vet E1 R2 L1
BENTGES Len 1909-1926 D R6 L30
BERDYCH Frank 1885-1914 D R4 L22
BERDYCH Victoria wife of Frank 1891-1978 D R4 L22
BERNATOWICZ Leokadya (Lottie) 1905-1989 C 58 L6
BERNATOWICZ Pauline w/Teofil 1971-1926 E R1 L14
BERNATOWICZ Teofil 1861-1931 E R1 L14
BIALASZEWSKI Catherine 1991-2001 E R1 L7
BIALASZEWSKI Felix V 1-21-1925 / 7-27-1958 vet C R31 L1
BIALASZEWSKI Henry I 7-24-1920 / 1-14-1991 vet C 57 L5
BIALASZEWSKI Lena 1893-1964 D1 R22 L7
BIALASZEWSKI Marie par: Vincent 1-5-1930- 11-8-1937 E R1 L36
BIALASZEWSKI Martha A w / Walter J BLANK C R18 L6
BIALASZEWSKI Stella M w/Henry I 1922- 2004 C 57 L5
BIALASZEWSKI Vincent 1892-1948 B R4 L6
BIALASZEWSKI Walter J died 1-18-2007 vet C R18 L6
BIELAC Martha Wakntyna w/Stanislaw 1875-1955 E R2 L20
BIELAC Stanislaw (Ojciec) 1870-1929 E R2 L20
BIELAT Christine Baby Jan-March 1940 E R1 L30
BIELAT Josephine R no dates C R27 L4
BIELAT Marcin 1890-1944 B R4 L8
BIELAT Marya wife of Marcin 1897-1969 B R4 L8
BIELAT Maryanna 1876-1921 D R2 L11
BIELAT Peter S 7-2-1903 / 6-28-1961 vet D R4 L18
BIELAT Stanley J no dates C R27 L4
BIELEC Casimer 2-25-1908 / 11-15-1969 vet D1 R7 L8
BIELEC Dorothy w/John no dates D1 R26 L7
BIELEC John no dates D1 R26 L7
BIELEC Mary 1873-1933 E R2 L35
BIELEC Stanley 1875-1937 B R3 L9
BIELECKI Victoria w/Henry J 1918-1999 D1 R14 L6
BIELECKI Hedwig w/ Kasper 1890-1963 C R23 L1
BIELECKI Helen w/ Stanley 1915-2000 C R39 L1
BIELECKI Henry J 10-25-1916 / 1-14-1987 vet D1 R14 L6
BIELECKI Kasper 1889-1955 C R23 L1
BIELECKI Stanley 1915-1995 C R39 L1
BIELEN Andrew 1890-1986 C1 front L20
BIELEN Jozefa wife of Andrew 1888-1967 C1 front L20
BIENIEK John 1893-1915 E R4 L16
BIENKO David L 11-13-1941 / 8-2-1998 C R14 L7
BIENKO John F 1915-1989 C R14 L6
BIENKO Martha M 1917-1984 C R14 L6
BINKO Agnes (nee Nalepa) 1897-1988 D1 R12 L9
BINKO Martin 10-11-1926 / 1-24-2007 E1 R6 L1
BINKO Stanley 1892-1960 D1 R12 L9
BINKO-NALEPA (shared stone) 3 sep.names Family Stone D1 R12 L9
BLADYKAS Veronica w/John 1894-1954 D1 R21 L1
BLADYKAS Gertrude par: John 1925-3-20-1937 E R1 L37
BLADYKAS Helen w/ sister Theresa W. 1917----- D1 R21 L3
BLADYKAS John 1891-1954 D1 R21 L1
BLADYKAS Sophia w/ Frank Louis Day 1921-1979 D1 R21 L2
BLADYKAS Theresa Wilkerson w/ sister 1915-1992 D1 R21 L3
BLASZCZAK-No names or dates D R2 L13
BLAZEJ Nigbor 1883-1922 E R5 L28
BLAZEJEWICZ Bartlomiej 8-10-1885 / 10-12-1918 E R4 L12
BLAZEJEWICZ Catherine w/Paul 1877-1962 D R9 L28
BLAZEJEWICZ Hedwig w/Joseph 1915-1973 D1 R4 L4
BLAZEJEWICZ John 10-22-1921 / 11-28-1999 vet C 55 L6
BLAZEJEWICZ Joseph w/ Hedwig 1906-1987 D1 R4 L4
BLAZEJEWICZ Marjorie w/John 1924-1991 C 55 L6
BLAZEJEWICZ Michael 1892-1953 D1 R22 L5
BLAZEJEWICZ Paul 1878-1951 D R9 L28
BLAZEJEWICZ Rosalie w/ Vincent 1878-1967 D1 R4 L3
BLAZEJEWICZ Vincent w/ Rosalie 1881-1951 D1 R4 L3
BLECK Dorothy w/ Harry M 1918-2004 D1 R12 L5
BLECK Harry M 1913-1972 D1 R12 L5
BLICHARZ Jan 1878-1953 D R9 L31
BLICHARZ Maryanna w/ Jan 1886-1963 D R9 L31
BOAST Fred 1906-2001 A2 R3 L3
BOAST Harriet wife of Fred 1907-2002 A2 R3 L3
BOGACZ Agnieszka w/Jozef 1873-1950 D R6 L16
BOGACZ Jozef 1868-1941 D R6 L16
BOJAR Alois C 1907-1924 vet D R1 L4
BOJAR Bronislaw 1879-19-- D R5 L8
BOJAR Mary 1883-1942 D R5 L8
BONSIKSZ Stanislaus (? Surname) no dates E R5 L13
BOROWCZYK Anna wife of Michael 1904-1990 C1 front L12
BOROWCZYK Michael 1897-1984 C1 front L12
BOROWINSKI Ceslaus 7-15-1877 /3-10-1950 vet D1 R24 L9
BOROWINSKI Chester Jr 1911-1947 D1 R24 L9
BOROWINSKI Harry 1913-1947 D1 R24 L9
BOROWINSKI Hedwig 1887-1950 D1 R24 L9
BOROWSKI ?? Hard to read ???? C R2 L4
BOROWSKI ?? Hard to read ???? C R2 L5
BOROWSKI Belle N 1887-1969 C R25 L3
BOROWSKI Blanche w/ Edmund M 1906-1987 D1 R6 L8
BOROWSKI Chester A 1911-1980 D1 R6 L9
BOROWSKI Edmund M 1904-1976 D1 R6 L8
BOROWSKI Family Large Stone No dates C R2 L2
BOROWSKI Frances -Mother 1882-1962 C R2 L3
BOROWSKI Frank 1887-1934 B R4 L12
BOROWSKI Helen 1906-2001 C R2 L1
BOROWSKI Henrietta H w/Chester A 1917---- D1 R6 L9
BOROWSKI Martha M 1909-1963 C1 front L27
BOROWSKI Maryanna w/Stanislaw 1881-1933 C1 front L47
BOROWSKI Stanislaw 1877-1947 C1 front L47
BOROWSKI Walter 1906-1948 C R2 L1
BORYCZKA Shirley w/Frank 1912----- C 56 L6
BORYCZKA Frank 1910-1994 C 56 L6
BRACISZEWSKI Bernard 1915-1980 C R16 L7
BRACISZEWSKI Stella w/Bernard 1918------- C R16 L7
BRADLEY Nicholas John no dates A1 R1 L7
BRATKOWSKI Josephine w/John 1865-1944 E R1 L18
BRATKOWSKI John 1865-1921 E R1 L18
BRENECKI Cecelia w/ Peter P 1920- C R39 L5
BRENECKI James 1949--- C R39 L5
BRENECKI Peter P 3-24-1922 / 3-10-1986 vet C R39 L5
BROWN Helen M w/Arnold G 1907-1980 D1 R25 L7
BROWN Agnes R 1902-1975 C R44 L3
BROWN Arnold G 1907-1962 D1 R25 L7
BUCZEK Josephine w/John 1880-1944 D1 R27 L3
BUCZEK Mary w/ John 1888-1961 D1 R13 L10
BUCZEK Casimer 1877-1972 D1 R18 L10
BUCZEK Dorothy w/ Stanley b.1917 ? D1 R13 L9
BUCZEK Harriet L 1914-1995 D1 R20 L12
BUCZEK John 1884-1953 D1 R13 L10
BUCZEK John 1875-1944 D1 R27 L3
BUCZEK Josephine w/Casimer 1884-1976 D1 R18 L10
BUCZEK Stanley b.1914 ? D1 R13 L9
BUDNIEWSKI Ok Chi w /Jacob J no dates E1 R4 L1
BUDNIEWSKI Agnes F w/ Edmund A 1909-1987 D1 R11 L1
BUDNIEWSKI Anton "Bud" 1902-1930 C R1 L10
BUDNIEWSKI Edmund A 1906-1989 D1 R11 L1
BUDNIEWSKI Edmund J 1924-1992 D1 R8 L9
BUDNIEWSKI Estera-hard to read date 1922-19?8 C R1 L7
BUDNIEWSKI Isabelle w of Raymond 1930-1999 C1 front L54
BUDNIEWSKI Jacob J 1943-2001 E1 R4 L1
BUDNIEWSKI John 1893-1935 vet C R1 L8
BUDNIEWSKI Joseph 1898-1938 C1 front L34
BUDNIEWSKI Mabel w/ John m/Estera 1899-1973 C R1 L9
BUDNIEWSKI Meczyslaw 1926-1926 C1 front L54
BUDNIEWSKI Raymond 1927-2008 C1 front L54
BUDNIEWSKI Sophie w/ Edmund J 1903-1930 D1 R8 L9
BUTRYN Dorothy B w/Stanley J no dates D1 R9 L3
BUTRYN Stanley J no dates D1 R9 L3
BYCZKO Anthony 1909-1989 C R33 L3
BYCZKO Waleria w/ Anthony 1914-1983 C R33 L3
BYCZYNSKI Angeline 1886-1924 E R6 L21
BZDZUCK Frank (old stone) 5-22-1940 D R5 L13
CABAJ Emily H w/ John S 1912-1988 C R24 L7
CABAJ John S 1909-1999 C R24 L7
CALANNI Joyce 'Busia" w/ Louis J 1936-2008 C 58 L8
CALANNI Louis J "HoneyLouie" 1940-1999 C 58 L8
CARR Joanne C- Daughter 12-9-1999 E1 R9 L1
CERANOWICZ Robert par:Albert 2-5-1944 / 1-24-1945 E R1 L32
CHANDON Tekla wife / Teodor 1894-1967 C R7 L5
CHANDON Teodor 1886-1961 C R7 L5
CIEPIELA Alton J "Chippy" 1923-2004 D R6 L38
CIEPIELA Patricia A "Patty" 1939-20----- D R6 L38
CIEPLINSKI Catherine w/John 1897-1970 D1 R22 L4
CIEPLINSKI John 1894-1956 D1 R22 L4
CIEPLINSKI Leo F 1922-2002 FR-MAS R1 L7
CIEPLINSKI Lorraine C 1926-- FR-MAS R1 L7
CIERLIK Mary 1877-1923 D1 R3 L8
CIESLEWICZ Adam 1891-1954 D R9 L34
CIESLEWICZ Cecelia C w / Victor 1927-20--- C R39 L3
CIESLEWICZ Constance w/ Adam 1892-1968 D R9 L34
CIESLEWICZ Stella A 1923-1982 C R29 L2
CIESLEWICZ Victor 2-23-1923 / 1-14-2006 vet C R39 L3
COLLON Jan (old stone) Gollon ?? 1857-1921 D R7 L1
COLLON Zuzanne (unreadable) D R7 L1
CRAWFORD Curtis E 8-13-1947 / 2-28-1967 vet D1 R16 L2
CUDZILO Katherine w/ Michael 1896-1965 D1 R7 L2
CUDZILO Michael 1888-1975 D1 R7 L2
CYBULSKI Frances w/Anthony 1881-1936 E R2 L22
CYBULSKI Anthony 1880-1943 E R2 L22
CYBULSKI Leo J 5-8-1917 / 3-22-1981 vet C R48 L1
CYCH Belle A w/ Stanley X 1907-1995 C R6 L7
CYCH Stanley X 1907-1974 C R6 L7
CYZKOWSKI Edward Paul (old stone) January 1925 vet D R9 L6
CYZOWSKI Teofilia w / Walter 1873-1930 D R9 L7
CYZOWSKI Walter 1869-1945 D R9 L7
CZOSNOWSKI Sophia w/Stanley 1899-1979 D1 R26 L6
CZOSNOWSKI Stanley 1903-1952 D1 R26 L6
DACH Jan (John) 1878-1922 D R2 L4
DAMICO Patricia Kubera 1946-1996 D1 R5 L5
DAMICO Paul F 4-2-1974 D1 R3 L10
DAMINSKI Rose no dates B R2 L7
DAY Frank Louis w/ Sophia Bladykas 1921-1975 D1 R21 L2
DEBECK Belle R ( w/ FHM) 1903-1963 D1 R16 L6
DEBECK David J 9-29-1945 / 6-1-1999 vet E1 R9 L3
DEBECK Joseph F 1899-1964 D1 R16 L7
DEBECK Paul J "Doby" 8-15-1934 / 3-7-2001 E1 R12 L1
DEBEK Ann 1857-1939 B R1 L17
DELLAS Frances ( aged 48) d.April 23,1920 E R5 L16
DELLAS Pauline par:Michael 3-5-1919 - 3-16-1919 E R2 L5
DENNIS Anthony 1888-1946 D R9 L29
DENNIS Josephine wife of Anthony 1887-1959 D R9 L30
DESZCZ Agnes A 1893-1981 A2 R3 L5
DESZCZ Jan 1892-1935 B R3 L15
DESZCZ Theodore R 5-20-1920 / 1-1-1977 vet A2 R3 L6
DESZCZ Walter 1916-1942 A2 R3 L7
DIERDORF Edmund J 1906-1930 E R5 L30
DILLENKOFER Loretta L w/ Paul H 1926-2006 C R16 L8
DILLENKOFER Paul H 1921-1999 C R16 L8
DLONIAK Casimer G died 1981 C R11 L5
DLONIAK Frances w/Casimer G died 1986 C R11 L5
DOBRYNSKI Max 1894-1924 vet E R6 L27
DOBRZYNSKI Edmund C w/Sophie A 4-14-1917 / 1-4-1964 vet D1 R15 L6
DOBRZYNSKI Alphonse J 1913-1965 C R27 L3
DOBRZYNSKI John 1888-1932 vet D R2 L25
DOBRZYNSKI Lottie E w / Alphonse J 1912-1989 C R27 L3
DOBRZYNSKI Louis F Jr 9-5-1942 / 8-12-1954 C1 front L40
DOBRZYNSKI Mary 1875-1958 D R2 L24
DOBRZYNSKI Sophie A w/Edmund C 1924---- D1 R15 L6
DOBRZYNSKI Thomas E d.11-15-1949 A1 R2 L3
DODSON Bonnie w/Ernie 1943---- E1 R8 L1
DODSON Ernie 11-10-1934 / 3-15-1996 vet E1 R8 L1
DOKTER Laura -daught of Tekla Ludwisz. 1890-1931 C R2 L9
DOKTOR Edward A-Son w/ Father 9-15-1925 /7-14-2001 vet D1 R7 L6
DOKTOR John V-Father w/ Son 2-8-1894 / 6-26-1970 vet D1 R7 L6
DOMANSKI Angeline w of Casimer 1912- ---- C R4 L2
DOMANSKI Casimer 1911-1965 C R4 L2
DOMBROWSKI Alexander M 1924-------- C R8 L1
DOMBROWSKI Elaine M w/Alexander M 1928-------- C R8 L1
DOMBROWSKI Felix 4-14-1916 / 8-31-1997 vet D1 R21 L4
DOMBROWSKI Helen w/Felix 1920-2004 D1 R21 L4
DOMST Bernice wife of Francis F 1907-1981 C1 front L8
DOMST Francis F 1907-1978 C1 front L8
DONALDSON Harriet C 1920-2002 D1 R3 L7
DOWNS Martha E (footstone) 1901-2000 C R44 L6
DRAEGON John 1903-1937 D R2 L23
DRAGON Felix 1924-1955 vet D1 R8 L8
DRAK Mary J w/Thomas L 1928---- D1 R10 L1
DRAK Thomas L 3-7-1921 / 9-4-1974 vet D1 R10 L1
DROZDIEL Elsie R w/Stanley A 11-1-1921 / 8-10-2001 E1 R3 L1
DROZDIEL Melissa J ( daughter) Nov 25-Dec 2,1967 A1 R2 L8
DROZDIEL Salomeja 1895-1938 C1 front L32
DROZDIEL Stanley A 7-18-1921 / 8-24-2006 vet E1 R3 L1
DROZDZIEL Agnieszka w / Antoni 1888-1961 C R20 L1
DROZDZIEL Antoni 1896-1956 C R19 L3
DROZDZIEL Antoni 1883-1953 C R20 L1
DROZDZIEL Dorothy A 1926-2001 C R25 L7
DROZDZIEL Frances M 1922-2008 C R19 L4
DROZDZIEL Henry 6-16-1918 / 2-5-1992 vet C R42 L6
DROZDZIEL Jan 1866-1957 C R37 L4
DROZDZIEL Joseph A 1910-1988 C R20 L4
DROZDZIEL Leonard A 1926------ C R25 L7
DROZDZIEL Mary Dobek 1886-1918 E R4 L7
DROZDZIEL Mary w/Antoni 1902-1982 C R19 L3
DROZDZIEL Sophie R w/ Joseph A 1912-1987 C R20 L4
DROZDZIEL Sophie w/ Henry 1915-2001 C R42 L6
DROZDZIEL Stephen 1891-1965 C R19 L5
DROZDZIEL Veronica w/ Stephen 1902-1985 C R19 L5
DUDEK Ann M 1920-2002 C1 front L50
DUDEK John 1916-1995 C 54 L6
DUDEK Stanley A 1921-1993 C1 front L50
DUDEK Victoria w/ John 1915---- C 54 L6
DUDZIC Adolph 1917-1937 D R5 L18
DUDZIC Jacob 1882-1970 D R5 L19
DUDZIC Veronica wife of Jacob 1892-1973 D R5 L19
DULIBA Anna Graham 1890-1937 B R2 L14
DULIBA Gloria-inf daughter of Wm & Violet died 8-21-1931 D R1 L18
DULIBA Jakub 1878-1928 D R2 L16
DULIBA Prakseda wife of Jakub 1881-1953 D R2 L16
DYKAS Mary A w/Walter F 1914-2000 C R48 L4
DYKAS Anna A wife of Jacob 1888-1955 D R6 L27
DYKAS Jacob 1885-1959 D R6 L27
DYKAS Jeffrey S Sanderson 4-13-1971 D1 R14 L5
DYKAS Tessie R w/ Jeffrey A Sanderson 1921-1968 D1 R14 L5
DYKAS Walter F 9-15-1912 / 1-5-1991 vet C R48 L4
DZIDUCH Florence M w/Stanley J 1927-2009 E1 R11 L2
DZIDUCH George 1895-1963 D1 R9 L8
DZIDUCH Julia w/George 1905-1991 D1 R9 L8
DZIDUCH Stanley J 5-8-1921 / 7-26-2006 vet E1 R11 L2
ELLMAN Lottie E w/Patrick C 1893-1971 D1 R16 L12
ELLMAN Patrick C 1893-1957 D1 R16 L12
FABICH Leon 1908-1976 D1 R16 L4
FABICH Mary w/Leon 1913-1994 D1 R16 L4
FABICH Maryanna 1888-1927 D R3 L7
FABICH Wojciech 1882-1957 D R3 L7
FADALE Jane 1926-1960 D1 R18 L2
FAFINSKI - 2 footstones C1 front L41
FAFINSKI - Frank Sr 1864-1938 C1 front L41
FAFINSKI - Katherine w/Frank Sr 1863-1942 C1 front L41
FAFINSKI Ellen Marie 1957-1958 C1 front L45
FAFINSKI Helen S -Mother wife/Norbert I 1900-1925 C1 front L46
FAFINSKI John 10-13-1896/ 6-24-1956 vet C R22 L2
FAFINSKI Norbert I -Son 1925-1926 C1 front L46
FAFINSKI Sophie w/ John 1899-1986 C R22 L2
FARUZEL Alphonse 1907-1990 C R44 L5
FARUZEL Anna Olga - par: Carl d.12-11-1918 E R2 L9
FARUZEL Antonina wife of Karol (Matka) 1884-1945 D R2 L10
FARUZEL Karol (Ojciec) 1877-1956 D R2 L10
FARUZEL Leon Arnold 1913-1974 E R4 L4
FARUZEL Veronica w/ Alphonse 1911-1998 C R44 L5
FERNEZA John S 1885-1966 D1 R16 L1
FERNEZA Mary w/John S 1897-1985 D1 R16 L1
FIJALKOWSKI MaryAnn w/Franciszek 1890-1938 E R2 L26
FIJALKOWSKI Franciszek 1887-1942 E R2 L26
FILIPOWSKI Aloysius 3-25-1932 / 4-25-1992 vet D R7 L9
FORMANOWICZ Xavera w/John 1886-1956 D1 R21 L6
FORMANOWICZ John 1886-1968 D1 R21 L6
FORSZPANIAK Wincenty 1884-1920 E R1 L19
FRACKIEWICZ Monica M w/Walter A 1916-1997 C R34 L1
FRACKIEWICZ Walter A 1908-1974 C R34 L1
FRANCKIEWICZ Anthony 1873-1939 E R2 L28
FRANCKIEWICZ Josephine w/ Anthony 1883-1936 E R2 L28
FRANKIEWICZ Anthony 1886-1966 D R5 L21
FRANKIEWICZ Bernice wife of Anthony 1889-1968 D R5 L21
FRANKIEWICZ Donald R 1930-1987 C 59 L1
FRANKIEWICZ Florence A w/ Donald R 1929-2007 C 59 L1
FRYDRYSIAK Katarzyna 1873-1949 B R3 L3
FRYDRYSIAK Wladyslaw 1871-1957 B R2 L6
FULLER Frances M 1934-- FR-MAS R1 L8
FULLER Lester 1934-- FR-MAS R1 L8
GAIDZINSKI Joseph 12-20-1888 / 12-18-1953 vet B R1 L10
GAKEN Sophia 1861-1949 D1 R22 L13
GAKIN Florence (insert on Graminski stone) 1903-1993 C R4 L1
GASTOL Stanley FHM 1874-1930 E R6 L28
GASZYNSKI Frank 1913-1937 C R8 L3
GASZYNSKI Chester 1908-1993 D1 R10 L8
GASZYNSKI Julia w / Chester 1914-2008 D1 R10 L8
GASZYNSKI Large Stone no names no dates C R8 L4
GASZYNSKI Louis 1906-1974 C R8 L6
GASZYNSKI Stella 1879-1961 C R8 L3
GASZYNSKI Walenty 1878-1918 C R8 L3
GAURA Henry Peter 1916-1980 vet C R42 L1
GAURA Martha Joy w/ Henry Peter 1920-1997 C R42 L1
GAURA Patrick 5-8-1944 / 5-29-2001 vet C R42 L7
GAWLOWICZ John M 1908-1989 C R12 L1
GAWLOWICZ Viola w/John M 1911-2004 C R12 L1
GAWRONSKI Anna P 1904-1944 D R4 L23
GAWRONSKI Louis F 1902-1959 D R4 L23
GAWRONSKI Mabel w/ Valentine 1902-1979 D1 R7 L7
GAWRONSKI Valentine 1904-1992 D1 R7 L7
GESTWICKI Arthur F 3-20-1918/ 6-26-1995 vet C1 front L22
GESTWICKI Helen Dull wife of Arthur 1919-2009 C1 front L22
GESTWICKI John 1889-1971 C1 front L22
GESTWICKI Priscilla wife of John 1893-1982 C1 front L22
GIERMEK Frank 1921-2002 C R16 L6
GIERMEK Theresa w/ Frank 1920------ C R16 L6
GINLEY Paul F 7-17-1918 / 9-13-1986 vet C 54 L5
GINLEY Veronica C w/Paul F 1919--- C 54 L5
GLASIER Robert H 1931-- FR-MAS R1 L4
GLASIER Robert John d.July 22,1959 A1 R1 L13
GLASIER Theresa 1935-2007 FR-MAS R1 L4
GLIWA Florence J wife / Joseph P 1923-19 -- C1 front L35
GLIWA Joseph died 10-1-1960 C1 front L36
GLIWA Joseph P 1913-1942 C1 front L35
GLIWA Mary wife of Joseph died 11-6-1979 C1 front L36
GNITKOSKI Anna w/Paul 1895-1972 D1 R25 L3
GNITKOSKI Paul 1892-1947 D1 R25 L3
GOMIELA Edmund L 1911-1970 C R32 L3
GOMIELA Yolande M w/ Edmund L 1911-1987 C R32 L3
GORECKI Bernice 1915-1992 C 60 L2
GORECKI -Big stone no names or dates D R4 L35
GORNIEWKICZ Stanley w/Carrie 1895-1963 D1 R15 L5
GORNIEWKICZ Carrie w/ Stanley 1895-1967 D1 R15 L5
GORNIKIEWICZ Wanda w/Leonard S 1926- 19--- D1 R20 L3
GORNIKIEWICZ Edward 5-28-1895 / 11-30-1963 vet D1 R15 L5
GORNIKIEWICZ Leonard S 12-7-1921 / 6-11-1958 vet D1 R20 L3
GORNKIEWICZ Herman 12-7-1921 / 7-8-1984 vet C R42 L4
GORNKIEWICZ Mildred w/ Herman 1926-2004 C R42 L4
GOSS Blanche T "Nana" w/Joseph M 1925-2001 E1 R5 L1
GOSS Joseph M "Poppy" "Whitey" 11-2-1919 / 5-25-2001 vet E1 R5 L1
GOSS Randy J 8-21-1951 / 2-26-2001 E1 R5 L2
GOSTOMSKI Sophia w/John 1990-1974 C 58 L3
GOSTOMSKI Anna Mother 1882-1956 D R5 L6
GOSTOMSKI Bernard A 1904-1979 C R36 L1
GOSTOMSKI Edna 1893-1983 D R3 L5
GOSTOMSKI Frank 1891-1920 D R3 L2
GOSTOMSKI Frank 1887-1959 D R3 L5
GOSTOMSKI Harriet M w/ Bernard 1910---- C R36 L1
GOSTOMSKI Herman 1914-1921 D R3 L5
GOSTOMSKI John 1889-1982 C 58 L3
GOSTOMSKI Joseph 1879-1919 D R1 L35
GOSTOMSKI Marian 1856-1940 D R5 L7
GOSTOMSKI Michael Father 1877-1921 D R5 L5
GOSTOMSKI Rozalia wife of Joseph 1885-1979 D R1 L35
GOSTOMSKI Salomea 1893-1925 D R1 L33
GOSTOMSKI/MARCZYNSKA Franciszka 1868-1939 D R1 L33
GRABIAS Agnieszka 1887-1924 D R10 L6
GRABIAS Ewa 1891-1936 D R9 L17
GRABIAS John 1912-1995 D R9 L17
GRABIAS Martha 1913-2005 D R9 L17
GRABIAS Wawrzeniec 1877-1939 D R9 L17
GRACZYKOWSKA Frances 1854-1922 D R9 L2 & 3
GRACZYKOWSKI Anna C 1886-1965 D R6 L35
GRACZYKOWSKI Frank 1881-1943 D R9 L19
GRACZYKOWSKI James L died Nov 18,1938 E R1 L24
GRACZYKOWSKI Jean Marie-inf daughter March 1929-Nov 1929 E R1 L23
GRACZYKOWSKI John 1879-1950 D R9 L5
GRACZYKOWSKI John-infant -par:Frank died May 10,1933 E R1 L23
GRACZYKOWSKI Joseph 1884-1967 D R9 L32
GRACZYKOWSKI Mabel w/ Frank 1878-1941 D R9 L19
GRACZYKOWSKI Pelagia w/ Joseph 1888-1977 D R9 L32
GRACZYKOWSKI Peter F 1886-1969 D R6 L35
GRACZYOWSKI Hyacinth no dates E R6 L35
GRACZYOWSKI Patriem no dates E R6 L34
GRAMINSKI Agnes G w/Frank L Jr 1898-1978 D1 R19 L8
GRAMINSKI insert on stone (F.Gakin) C R4 L1
GRAMINSKI Aloysius J 1921-------- C R4 L5
GRAMINSKI Andrew 6-22-1892 / 7-5-1967 vet D1 R16 L9
GRAMINSKI Dorothy Baby died 1922 C R4 L3
GRAMINSKI Franciszek-Ojciec 1863-1959 C R4 L1
GRAMINSKI Frank L Jr 1894-1959 D1 R19 L8
GRAMINSKI Helen- daughter/Frank,Stanis. 1901-1986 C R4 L1
GRAMINSKI John Father 1890-1945 C R4 L4
GRAMINSKI Martha w/Andrew 1898-1992 D1 R16 L9
GRAMINSKI Stanislawa-Matka 1872-1934 C R4 L1
GRAMINSKI Theresa Mother w/ John 1892-1974 C R4 L4
GRAMINSKI Wanda H 1930 -------- C R4 L5
GRAMZA Antonina-mother of W.Forszpaniak 1866-1932 E R1 L19
GRAMZA Jan 1860-1932 E R2 L38
GRANT Paul R 1-24-1940 / 10-19-2000 vet E1 R1 L1
GRANT Sandra J w/ Paul R 1944--- E1 R1 L1
GRDEN Helen (not mispelled) 1904-1999 D R9 L13
GREENE Jamie Lynn 8-2-1981 / 4-1-1984 A1 R3 L4
GRUPA Bernice N w/ Frank S 1930-1985 C R41 L4
GRUPA Contance w Stanley 1904-1971 C R41 L3
GRUPA Frank S 1924-- C R41 L4
GRUPA Joan B w/ Michael D 1934------ C R24 L8
GRUPA Konstancya Mother 1869-1936 C R29 L5
GRUPA Mabel F w/ Michael T 1900-1972 C R29 L6
GRUPA Michael D 1929-1995 C R24 L8
GRUPA Michael T 1897-1951 C R29 L6
GRUPA Stanley 1901-1972 C R41 L3
GRZEGORZEWSKI Andrew V 1891-1930 D R7 L2
GUARINO Anthony T 1916-1955 D R9 L37
GUARINO Katherine M w/Anthony 1917-2005 D R9 L37
GULA Florence M w/ Stanley F 1922-2000 D1 R15 L11
GULA Stanley F 9-12-1917 / 1-28-1983 D1 R15 L11
GULLEN Angeline T w /John 1914-2006 C R50 L3
GULLEN John 1910-1984 vet C R50 L3
GUZIEC Bernice A 1937-2007 FR-MAS R2 L2
GUZIEC Edward A 6-7-1915 / 8-16-1996 vet D1 R22 L8
GUZIEC Joseph 1936-- FR-MAS R2 L2
GUZIEC Stephania M w/Edward A 1918-2007 D1 R22 L8
GUZIK Edward 11-19-1915 / 8-20-1994 vet C1 front L5
GUZIK Franciszek 1890-1977 C1 front L4
GUZIK Maria wife of Franciszek 1893-1982 C1 front L4
HALAS Anna- Matka w/Wojciech 1888-1959 D1 R18 L9
HALAS Bernice w/Bonnie, John G 1919-1998 C 56 L1
HALAS Bonnie 1944-1945 C 56 L1
HALAS Geneveive w/ Joseph 1922-1997 D1 R18 L12
HALAS John 3-13-1944 / 3-14-1944 D R5 L38
HALAS John G w/ Bonnie, Bernice 1913-1973 C 56 L1
HALAS Joseph 2-23-1921 / 6-25-1972 D1 R18 L12
HALAS Peter Jr 1939-2002 D R5 L40
HALAS Peter P 1915-2002 D R5 L39
HALAS Sophia wife of Peter P 1918-20-- D R5 L40
HALAS Stella H 3-4-1924 / 12-25-1987 D1 R18 L8
HALAS Wojciech- Ojciec 1887-1966 D1 R18 L9
HALASINSKA Marianna 1867-1937 D R6 L13
HALASINSKI Thomas 1863-1919 C1 front L2
HALICKI Angeline w/John 1908-1985 D1 R5 L3
HALICKI Edward J 12-19-1917 / 1-23-1951 vet D1 R2 L2
HALICKI John 1890-1963 D1 R5 L3
HALICKI John C Jr 1931-1951 D1 R2 L1
HALICKI Karolina 1895-1927 D1 R2 L3
HAMERNICK Clara E wife of Walter W 1889-1991 C1 front L42
HAMERNICK Walter W 1883-1940 C1 front L42
HAMERNIK Helen w /Michael 1891-1961 C 58 L2
HAMERNIK Sophia w/Andrew 1896-1970 D1 R23 L13
HAMERNIK Andrew 1889-1963 D1 R23 L13
HAMERNIK Bellewife of John 1896-1947 D R1 L31
HAMERNIK Franceska 1859-1924 D R1 L30
HAMERNIK John 1892-1955 D R1 L31
HAMERNIK Marion 1921-1923 D R1 L31
HAMERNIK Michael 1887-1963 C 58 L2
HAMERNIK Viola died 1917 E R2 L16
HANLEY Ann Marie d.1960 E R6 L31
HANLEY Emily Theresa 1922-1959 D R4 L14
HARRIS Phillip J 1937-- FR-MAS R2 L1
HARRIS Rosemary 1937-- FR-MAS R2 L1
HASSALL James L 8-23-1931 / 9-5-2003 C R15 L4
HELFELDT Bernice B w/William P 1918-20---- C R40 L2
HELFELDT William P 1917-2000 C R40 L2
HENDERSON Benjamin 1909-1969 C1 front L26
HENDERSON Helena wife / Benjamin 1916-2005 C1 front L26
HENDRICKSON Frances J 1911-2001 C R16 L1
HERUD Sophie 1882-1963 D1 R20 L4
HITZGES Edgar N 1914-1999 D1 R12 L1
HITZGES Lillian M 1917-1987 D1 R12 L1
HITZGES Norman R b.1944---- D1 R12 L1
HOBBS Timothy S 1965-1971 C R32 L4
HODOROWICZ Joesphine w/Joseph 1911-2003 C R15 L8
HODOROWICZ Joseph 1911-1980 C R15 L8
HOJNA Stanley L 1913-1991 C R45 L3
HOJNA Stella V w/Stanley L 1921-2009 C R45 L3
HOLLOWELL Delores M 1927-20-- D1 R23 L5
HONAKER Robert J d.1978 A1 R3 L2
HOREDECKI Adam 1897-1930 D R7 L8
HOREDECKI Frances wife of Adam 1900-19-- D R7 L8
HOWELL George 1895-1983 D1 R9 L4
HOWELL Hatte w/George 1913-1990 D1 R9 L4
HRYCYNA Fr.John -Pastor of St.Hedwigs 2-25-1895 / 7-29-1992 D1 R1 L1
HYLKO old cross no names or dates E R5 L23
ISKRA Andrew 1887-1969 D R6 L14
ISKRA Josephine wife of Andrew 1893-1976 D R6 L14
JACHYM Joseph 1894-1920 E R5 L17
JAGODA Anna wife of Blase 1882-1961 D R5 L24
JAGODA Belle Berry 1911------- C R7 L2
JAGODA Blase 1879-1943 D R5 L24
JAGODA Frank A 1904-1954 C R7 L3
JAGODA Helen wife of Stanley 1905-1999 C1 front L9
JAGODA John H 6-26-1910 / 10-21-1990 vet D R5 L25
JAGODA Joseph 1902------- C R7 L1
JAGODA Mary A wife of Peter P 1881-1960 C R7 L4
JAGODA Peter P 1873-1933 C R7 L4
JAGODA Stanley 1907-2000 C1 front L9
JAGODA Thomas F 12-11-1916 / 1-30-1964 C R7 L2
JAKUBCZYK Jan age 55 d.11-26-1931 D1 R6 L11
JAKUBCZYK Joseph P "Dropka" died 1988 C R26 L2
JAKUBCZYK Shirley M w/ Joseph P died 2002 C R26 L2
JAKUBCZYK Stephen 1909-1971 D1 R20 L7
JAKUBCZYK Victor Father 1880-1919 E R5 L12
JAKUBIEC Apolonia M w/Roman T 1885-1945 D1 R25 L8
JAKUBIEC Fanni R w/Marion S 1923-1960 D1 R18 L11
JAKUBIEC Jan- Par: Roman 1905-1925 E R6 L16
JAKUBIEC Julian 1-9-1923 / 2-25-1949 vet D1 R25 L9
JAKUBIEC Marion S 1927-1975 D1 R18 L11
JAKUBIEC Roman T 1882-1957 vet D1 R25 L8
JAKUBOWICZ Albertine G Alfred J 1925-20---- D1 R17 L15
JAKUBOWICZ Alexandria w/John A 1886-1969 C1 front L39
JAKUBOWICZ Alfred J (dates no mistake) 7-23-1923 / 7-23-2003 vet D1 R17 L15
JAKUBOWICZ John A 1886-1951 C1 front L39
JAKUBOWICZ Roman 1891-1928 E R1 L12
JAKUBOWICZ Thomas P 1951-2007 D1 R17 L14
JAKUBOWSKI Marcyanna w /Michal 1877-1958 D1 R20 L5
JAKUBOWSKI Jan 1886-1954 D1 R8 L12
JAKUBOWSKI John 1920-1990 C 56 L4
JAKUBOWSKI Mary w/ Jan 1889-1943 D1 R8 L12
JAKUBOWSKI Mary w/John 1926-1995 C 56 L4
JAKUBOWSKI Michal 1883-1973 D1 R20 L5
JAKUBZYK Catazyna Mother died Sept.1921 E R5 L22
JANIK Constantine no dates C R23 L5
JANIK Mary w/ Constantine no dates C R23 L5
JANKOWSKI Arthur 1921-------- C R17 L5
JANKOWSKI Barbara A w/ James R 1946-1975 C R17 L4
JANKOWSKI Irene 1920-2006 C R17 L5
JANKOWSKI James R 1944------ C R17 L4
JANKOWSKI Rodney 1950------- C R17 L6
JENDRASIAK Maryanna (Matka) 1896-1922 D R2 L14
JESIONOWSKI Dorothy C wife of Richard 1905-1992 D R6 L8
JESIONOWSKI Hedwig w/Stanislaw C 1882-1979 D1 R26 L3
JESIONOWSKI Rev.Richard born 11-16-1933 D R6 L5
JESIONOWSKI Richard 1904-1974 D R6 L8
JESIONOWSKI Stanislaw C 1878-1942 D1 R26 L3
JESSE Claudette 1935-1993 C R21 L6
JESSE Sophie w/ Vincent 1912-1968 C R21 L7
JESSE Vincent 1910-1967 C R21 L7
JOCHYM Frances w/Joseph 1889-1973 D1 R18 L7
JOCHYM Dominic (5 yrs old)par:Joseph d.6-14-1921 E R2 L4
JOCHYM Henry par: Joseph (3 yrs old) d.June 9,1921 E R2 L4
JOCHYM Joseph 1883-1959 D1 R18 L7
JOCHYM Mary A 1929-- BK-MAS R3 L1
JONES Joseph D 1903-1990 BK-Cha
JOPEK Edward 1904-1957 D R7 L25
JOPEK ? Old stone Cross-can't read C R5 L3
JOPEK Chester A 7-11-1911 / 9-17-1990 vet C R5 L1
JOPEK John 1852-1937 C R5 L5
JOPEK Josephine w/Edward 1911-1965 D R7 L25
JOPEK Patricia KUJAWA 1931-1980 C 57 L1
JOZ ? Unknown Cross ???? C R11 L4
JOZENES Konstancya 1894-1917 D R1 L11
JOZWIAK Frank J 1891-1962 D1 R20 L1
JOZWIAK Veronica I w/Frank J 1897-1984 D1 R20 L1
JOZWIAK Walter E no dates D R1 L34
JUSKO Elizabeth w/Edward M Nov 11, 1920---- E R1 L3
JUSKO Elizabeth w/Edward M b.11-11-1920 E R3 L3
JUSKO Edward M 3-25-1918 / 12-25-2004 vet E R1 L3
JUSKO Edward M 3-25-1918 / 12-25-2004 vet E R3 L3
JUSKO Jan 1894-1936 B R3 L12
JUSKO Michael 1886-1968 B R3 L11
JUSKO Pauline wife of Michael 1898-1936 B R3 L11
KACZOR Bartlomiej 1880-1937 A2 R2 L5
KACZOR Casimer 8-28-1915 / 2-4-1996 vet A2 R2 L4
KACZOR Jacob F (FHM) 1917-1968 D1 R14 L10
KACZOR Julia (FHM) 1921-1996 D1 R14 L8
KACZOR Peter P 6-26-1919 / 7-10-1988 vet A2 R2 L4
KACZOR Richard R "Kotch" 1941-1981 D1 R14 L9
KACZOR Stanley 1939-1954 D1 R14 L11
KACZOR Tekla wife of Bartlomiej 1880-1932 A2 R2 L5
KAISER Genevieve A w / Rita G 1900-1995 D1 R3 L5
KAISER Rita G w/ Genevieve 1920-2002 D1 R3 L5
KAJMOUSKI Joseph Szot 1951-1951 D R5 L27
KAJMOUSKI Catherine 1885-1979 D R5 L27
KAJMOUSKI Jacob 1878-1947 D R5 L27
KAJMOUSKI Viola 1916-1943 D R5 L27
KALETA Aneila w/ Josef 1888-1957 C R27 L2
KALETA Casimer 1888-1941 B R1 L15
KALETA Elizabeth D 1926-1988 C 59 L4
KALETA John 1884-1963 D R1 L13
KALETA Josef 1881-1967 C R27 L2
KALETA Katherine wife of John 1884-1970 D R1 L13
KALETA Piotr w/ (Mary A ??) 1878-1920 E R5 L15
KALFAS Anna 1866-1929 E R6 L3
KALFAS Anna w/ Paul 1876-1955 D R7 L11
KALFAS John 1896-1961 D1 R11 L11
KALFAS John F 1913-1987 D R7 L11
KALFAS Mary- age 21 yrs. d.10-11-1930 D1 R9 L10
KALFAS Mary w/John 1893-1950 D1 R11 L11
KALFAS Paul 1886-1937 D R7 L11
KAMINSKA Rozalia 1859-1922 C R2 L7
KAMINSKA Wladyslawa 1908-1937 C1 front L31
KAMINSKI Alexander 10-10-1897 / 5-15-1993 vet C R3 L4
KAMINSKI Stefan 1902-1938 C1 front L33
KANE Edward C 5-14-1921 / 11-3-1988 vet C 52 L5
KANE Eleanor M w/ Edward C 1923----- C 52 L5
KANTOWICZ John S 1921-1997 C 55 L5
KANTOWICZ Magdalena w/Stanislaus A 1871-1951 E R1 L10
KANTOWICZ Sarah M John S 1915-2005 C 55 L5
KANTOWICZ Stanislaus A 1883-1930 E R1 L10
KAPELINSKI Mary 1879-1965 C R1 L3
KAPUSCINSKI Edmund 1922-1923 E R5 L5
KAPUSCINSKI Edward 5-29-1927 / 2-22-1990 vet D1 R23 L3
KAPUSCINSKI Florence w/ Edward 1930-1978 D1 R23 L3
KAPUSCINSKI Irene 1931-2001 D1 R23 L3
KAPUSCINSKI Michael 1894-1980 D R10 L16
KAPUSCINSKI Michael A 9-30-1924 / 1-19-1977 vet D1 R23 L2
KAPUSCINSKI Victoria w/Michael 1904-1971 D R10 L16
KARALUS Frank M 1907-1982 C R35 L3
KARALUS Harriet T w/ Frank M 1913-2007 C R35 L3
KARCZEWSKI Constance-Mother w/Walter 1882-1953 C R11 L3
KARCZEWSKI Leo H 9-22-1926 / 6-15-1975 vet C R11 L1
KARCZEWSKI Walter -Father 1883-1949 C R11 L3
KAREK Antoni 1888-1918 D R1 L29
KAREK-large family stone w/ 3 footstones D R1 L29
KARPINSKE Jacob 1869-1951 C R17 L1
KARPINSKE Praxie w/ Jacob 1877-1968 C R17 L1
KARSTENS Emily C 1918-1990 C 59 L6
KARVOLA Theresa J 1929-1996 E1 R14 L1
KASZTELANIEC Joseph 1880-1937 B R3 L10
KASZTELANIEC Prakseda 1883-1917 E R4 L11
KATA Filip 1886-1921 E R5 L20
KATTA Frances 1897-1922 E R5 L26
KAUS Viola H w/Bernard J 1908-1989 D1 R14 L7
KAUS Bernard J 1907-1988 D1 R14 L7
KAUS Patricia A 1941-- FR-MAS R3 L3
KAUS Ronald R 1938-- FR-MAS R3 L3
KAWSKI Andrzej 1869-1968 D R9 L27
KAWSKI Daniel-par: Stanislaus b.1918-d.9-30-1921 E R2 L10
KAWSKI Marya w / Andrzej 1875-1961 D R9 L27
KAY Marie 1894-1941 B R1 L18
KAZMIERCZAK Frank 1937---- E R1 L8
KAZMIERCZAK Katherin w/ Frank 1933---- E R1 L8
KAZMIERCZAK Loretta 1929-1986 C R51 L4
KAZMIERSKI Wojciech d.1918 E R4 L9
KENDZIORSKI Marlene w / Richard "Crash" 2-5-1937---- C 59 L2
KENDZIORSKI Anthony A 1903-1983 B R1 L1
KENDZIORSKI Bernard B 1912-1980 B R1 L2
KENDZIORSKI Cycylia (old stone) 1905-1926 D R10 L10
KENDZIORSKI Richard "Crash" 10-8-1932 / 12-15-1999 vet C 59 L2
KERN Maxine R 1931-- FR-MAS R1 L1
KERN Arthur W 1928-2001 FR-MAS R1 L1
KIERAS Agnes "Inka" 6-27-1932/ 5-7-2005 B R1 L3
KIERAS Casimer 9-26-1925 / 9-7-1972 vet B R1 L7
KIERAS Frank 11-25-1921 / 7-16-1964 vet B R1 L8
KIERAS John 10-2-1919 / 2-16-1988 vet B R1 L5
KIERAS Leo P 5-18-1928 / 6-30-2000 vet B R1 L4
KIERAS Louise died 1942 B R1 L14
KIERAS Martin died 1955 B R1 L9
KIERAS Stanley 1923-1982 B R1 L6
KIEREPKA Anthony 1916-1928 C R13 L1
KIEREPKA Catherine w of Michael 1891-1930 C R13 L1
KIEREPKA Jan 1891-1929 vet C R13 L2
KIEREPKA Michael 1887-1954 C R13 L1
KIERYCZEK Stephen 1891-1957 C R17 L2
KIERYCZEK Vernice w/ Stephen 1902-1975 C R17 L2
KILIAN Arthur C 1925-- FR-MAS R3 L5
KILIAN Casimer P 1898-1978 C R10 L1
KILIAN Fiorenzat 1931-- FR-MAS R3 L5
KILIAN Helen P w/ Casomer P 1905-1998 C R10 L1
KILIAN Jan ?? Old white Cross ???? C R10 L2
KILIAN John REV.(first priest of St Hedwigs) 1929-2002 BK-MAS R1 L5
KILLIAN Louis J 10-27-1911 / 1-18-1987 vet C R46 L3
KISIEL Agnes wife of Joseph 1880-1960 D R6 L18
KISIEL Joseph 1880-1941 D R6 L18
KISIEL Stephen 1904-1943 ver D1 R27 L2
KLEPAREK Harry A 1916-1996 C 54 L1
KLEPAREK Helen w/ Harry A 1918-1981 C 54 L1
KLEPAREK Marcia Ann par: Harry 1943-1944 E R1 L31
KLIMASZEWSKI Shirley H w/Frank J 1916-20--- C 54 L2
KLIMASZEWSKI Frank J 1917-20---- C 54 L2
KLIMEK REV Jan Wladyslaw 2-11-1890 / 9-22-1958 D1 R1 L3
KLISZEWSKI Edward 1890-1921 vet E R5 L25
KLOCEK Martha A w/Chester D no dates C 57 L2
KLOCEK Chester D no dates C 57 L2
KLOCEK Eleanor Mother 1867-1937 B R2 L13
KLOCEK Josephine w/ Stephen 1886-1949 D R10 L31
KLOCEK Michael Father 1871-1924 E R6 L15
KLOCEK Stephen 1880-1951 D R10 L31
KLOCEK V -old wooden cross no dates E R2 L4
KLOCKO Katherine w/ Steve 1909-2000 D1 R18 L1
KLOCKO Steve 1900-1963 D1 R18 L1
KLUCK Joseph w/ Frances, John 1865-1936 D1 R3 L1
KLUCK Mary Ann w/James P 1943--- E1 R8 L3
KLUCK Annette M w/ Anthony A 1909-1992 D1 R14 L2
KLUCK Anthony A 1907-1988 D1 R14 L2
KLUCK Frances 1871-1938 D1 R3 L1
KLUCK James P 3-17-1938 / 7-19-1995 vet E1 R8 L3
KLUCK John w /Frances, Joseph 1905-1924 D1 R3 L1
KLUCK Ronald J w/Anthony A, Annette H 1940---- D1 R14 L2
KNAPIK Agnieska 1885-1959 D R3 L11
KNAPIK Belle B w/ Stanley F 1912-2004 C R43 L2
KNAPIK Mikola J 1877-1923 D R3 L11
KNAPIK Stanley F 1905-1976 C R43 L2
KNIGHT David J 1921-1975 D R6 L31
KNIGHT Irene wife of David J 1916-1980 D R6 L31
KNIGHT Junius 1888-1940 D R6 L33
KNIGHT Leo 1908-1920 D R6 L32
KNIGHT Martha A wife of Junius 1891-1977 D R6 L33
KOCH Magdalena 1877-1956 C R32 L2
KOCZWARA Albin 3-23-1924 / 4-12-1998 vet D R10 L30
KOCZWARA Angeline L wife of John J 1891-1976 D R5 L28
KOCZWARA Catherine wife of Paul 1878-1965 D R10 L30
KOCZWARA John J 1880-1947 D R5 L28
KOCZWARA Paul 1881-1949 D R10 L30
KOCZWARA Wilma w/ Albin 4-24-1930 / 9-28-1990 D R10 L30
KOKOCINSKI Dorothy JMichael M 1931-2008 E R1 L1
KOKOCINSKI Antoinette w/Michael 1905-2003 D1 R20 L8
KOKOCINSKI Dorothy w/Michael M 1931-2008 E R3 L1
KOKOCINSKI Michael 1900-1958 D1 R20 L8
KOKOCINSKI Michael M 1928-20-- E R1 L1
KOKOCINSKI Michael M 1928-20-- E R3 L1
KOKOCINSKI Theresa M (FHM)daughTekla 1930-1932 C R2 L10
KOLASA Irene "Judy" 1920-1988 C 60 L1
KOLASA Jon (Baby) d.8-20-1957 A1 R1 L11
KOLASA Joseph A 1921-2006 C 56 L3
Kolasa Joseph G 1915-1989 D1 R20 L6
KOLASA Rozalia M 1882-1950 D1 R24 L2
Kolasa Stella w/ Joseph G 1922-1990 D1 R20 L6
KOLASSA Karolina J w/Andrzej J 1892-1995 D1 R24 L1
KOLASSA Adele R w/ Florian H 1917------- C R23 L6
KOLASSA Albert 1879-1931 D R2 L27
KOLASSA Andrzej J 1885-1950 D1 R24 L1
KOLASSA Florian H 1918-1987 C R23 L6
KOLASSA Jenny w/John 1923-2008 C R16 L5
KOLASSA John 1913-1994 C R16 L5
KOLASSA Richard P 1947-1993 C R23 L7
KOLASSA Sophia wife of Albert 1882-1942 D R2 L27
KOMADA Harriet T wife of Peter P 10-11-1915 /11-6-1990 B R2 L1
KOMADA Peter P 3-13-1915 / 11-6-2002 B R2 L1
KOMADA Peter P Jr d.10-11-1939 B R2 L1
KOMSA Anthony V d.2008 D1 R7 L4
KOMSA Rose C w/ Anthony V d.2003 D1 R7 L4
KONDZIELSKI Adam 1864-1939 D R5 L23
KONDZIELSKI Josefa wife of Adam 1872-1953 D R5 L23
KONWINSKI Joseph C-infant par:Clement 1-10-1938 / 1-10-1938 E R1 L26
KOPEC Antonia w/Walenty 1887-1936 D R10 L15
KOPEC Frank V 1917-1970 D R10 L17
KOPEC Walenty 1877-1927 D R10 L15
KOPLINER Betty E w/ Vincent E 1910-1998 D1 R6 L3
KOPLINER Eva w/ Frank 1883-1948 D R10 L11
KOPLINER Frank 1883-1968 D R10 L11
KOPLINER Vincent E 1909-1965 D1 R6 L3
KORZENIESKI Alice V w/Frank W 1919-1997 C R50 L5
KORZENIESKI Frank W 1916-1981 C R50 L5
KORZENIESKI Leo J 1909-1980 C R50 L4
KORZENIESKI Lorretta F w/ Leo J 1919---- C R50 L4
KORZENIEWSKI no dates or names D R9 L10
KORZENIEWSKI Charlie 1918-1989 C R50 L2
KORZENIEWSKI Edmund 1913-1920 E R4 L1
KORZENIEWSKI Lena 1883-1938 D R1 L19
KORZENIEWSKI Lillian w/Charlie 1920-1993 C R50 L2
KORZENIEWSKI Loretta 1913-1947 D R1 L20
KORZENIEWSKI Stanley 1880-1933 E R4 L20
KOS Edward J 8-13-1923 / 8-17-1982 vet C R15 L7
KOS Frank E 11-28-1917 / 1-3-1985 vet C R15 L6
KOS John 1890-1974 D1 R17 L11
KOS Katherine w/ John 1888-1968 D1 R17 L11
KOS Mary C 1912-1989 C R15 L5
KOSIDLO Joseph 1893-1953 D R3 L12
KOSIDLO Mary 1894-1970 D R3 L12
KOSIERB Alexander R 1927-1999 C R26 L3
KOSIERB Bronislaus 1921---- C R34 L2
KOSIERB Marilyn V 1937-1997 C R26 L3
KOSIERB Sczepan (Stephen) 1888-1933 E R2 L33
KOSIERB Sophie w/ Bronislaus 1894-1969 C R34 L2
KOSINSKI Agnes M wife of Stanislaw 1877-1941 D R5 L12
KOSINSKI Stanislaw A 1870-1930 D R5 L12
KOWALCZYK Mildred-Beloved Mother 1911-1978 D R4 L37
KOWALSKI Emila par: Frank 1907-1925 E R6 L14
KOWALSKI Frank 1886-1964 C 58 L5
KOWALSKI Josephine w/ Frank 1887-1963 C 58 L5
KOZLOWSKI Anthony 1874-1947 E R2 L30
KOZLOWSKI Daniel R-w/ David R (brothers) 1959-1976 C 53 L3
KOZLOWSKI David R w/Daniel R- (brothers) 1956-1976 C 53 L3
KOZLOWSKI Elaine A w /Joseph L 1923-2009 E1 R8 L4
KOZLOWSKI Florence T w/Robert P 1932-2003 C 53 L4
KOZLOWSKI Frances w/Anthony 1876-1952 E R2 L30
KOZLOWSKI Genevieve T Bickhart 1917-1980 D R9 L23
KOZLOWSKI Helen M 1910-1987 D1 R8 L4
KOZLOWSKI Joseph 6-29-1955 D1 R12 L10
KOZLOWSKI Joseph Father 1893-1936 B R3 L13
KOZLOWSKI Joseph L 2-11-1923 / 5-18-1995 vet E1 R8 L4
KOZLOWSKI Louis R 1907-1987 D1 R8 L4
KOZLOWSKI Mary w/ Stanley 1890-1945 D R9 L23
KOZLOWSKI Norman L 2-22-1932 / 8-13-1993 vet D1 R8 L4
KOZLOWSKI Patricia A w/ Richard Sr b.1931----- D1 R9 L7
KOZLOWSKI Richard Sr 2-24-1930 / 6-2-1986 vet D1 R9 L7
KOZLOWSKI Robert P 12-28-1928 / 2-15-2002 vet C 53 L4
KOZLOWSKI Stanley 1880-1953 D R9 L23
KOZLOWSKI Stanley no dates B R4 L13
KRASKA Maryann wife of Michael 1867-1920 D R1 L3
KRASKA Michael 1862-1919 D R1 L3
KREUZBERG Jack Norman 1933-1997 C R46 L6
KROCHMAL Casimer 4-13-1920 / 3-2-2001 vet A2 R2 L1
KROCHMAL Eleanor 1920 - ----- A2 R2 L1
KROCHMAL Frank 1893-1974 D1 R7 L5
KROCHMAL StellaFrank 1894-1989 D1 R7 L5
KROLL Benjamin F 1907-1945 E R2 L24
KROLL Catherine w /John 1887-1952 E R2 L25
KROLL John 1876-1963 E R2 L25
KRUPA Edward P 5-11-1931 / 10-8-1982 C 58 L7
KRUPA Frank Son 1928-1947 D R4 L33
KRUPA Joseph 1890-1949 D R4 L31
KRUPA Joseph Jr Son 1-17-1921/ 11-24-1945 vet D R4 L34
KRUPA Peter E 11-12-1932 / 1-18-1975 vet C 58 L4
KRUPA Sophie 1897-1974 D R4 L32
KRUPINSKI Delphine "Dolly" w/ Henry 1932-1912 C R38 L2
KRUPINSKI Henry 1935-- C R38 L2
KRUPINSKI Michael 1-16-1948 / 3-2-2001 vet D1 R22 L12
KRYSTOFIK Henry F 1934-- FR-MAS R1 L5
KRYSTOFIK Richard- Family 1925-1927 E R1 L22
KRYSTOFIK Sylvia M 1935-- FR-MAS R1 L5
KRZAKALA Alphonse "Red" 1-3-1918 / 8-3-2000 vet C R29 L3
KRZAKALA Genevieve w/Alphonse "Red" 1919-2005 C R29 L3
KRZYKOWSKI Peter w/ Veronica 1893-1924 D R9 L11
KRZYKOWSKI V.Bebak 1894-1928 D R9 L11
KRZYSTOFIK Laurence 1893-1982 C R45 L2
KRZYSTOFIK Franciszek 1886-1941 D R9 L18
KRZYSTOFIK Henry 1917-1934 B R4 L14
KRZYSTOFIK Mary Anna w/Franciszek 1894-1945 D R9 L18
KRZYSTOFIK Veronica w/ Laurence 1893-1971 C R45 L2
KRZYZANOWICZ Anna M wife of Joseph S 1910-1992 D R2 L29
KRZYZANOWICZ Elizabeth H w/Norman S 1929---- C R24 L4
KRZYZANOWICZ Joseph 1886-1943 B R3 L5
KRZYZANOWICZ Joseph S 1907-1992 D R2 L29
KRZYZANOWICZ Norman S 1929---- C R24 L4
KRZYZANOWICZ Pauline 1883-1938 B R2 L11
KSZOS Carolyn A w/Joseph J 1929-1973 D1 R5 L2
KSZOS Joseph J 1928----- D1 R5 L2
KSZOS Marilyn J 1953-2006 D1 R5 L1
KUBASIK Bernice w/Vincent 1882-1969 D1 R19 L9
KUBASIK Cecilia E w/Frank J 1909-1991 D1 R15 L9
KUBASIK Celia FHM funeral 12-16-1916 E R2 L13
KUBASIK Eleanor FHM d.1918 E R2 L8
KUBASIK Frank J 1906-1977 D1 R15 L9
KUBASIK Ignacy 1877-1924 E R6 L19
KUBASIK John R 1910-1993 C R40 L3
KUBASIK Leo V 6-12-1914 / 8-5-1993 vet C R42 L2
KUBASIK Mary L w/ John R 1914-2004 C R40 L3
KUBASIK Sophia T w/ Leo 1924---- C R42 L2
KUBASIK Vincent 1881-1965 D1 R19 L9
KUBERA Anna w/ Joseph 1873-1935 D1 R3 L9
KUBERA Frank 5-23-1914 / 11-1-1987 D1 R5 L4
KUBERA Irene V 10-31-1917 / 5-24-2000 D1 R5 L4
KUBERA Joseph 1908-1937 D1 R3 L9
KUBERA Lorraine no dates D1 R5 L4
KUBERA Ronald J 7-16-1941 / 11-3-1992 D1 R5 L4
KUCHARSKI Jean V w/Joseph C 1919-2008 C 56 L5
KUCHARSKI Barney 1914-1959 D R9 L9
KUCHARSKI John S 1-8-1923 / 1-9-1980 vet D1 R11 L7
KUCHARSKI Joseph C 3-17-1921 / 4-17-1993 vet C 56 L5
KUCMIERZ Carl R 1959--- D1 R18 L16
KUCMIERZ Irene w/Thomas 1927-2003 D1 R17 L17
KUCMIERZ Aloysius T 3-2-1928 / 7-9-1994 vet D1 R18 L16
KUCMIERZ FAMILY Stone no dates D1 R18 L14
KUCMIERZ Helen Malkowski 1897-1953 D1 R18 L16
KUCMIERZ Karol 1887-1956 D1 R18 L16
KUCMIERZ Nancy T 1962---- D1 R18 L16
KUCMIERZ Thomas 12-29-1922 / 12-24-1994 vet D1 R17 L17
KUCZENSKI Frank E 6-25-1920 / 8-21-1985 vet C R42 L3
KUCZENSKI Laurence 1909-1963 vet D R5 L36
KUCZENSKI Mary wife of Laurence 1914-1985 D R5 L36
KUCZENSKI Mildred A w/ Frank E 1920-1983 C R42 L3
KUCZENSKI Susan 12-7-1940 / 8-1-1998 D R6 L37
KUJAWA Bernice 1908-1970 D1 R17 L4
KUJAWA Peter P 1910-1964 D1 R17 L3
KULPA Michael Richard Par:Richard,Jean 8-22-1962 / 7-15-1968 D1 R17 L12
KULPA Valentine 1869-1921 E R5 L24
KUPKOWSKI Albert par:Walter 6-22-1921-11-14-1932 E R1 L38
KUPKOWSKI Frances S wife of Frank 1867-1929 D R2 L2
KUPKOWSKI Frank 1862-1924 D R2 L2
KUPKOWSKI Shirley w/ Stephen 1904-1998 C R33 L2
KUPKOWSKI Stephen 1901-1978 C R33 L2
KUSCHEL Paula L 1971-1987 C R32 L5
KUSIOWSKI Katarzyna w/Wladyslaw 1920-1972 D1 R19 L11
KUSIOWSKI Wladyslaw 1920-1964 D1 R19 L11
KUWIK Dorothy K w/William J 1918-1983 D1 R15 L12
KUWIK William J 3-6-1913 / 3-8-1995 vet D1 R15 L12
KUZDZAL Anna wife of Laurence 1879-1956 D R2 L12
KUZDZAL Annette 1909-1929 D R2 L12
KUZDZAL Laurence 1875-1938 D R2 L12
KUZDZAL Leo 1917-1923 D R2 L12
KUZDZAL Stanley 1902-1988 D R2 L12
KUZIORA Theresa w/Edward J 1930---- C R46 L4
KUZIORA Blanche V w/Stanley M 1925-1993 D1 R22 L2
KUZIORA Edward J 1926-1991 C R46 L4
KUZIORA Frances w/ Leo P 10-7-1931 / 7-19-1997 C R51 L5
KUZIORA Leo P 7-1-1921 / 1-22-2009 vet C R51 L5
KUZIORA Stanley M 2-17-1924 / 1-20-2008 vet D1 R22 L2
KUZNICKI Elzbieta 1881-1960 D R6 L36
KUZNICKI Frances J 7-25-1920 / 12-2-2005 vet C R49 L7
KUZNICKI Gregory F March 2-8,1949 A1 R2 L2
KUZNICKI Stanislaw 1882-1962 D R6 L36
KUZNICKI Virginia A w/Frances J 1926-1998 C R49 L7
KWAS Andrew 1882-1947 D R5 L29
KWAS Mary 1890-1961 D R5 L32
KWAS Theresa "Terry" daughter of Mary 1928-1958 D R5 L31
KWAS Walter 1916-1947 D R5 L29
KWASNIEWSKI Victoria w /Henry J 1918-2003 C 57 L3
KWASNIEWSKI Alex J w/ Louise M 6-4-1914 / 7-15-1995 vet D1 R4 L1
KWASNIEWSKI Dorothy G w/William H 1919-1983 C R47 L1
KWASNIEWSKI Henry J 1918-20--- C 57 L3
KWASNIEWSKI Louise M w/ Alex J 1930---- D1 R4 L1
KWASNIEWSKI Shirley 1906-1958 D1 R4 L2
KWASNIEWSKI William H 1914-1984 C R47 L1
KWASNY Andrew A 1895-1978 D1 R8 L3
KWASNY Helen A w/ Andrew A 1896-1981 D1 R8 L3
KWIEJ Genevieve w/Joseph & Katherine 1918-1971 C R43 L1
KWIEJ Joseph 1894-1970 C R43 L1
KWIEJ Katherine w/ Joseph 1894-1992 C R43 L1
KYC Jadwiga w/ Piotr 1903-1995 D1 R13 L4
KYC Piotr 1897-1979 vet D1 R13 L4
LAMANQUE Donald 1945-1954 D R5 L35
LAMANQUE Victoria wife of Wilfred 1916-2003 D R5 L34
LAMANQUE Wilfred 1912-1989 D R5 L34
LAMPERT Stella w/Stephen 1899-1979 C 53 L1
LAMPERT Henry E 5-31-1926 / 8-6-1997 vet C 53 L2
LAMPERT Mary Ann w/Stephen,Stella 1924-1975 C 53 L1
LAMPERT Stephen 1894-1975 C 53 L1
LANGNER Helena 1917-1918 D R1 L26
LANGNER Joanna Lokietek 1884-1919 D R1 L26
LANGNER Wojciech 1886-1919 D R1 L26
LANSKI Bernard (78 yrs old) w/ Bernice d.1-3-1974 D1 R11 L3
LANSKI Bernice w/ Bernard d.3-28-1979 D1 R11 L3
LANSKI Loretta d.2005 D1 R11 L3
LARGE MICHALAK FAMILY -4 footstones D1 R25 L6
LASECKI Florence w /Daniel V 1922----- D1 R5 L7
LASECKI Barbara Anne par: Daniel 1953-1968 D1 R5 L7
LASECKI Daniel V 11-2-1918 / 9-17-1988 vet D1 R5 L7
LASECKI Hedwig w/ Laurence 1888-1951 D1 R5 L8
LASECKI Larry E age 62 d.2-4-1977 D1 R6 L10
LASECKI Laurence 1880-1963 D1 R5 L8
LASECKI Mary C w/ Theodore 1917-1994 D R9 L12
LASECKI Mary P w/Larry E 5-16-1916 / 11-8-1987 D1 R6 L10
LASECKI Susan Marie par:Daniel 1956-1958 D1 R5 L7
LASECKI Theodore N 4-20-1916 / 4-11-1996 vet D R9 L12
LASKOWSKI Maria w/Leon 1893-1949 D1 R21 L8
LASKOWSKI Leon 1893-1972 D1 R21 L8
LATER Jacob 1886-1918 C1 front L1
LATONA Patricia A w/ Walter A 1858------ E R4 L23
LATONA Walter A 1939-2004 E R4 L23
LATOS Anna F - Wife no dates D1 R2 L8
LATOS Edward- Son 1912-1936 D1 R2 L5
LATOS Frances Clarke- Daughter 1939---- D1 R2 L9
LATOS Josephine- Mother 1892-1924 D1 R2 L4
LATOS Stanislaus Sr- Father 1883-1959 D1 R2 L6
LATOS Stanley J Jr-Husband 1915-1990 D1 R2 L7
LAWRENCE Betty Jane 1928-1998 C R20 L5
LAWRENCE John 1928------- C R20 L5
LAWRENCE Robert J 9-12-1930 / 5-6-1983 vet C R20 L5
LAYMAN Leo F 1903-1990 D R9 L33
LAYMAN Mary S w/Leo 1902-1965 D R9 L33
LAYMAN Mildrid R w / Peter H 1912-1979 D1 R11 L8
LAYMAN Peter H 1909-1997 D1 R11 L8
LAZARCZYK Catherine w/ Stanley 1893-1969 D R7 L15
LAZARCZYK Stanley 1883-1946 D R7 L15
LEJA Delores 19---- D1 R21 L10
LEJA Mary ( age 70 ) w/ hus. Walter d.8-30-1962 D1 R21 L10
LEJA Walter ( age 76 ) d.11-11-1965 D1 R21 L10
LEMISZKA Stephen 1877-1918 E R5 L9
LEMISZKO Catherine J 1948-1982 C R34 L3
LEMISZKO Josephine w/Walter 1924--- C R34 L4
LEMISZKO Macie J 1882-1960 C R28 L1
LEMISZKO Maria w/ Macie J 1889-1968 C R28 L1
LEMISZKO Sophie w/ William J 1920--- C R41 L6
LEMISZKO Walter "Salty" 2-21-1920 / 6-6-1999 vet C R34 L4
LEMISZKO William J 1-13-1917 / 10-13-1988 vet C R41 L6
LENTZ Frances w/Harry 3-11-1991 C 52 L2
LENTZ Helen w/Walter 1903-1987 C 52 L4
LENTZ Berta wife of Jan 1868-1933 D R1 L17
LENTZ Chester 3-18-1929 / 11-20-1995 vet E R5 L32
LENTZ Harry 10-31-1957 C 52 L2
LENTZ Henry C 1902-1963 C R51 L2
LENTZ Jan 1868-1919 D R1 L17
LENTZ Lorretta T w/ Chester 1931---- E R5 L32
LENTZ Louis 1904-1944 C R51 L1
LENTZ Patricia A d. Sept.21,1962 A1 R2 L9
LENTZ Walter 1898-1968 C 52 L4
LEVANDOSKI Frank J Sr 12-2-1910 - 3-8-1981 C R43 L4
LEVANDOSKI Joseph H 11-12-1890 / 3-19-1956 vet D R6 L28
LEVANDOSKI Josephine E wife of Joseph 1898-1974 D R6 L28
LEVANDOSKI Victoria M w/ Frank J Sr 1921-2007 C R43 L4
LEWANDOWSKI Antonia Mother 1876-1922 E R6 L29
LEWANDOWSKI Eva 1892-1923 C R2 L6
LEWANDOWSKI Jan Father 1876-1924 E R6 L20
LIPKA Leo F 1911-1987 B R2 L3
LIPKA Mary wife of Leo F 1917-2006 B R2 L3
LIS Florian 3-10-1919 / 4-21-1980 vet D1 R17 L16
LIS Henry w/ Joseph, Victoria 1926-1989 D1 R7 L9
LIS John 8-26-1915 / 1-24-1953 vet D R6 L21
LIS Joseph w/ Henry, Victoria 1914-1978 D1 R7 L9
LIS Josephine w/ Florian, Stephen Marc 1924----- D1 R17 L16
LIS Marja wife of Michael 1892-1962 D R5 L22
LIS Michael 1878-1939 D R5 L22
LIS Stephen Marc w/Florian,Josephine (FHM) d.1993 D1 R17 L16
LIS Victoria w/ Henry, Joseph 1923-1994 D1 R7 L9
LOKIETEK Peter died 1919 D R1 L27
LONSKI Harriet 1894-1969 D R4 L19
LONSKI John died 1939 D R4 L17
LONSKI Stanley 1890-1969 D R4 L19
LUBOCH Arthur P 6-28-1924 / 10-27-2000 vet C R9 L5
LUBOCH Chester P (buried at sea) 6-28-1924 / 2-15-1995 vet C R9 L6
LUBOCH Klementyna (Martha?) Very Old died 1918 ? C R9 L3
LUBOCH Large Stone no names C R9 L4
LUCAS John Son 1891-1958 D R6 L34
LUCAS Mother Mary b.1873 D R6 L34
LUCZKOWIAK Lawrence 1862-1957 C R9 L2
LUCZKOWIAK Mary Ann w/ Lawrence 1881-1959 C R9 L2
LUDWISZEWSKI (behind Tekla)Antoni S Ojciec-1874-1940 C R2 L8
LUDWISZEWSKI (behind Tekla)MaryanneE Matka-no dates C R2 L8
LUDWISZEWSKI Bernard 1907-1961 D R9 L26
LUDWISZEWSKI Christine J d. 12-22-1948 A1 R2 L1
LUDWISZEWSKI Florence T w/Frank J 1930-2001 E R4 L21
LUDWISZEWSKI Frank J 1901-1968 C R28 L6
LUDWISZEWSKI Frank J 9-5-1927 /10-17-2007 vet E R4 L21
LUDWISZEWSKI Jan 1865-1947 C R2 L12
LUDWISZEWSKI John (Jan) (FHM) 1865-1947 C R2 L11
LUDWISZEWSKI Mary H w/ Frank J 1907-1991 C R28 L6
LUDWISZEWSKI Tekla w / John 1867-1929 C R2 L8
LUDWISZEWSKI Walter 1903-1948 D R9 L26
LUSZAK Edward W 1918-1996 C R49 L6
LUSZCZAK Jan S 1884-1960 D R7 L20
LUSZCZAK Maryanna w/Jan 1887-1953 D R7 L20
LUTOSTANSKA large stone no dates C1 front L38
LUTOSTANSKI Adolf died 1927 E R6 L6
LYCZKOWSKA Teresa 1880-1954 C R25 L4
LYCZKOWSKI Alexander 1879-1938 B R2 L9
LYCZKOWSKI Joanna w/ Walter 1916-2002 C R24 L1
LYCZKOWSKI Walter 1916-1979 C R24 L1
LYSZCZEWSKI Alexander 1882-1939 E R2 L21
LYSZCZEWSKI Marya w/ Alexander 1881-1934 E R2 L21
LZYGAJ ?? Very old 1865-1947 B R1 L12
MADURSKI Gregory 1884-1946 D R4 L25
MADURSKI Helen 1892-1946 D R4 L25
MAJAK Anastasia (footstone) 1884-1953 C R26 L1
MAJAK John R (Footstone) 5-16-1909/ 2-22-1965 vet C R26 L1
MAJECKI Casimer husb of Mary 1885-1962 C1 front L14
MAJECKI Mary (4 footstones here) 1897-1966 C1 front L14
MAJECKI Cassie daught/of Mary-Casimer died 1981 C1 front L14
MAJECKI Frances daught/ Mary-Casimer died 1980 C1 front L14
MAJECKI Frank 1876-1947 D1 R25 L4
MAJECKI Helen Mother of Mary or Casm died 1932 C1 front L14
MAJECKI Mary daught/of Mary-Casimir died 1926 C1 front L14
MAJEROWSKI Antoni no dates E R5 L19
MAJEROWSKI Cecilia wife of Frances 1882-1962 D R5 L20
MAJEROWSKI Frances 1882-1939 D R5 L20
MAJEROWSKI Hattie 1902-1972 B R1 L13
MAJEROWSKI Theodore 1897-1943 B R1 L13
MAJEROWSKI Thomas 1893-1925 vet E R6 L10
MAJKA Agnieszka wife of Antoni (ROKU) died 1972 C R18 L1
MAJKA Anna M w/ Joseph J 1911-1979 C R18 L3
MAJKA Antoni (ROKU) died 1948 C R18 L1
MAJKA Frank 1895-1968 D1 R9 L13
MAJKA Frank S 8-9-1913 / 5-28-1983 vet C R19 L8
MAJKA Helen Marie - Par: Frank 10-16-1928 / 11-23-1929 D1 R9 L9
MAJKA John J infant par: Leo (FHM) died 3-9-1945 E R1 L33
MAJKA Leo C Sr 4-12-1917 / 10-30-1981 vet C 55 L1
MAJKA Mary E w/ Frank S 1917------- C R19 L8
MAJKA Richard F-infant par: Frank died 3-25-1940 E R1 L27
MAJKA Rose w/Frank 1907-1989 D1 R9 L13
MAJKA Stella T w /Leo C Sr 1917-1999 C 55 L1
MAJKAJoseph J 9-18-1908 / 7-30-1979 vet C R18 L3
MAJKOWSKI Genevieve w /Anthony F 1907-1989 D1 R9 L5
MAJKOWSKI Victoria w/Frank 1877-1951 D1 R22 L9
MAJKOWSKI Anthony F 1905-1998 D1 R9 L5
MAJKOWSKI Frank 1871-1954 D1 R22 L9
MALINOWSKI Edward 1911-1983 C R49 L1
MALINOWSKI Mary w/ Edward 1914-1985 C R49 L1
MALINOWSKI Roman 1894-1922 vet E R5 L29
MALKOWSKI Donald J 9-18-1929 / 11-20-1974 vet D1 R11 L2
MALKOWSKI Eleonore J w/ Donald J 1935---- D1 R11 L2
MALKOWSKI Emily 1909-1949 D R4 L36
MALKOWSKI Florence wife of John 1913-1995 D R2 L26
MALKOWSKI John 1873-1931 D R2 L26
MALKOWSKI Joseph 1906-1976 D R4 L36
MAMOTT Clemens 1916-2001 C R24 L2
MAMOTT Emily w/ Clemens 1917-2003 C R24 L2
MANZELLA Anna w/Bud Sebastian C b.1926--- D1 R13 L8
MANZELLA Bud Sebastian C b.1922---- D1 R13 L8
MARCIN Bil 1883-1955 C1 front L3
MARCIN Eva wife of Bil 1889-1966 C1 front L3
MARCINIEWICZ Alaxandra w/Bernard 1880-1963 C1 front L7
MARCINIEWICZ Bernard 1878-1941 C1 front L7
MARCZYNSKA Teresa (w/ Gostomski ) 1887-1921 D R1 L33
MARCZYNSKI Casimer-Father 1871-1951 D1 R12 L11
MARCZYNSKI Mary-Mother w/ Casimer 1884-1950 D1 R12 L11
MARKUSZEWSKA Magdalena died 3-13-1936 D R1 L28
MARMUROWICZ Casimer A 1889-1974 D R10 L8
MARMUROWICZ Florence E 1914-1992 D R10 L8
MARMUROWICZ Frances w/ Martin 1863-1929 D R10 L8
MARMUROWICZ Martin 1862-1937 D R10 L8
MARMUROWICZ Mary E w/ Casimer 1893-1973 D R10 L8
MARSOWICZ Cameron A w/Jeffrey M, Sara died March 2005 E R5 L36
MARSOWICZ Sara w/ Jeffrey M,Cameron 1967---- E R5 L36
MARSOWICZ Jeffrey M 1966---- E R5 L36
MARTIN Florence w/ Frederick 1929-1996 C R36 L4
MARTIN Frederick 5-13-1924/ 10-30-2003 vet C R36 L4
MARTIN Frederick Jr 1958-1985 C R36 L4
MARUSZEWICZ Oldiert L- par: Joseph 1918-1919 E R2 L6
MARUT Florence J w/Walter E 1924---- E R4 L22
MARUT Walter E 6-17-1922 / 12-18-1990 vet E R4 L22
MASLACH Salomea (Sally) w/Karol 1886-1960 D1 R15 L14
MASLACH Antonia wife of Wincenty 1878-1944 D R5 L11
MASLACH Eva Edborg 1909-1991 D R5 L10
MASLACH Frank 1893-1931 D R4 L13
MASLACH Karol- Father 1886-1957 D1 R15 L14
MASLACH Loretta P 1926-- FR-MAS R2 L8
MASLACH Mary Lou 1930-1998 D R4 L16
MASLACH Michael J 1923-- FR-MAS R2 L8
MASLACH Stanley 1917-1931 E R2 L39
MASLACH Theresa Bajdas 1898-1998 D R4 L15
MASLACH William V 1928-1990 D R4 L16
MASLACH Wincenty 1877-1928 D R5 L11
MASLAK Helen w/ John 1916-1995 D R7 L24
MASLAK John 1910-1957 D R7 L24
MASLAK Valentine Walter 1914-1970 vet D1 R15 L13
MASLANIAK Anna w/ John 1883-1969 E R2 L41
MASLANIAK Anna w/John 1883-1969 E R1 L4
MASLANIAK John 1879-1931 E R1 L4
MASLANIAK John 1879-1931 E R2 L41
MATERNOWSKI Dorothy M w/Richard E 2-3-1929 / 11-13-1995 E1 R11 L3
MATERNOWSKI Catherine w/John 1891-1969 D1 R17 L10
MATERNOWSKI Henry F 1911-1940 C R3 L1
MATERNOWSKI John 1891-1964 D1 R17 L10
MATERNOWSKI Richard E 6-14-1925 / 8-7-1996 vet E1 R11 L3
MATERNOWSKI Stanislaus 1881-1958 D R10 L37
MATERNOWSKI Stanley J Jr 1911-1950 D R10 L36
MATERNOWSKI Wiktorya w/Stanley 1885-1984 D R10 L37
MATUSEWICZ Alex w /Frances, William 1873-1925 D1 R2 L10
MATUSEWICZ Frances 1885-1945 D1 R2 L10
MATUSEWICZ William w/ Frances, Alex 1898-1937 D1 R2 L10
MATYJAKOWSKI Josephine w/ Walter J 1906-1978 D1 R11 L12
MATYJAKOWSKI Walter J Jr (d.Normandy) 3-1-1923 / 6-9-1944 vet D1 R11 L12
MATYJAKOWSKI Walter J w/Josephine 1902-1982 D1 R11 L12
MAY Linda A w/Laurence A 1949-2006 D1 R9 L11
MAY David A Son 1936-2004 D R9 L22
May Frances wife of Frank 1903-1978 D R2 L9
May Frank 1901-1968 D R2 L9
MAY Frank J Jr 5-16-1925 / 11-21-1989 vet D1 R9 L12
MAY Irene w/Frank J Jr 1926----- D1 R9 L12
MAY Laurence A 1948-2005 D1 R9 L11
MAY Sophie B w/ Stanley 1913-1995 D R9 L22
MAY Stanley V 1907-1942 D R9 L22
MAZ- UNKNOWN- FHM no dates E R2 L40
MAZIARZ Martha w/ Stanley 1922-2004 C R34 L5
MAZIARZ Michael (Baby) b. & d. 8-8-1966 A1 R2 L6
MAZIARZ Stanley 1916-1985 C R34 L5
MAZUR Angeline wife of Laurence 1887-1971 D R5 L30
MAZUR Doris B (double stone-1 side blank) 2-20-1986 C 54 L3
MAZUR Laurence 1889-1954 D R5 L30
MAZUR Louis F 11-28-1926 / 5-26-1979 vet C 54 L4
MAZUREK Anna M w/ Joseph W 1914-2002 C 52 L6
MAZUREK Franciska 1866-1937 B R3 L8
MAZUREK Joseph 1880-1918 D R1 L5
MAZUREK Joseph W 1-19-1909 / 1-14-1971 vet C 52 L6
MAZUREK Veronica 1896-1956 D R6 L22
MAZUREK William 1888-1922 D R1 L12
McGILL "Mac" 1918-1997 FR-MAS R2 L4
McGILL Audrey A 1946-- FR-MAS R2 L3
McGILL Betty 1922-2004 FR-MAS R2 L4
McGILL Danny S 1943-- FR-MAS R2 L3
MEKUS Anthony 1908-1962 D1 R17 L13
MEKUS Brian Wayne d.1960 A1 R1 L12
MEKUS Helen w/ Anthony 1913-1983 D1 R17 L13
MELESKI Max M ( old white cross) 1856-1923 C1 front L13
MESSERE Mary E-mother w/ son Thomas 1949-20---- D1 R3 L3
MESSERE Thomas-Son w/ Mary E-mother 1969-2004 D1 R3 L3
METZLER James H 1929-1979 C R33 L1
MIALKI Anna w/Julius nee Jopek 1889-1936 C R5 L4
MIALKI Julius 1886-1958 C R5 L6
MICHALAK Casimer 1894-1981 D1 R9 L2
MICHALAK Catherine 1880-1957 D1 R25 L6
MICHALAK Genevieive wife of Leo Michalak no dates D1 R25 L5
MICHALAK Hattie w/ Casimer 1896-1977 D1 R9 L2
MICHALAK John (FHM) 1902-1963 D1 R16 L8
MICHALAK Joseph 1905-1938 D1 R25 L6
MICHALAK Jozef 1896-1936 D1 R26 L4
MICHALAK Leo w/ Joseph Worosz 2-10-1903 / 2-16-1974 vet D1 R26 L4
MICHALAK Patricia infant par: Frank, May died 12-26-1938 (1940) ? E R1 L35
MICHALAK Peter P 5-28-1920/ 9-17-1944 vet D1 R9 L1
MICHALAK Rose F wife of Joseph 1906-1979 D1 R25 L6
MICHALAK Valentine Wm 1878-1947 D1 R25 L6
MICHALEK Andrze 1860-1937 E R1 L17
MICHALEK Anna wife / Andrze 1869-1921 E R1 L17
MICHALSKI Anthony 1870-1942 B R3 L7
MICHALSKI Dennis L 1906-1984 D1 R4 L6
MICHALSKI John 1885-1947 D1 R10 L10
MICHALSKI Mary w/John 1881-1967 D1 R10 L10
MICHALSKI Stella E w/ Dennis L 1912-1975 D1 R4 L6
MIEOZYSZAK Satlawa ??Old Cross HTRead d.1918 E R4 L6
MIERZWA Carrie w/Stanley 1922-1999 C R46 L2
MIERZWA Stanley 1921-1998 C R46 L2
MIGA Carolyn Marie 1949-1953 A1 R2 L4
MIGA Michael F 8-28-1920 /9-11-2000 vet A2 R3 L1
MIGA Theresa M 1923-20----- A2 R3 L1
MIKULA John S (Son) w/Ignatius, Victoria 1952-1998 E1 R10 L3
MIKULA Victoria J w/Ignatius S 1924--- E1 R10 L3
MIKULA Ignatius S 2-6-1923 / 9-6-2002 vet E1 R10 L3
MILLION Elizabeth w/ Joseph F 1912-2002 C R25 L2
MILLION Joseph F 1908-1982 C R25 L2
MILLION Lorraine T 1936-1949 C R25 L1
MIRZWA Karol (the way it was spelled) 1906-1928 E R6 L5
MISSING STONE Foundation here(Br2L8) no dates B R2 L8
MITCHELL Dallas 1862-1938 B R2 L10
MIZWA Andrew d.Feb.15,1930 E R6 L4
MIZWA Joseph J 7-28-1907 / 7-13-1957 vet B R2 L4
MIZWA Victoria ( age 57) Motyka died 9-24-1933 E R2 L34
MLECZKO Andrew J 11-20-1910 / 1-31-1973 vet D R3 L6
MLECZKO Ann M 1914-1994 D R3 L6
MLECZKO Frances 1884-1976 D R3 L6
MLECZKO Jozef 1880-1942 D R3 L6
MOCH Katherine w/Stanislaus 1901-1995 C R28 L4
MOCH Stanislaus 1892-1966 C R28 L4
MOITOWICZ ?? Frank 2-16-192? vet C1 front L6
MOZGAWA Katarzyna w/ Wojciech 1882-1937 D R7 L10
MOZGAWA Viola A w/William B d.1967---- D1 R15 L7
MOZGAWA William B d.1986 D1 R15 L7
MOZGAWA Wojciech 1875-1945 D R7 L10
MROCZKA Elizabeth M w/Harry A 1916-1989 D1 R11 L9
MROCZKA Harry A 1914-1980 D1 R11 L9
MUCHA Casimer 1864-1951 D R7 L17
MUCHA Helen Zickert w/Casimer 1908-1962 D R7 L17
MUSZYNSKA Jozef 1860-1925 C1 front L48
MUSZYNSKA Konstancya w/Jozef 1865-1930 C1 front L48
MUSZYNSKI Walter d.2-10-1964 vet D1 R27 L1
MUTCHLER Judith N 1946-2002 C R22 L3
MUZUCZ Stanley par:Anthony b.1919-d.1-15-1921 E R2 L14
MYERS Frank J 1902---- D1 R19 L2
MYERS Viola G Frank J 1907-1977 D1 R19 L2
NALEPA Mary w/Martin 1885-1950 D1 R12 L12
NALEPA Susan A 1950--- E1 R9 L5
NALEPA Agnes 1917-2008 E R1 L2
NALEPA Agnes 1917-2008 E R3 L2
NALEPA Andrea J 1969--- E1 R9 L5
NALEPA Anthony 1888-1960 D1 R12 L9
NALEPA Anthony W 1905-1976 D R3 L8
NALEPA Bernice G 1913- ----- D R3 L8
NALEPA Dorothy 1922-1925 E R1 L21
NALEPA Dorothy 1925--- E1 R9 L5
NALEPA Edward J 1934- ----- D R3 L8
NALEPA Helen 1928-- BK-MAS R4 L1
NALEPA Joseph J 2-10-1919 / 7-7-2003 vet E1 R9 L5
NALEPA Marilyn B w/ Martin 1931-20---- C R13 L3
NALEPA Martin 9-21-1929 / 1-24-2008 vet C R13 L3
NALEPA Martin 1885-1950 D1 R12 L12
NALEPA Stanley D 1923-2004 E1 R7 L1
NALEPA Victoria L w/ Stanley D 1923-20--- E1 R7 L1
NAPIERALA Joseph 1912-2000 C R22 L4
NAPIERALA Josephine w/ Joseph 1915------ C R22 L4
NAPIERALA Richard 1947-1963 C R22 L4
NARUSZEWICZ Joseph- Father 1878-1956 D1 R25 L15
NARUSZEWICZ Sophia-Mother 1890-1958 D1 R25 L15
NAWROCKI Joseph 1892-1956 B R4 L4
NAWROCKI Mikolaj 1888-1960 C 58 L1
NAWROCKI Zofia w/Mikolaj 1893-1969 C 58 L1
NAZARCZYK Eva 1876-1943 C R12 L2
NICKERSON Mark (FH marker-old) ?? A1 R2 L5
NIEDBALSKI Mary w/Frank 1889-1965 D1 R16 L10
NIEDBALSKI Rita no dates D1 R16 L11
NIEDBALSKI Frank 1885-1963 D1 R16 L10
NIEDBALSKI Jozef 1871-1949 D R10 L28
NIEDBALSKI Michilena w/Jozef 1875-1955 D R10 L28
NIEDBALSKI Stephen W 7-28-1902 / 7-18-1971 vet B R4 L3
NIEDWIECKI John-infant par: Jerome died 7-26-1940 E R1 L28
NIEZNALSKI Mikolaj -Father 1875-1935 B R4 L10
NOWACKI Anna Mother wife of Leon 1881-1965 D R2 L1
NOWACKI Leon-Father 1873-1927 D R2 L1
NOWACKI Loretta-Daughter died 1917 D R2 L1
NOWAK Alfonic 1904-1965 D1 R4 L9
NOWAK Frances buried w/Szubarga no dates D R1 L1
NOWAK Frances w /John 1877-1950 D1 R2 L11
NOWAK Frank 1880-1959 C1 front L11
NOWAK Frank 1899-1966 D1 R4 L8
NOWAK John 1871-1927 D1 R2 L11
NOWAK Lillian w/ Mary 1896-1994 D1 R4 L10
NOWAK Mary / w Lillian 1909-1948 D1 R4 L10
NOWAK P.E.N.buried/Szubarga no dates D R1 L1
NOWAK P.K.N. buried w/ Szubarga 1886-1981 D R1 L1
NOWAK Stanislaus 1868-1938 B R2 L12
NOWAK W.R.N buried/Szubarga 1883-1970 D R1 L1
NOWICKI Emily E w/Frances L 1917-2005 C R12 L4
NOWICKI Frank Frances L 4-17-1911 / 6-27-1983 vet C R12 L4
O'BROCTA Stanley d.5-30-1957 D1 R25 L12
O'BROCTA Elaine R wife / James No Dates C1 front L37
O'BROCTA James 1933-1996 vet C1 front L37
O'BROCTA Rose w/ Stanley d.6-27-1977 D1 R25 L12
ODEBRALSKI Belle w/ Joseph 1889-1968 C R28 L2
ODEBRALSKI Father (footstone) no dates C R28 L2
ODEBRALSKI Joseph 1887-1960 C R28 L2
ODEBRALSKI Mother (footstone) no dates C R28 L2
OLOW Bronislaus 1882-1949 D1 R21 L7
OLOW Carolina w/ Bronislaus 1893-1953 D1 R21 L7
OLOW Frances w/ Zenon B 1921-1999 E1 R10 L1
OLOW Sally A 1946---- E1 R10 L1
OLOW Zenon B 12-12-1919 / 12-31-2007 vet E1 R10 L1
OPACIUCH Andrezej 1878-1937 E R2 L27
OPACIUCH Franciszka w/ Andrezej 1879-1943 E R2 L27
OPANICH Evelyn 1920-2009 A2 R1 L2
OSZUST Frank 1890-1964 D1 R18 L5
OSZUST Lottie E 1905-1979 C R35 L2
OSZUZT Karol (tall with statue) 1887-1928 C1 front L24
OTRZASEK Jadwiga Mother died 1925 E R6 L12
PABIAN Helen F w/ Walter J 1912-1978 C R33 L8
PABIAN Walter J 1910-1976 C R33 L8
PACHOL Adell w/ Stanley H 1925-1981 C R36 L2
PACHOL Stanley H 1918----- C R36 L2
PAKULSKA Zofia 1888-1940 D R5 L15
PAKULSKI Angeline 1908-1962 D R5 L17
PAKULSKI Anna F wife of Frank 1875-1951 D R5 L16
PAKULSKI Cecilia E 1900-1934 D R5 L14
PAKULSKI Frank J 1874-1955 D R5 L16
PAKULSKI Walter 1903-1931 D R5 L1
PALKA Jeanette w/Leonard F Sr 1917-1993 C R49 L4
PALKA Anna w/ Joseph 1864-1937 C R10 L4
PALKA Carl (Baby) d.1953 A1 R1 L6
PALKA Daniel 12-26-1919 / 7-22-2000 vet C R14 L1
PALKA Edmund 1913-1928 C R14 L3
PALKA Eleanore par: Frank b.1913 d.9-8-1921 E R2 L2
PALKA Joseph 1870-1943 C R10 L4
PALKA Joseph 1891-1978 C R14 L3
PALKA Katherine wife of Joseph 1893-1983 C R14 L3
PALKA Leonard F Jr w/Leonard Sr 1951-1995 C R49 L4
PALKA Leonard F Sr 9-21-1918 / 7-25-1983 vet C R49 L4
PALKA Stanley E 1925-1994 C R14 L2
PALKA Stephen F 12-25-1921 / 10-10-1944 vet D1 R23 L8
PALMATIER Stephanie Lynn d. 8-8-1988 A1 R3 L5
PALMER John F 1926-1997 D R9 L14
PALMER Leonore S -2nd w/ John F 1927- ---- D R9 L14
PALUCH Adam 1888-1964 D1 R19 L12
PALUCH Alice C 1927- ----- A2 R1 L1
PALUCH Anthony E 5-13-1919 / 6-14-1985 vet D1 R22 L14
PALUCH Anthony Sr 1885-1968 D1 R22 L15
PALUCH Dorothy F 1917-2007 D1 R22 L15
PALUCH Edward D 9-6-1924 / 10-22-1992 vet A2 R1 L1
PALUCH Edward D II (Our DAD) 1961-2008 A1 R4 L1
PALUCH FAMILY STONE-4 footstones D1 R22 L15
PALUCH Frances K 1892-1982 D1 R22 L15
PALUCH Frances M "Fran" w/Stanislaus d.Sept.18,1985 D1 R15 L1
PALUCH Frank J 1913-1950 D1 R22 L15
PALUCH Rozalia w/Adam 1894-1977 D1 R19 L12
PALUCH Stanislaus "Barney" d.Sept 4,1970 D1 R15 L1
PALUCK Joseph J 1921-1972 D1 R12 L4
PALUCK Rose M w/ Joseph J 1919----- D1 R12 L4
PANEK Catherine E 1945-1947 A1 R1 L4
PANEK Dorothy w/Francis 1915-1960 D1 R17 L2
PANEK Francis 1903-1975 D1 R17 L2
PANFIELD Harry J 1912-1987 C R49 L5
PANFIELD Helen w/Harry J 1916-1986 C R49 L5
PAPIERSKI Alexander no dates D R6 L7
PAPIERSKI Apolonia wife of Pawel 1853-1926 D R6 L3
PAPIERSKI Chester 1923-1924 D R10 L1
PAPIERSKI Edmund J 1903-1977 D R6 L6
PAPIERSKI Leonard no dates D R6 L2
PAPIERSKI Loretta 1920-1925 D R10 L3
PAPIERSKI Pawel 1847-1926 D R6 L3
PAPIERSKI Pelagia wife of Alexander no dates D R6 L7
PAPIERSKI Roman 1883-1950 D R6 L4
PARTYKA James A 6-21-28 /1944 B R1 L20
PARTYKA Mary M wife of Stanley S 1915-2001 B R1 L21
PARTYKA Michael Jr 1921-1937 B R2 L15
PARTYKA Stanley S 1912-1995 vet B R1 L21
PASIERB Adeline F 1926-1951 D1 R23 L1
PASIERB Edward S "Ed" 1922----- C R47 L3
PASIERB Elizabeth C "Betty" w/ Edward 1923-2006 C R47 L3
PASIERB Matthew 9-6-1923 / 8-31-2005 vet C R47 L2
PASIERB Vitginia w / Matthew 1926--- C R47 L2
PAULUS Unka ? HTRead 1906-1915 ? E R5 L31
PAVLOCK Nancy 1935-1939 D R6 L29
PAWELCZAK Catherine w/ Peter died 7-4-1976 C R18 L5
PAWELCZAK Peter 6-14-1893 / 3-10-1971 vet C R18 L5
PAWLOSKI Frank 1905-1946 D1 R24 L4
PAWLOSKI John 1885-1952 D1 R24 L4
PAWLOSKI Pauline 1884-1953 D1 R24 L4
PAWLOWSKI Alex w/Leo 1908-1973 D1 R17 L6
PAWLOWSKI Alice C wife of Aloysius 1922- no other date C1 front L28
PAWLOWSKI Aloysius 1916-1991 vet C1 front L28
PAWLOWSKI Joseph 1911-1993 vet D R5 L26
PAWLOWSKI Joseph 1879-1945 D R4 L24
PAWLOWSKI Josephine 1884-1953 D R4 L24
PAWLOWSKI Leo 1913-1962 D1 R17 L6
PAWLOWSKI Mary K wife of Joseph 1914-1997 D R5 L26
PESTA-MASLACH Aniela w/Thaddeus 1889-1960 E R1 L6
PESTA-MASLACH Antoni w/Thaddeus,Anie 1889-1933 E R1 L6
PESTA-MASLACH Thaddeus 1893-1972 E R1 L6
PIENTA Edward 11-3-1919 / 3-15-2009 vet C R25 L6
PIENTA Joseph 1896-1983 C R25 L5
PIENTA Nell w/ Joseph 1898-1977 C R25 L5
PIENTA Virginia w/ Edward 1922-2003 C R25 L6
PIESAK Agnes H w/Joseph T 1894-1953 D1 R13 L11
PIESAK Joseph T 1888-1968 D1 R13 L11
PIESZAK Anthony 1879-1950 D R1 L10
PIESZAK Conrad J 1915-1994 D R1 L9
PIESZAK Felix 1899-1926 D R1 L10
PIESZAK Florence w/ Harry 1921-1944 D1 R7 L16
PIESZAK Harry 1917-1976 D1 R7 L16
PIESZAK John 1849-1916 D R1 L10
PIESZAK Large stone w/ 4 foot stones D R1 L10
PIESZAK Leocadia G wife of Conrad 1910------- D R1 L9
PIESZAK Victoria 1890-1972 D R1 L10
PIETRKIEWICZ Anastazya w/ Josef J 1867-1932 C R31 L2
PIETRKIEWICZ Anthony S 12-29-1921 / 5-18-1953 vet C R31 L4
PIETRKIEWICZ John S Father 1893-1941 C R31 L3
PIETRKIEWICZ Josef J 1860-1937 C R31 L2
PIETRKIEWICZ Mary w / Stanley 1892-1972 D1 R7 L11
PIETRKIEWICZ Nellie Mother w/John S 1896-1992 C R31 L3
PIETRKIEWICZ Roman P 1-27-1925 / 8-19-1958 vet C R31 L5
PIETRKIEWICZ Stanley 1888-1947 D1 R7 L11
PIGLOWSKI Pelagia w/Kazmierz 1886-1973 D1 R20 L9
PIGLOWSKI Boleslaw 1908-1915 E R4 L13
PIGLOWSKI Bronislaus 1915-2009 D1 R20 L11
PIGLOWSKI Cecylia Par: Casimer 1909-1925 E R6 L13
PIGLOWSKI Jean w/ Bronislaus 1919-1981 D1 R20 L11
PIGLOWSKI Kazmierz 1880-1966 D1 R20 L9
PIGLOWSKI Rose wife of Vincent 1879-1964 D R2 L15
PIGLOWSKI Stanislaw -par:Casimer 1912-1916 E R5 L2
PIGLOWSKI Vincent 1876-1931 D R2 L15
PILARSKI Aniela w/Kazmierz 1884-1959 D1 R19 L1
PILARSKI Kazmierz 1887-1980 D1 R19 L1
PINKOWSKI Edna w/ Walter 1887-1967 C R28 L5
PINKOWSKI Jacob 1886-1965 C R28 L3
PINKOWSKI Josephine w/ Jacob 1893-1962 C R28 L3
PINKOWSKI Walter 1878-1976 C R28 L5
PINKOWSKI Walter FHM no dates E R2 L12
PIROWSKI Rose Marie w/John A 1944--- E1 R12 L2
PIROWSKI Bernice wife of William 1910-1997 D R10 L27
PIROWSKI Jan 1886-1942 D R10 L26
PIROWSKI John A 2-16-1940 / 12-28-2000 vet E1 R12 L2
PIROWSKI Juzefa w/Jan 1887-1992 D R10 L26
PIROWSKI William 1908-1962 D R10 L27
PISARSKI Frank (w / Karek) 1884-1966 D R1 L29
PISARSKI Leonardo-Matka ( w / Karek) 1893-1962 D R1 L29
PISKORSKI Agnes w/ Peter 1910-2006 D1 R12 L8
PISKORSKI Peter 1910-1960 D1 R12 L8
PITKIEWICZ Mary 1876-1942 B R3 L6
PIWOWARSKI Adele J w/ Joseph A 1920-1977 C R23 L4
PIWOWARSKI Joseph A 1919-1996 C R23 L4
PIWOWARSKI Joseph J 1942-- FR-MAS R3 L7
PIWOWARSKI Judith A 1944-- FR-MAS R3 L7
POCHYLSKI Catherine w /Martin 1863-1929 E R5 L21
POCHYLSKI Martin 1864-1921 E R5 L21
POKRZYWKA Hedwig-Mother no dates D1 R6 L12
POKRZYWKA Ignacy- Father no dates D1 R6 L12
POKRZYWKA Irene (pnuemonia) 1928-1929 D1 R5 L6
POKRZYWKA Joseph and Jennie no dates D1 R6 L12
POLASIK Aloysius "AL" 1920-20--- D1 R8 L10
POLASIK Lillian "Lodzia" 1922-20--- D1 R8 L10
POLOWY Daniel S 9-19-1920 / 3-29-2003 vet A2 R2 L2
POLOWY Dorothy 1922-1993 A2 R2 L2
POLOWY Raymond 8-27-1912 /10-13-1984 vet D1 R7 L10
POLOWY Sophie w/ Raymond 1912-1970 D1 R7 L10
PONKA Conrad 1913-1991 C R32 L1
PONKA Hedwig w/ Conrad 1921---- C R32 L1
POPEILARZ Leon par: Bartholomew 12-20-1918 / 1-21-1918 E R2 L7
POPIELARZ Anthony C 1952-- FR-MAS R2 L6
POPIELARZ Gloria E 1950-2004 FR-MAS R2 L6
POPIELARZ Mary wife of Michael 1880-1943 E R1 L9
POPIELARZ Michael 1872-1933 E R1 L9
POPIELARZ Stanislaus 1842-1924 E R6 L18
POPIELARZ-Big stone No names no dates C1 front L16
POPIELASZ Agnes w/John 1880/ 7-1968 D R6 L11
POPIELASZ Edward J 10-7-1917 / 5-25-1991 vet D R6 L10
POPIELASZ John 1877/12-1968 D R6 L11
POPIELASZ Katherine died 1944 D R6 L9
POPIELASZ Lottie died 1926 D R6 L9
POPIELASZ Martin died 1964 D R6 L9
POPIELASZ Thaddeus 1912-1931 D R6 L11
POPILARZ Chester F 1918-1966 C1 front L21
POPILARZ Irene D wife of Chester F 1919-1975 C1 front L21
POWESKI Benjamin-married 8-2-1947 8-16-1919 / 7-3-1993 vet-PH D R2 L28
POWESKI Harry S 10-26-1923 / 6-24-2005 vet E1 R10 L2
POWESKI Irene wife of Benjamin 8-23-1921/ 6-17-1985 D R2 L28
POWESKI Veronica "Ronnie" w/Harry S 1925-1999 E1 R10 L2
PRYGA Blanche w/ Frank & Josephine 1923-1993 C R45 L6
PRYGA Frank 9-17-1897/ 8-15-1979 vet C R45 L6
PRYGA Joseph 1899-1922 vet D R2 L7
PRYGA Josephine w/ Frank 1901-1973 C R45 L6
PRYGA Magdalena H wife of Tomasz 1866-1945 D R2 L8
PRYGA Tomasz 1856-1936 D R2 L8
PRYLL Albert 1867-1946 D R2 L6
PRYLL Josephine S 1917-1984 D1 R7 L1
PRYLL Josephine wife of Albert 1869-1952 D R2 L6
PRYLL Leo 1908-19--- C R41 L1
PRYLL Marta 1910-1962 D R2 L6
PRYLL Stephen 1899-1921 D R2 L6
PRYLL Stephen Frank died 12-8-1921 vet D R2 L5
PRYLL Victoria 1905-19--- C R41 L2
PRZESPOLEWSKI Alex T 2-7-1897 / 4-17-1918 vet D R1 L21
PRZESPOLEWSKI Andrew J 1903-1973 C 55 L3
PRZESPOLEWSKI Fabian 1-18-1893 / 6-6-1957 vet D R1 L24
PRZESPOLEWSKI Frances 12-2-1863 / 1-11-1950 D R1 L23
PRZESPOLEWSKI Frank 1-23-1889 / 12-4-1972 vet D R1 L25
PRZESPOLEWSKI Michael 9-3-1851/ 11-18-1933 D R1 L22
PRZESPOLEWSKI Sophie B 1906-1964 D R2 L22
PRZYBYCIEN Franciszek (footstone) 1871-1934 D1 R26 L8
PRZYBYCIEN Maria w/Franciszek (footstone) 1879-1960 D1 R26 L8
PRZYTULA Antoinette R w/Stephen J 1895-1973 D1 R10 L9
PRZYTULA John H 1966-1986 vet D1 R14 L4
PRZYTULA Stephen J 1884-1963 D1 R10 L9
PULASKI Helena wife of Vincent died 5-18-1952 C1 front L15
PULASKI Sophie no dates-footstone C1 front L15
PULASKI Vincent died 3-21-1941 C1 front L15
PUROL Antoni- Ojciec 1892-1969 D1 R22 L10
PUROL Barbara Lynn d.1957 A1 R1 L10
PUROL Cecylia- Matka 1898-1981 D1 R22 L10
PUROL Edward Andrew 10-14-1919 / 8-1-1948 vet D1 R22 L10
PUROL Edward- Syn 1919-1948 D1 R22 L10
PUROL Frances wife of John A 1887-1968 C1 front L25
PUROL John 1926-1981 C R21 L1
PUROL John A 7-12-1895 / 5-26-1955 vet C1 front L25
PUROL Walter FHM no dates E R2 L15
PURZYCKI Feliks 1876-1915 E R4 L14
PURZYCKI Matka Jozefa w/Felix 1884-1962 D R10 L9
PURZYCKI Syn Edward 1912-1938 D R10 L9
PURZYCKI Syn Franciszek 1909-1924 D R10 L9
QUIGLEY ??estine FHM b.8-1927 d.3-9-2001 E R2 L29
QUIGLEY Mary FHM par: James 1954-9-25-1954 E R2 L31
RACZEK Florence B 1910-1996 D R4 L30
RACZEK Joseph W 3-12-1895 / 1-2-1947 vet D R4 L30
RACZEK Marion- son of Joseph b.9-15-1935 D R5 L33
RACZKA Anna wife of Joseph 1865-1946 D R7 L5
RACZKA Jacob 7-7-1909 / 1-23-1968 vet D R7 L6
RACZKA Joseph 1855-1927 D R7 L5
RACZKA Sophie M wife of Jacob 1905-1995 D R7 L7
RAJSKI Felix 1900-1985 C 55 L4
RAJSKI Frank 1902-1982 C 55 L2
RAJSKI Helen 1897-1937 D R4 L29
RAJSKI John b.1886 d.1915 E R4 L15
RAJSKI Michael 1895-1957 D R4 L29
RAK Sophie w/Adam 1892-1961 D1 R19 L6
RAK Adam 1889-1959 D1 R19 L6
RAK Joseph J 1916-1989 C R41 L7
RATKIEWICZ Anastasia Duliba-h:John P 1904-1993 D R2 L17
RATKIEWICZ I Jan 1884-1939 D R3 L1
RATKIEWICZ John Peter -Father 1893-1951 vet D R2 L17
RATKIEWICZ Stanislaus 1883-1927 D R3 L1
RECEK Bernice 1910-1982 D1 R6 L2
RECEK Helen - daughter d.11-19-1984 D1 R24 L7
RECEK Josefa ( old cross) no dates D1 R24 L8
RECEK Josephine- Mother d.3-5-1963 D1 R24 L7
RECEK Josephine-daughter d.2-20-1924 D1 R24 L7
RECEK Lester J 1898-1970 C R15 L3
RECEK Louis 1908-1965 D1 R6 L1
RECEK Mary B w/ Lester J 1903-1956 C R15 L3
RECEK Michael- Father d.4-24-1941 D1 R24 L7
RECEKFAMILY -4 footstones D1 R24 L7
REUTHER Dorothy 3-15-1915 C R1 L6
REUTHER Thomas A 5-4-1941 vet C R1 L1
RICOTTA Joseph C 1934-- FR-MAS R1 L2
RICOTTA Lori A 1975-- BK-MAS R1 L7
RICOTTA Marilyn M 1942-- FR-MAS R1 L2
ROBINSON Eddie (Havers Serafin) 2-4-1970 / 5-7-1996 E1 R12 L3
ROBINSON Shirley J Serafin 1949-2003 E1 R12 L4
ROCHE Shirley PURZYCKI 1906-1979 D R6 L1
ROESLER Marian w/Stanley, Marie 1912-1974 D1 R10 L2
ROESLER Marie w/ Stanley,Marian 1934-2006 D1 R10 L2
ROESLER Stanley w/ Marie, Marian 1909-1982 D1 R10 L2
ROGALSKI Karol Mother 1879-1924 E R6 L24
ROMAN Anna W w/John d.6-4-1979 D1 R9 L6
ROMAN John d.10-30-1964 D1 R9 L6
ROMANIK Lucille M w/John C 1919-1999 E1 R9 L2
ROMANIK John C 10-13-1918 / 8-20-2006 vet E1 R9 L2
ROSENCRANTZ Anna E 1903-1993 D1 R4 L5
ROSINSKI Joseph 1888-1920 E R5 L18
RUSINOWSKA Carolina 1885-1961 D1 R17 L7
RUSINOWSKI Bronislaw 1907-1938 D R7 L12
RUSINOWSKI Karolina w/ Lawrence 1884-19-- D R7 L12
RUSINOWSKI Lawrence 1876-1950 D R7 L12
RUTECKI Eleanor w/ Steven 1924--- C R41 L5
RUTECKI Rose 1896-1962 D1 R18 L4
RUTECKI Steven 1926-1998 C R41 L5
RUTECKIE Stefana died 1926 vet E R6 L7
RUTKOWSKI Helen 1896-1965 D1 R23 L12
RUTKOWSKI Joseph son/Stan-Michalina 1893-1916 vet C R1 L4
RUTKOWSKI Joseph son/Stan-Michalina shot in army C R1 L5
RUTKOWSKI Large stone-3 footstones C R1 L4
RUTKOWSKI Mary 1873-1956 D1 R23 L14
RUTKOWSKI Michael 1891-1975 C R1 L2
RUTKOWSKI Michalina w of Stanislaw 1855-1944 C R1 L4
RUTKOWSKI Sophie M w/Thomas L 1902-1996 D1 R23 L11
RUTKOWSKI Stanislaw 1855-1927 C R1 L4
RUTKOWSKI Thomas 1855-1951 D1 R23 L14
RUTKOWSKI Thomas L 1899-1982 vet D1 R23 L11
RYBICKI Apolonia (KYC) 1898-1924 E R6 L22
RYBICKI Rozalia w/ Wladyslaw 1877-1959 D1 R24 L5
RYBICKI Wladyslaw 1866-1948 D1 R24 L5
RYBIJ Henry P 5-24-1921 / 3-4-1986 vet C R42 L5
RYBIJ Mary J w/ Henry P 1922-2007 C R42 L5
RYBY Ignatius b.1881 d.1-2-1944 D1 R8 L11
RYBY Mary b.1890 d.3-18-1944 D1 R8 L11
RYCZKO Frances M w/ Stanley E 1924-1997 D1 R8 L1
RYCZKO Stanley E 12-7-1920 / 2-5-1978 vet D1 R8 L1
RYCZKO URN no dates D1 R8 L1
RYKACZEWSKI Genevieve 1915-1990 A2 R1 L4
RYKACZEWSKI Leo B 1913-1994 A2 R1 L4
RYS Jane P wife of John J 1919-1989 C R12 L3
RYS John J 1914-2002 C R12 L3
RYS Ronald J 1948------- C R12 L3
RZESZOTARSKA Cecylia w/Jadwiga 1911-1928 C R38 L4
RZESZOTARSKA Jadwiga 1902-1933 C R38 L4
RZESZOTARSKI Maryanne w/ Zygmunt 1885-1957 C R38 L1
RZESZOTARSKI Zygmunt 1879-1955 C R38 L1
SADOWSKI Helen T w/ Stanley 1915-1991 C R37 L3
SADOWSKI Stanley 1906-1991 C R37 L3
SALMONOWICZ Jozefa w/Alfono (Alfons) 1882-1974 C R40 L1
SALMONOWICZ Alfono (Alfons) 1891-1933 C R40 L1
SAREK Frances A w/Rudolph S 1916-2004 D1 R17 L8
SAREK Helen w/ Louis 1912-2001 E1 R13 L1
SAREK Albert 1878-1964 D1 R19 L10
SAREK Aniela 1886-1957 D1 R22 L6
SAREK Louis 1913-2001 E1 R13 L1
SAREK Rudolph S 1911-1960 D1 R17 L8
SARZYNIAK Dorothy B w/ Stanley F 1924---- D1 R4 L7
SARZYNIAK Eleanor w/ Martin 1880-1942 D1 R3 L6
SARZYNIAK Martin 1877-1954 D1 R3 L6
SARZYNIAK Stanley F 1915-1983 D1 R4 L7
SATKIEWICZ Adam 1879-1937 C R39 L2
SATKIEWICZ Constance w/ Adam 1889-1930 C R39 L2
SATLAWA Antonina w/ Piotr 1887-1957 D1 R22 L3
SATLAWA Piotr 1880-1961 D1 R22 L3
SCHELLING Catherine W 1902-1981 C 52 L3
SCHILLER Agatha E w/ Albert H 1906-1982 C R35 L4
SCHILLER Albert H 1905-1986 C R35 L4
SCHILLING Leo 1895-1944 C 52 L1
SCHRANTZ Harold 1927-2003 vet C R13 L4
SCHRANTZ James N 1928-1983 D1 R10 L7
SCHRANTZ Jane K w/James N 1928--- D1 R10 L7
SCHRANTZ Patricia w/Harold 1935 ------- C R13 L4
SEK Agnes 1877-1946 LS-Cha
SEK Doris Elaine (not sure of surname) 1914-1970 LS-Cha
SEK John Susie Son 1905-1955 C R27 L1
SEK Katherine Mother 1864-1961 C R27 L1
SEK Pete died 1915 E R4 L17
SEK Phillip 1891-1960 LS-Cha
SEK Victoria F 1896-1953 LS-Cha
SELL Anna wife of Frank -Old cross HTRead died 6-2-1919 E R1 L20
SELL Frank-Old Cross HTRead died 4-5-1928 E R1 L20
SERAFIN Andrej 1889-1952 D R7 L19
SERAFIN Patricia Sue (daughter) d. 1973 A1 R3 L1
SERAFIN Zofia w/ Andrej 1894-1970 D R7 L19
SHAFFER Douglas D 1922-1988 C 59 L5
SHAFFER Florence R w/ Douglas D 1921---- C 59 L5
SHILLER Albert C 1935-2006 C R35 L5
SHILLER Carole M w/ Albert C 193- 20--- C R35 L5
SHUTSKI Phillip 1898-1956 D1 R21 L5
SHUTSKI Sophie w/ Phillip 1908---- D1 R21 L5
SIEMBIEDA Edward P 1913-1978 D1 R10 L11
SIEMBIEDA Helen C w/Edward P 1917-2005 D1 R10 L11
SIEMBIEDA Michael 1883-1972 C R10 L3
SIEMBIEDA Sophie 1892-1980 C R10 L3
SIKORA Anthony 1876-1933 D R2 L32
SIKORA Helen M w/John A 1910-2000 D1 R6 L5
SIKORA John A 1905-1980 D1 R6 L5
SIKORA Joseph S 3-19-1907 / 6-9-1979 vet D R2 L30
SIKORA Mary wife of Anthony 1886-1971 D R2 L32
SIKORA Stanley L 1908-1944 D R2 L31
SIKORA Walter 1912-1930 D R2 L33
SKROK John J (FHM) 1934-2005 C R37 L7
SKROK Michael G 7-8-1964 / 10-23-2005 C R38 L7
SKRZYPEK Alice 1901-1932 C1 front L30
SKUBIS Sandra M w/Edward 1942-1999 E R5 L34
SKUBIS Anastasia w/John 1895-1985 C R21 L2
SKUBIS Chester M 6-10-1926 / 12-29-1996 vet E1 R9 L4
SKUBIS Doris 1934-1959 C R21 L5
SKUBIS Dorothy G w/ Joseph J 1921-20-- C R22 L5
SKUBIS Edward 1932-2009 E R5 L34
SKUBIS John !889-1953 C R21 L2
SKUBIS Joseph J 5-10-1919 / 7-9-2006 vet C R22 L5
SKUBIS Larry 1950-1955 C R21 L4
SKUBIS Lillian M w/Chester M no dates E1 R9 L4
SKUBIS Stanley 12-9-1916 / 10-16-1996 vet C R21 L3
SKURZEWSKI Cass J 1934-1980 C R33 L5
SLAWINSKI Bernice 1907-1970 D R7 L23
SLOJKOWSKI John 1881-1961 D1 R19 L7
SLOJKOWSKI Jozefa Mother died 3-7-1922 E R5 L27
SLOMIANY Barbara Urbanik w/Stanley 1882-1976 D R10 L38
SLOMIANY Lucas b.1882 d.3-3-1924 E R6 L25
SLOMIANY Stanley J 5-4-1914 / 3-8-1972 vet D R10 L38
SLONINA Anna w/John 1897-1971 D1 R19 L4
SLONINA John 1892-1958 D1 R19 L4
SLOWICK Mary M 1876-1934 D R10 L22
SMAGACZ Casimer 1888 died 3-8-1937 D R10 L19
SMAGACZ Rose w/ Casimer 1888 died 9-25-1937 D R10 L19
SMAGACZ Susan w/ Walter 1934-2000 D R10 L18
SMAGACZ Walter 1926-1972 D R10 L18
Smith Bonnie C (Maternowski) W/ Timothy 3-20-1951 / 12-5-2007 vet E1 R11 L1
SMITH Mary Ann 1945-1982 C R24 L5
SMITH Nicole M -Daughter 1999-2004 C R24 L6
SMITH Timothy S 9-1-1949---- E1 R11 L1
SMOCZYNSKI Cecilia A w/ John S 1904-1942 D1 R26 L2
SMOCZYNSKI Helen S w/Vincent D 1925-------- C R11 L7
SMOCZYNSKI John S 1900-1959 vet D1 R26 L2
SMOCZYNSKI Judith Ann 1951-1974 C R11 L6
SMOCZYNSKI Vincent D 4-19-1921 / 9-17-1996 C R11 L7
SMYCZEK Peter F 1907-1945 B R3 L4
SMYCZEK Emily 1913-1951 B R4 L7
SMYCZEK John Frank Jr-son d.1-14-1963 D1 R25 L14
SMYCZEK Leo J d.1976 D1 R25 L13
SOBCZAK Apaulina wife of Stanley 1882-1963 B R1 L11
SOBCZAK Edward J 1894-1936 B R3 L14
SOBCZAK Frank J 1-7-1916/ 6-14-1981 vet C R17 L3
SOBCZAK John (old stone) 1870-1924 E R6 L26
SOBCZAK Marcianna- Mother 12-29-1877 / 9-16-1964 D1 R19 L3
SOBCZAK Marjorie w / Frank J 1921-2007 C R17 L3
SOBCZAK Ronald 1946-2009 BK-MAS R2 L6
SOBCZAK Stanley 1878-1950 B R1 L11
SOBIEZKI Konstantina ( age 30 ) died 8-13-1914 E R4 L18
SOBUS Jan 1913-1976 B R4 L1
SOMERFELDT Daniel S 1926------ C R7 L7
SOMERFELDT Lorraine wife of Daniel S 1929----- C R7 L7
SOSINSKI Mary 1905-1978 C R18 L2
SOSINSKI Raymond H 6-26-1929 / 3-1-1983 vet C R18 L7
SOSINSKI Stanley H 1926-1998 C R18 L4
SPEKCZYNSKI Anthony J 1912-1979 D R10 L21
SPEKCZYNSKI Anthony J Jr 3-31-1938 / 4-19-2003 vet D R10 L7
SPEKCZYNSKI Elizabeth C w/Anthony 1916-1995 D R10 L21
SPEKCZYNSKI Jozefa w/ Stanislaus 1875-1957 D R10 L20
SPEKCZYNSKI Stanislaus 1870-1954 D R10 L20
SPENCER Catherine G w/ Norman F 1935----- C R22 L6
SPENCER Norman F 10-23-1928 / 9-24-1986 vet C R22 L6
SPRAGUE Andrew F 10-17-1919 /10-16-1978 vet C 57 L4
SPRAGUE Irene D 1921-2000 C 57 L4
ST HEDWIGS Flagpole Huge Monument D1 R1 L2
STANDERA Rose w/Stanley 1881-1963 D R7 L22
STANDERA Stanley 1876-1965 D R7 L22
STASKO Jozef 1888-1958 C R33 L4
STEFFAN Jane A w/Edward E 1934---- D1 R16 L14
STEFFAN Allen R 1920-1980 D R3 L9
STEFFAN Edward E 9-30-1931 / 1-15-1987 vet D1 R16 L14
STEFFAN Ernest V 1913- ----- D R3 L9
STEFFAN Michael E 1958-2008 D1 R18 L15
STELMACH Shirley w/Theodore 1914-1990 C R37 L6
STELMACH Theodore 1909-2002 C R37 L6
STEMPIEN Anthony 1887-1945 D R2 L18
STEMPIEN Jerome 1925-1926 D R2 L19
STEMPIEN Joseph 1914-2000 C 59 L7
STEMPIEN Lou Ann w /Matthew 1955-1968 C R50 L1
STEMPIEN Mary wife of Anthony 1888-1978 D R2 L18
STEMPIEN Matthew 1920--- C R50 L1
STEMPIEN Susan w/ Virginia,Joseph 1956---- C 59 L7
STEMPIEN Virginia w/ Joseph 1917-1997 C 59 L7
STEMPKOWSKI Josephine w/ Walter 1892-1979 D R7 L26
STEMPKOWSKI Walter 1891-1965 D R7 L26
STROUT Victoria V 11-2-1913 / 3-15-1998 C R35 L6
STRUZYNSKI Florence w/Raymond 1909-1964 D1 R18 L6
STRUZYNSKI Raymond 1907-1960 D1 R18 L6
STRYCHALSKI Anna 1877-1959 C R29 L4
STRYCHALSKI Anthony S 1899-1982 D1 R16 L13
STRYCHALSKI John 1871-1947 C R29 L4
STRYCHALSKI Joseph S 1906-1990 C R45 L1
STRYCHALSKI Mary 1876-1960 D R9 L4
STRYCHALSKI Mary F w/Anthony S 1903-1957 D1 R16 L13
STRYCHALSKI Teodor 1869-1921 D R9 L1 & 3
STRYCHALSKI Wanda M w /Joseph S 1913-1982 C R45 L1
STUCZYNSKI Sophie 1911-1994 A2 R2 L3
STUCZYNSKI Walter 1909-1992 A2 R2 L3
STULAK Judith M 1938-1968 C R20 L3
STUPCY Frank 1882-1946 D1 R23 L9
STUPCY Michael 1-18-1912 / 12-14-1983 vet D1 R22 L1
STUPCY Peter F 5-1-1917 / 6-23-1991 C R39 L4
STUPCY Sophie w/Frank 1885-1975 D1 R23 L9
STUPEY Joseph 12-4-1909 / 1-20-2973 vet C R23 L2
STYBORSKI AND FAMILY (old stone) In Memory Of D R9 L15
STYBORSKI Genevieve C 1912-1982 C R44 L2
STYBORSKI Ignatius S 1920-1979 D R9 L15
STYBORSKI Jennifer J Daughter 1971-1987 D R9 L16
STYBORSKI Joseph B 1916-1992 D1 R3 L4
STYBORSKI Paul P 1904-1968 C R44 L1
SUBCZAK Clara par: John 1911-d.12-14-1913 E R4 L5
SUCHOWSKI Jan 1855-1937 D1 R26 L5
SUCHOWSKI Wiktorya w /Jan 1862-1934 D1 R26 L5
SULINSKI Hyacinth T 8-16-1895 / 12-16-1954 vet D R7 L23
SULINSKI John 1869-1953 D R7 L21
SULINSKI Margaret w/ John 1873-1959 D R7 L21
SUPKOSKI -2 footstones C1 front L43
SUPKOSKI -Arthur B 1894-1933 C1 front L43
SUPKOSKI -Louise F wife of Arthur B no dates C1 front L43
SUPKOSKI Mary 1869-1941 C1 front L44
SUSKA Rose w/ Walter J 1901-1981 vet C R23 L3
SUSKA Walter J 11-19-1893 / 8-21-1957 vet C R23 L3
SWIECA Mary w/Thomas 1911-1971 D1 R6 L7
SWIECA Thomas 1897-1965 D1 R6 L7
SWIECH ? Irene C footstone on Chester F 1918-2003 C R7 L6
SWIECH ? Martin footstone on Chester F 1866-1948 C R7 L6
SWIECH ? Nellie footstone on Chester F 1903-1940 C R7 L6
SWIECH Anastazy 1-23-1893 / 2-10-1974 vet D1 R10 L6
SWIECH Chester F 9-5-1916 / 6-30-1964 vet C R7 L6
SWIECH Elizbieta 1883-1930 E R6 L2
SWIECH Frank Sr 1886-1962 E R6 L1
SWIECH Rozalia w / Anastazy 1904-1997 D1 R10 L6
SWIECH Shirley J 1935-- FR-MAS R2 L5
SWIECH Walter A 1933-- FR-MAS R2 L5
SWIERK Bernice M w/ Edward J 1926-1987 C R20 L2
SWIERK Edward J 11-14-1917 / 1-21-1964 C R20 L2
SYSOL Roman 1917-1990 B R1 L19
SYSOL William M 1913-1942 D1 R26 L1
SZALKOWSKI Elizabeth M w/Stephen J 1905-1998 C 56 L2
SZALKOWSKI -large stone no names or dates vet flag D R1 L16
SZALKOWSKI Stephen J 1897-1991 C 56 L2
SZARY Balbina wife / Marcel 1860-1936 C1 front L18
SZARY Bronislaus 1904-1950 C1 front L23
SZARY Florence J w/ Milo 1913-1982 D1 R7 L3
SZARY Marcel 1852-1948 C1 front L18
SZARY Milo W 11-8-1907 / 3-6-1967 vet D1 R7 L3
SZCZEPANIAK Jakob 1878-1952 D R3 L10
SZCZEPANIAK Weronika 1885-1971 D R3 L10
SZCZERBACKI Helen w/Stephen no dates D1 R25 L11
SZCZERBACKI Stephen d.1973 D1 R25 L11
SZCZUBLEWSKI Casey H w /Walter S 1915-2002 D1 R6 L6
SZCZUBLEWSKI Walter S 1911-1977 D1 R6 L6
SZENCZYKOWSKI Large Stone no names no dates C R8 L5
SZOCKI Charles 1879-1929 E R1 L11
SZOCKI Josephine w/Charles 1868-1942 E R1 L11
SZOPINSKI Antonia w/ Wlasyslaw 1874-1950 D R10 L32
SZOPINSKI Daniel L 5-5-1925 / 11-4-1982 vet C R48 L3
SZOPINSKI Edwin S 1924-1973 vet D1 R8 L6
SZOPINSKI Florence w/ Sherry Russo no dates D1 R8 L7
SZOPINSKI Helen M w/Stanley A "Peanuts" 1904-2001 C R48 L2
SZOPINSKI Kathy w/ Sherry Russo no dates D1 R8 L7
SZOPINSKI Louise C w / Daniel L 1921---- C R48 L3
SZOPINSKI Sherry Russo 1958-1993 D1 R8 L7
SZOPINSKI Stanley A "Peanuts" 1901-1987 C R48 L2
SZOPINSKI William w/ Sherry Russo no dates D1 R8 L7
SZOPINSKI Wladyslaw 1873-1952 D R10 L32
SZRYWER Augusta 1871-1957 D R5 L2
SZRYWER John 1868-1939 D R5 L3
SZUBARGA Pelagia E (4 foot stones) 1879-1913 D R1 L1
SZUMIGALA Bernice S w/Stephen N 1914-1985 D1 R15 L10
SZUMIGALA Father Frank 1878-1963 D R10 L24
SZUMIGALA Kathleen d.Jan.1948 A1 R1 L1
SZUMIGALA Mother Mary w/ Frank 1882-1940 D R10 L24
SZUMIGALA Stephen N 9-2-1912 / 12-1-1992 vet D1 R15 L10
SZWEBJKA Chester Peter 1-4-1912 / 6-18-1986 vet C R27 L5
SZWEBJKA Ramona Elaine w/ Chester P 1925-2006 C R27 L5
SZYMCZAK Antonina wife of Wojciech 1860-1939 B R1 L16
SZYMCZAK Bronislaus 1899-1956 D R10 L29
SZYMCZAK Darlene J 1952-- FR-MAS R1 L6
SZYMCZAK Edmund 4-16-1925 / 6-11-1980 vet C R19 L7
SZYMCZAK Elizabeth w/ Edmund 1927-1988 C R19 L7
SZYMCZAK Gerald M 10-4-1954 / 7-31-1994 C R19 L6
SZYMCZAK Helen w/ Bronislaus 1905-1949 D R10 L29
SZYMCZAK Kenneth E 1950-- FR-MAS R1 L6
SZYMCZAK Leo 1927-1983 C R20 L6
SZYMCZAK Mary 1889-1970 D1 R23 L4
SZYMCZAK Walter A 1883-1951 D1 R23 L4
SZYMCZAK Wojciech 1855-1941 B R1 L16
SZYMKOWIAK Catherine 1879-1941 D R9 L20
SZYMKOWIAK Ignatius 1878-1962 D R9 L21
TABACZKA Celia H w/Daniel C 1915-1960 D1 R17 L1
TABACZKA Albert 1900-1973 D1 R19 L5
TABACZKA Amelia w/ Albert 1891-1959 D1 R19 L5
TABACZKA Daniel C 1910-1973 D1 R17 L1
TARNOWSKI S (Father of John Dach) 1876-1955 D R2 L4
TARNOWSKI Agnes wife of John 1893-1975 D R1 L14
TARNOWSKI Beulah E w / Edwin W 1921-1996 C R47 L5
TARNOWSKI Conrad 1918-1977 D R1 L15
TARNOWSKI Edwin W 1924---- C R47 L5
TARNOWSKI Jane Baby 1922-1924 D R1 L15
TARNOWSKI John 1889-1981 D R1 L14
TARNOWSKI Leon D 2-21-1928 / 10-5-1998 vet C R45 L7
TARNOWSKI Martha M w /Leon D 1925-2005 C R45 L7
TARNOWSKI Mary Ann w/ Raymond A 1938---- C R46 L1
TARNOWSKI Nicholas 1895-1917 D R1 L14
TARNOWSKI Raymond A 6-15-1930 / 12-29-2004 vet C R46 L1
THIES Albert "Birdy" 1935-2006 C R33 L6
THIES Mary R 1908-1994 C R33 L7
THIES Walter "Wally" 1935-- C R33 L6
TOBICZYK Helen w/ Michael 1911-1983 D1 R11 L5
TOBICZYK Joseph M 1942-- FR-MAS R1 L3
TOBICZYK Jozef 1882-1940 D R3 L3
TOBICZYK Julianna wife of Jozef 1878-1957 D R3 L3
TOBICZYK Mary A 1943-- FR-MAS R1 L3
TOBICZYK Michael 1911-1972 D1 R11 L5
TOFIL Anna w/ George 1914------- C R24 L3
TOFIL Anthony J b.1937 D1 R10 L5
TOFIL George 1917-1991 C R24 L3
TOFIL John S 1-15-1947 / 9-25-2003 vet E R5 L35
TOFIL Patricia D w/Anthony J, Timothy b.1938 D1 R10 L5
TOFIL Peter P 1914-1996 E1 R13 L2
TOFIL Timothy w/ Anthony J, Patricia 1960-1975 D1 R10 L5
TOFIL Wanda R w/ Peter P 1913-2004 E1 R13 L2
TOMAJCZYK Frank 1859-1918 D R2 L3
TOMAJCZYK Valentina wife of Frank 1867-1947 D R2 L3
TOMCZAK Edward 1919-1925 D R7 L4
TOMCZAK Praksedac (Praxy) Begier 1892-1967 D R7 L4
TOMCZAK Stanley 1886-1964 D1 R13 L7
TOMKIEWIEZ John F died Dec 16,1936 E R1 L25
TORSKI Florence Recek-daughter (see Recek) d.12-18-1949 D1 R24 L7
TORSKI John 1895-1959 D1 R18 L13
TRACZYK Jacob Kucharski 1877-1932 D R9 L8
TRACZYK Jan 1865-1931 D R1 L2
TRACZYK Mary w/ Walter 1883-1967 D R9 L8
TRACZYK Marya 1871-1948 D1 R25 L1
TRACZYK Walter 1884-1966 D R9 L8
TREZENSKI Belle Mother 1912-1972 D1 R15 L8
TRIBER Stella 1920-1999 B R2 L2
TRUDNOWSKI (front side-5 footstones) Family Stone D1 R13 L1
TRUDNOWSKI Antonina (Matka) 1861-1942 D R6 L19
TRUDNOWSKI Edward W 3-30-1918 / 2-27-1945 vet D1 R13 L3
TRUDNOWSKI Helen M d.1968 D1 R13 L2
TRUDNOWSKI John d.1951 D1 R13 L1
TRUDNOWSKI Joseph A d.1961 D1 R13 L2
TRUDNOWSKI Laura -Mom d.1976 D1 R13 L1
TRUDNOWSKI Louise no dates D1 R13 L1
TRUDNOWSKI Mary wife of Vincent 1901-1950 D R6 L20
TRUDNOWSKI Vincent 1893-1943 D R6 L20
TRUDNOWSKI William L 5-8-1926 / 11-11-2007 vet D1 R13 L1
TRUDNOWSKI William-Dad -2 footstones d.1987 D1 R13 L2
TRUDNOWSKI Wojciech (Ojciec) 1858-1952 D R6 L19
TUCZYNSKI Adelbert 1899-1939 C R8 L2
TUCZYNSKI Hattie w/ Adelbert 1904-1978 C R8 L2
TUSPOCZVW Walenty(surname?) Old Cross no dates E R5 L14
TWOREK Ashley 10-31-1983 C R36 L3
TWOREK George 1881-1961 D R5 L41
TWOREK John J 12-8-1915 / 1-5-1993 vet C R36 L3
TWOREK Martha w/ John J 1912-1981 C R36 L3
TWOREK Peter J 1905-1975 B R4 L2
TWOREK Viola wife of George 1883-1949 D R5 L41
TYLOCH Magdalene w/Stanley 1857-1936 E R2 L32
TYLOCH Michael 1901-1933 E R2 L36
TYLOCH Stanley 1857-1933 E R2 L32
TYSZKO Mary K wife/ Peter 1889-1967 D R10 L35
TYSZKO Peter A 1884-1951 D R10 L35
UNKNOWN Agnes HTRead Jan.1918-Sept 4,1918 E R5 L3
UNKNOWN Base only no dates C R43 L5
UNKNOWN Broken Cross-no writing E R1 L29
Unknown Empty Slab E R2 L23
UNKNOWN empty slab no dates or names E R5 L8
UNKNOWN Empty slab D1 R15 L2
UNKNOWN FH marker A1 R2 L7
UNKNOWN FH marker A1 R3 L6
UNKNOWN FHM no dates E R6 L33
UNKNOWN Large Urn no names or dates E R5 L11
UNKNOWN Old stone cross no dates or names E R5 L6
UNKNOWN Pauline or Caroline ?? E R5 L4
UNKNOWN small stone block HTRead E R5 L1
UNKNOWN Stone missing D1 R22 L11
UNKNOWN URN no dates or names E R4 L2
UNKNOWN URN no dates or names E R4 L3
UNKNOWN wooden cross no dates E R6 L32
UNKNOWN-Missing stone-Slab is here C R5 L7
UNKNOWN-Old Tall Monument HTRead no dates, names E R4 L19
URBANIK Adam died 11-18-1933 B R4 L15
URBANIK Anna 1886-1954 D R4 L26
URBANIK Anna (old white cross) 1898-1924 E R6 L23
URBANIK Edward J 1922-- E1 R8 L2
URBANIK Evelyn A w / Edward J 1921-1996 E1 R8 L2
URBANIK John 1883-1965 D R4 L26
URBANIK Paul F 1-25-1922 / 12-19-2008 vet D1 R12 L3
URBANIK Paul Gerard 3-3-1956 / 4-30-1973 D1 R12 L2
URBANIK Sophia 1923-20--- D1 R12 L3
USCIAK Jacob 1889-1953 D R5 L37
USCIAK Pauline 1892-1986 D R5 L37
USZACKI Alexander 1907-1974 D1 R10 L3
USZACKI Daniel 1872-1945 D R9 L25
USZACKI Helen w/Alexander 1913-1999 D1 R10 L3
USZACKI Josephine w/ Daniel 1883-1961 D R9 L25
WACLAWSKI Joseph 1881-1951 B R4 L5
WALAS Florence L 1909-1932 C1 front L53
WALAS Gertrude w of Henry 1921-20-- C1 front L52
WALAS Henry 1923-20-- C1 front L52
WALAS John 1886-1973 C1 front L53
WALAS Mary w/ John 1889-1953 C1 front L53
WALAWENDER Dorothy 1922-- BK-MAS R1 L1
WALAWENDER John 1881-1959 C1 front L10
WALAWENDER Stefania wife of John 1891-1976 C1 front L10
WALCZAK James A (our son) Aug.23,1946 A1 R1 L5
WALENTY 1888-1934 D R3 L1
WALERYA ZONA-buried w/Jan Dach 1886-1950 D R2 L4
WALKOWSKI Ignacy d.1-25-1968 D R6 L12
WALKOWSKI Nepomcena w/ Ignacy d.12-13-1935 D R6 L12
WALKOWSKI Walter 1900-1949 D1 R24 L3
WASELEWSKI Michael W 1892-1924 vet D R7 L3
WASIELEWSKI Anna w/ Michael no dates C R9 L1
WASIELEWSKI Anthony R 1901-1974 D R8 L1
WASIELEWSKI Michael no dates C R9 L1
WASZCZUK Veronica K 1907-1957 C R11 L2
WEAVER Robert R 1951-1986 C 59 L3
WESOLOWSKA Jozefa 1905-1924 C R6 L2
WESOLOWSKI Andrew 10-4-1889 / 7-4-1963 vet D R5 L9
WESOLOWSKI Antoni -Ojciec 1879-1921 D R1 L7
WESOLOWSKI Antonina -Zona 1852-1916 D R1 L6
WESOLOWSKI Fr 1848-1918 D R1 L6
WESOLOWSKI Francizek 1905-1928 C R40 L1
WESOLOWSKI Gertruda 1909-1928 C R40 L1
WESOLOWSKI Jacck (not mispelled) 1901-1928 C R40 L1
WESOLOWSKI Leonard -Syn 1907-1925 D R1 L8
WHITE Florence died 1978 D R4 L27
WHITE Paul blank D R4 L27
WHITE Richard died 1946 D R4 L27
WIELGASZ Helen w/ Bernice par:Vacil-rrX 1914-d.3-29-1933 E R2 L37
WIELGASZ Bronislawa (Bernice )(sisters)rrX 1916-d.3-29-1933 E R2 L37
WIELGASZ Michael S 7-11-1917 / 9-16-1986 vet C R50 L7
WILDER Marcella 1937-2001 D1 R12 L7
WILEMSKI Lillian PBenjamin A 1920-2006 D1 R20 L10
WILEMSKI Benjamin A 1-21-1916 / 2-3-2003 vet D1 R20 L10
WILEMSKI Bernice w/ John no dates C R22 L1
WILEMSKI Florence wife of Leonard no dates A2 R3 L2
WILEMSKI Frank A 3-10-1920 / 5-18-2000 vet A2 R3 L4
WILEMSKI Henry J 12-10-1922 / 11-19-1950 vet D1 R23 L6
WILEMSKI John no dates C R22 L1
WILEMSKI Leonard J died 1998 A2 R3 L2
WILEMSKI Marcel no dates D1 R23 L7
WILEMSKI Rose H d.May 15,1993 A2 R3 L4
WILEMSKI Sophie w/ Marcel no dates D1 R23 L7
WILKASZ Sophie R w/Stanley 1920-1990 D R10 L14
WILKASZ Stanley B 1912-1997 D R10 L14
WILSON Celia wife of Harry 1909-1995 D1 R26 L9
WILSON Harry 12-15-1898 / 3-5-1967 vet D1 R26 L9
WINCENCIAK Agnes w/ Matthew 1872-1942 C R6 L1
WINCENCIAK Anthony 1898-1972 D1 R7 L13
WINCENCIAK Anthony M Jr 10-4-1924 / 6-11-1944 vet D1 R7 L12
WINCENCIAK Antonia w/ Walenty 1856-1926 E R1 L13
WINCENCIAK Frank 1895-1923 vet C R6 L4
WINCENCIAK John J 1946-1975 D1 R7 L14
WINCENCIAK Joseph 1887-1975 D1 R3 L2
WINCENCIAK Jozef 1901-1917 C R6 L6
WINCENCIAK Mary w/ Anthony 1902-1984 D1 R7 L13
WINCENCIAK Mary w/ Joseph 1892-1943 D1 R3 L2
WINCENCIAK Matthew 1867-1962 C R6 L1
WINCENCIAK Praxy-wife of Anthony Zurawski 1897-1923 C R6 L3
WINCENCIAK Stefan 1903-1919 C R6 L5
WINCENCIAK Tab 1959-1994 D1 R7 L15
WINCENCIAK Walenty 1854-1929 E R1 L13
WINGERTSZAHN Jack H Jr 1936-1976 D1 R15 L3
WISNIESKI Felix 1884-1917 E R4 L10
WISNIEWSKI Anna 1846-1919 C R2 L1
WISNIEWSKI Bernard J w Marion 1909-1972 C R3 L3
WISNIEWSKI Edwin T 7-1-1925 / 12-27-1993 vet D1 R15 L4
WISNIEWSKI Florence B w/ Edwin T 1923-1976 D1 R15 L4
WISNIEWSKI Helen M 1911-2004 C R3 L3
WISNIEWSKI John M 1944-1997 E R5 L33
WISNIEWSKI- Large Stone-2 footstones C R3 L3
WISNIEWSKI Nancy E w/ John M 1945--- E R5 L33
WITKOWSKI Anastasia Czosnowski 1864-1938 A2 R1 L5
WITKOWSKI Casimer 1882-1926 D R10 L13
WITKOWSKI Frances w/Joseph 1911-1990 D1 R16 L3
WITKOWSKI Joseph 2-18-1910 / 2-12-1983 vet D1 R16 L3
WITKOWSKI Kazmiera 1888-1973 A2 R1 L5
WITKOWSKI Ronald J 1935-1958 D R10 L12
WITKOWSKI Stella Kubiak w/Casimer 1887-1944 D R10 L13
WITKOWSKI Wojciech 1883-1932 A2 R1 L5
WLODAREK Constantine 7-18-1906 / 8-4-1957 vet B R3 L1
WLODAREK Mary 1911-2002 B R3 L2
WOJCIECHOWSKI Joseph w / Stanley J 1912-1982 BK-Cha
WOJCIECHOWSKI Frances 1879-1974 E R1 L15
WOJCIECHOWSKI John w/ Stanley 1909-1933 E R1 L16
WOJCIECHOWSKI Mary w/ Stanley 1898-1924 E R1 L16
WOJCIECHOWSKI Stanley J 1923-1945 vet BK-Cha
WOJCIECHOWSKI Stanley w/ 3 footstones 1874-1923 E R1 L16
WOJCIECHOWSKI Virginia w/ Stanley 1917-1928 E R1 L16
WOJCINSKI Bernice P wife of Harry 1915-1969 D R2 L20
WOJCINSKI Harry R 1914-1973 D R2 L20
WOJCINSKI Robert 1941-1941 D R2 L20
WOJINSKI Esther M w /Arthur J 1926--- C R51 L6
WOJINSKI Arthur J 9-26-1923 / 10-15-1998 vet C R51 L6
WOJNAROWSKI Stanley 1886-1933 B R4 L15
WOLANIN Frank 7-22-1888 / 12-11-1981 vet C R51 L3
WOLANIN Leonarda w/ Frank 1900-1979 C R51 L3
WOLOSZYN Angeline w/ Peter 1894-1959 C R15 L2
WOLOSZYN Audrey J w/Edward R 1934-20-- C R30 L1
WOLOSZYN Beverly M 1936-- FR-MAS R2 L7
WOLOSZYN Chester B 1926----- C R29 L2
WOLOSZYN Daniel J 1935-- FR-MAS R3 L8
WOLOSZYN Delphine wife / Joseph J 1935- no other date C1 front L29
WOLOSZYN Dennis A w/Matthew J ,Nora 1949-1994 C R48 L5
WOLOSZYN Diane M 1962-- BK-MAS R2 L1
WOLOSZYN Edward R 1932-2009 C R30 L1
WOLOSZYN Eleanor A w/Matthew J 1927--- C R48 L5
WOLOSZYN George 1883-1961 C R29 L1
WOLOSZYN Joseph J 3-12-1930 / 7-20-1995 vet C1 front L29
WOLOSZYN Josephine R 1928-- FR-MAS R3 L8
WOLOSZYN Katherine w/ George 1891-1965 C R29 L1
WOLOSZYN Matthew J 9-11-1925 / 1-6-1993 vet C R48 L5
WOLOSZYN Michael 3-2-1917 / 1-26-1993 vet C R35 L1
WOLOSZYN Norman E 1937-- FR-MAS R2 L7
WOLOSZYN Peter 1889-1975 C R15 L2
WOLOSZYN Raymond E 10-30-1932 / 8-27-1988 C R15 L1
WOLOSZYN Sally w Michael 1920-1990 C R35 L1
WOLOSZYN Theresa w/Michael & Sally 1948--- C R35 L1
WOLTERS Peggy B w/George B d.11-27-1993 D1 R24 L6
WOLTERS George B d.5-6-1970 D1 R24 L6
WORCZ Katarzyna (surname ?) no dates E R6 L17
WORCZAK Jozef 1880-1938 D R7 L13
WORCZAK Marya w/ Jozef 1880-1943 D R7 L13
WORCZAK Victoria 1883-1975 D R7 L16
WOROSZ Apolonia w/ Rudolph 1886-1975 C1 front L49
WOROSZ Edward J 4-24-1926 / 9-20-1950 vet C R16 L3
WOROSZ Henry (par: Joseph) 1928-1936 C R16 L4
WOROSZ Joseph 1890-1975 C R16 L2
WOROSZ Joseph w/ Leo Michalak 1896-1936 D1 R26 L4
WOROSZ Louise 1912-1996 C1 front L51
WOROSZ Rudolph 1881-1955 C1 front L49
WOROSZ Victoria w/ Joseph 1897-1994 C R16 L2
WYGANT Charles K 1905-1980 C R13 L5
WYGANT Mary A w/Charles K 1911-1985 C R13 L5
WYSOCKI Andrew 1887-1918 E R4 L8
WYSOCKI Anna 1912-1983 D1 R8 L2
WYSOCKI Anthony J 1914-1981 D1 R8 L5
WYSOCKI Antonina w/ Jan (Family stone) 1879/1971 D1 R26 L9
WYSOCKI Catherine F 1890-1971 D1 R17 L5
WYSOCKI Frances 1890-1979 D R4 L28
WYSOCKI Jan w/wife Antonina 1877-1930 D1 R26 L9
WYSOCKI Julia W/ Leonard 1915-1965 C R44 L4
WYSOCKI Leonard 1914-1975 C R44 L4
WYSOCKI Louise H w/ Anthony J 1915-1975 D1 R8 L5
WYSOCKI Patsy 1938-1986 D1 R8 L2
WYSOCKI Peter 1882-1955 D R4 L28
WYSOCKI Peter Jr 1909-1977 D1 R8 L2
WYSTUP- LIS (back of Trudnowski stone) 5 footstones -see R13L1 D1 R14 L1
WYSTUP"-LIS Gerald V- footstone 4-26-1918 / 3-2-1990 vet D1 R14 L1
WYSTUP-"LIS" Carl M- footstone 11-2-1927 / 11-26-1991 vet D1 R14 L1
WYSTUP-"LIS" Frank- footstone d.1977 D1 R14 L1
WYSTUP-LIS Dorothy- footstone no dates D1 R14 L1
WYSTUP-LIS Virginia- footstone no dates D1 R14 L1
WYSZYNSKI Father Maciej 1870-1940 D R6 L15
WYSZYNSKI Frances w/ Louis A d.Jan.28,1997 D1 R13 L5
WYSZYNSKI Louis A d.Nov.3,1969 D1 R13 L5
WYSZYNSKI Mother Apolonm w/ Maciej 1868-1941 D R6 L15
WYSZYNSKI Wendy Lynn-Par:Louis A Jr 1969-1970 D1 R12 L6
YOCHYM Mary-Mother w/ son Anthony D1 R23 L10
YOCHYM Domagala son Anthony 1919-1946 D1 R23 L10
ZAWICKI Agnes F wife of Casimer 1911-19951 D R9 L35
ZAWICKI Casimer A 1908-1951 D R9 L35
ZAWICKI Martha 1-1-1919 / 9-13-2008 C R49 L3
ZAWICKI Mary E wife of William 1912-2000 D R9 L36
ZAWICKI Peter 1927-1978 C R49 L2
ZAWICKI Titus 1880-1957 D R10 L33
ZAWICKI Viola w/ Titus 1882-1950 D R10 L33
ZAWICKI William L 1911-1991 D R9 L36
ZBOCH Maz Ludwik 1886-1941 D R10 L25
ZBOCH Zona Zofia w/Ludwik 1886-1952 D R10 L25
ZDYOSKI Jan(John) par: John b.1916 d.6-5-1918 E R2 L11
ZEBRACKI Catherine w/ Michael 1886-1953 D1 R21 L9
ZEBRACKI Helen w/Stanley 1908-1985 D1 R11 L6
ZEBRACKI John S 12-23-1920 / 12-5-2000 vet C R19 L1
ZEBRACKI Michael 1869-1959 D1 R21 L9
ZEBRACKI Richard J 1954-1955 C R19 L1
ZEBRACKI Richard J- Our Son 1954-1955 C R19 L2
ZEBRACKI Stanley 1907-1972 D1 R11 L6
ZEBROCKI Joseph 1864-1955 E R2 L19
ZEBROCKI Magdalena w/Joseph 1866-1927 E R2 L19
ZEPP Andrew 1879-1970 D R10 L23
ZEPP Helen w/Andrew 1895-1974 D R10 L23
Ziegler Melissa A 1970-1987 C R47 L4
ZIELINSKA Irena F par: Makarz 6-20-1917 / 10-14-1929 E R2 L1
ZIELINSKI Hattie A w/Stanley A 1913-2004 D1 R13 L6
ZIELINSKI Bernice M 1918-2005 C R37 L2
ZIELINSKI Daniel F Son 1945-1950 C R37 L1
ZIELINSKI David R May 1905 C R37 L2
ZIELINSKI Frances M w/ John H 1898-1976 C R14 L4
ZIELINSKI Frank J 1911-1991 C R37 L2
ZIELINSKI Helen H wife of Vincent F 1893-1984 C R3 L2
ZIELINSKI Joan P died 1931 C R14 L5
ZIELINSKI John F infant par: Frank 1-11-1939 E R1 L34
ZIELINSKI John Father 1875-1930 D R5 L4
ZIELINSKI John H 1899-1985 C R14 L4
ZIELINSKI Pauline Mother 1883-19-- D R5 L4
ZIELINSKI Pauline -Mother 1883-1974 D R1 L32
ZIELINSKI Robert J died 1929 C R14 L5
ZIELINSKI Son Serafin 1909-1940 D R5 L4
ZIELINSKI Stanley A 1905-1964 D1 R13 L6
ZIELINSKI Vincent F 1889-1967 C R3 L2
ZIENTOWSKI Helen w/ Henry 1918-1985 C R37 L5
ZIENTOWSKI Henry J 2-4-1914 / 9-2-2003 vet C R37 L5
ZIENTOWSKI Mary died 1990 C R48 L6
ZIOLKOWSKI Joseph P 1901-1963 D1 R25 L10
ZIOLKOWSKI Victoria G w/Joseph P 1910-1946 D1 R25 L10
ZURAWSKI Andrea Lynn died 1971 C1 front L17
ZURAWSKI Anthony J 9-8-1897 / 2-26-1977 vet D1 R19 L13
ZURAWSKI Bernice 1906-1927 D1 R19 L13
ZURAWSKI Chester J 12-6-1908 / 7-14-1963 vet D1 R19 L13
ZURAWSKI FAMILY- 7 flat stones see seperate stones D1 R19 L13
ZURAWSKI Grandchildren Footstones 2 ganddaughters C1 front L17
ZURAWSKI Harriet R 1907-1956 D1 R19 L13
ZURAWSKI Herman J 2-16-1927 / 11-10-2005 vet D1 R19 L13
ZURAWSKI Janel Ann died 1967 C1 front L17
ZURAWSKI Jozef-Ojciec 1878-1961 D1 R19 L13
ZURAWSKI Maryanna- Matka 1878-1911 D1 R19 L13
ZYGAJ K. 1861-1935 B R4 L9

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