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St Hedwigs Cemetery

Dunkirk NY Chautauqua County

Ethnic - Polish; in 1916 noted as Polish Catholic Cemetery. First burial 1913.

The front side of this Masoleum is almost filled. There are 64 spaces for cremations, with 30 being used.The front side has couples where this back side has single names. Most are still alive, but have reserved these spaces with their names. (2009)


As you enter this cemetery from Rt. 60, you will see a sign to your right which reads Keep Right.

Section C1 has 54 lots. Section D1 has 27  rows.In Sect. D1, it appears to have a space down the middle to seperate the row. But I just went in a long continuous line.(Look from the flag monument to the chapel in above photo)

As shown in the above picture. There are green barrels placed along the side of the road, water is next to them.

Since there are no markers for sections or lot numbers, a simple map was created.

The map, sections and Lot numbers are not as given by the Parish. They were created by the person who recorded this cemetery, just so a grave could be located easier. Please refer to the simple map to locate your loved ones grave.

This road goes all the way to the back of the cemetery and continues on to the left side coming back.

The Chapel is located in the center and is surrounded by a circle road. There are 3 signs posted on the outer chapel wall on the right side. Shown in the next photos

There are also a few headstones on the left side of the chapel, and a few at the back of this chapel.

On the list they are as noted : Bk-cha and L-cha

Section B would be after this statue, to the left of this photo, by the garage. Section C would be to the right of this photo, between the roadway and the fence and bushes when the fence ends. When viewing the stones in Section C, you will be standing facing west. When viewing the stones in Section B you you be standing facing North.

There are spaces between the stones, that could of had markers at one time, but are now gone.

There are only 4 rows in Section B.

This is Section C along the right side of the road as you are heading towards the back, and just before the turn.

These stones are between the road and fence/bush line.In short rows. There were 60 rows here.

Section D is in the middle with long rows.

I recorded this section starting at the far north-east corner at the road way.(see map) going left to right, They were long rows. There were 10 rows here.

As you can see in the above photo, they are not all in a straight line. I started recording the names from left to right starting near the water/ trash barrel, Facing south. There are a lot of spaces in between the graves, where I would think most of the unknown burials are. The markers were so old they were removed as they deteriated.

There are only a few graves in this section. I started at the front, facing the back of the cemetery.What you see in this photo are the back of the stones.


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