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Honouring Those Who Fought For Our

An alphabetical listing of women and men who have served our Country.
Who are interred in St Hyacinth's Cemetery.
For further information on each see the different sections.

If your loved one died after the cemetery was compiled in September 2001, And wish to have their name included here please Email webmaster. Also if you wish to have a photo of them here, please send a photo to Webmaster.

Adomowicz Walter J Army WWII
Andrasik Joseph H Army WWII
Andrews John American Legion marker
Banach Clement S Army WWII
Banach Harry T Army Air Force WWII
Barlog William S Army WWII American Legion marker
Bartkowiak Charles E Army
Bartkowiak Raymond Us Navy WWII
Bekeleski Alton Us Coast Guard WWII
Belka Walter NY Corp Order Dept
Bera John S Navy WWII
Berek Robert Army WWII
Bernatowicz Benedict E Army WWII
Bialaszewski Andrew F Dk Vet marker
Bialaszewski Michael Pfc 110 Co Trans Corps WWI marker
Bialaszewski Peter P Army WWII
Bielawski Max Army
Bober Frank F Pvt 877 CML Co Air Opr WWII
Braciszewski Elaine F Am 2 Us Navy WWII
Braciszewski John Army
Brisky Alfred J Army Air Corps WWII Dk Vet marker
Brooks - Kane Stanley Cpl 527 MTR Trans Corps WWII
Brushaber Lester G Vet Foreign Wars marker
Bryant Allen C BM2 Us Navy WWII
Buckholtz John A Army WWI
Budniewski Harry N YN 3 US Navy
Budniewski Richard Ny Pfc Infantry
Butryn Adolph P Army WWII
Butryn Michael S Army
Chrabasz Anthony A Pvt 21 EngineerAVN BN WWII
Chrabasz Jacob J Army WWII
Chudzinski Edmund B Army WWII
Chudzinski Stanley J Base HQ ABSQ AAF WWII American Legion marker
Chudzinski Walter E Army
Ciepiela Joseph F Navy WWI
Cieslewicz Casmir Dk Vet WWII marker
Cieslewicz Thomas V AN US Navy Korea
Cybart Joseph B PFC 742 Bomb SQ AAF WWII
Cybart Richard J Navy WWII
Cybulski Edward S Army WWII Vet marker
Cyganowski Edmund J Army WWII Vet marker
Czarniak Stanley F Pvt Co L 345 Inf WWI
Czekanski Henry Navy War marker
Czekanski Robert J Navy WWII
Dach John C BMI US Navy WWII
Damon Frank US Vet marker
Daniels Albert J Army WWII
Deszcz John Tec4 1691 ORDSUFT Maint.Co WWII
Dobek John T Army WWII - Purple Heart
Dobrzynski Stanley R Cook Base Hospital
Dombrowski Matthew Army WWII American Legion marker
Domst Thomas Dk Vet marker
Dubnicki John C Jr Us Army Signal Corps WWII
Dudek Edmund R Marine Corps WWII
Dudek Fred S 1 US Navy WWII
Dudek Henry F Army WWII
Dudek John S Army WWII
Dull Edward J WWII marker
Dull Rudolph S Army WWII
Dworak Leonard Army WWII
Dybeck Harry S Ny Pvt MTraining Reg WWII
Dybeck John F Army WWII
Dybeck Walter J Sr Army WWII American Legion marker
Dykas Frank V Army WWII Vet marker
Dykas Michael D S Sgt ATCO 186 Inf WWII BSM
Dziedzic Edward A Army WWII
Dziedzic Stanislaw Foreign Wars vet marker
Fafinski Matthew I US Army Korea
Fedyszyn Anthony S BMI US Navy WWII
Fedyszyn John B Navy WWII Korea
Floramo Salvatore P Army WWII
Frankowski Anthony J Pvt 1580 Ser unit WWII war marker
Frankowski Michael Army War marker
Fredlund Kenneth L Army Air Corps WWII
Gaken Ignatius P Army Air Force WWII
Gaken Stephen John Pvt Co F 143 Infantry WWII vet marker
Gaura Thaddeus J S1 US Navy WWII
Gawronski Edward J Army Air Corps WWII
Gestwicki Gerald V Army WWII
Gestwicki Thomas J BTRYE 106 Field Arty WWI marker
Gestwicki Valentine J Army Vet marker
Gilbert Joseph S US Navy WWII
Glowski Edward V Army WWII
Glowski Frank S WWII Dk Vet marker
Gould John D Pfc Co 163 Infantry WWII BSM Purple Heart
Gould Raymond WWII marker
Gozdiewski Stanley E PvtCoD 153 Depot Brigade WWI Vet marker
Graminski Andrew L Army WWII
Gregoreski Edwin L CSP US Navy WWII
Gregorzewski Ernest X Army WWII
Greskoviak Paul P Ny Pvt Infantry WWI American Legion marker
Grupa Joseph F Ny Pvt 47 Infantry WWII Dk Vet marker
Gula William F Army WWII
Guziec Michael J NY F3 US Navy WWI
Halas Edward J F1 US Navy WWII
Hoffman Felix R Ny Pvt 19 Co 157 DepotBrig WWI
Hoffman Louis A Ny Tech 5 HQCo8Port of EMB WWII
Huels Edward W Army WWI
Jablonski Harry V Army WWII
Jagoda Stanley E WWII Dk Vet marker
Jakubiec Herman A Army WWII - Purple Heart
Jakubowski Carl Lost At Sea WWII
Jakubowski Thaddeus J Navy WWII
Jankowski Nicholas J Army WWII
Jankowski Otto Army WWII
Janosinski Michael Ny Pvt 65 Arty CAC WWI American Legion marker
Jochym Sylvester Air Force
Johnson Lillian B Navy
Jopek Donald N Pfc 1 RADBCST & LEAFLET BN Spanish-American war
Jusko Chester L W12 US Navy WWII
Kaczor Louis Army Air Corps WWII
Kaleta Henry P Army WWII Dk Vet marker
Kaminski Frank X 13th Reg Sp-Am War Vet marker
Kane Eugene C Army WWII
Kangigowski Edward BATTD 106 Field Arty Army WWI
Karalus John Navy WWI Vet marker
Karalus Joseph 115 Trans Corps WWI VFW marker
Kasprzak Walter J Pfc Co D4 Medical BN WWII
Katta August J Army
Katulski Frank A Army WWII
Katulski Simon Vet marker
Kaufman Donald A ABM (CP) 2 US Navy WWII
Kaus Bronislaus RM3 US Navy WWII
Kaus Casmir J Army WWII
Kaus Louis S Army WWII - Purple Heart
Klimaszewski Anthony F PFC Btry C 118 AAA BN CAC WWII
Klimek Michael NY Pvt 21 Ordinance Guard Co WWII
Knapik Robert J Army Korea
Kokocinski Richard J AIC US AIR Force Korea
Kokocinski Stanley Army
Kolassa James K US Air Force
Kolassa John Frank Pfc 876 ABN Engin BN WWII
Komrek Richard Army Korea
Konko Chester Army
Konwinski Richard 517 Armored FABN Dk Vet marker
Koper John Pfc CO A 18 Infantry WWI
Koprowski Leo T Army WWII
Koprowski Peter S Army WWII
Korbar Tony Army WWII
Korbas Joseph J CMM US Navy WWII
Kordon Anthony J Army WWII
Korzenieswski Stanley F Veteran Foreign War
Kosciuszko Thaddeus Jr Ny at 7 US Navy WWII Korea AM
Kozlowski Bernard F Army Air Corps WWII
Kozlowski Edmund I Army
Kozlowski Frank F Army WWII
Kozlowski Peter P Vet Foreign war marker
Kozlowski Stephen 11 S Co Trans Corps WWII
Kricheldorf Glenn F Navy
Kroll Lucas J Dk Vets marker
Kroll Stephen Army WWII
Krystofiak Bernard S Marine Corps WWII
Krystofiak Fred J Army WWII
Krzakala Edward Navy WWII
Krzyanowicz Richard Army WWII
Krzyanowski Leo A Army WWI
Kucmierz Eugene C US Marine Corps Vietnam
Kuczmierz Casmir S Army WWII
Kuczynski Frank W NY WAGR Btry D 11 Field Arty WWII FW
Kuczynski Stanley K Vet marker
Kujawa Frank J NY Cpl CoC312 Infantry WWI- Foreign war Vet marker
Kujawa Ignacy J Pvt American Legion marker
Kupiec Frank A Army Air Corps WWII
Kuras Walter Army WWII
Kurgan Thomas US Marine Corps WWII
Kuwik Harry M Army WWII
Kuzdale Daniel E NY SIUS Navy WWII - 1 AF member
Kuzdale John T NY F2 USNRF WWI
Kuzdzal Anthony P Army WWII
Kuzdzal Edward S American Legion marker
Kuzdzal Floyd H Army WWII
Kuzma John Army WWII
Kuznicki Henry F NY CPL Quartermaster Corps Korea
Kuznicki Joseph J NY MM3 US Coast Guard WWII
Kuznicki Stanley F Army
Kuznicki Thaddeus T Army WWII
Kuznicki Thomas Navy Dk Vet marker
Kwiej Albin WWII Army Veteran
Lack Edmund M Army WWII
Lajewski Chester F Army WWII
Lajewski Henry V NY Cpl 21 Regt USMC 3 Div WWII
Lanski Casmir F Army WWII
Lazarczyk Walter G GMI US Navy WWII
Lentz Leonard C Army Air Force WWII
Leo Tofil Army WWII
Letersky Herman P Army WWII
Letersky Norman R Pfc HQ Co CCB AD WWII
Levandoski Chester B Army WWII
Lewinski Zigmund J Army WWII
Lipka Edwin J Army WWII
Lucas John Cpl 955 Air EngrsqAAF WWII
Luczkowiak James J Army WWII marker
Luczkowiak Jerome WWI
Luczkowiak Stanley C Army WWII Dk Vet marker
Mackowiak Arthur A S Sgt SvcCo 423 Infantry WWII marker
Mackowiak Leonard F Army WWII
Mackowiak Paul Pfc 307 Field Arty 78 WWI
Madurski Frank B Army WWII
Majka Harry J Army WWII
Majka Walter J Army WWII
Marion Frank Sgt Quartermaster Corps WWI
Marut Joseph S Marine Corps WWII
Marut Stanley j Pfc 552 Ordinance Co WWII
Maslach Ralph E GM3 US Navy WWII
Matyjakowski Henry NY Tec 5 1207 Serv Unit WWII
Matyjakowski Jerome Army WWII
Matyjakowski Kazmierz "Casper" Flag with WW Vet marker
Mekus Andrew H Pvt 1 Cl 347 Inf 87 Div WW marker
Mekus Eugene C Army WWII Korea
Mekus Felix F Cpl Co F 59 Pioneer Infantry WWI marker
Mekus Frank Cpl 4 Repair Sq AAF WWII
Mekus Ignatius S Army WWII marker
Michalak Phillip Felix NY Oiler US Navy WWI
Michalak Raymond Pfc 26 Inf Div WWII Vet marker
Michalek Paul Gerald PVC Oc2 Armdtng Regt Vet marker
Miehl John F Army WWII
Mleczko Arthur F Army WWII
Mleczko Frank M Army WWII
Mleczko Harry F Sgt 460 AAA AWBN CPC WWII Dk Vet marker
Mleczko Leo J Army
Moch Stanley F PFC Evacuation Hosp 19 WWI
Mroczka Alfred SF 3 US Navy
Mucha John J NY Sgt 109 Infantry WWII
Mucha Joseph J Army WWII Purple Heart
Mucha Joseph M Army WWII
Mucha Theodore G BKRIUS Navy WWII
Napierala Joseph WWI marker
Nowicki Chester P Pfc 1881 Service Unit WWII
Odebralski Arthur Army
Olewski Ignatius J Ny Cpl 115 Inf 29 WWII
Olszewski Bronislaus Army WWII
Orcutt George H Army Air Corps WWII
Pakulski Felix R SEA2 US Navy WWI
Papierski John James Picture on stone wearing uniform
Parker Raymond A NY RM3 USNR WWII
Pauszek Stanley J Army WWII
Pavlak John J Pvt BATD 310 Field Arty Vet marker
Pawlak John J Cpl 269 PW Escort Coasc WWI
Pawlak Richard F US Air Force Korea
Pawlak Steve J F1 US Navy
Pazderski Edmund CM 2 US Navy WWII
Pchelka Harry E F1 US Navy WWII
Pencek Peter A Army WWII
Penkaty Jerome W Navy WWII Korea Dk Vet marker
Petras John J Jr SP 3 US Army Korea
Phillip E Army Air Force American Legion marker
Pilarski Joseph R Pvt 5 Co 152 Depot Brigade WWI marker
Pilarski Martin American Legion marker
Pleszewski Nicholas J Y2 US Navy WWII
Pleva Edwin P Army WWII
Plewa Thomas Pvt 314 Inf 79 Div
Plombon Barney F Pvt 9 Reg Fare Pl Draft WWI
Pochylski Peter Army Air Corps WWII
Pokoj Henry Army WWII marker Dk Vet marker
Polasik Stanley J Pfc 54 Armd Inf BN 10 ArmdDiv WWI
Polowy Jerome E " Cleo" Marine Corps WWII
Polowy John J GM3 US Coast Guard WWII
Poznanczyk Leo E Army WWII
Pryga Raymond F Army Air Corps WWII
Przybycien Michael Disabled Vet marker- Foreign wars
Przybyla Alfred Army WWII Vet marker
Przybyla Alvin F Army WWII
Rajski Andrew Pvt 312 Inf 78 Div
Rajski Franksi ? PFC Ordnance Dept WWI
Rajski Martin P Pvt 153 Depot Brigade WWI
Randall Harry K WWII
Ranus Leo F WW marker
Ranus Leonard L Marine Corps WWII
Ranus Stephen Pvt Co C 15 MachGunBN WWI Purple Heart
Renwick Frances A ACM Us Navy WWII
Romanik Walter F Army WWII - Purple Heart
Root Ralph J Army WWII
Rozumalski Donald Army WWII
Rozumalski Peter P NY Mech Infantry WWI
Rushboldt Felix F Army WWI American Legion marker
Rutkowski Frederick Army WWII
Rykaczewski Joseph Pvt 19 C0 157 DepotBrig WWI
Rzesiewicz Renwick Edward Disabled Am.Vet marker
Sadowski Herman Army WWII
Sanecki Joseph F Army WWII
Schultz Edward S Pvt Co H6 Regt Ohio Infantry Spanish Am War
Schultz Edward J Army WWII
Schultz Ernest Joseph NY S2 USNR WWII
Schultz William Aircraft AcceptPark2 Vet marker
Shain Jackson R NY ICL Pvt1 BN Engineers Vet marker
Sikora Anthony J Army WWII
Sikora Michael P Army WWII - Purple Heart
Sikorski Frank Army WWI American Legion marker
Sikorski Walter P Army WWI American Legion marker
Sipiorski Anthony E American Legion marker
Skrypek Arthur Army WWII
Skrzypek Adam S Air Force WWII Dk Vet marker
Skrzypek Edward P AM 3 US Navy WWII
Skrzypek Edward S ? American Flag imprinted on stone
Skrzypek Marion T S Sgt HQ Co 355 INF WWII BSM
Skrzypek Richard Army Air Corps WWII
Skrzypek Richard A AIC US Air Force
Slonia Matthew John NYCplCoA 832 EngrAVN BN WWII Dk Vet marker
Smith Carl R Army WWII
Smith Peter J SKG3 US Navy WWII Korea-Disabled Vet marker
Smoczynski Daniel M Army Air Corps WWII
Sobczak Walter E Army WWII
Sobkowski Aloysius Cpl 497 BHQ + ABSQ AAF
Sobkowski Nicholas Pvt Medical Dept WWI
Somerfeldt Andrew B NY Cook 2Co Trans Corps WWI Vet marker
Somerfeldt Frank Pvt 61 Infantry 5 Div WWI Purple Heart
Somerfeldt Jerome J US Army WWII Purple Heart
Somerfeldt Walter E Pvt 362 Inf 91 Inf Div WWII Vet marker
Sosinski Anthony L PvtCoM 346 Infantry WWI
Sosinski Richard M Army Korea
Sosinski Stanley E Cpl COE 348 Infantry WWI American Legion marker
Sprague Milton E Army
Staskiewicz Joseph J Army WWI
Staskiewicz Stephen S Pvt 348 Inf 87 Div Vet marker
Stolinski Aloysius H Army WWII
Strychalski Vincent C Sr W12 US Navy WWII Vet Foreign Wars marker
Stryczek Henry J PFC 172 Inf 43 Inf Div WWII
Supkoski Chester J Army
Suski Stanley WWII American Legion marker
Swierk Joseph S Army WWII
Sysol Chester L Army WWII
Szalkowski Roger S Army WWII - Purple Heart
Szlachta Martin P 1st Sgt 5 Inf 71 Inf Div WWII marker
Szocki Daniel Dk Vet marker
Szocki Edmund Pvt Co A 390 Inf WWII Vet marker
Szocki Eugene G SC 3 US Coast Guard WWII
Szocki Frank Army American Legion marker
Szocki Ignatius Pvt Co E 348 Inf WWII
Szocki Joseph M Army WWI
Szocki Reginald F S1 US Navy WWII
Szopinski Theodore N Army WWII
Szukala John S Pvt Air Serv WWI Vet marker
Szukala Joseph S 9 S depot SV CCO A8 WWI marker
Szwejbka Andrew W Army WWII
Szwejbka Edmund J RM 3 US Navy WWII
Szydlo Rafael Army WWII
Szymanski William F American Legion marker
Szynski Peter Paul Ny S2 USNRF WWI marker
Teclaw Frank Pvt Co B 319 MachGun BN WWI
Terese Anthony P Army WWII - Purple Heart
Thomas Stephen Navy WWI
Wachowiak Albert Pvt COM 31 Infantry WWI marker
Wachowiak W ??anirank Old Vet marker unreadable
Waclawski carl S Army WWII
Walczak Julian S Army WWII
Wallace Frank S Army Air Force WWII
Wasag Jerome P A3C Us Air Force
Welka Francis J Army Korea
Welka John A Pennsylvania M3 USNR WWII
Wenski Frank R NY F1 USNFR WWl
Wenski John Felix Pennsy PFC 6 MBBNUSMC2Div WWI
White Andrew John NY CGM US Navy WWII marker
Widlowski Joseph J Montana Pvt CoG 306 Infantry WWl
Wilemski Thaddeus Army WWII
Williams Charles E Jr Army WWI
Wisniewski Clement Dk Vet marker
Wisniewski John Pvt 99 Co Trans Corps WW marker
Wisniewski Leo L Army
Wlodarek Michael J Army WWII
Wojcinski Edmund J Army WWII
Wojcinski Henry P Army WWII
Wolak John American Legion marker
Wolak Peter Pvt Co 62nd BATT 153 DB WW Vet marker
Wolfe Robert F PFC BTRY C 72 AAA BN WWII
Wozniak Adam L NY BKRI US Navy Dk Vet marker
Wozniak Chester Army WWII
Wozniak Joseph Jr Army
Wyszynski Erwin E Army Air Corps WWII
Zacharzewski Aloysius A Army Air Corps WWII
Zacharzewski Mary Navy
Zaedow John G Army WWII
Zagorski Adalbert W US Navy
Zagorski Anthony C (1917-1968) Disabled Vet-North Africa
Zagorski John G Disabled Vet marker
Zagorski Michael American legion marker
Zbieraski Anthony WWI Vet marker
Ziemba Edward J Army Air Force WWII

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