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St Hyacinth's Cemetery

Section Five In Alphabetical Order
Code : Name - Section - Row - Dates -Inscriptions

Barnes John E Five Fourth 1908-1982
Bartkowiak Helen A Five One 1910-
Bartkowiak Raymond Five One 7/3/1910-1/9/1983 Lt US Navy WWII
Bialaszewski Edmund F Five Third 1914-1980
Buckholtz John A Five Two 11/23/1897-10/18/1979 US Army WWI
Chudzinski Edmund B Five Fourth 2/1/1917-8/30/1987 Cpl US Army WWII
Comello Lynn Jesse Five Two 1961-1988
Dobek Albert J Five Third 1878-1975 Rest In Peace
Dolka Edward S Five Third 1935-1976 You Are Loved
Dombrowski Elizabeth P Five Third 7/4/1906-12/10/1989
Drag Sophie Five Fourth 1912-1999
Dralle Charles T Five One 1913-1969 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Dralle Margaret E Five Fourth 1924-1986 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Dudek Fred Five Fourth 2/8/1912-11/7/1991 S I US Navy WWII
Dudek Helen C Five Fourth 1919-2000
Dudek Henry F Five One 4/23/1923-5/9/1980 Tech 5 US Army WWII
Dudek John S Five One 11/5/1915-3/3/1980 Tech 5 US Army WWII
Dudek Viola A Five One 1889-1988 Hail Mary Full Of Grace
Dull Wanda C Five Fourth 1924-?
Dykas Frank V Five Two 1912-1991 S Sgt US Army WWII-vet marker
Gould Jennie Five Fourth 1924-1999 Our Beloved Mother
Jagoda Frances Five Fourth 1902-1994
Jesse Marcia A Five Two 1938-1986
Jesse Roy J Five Two 1936-
Kapuscinski Victoria Huber Five One 1913-1977
Karin Martha C Five Fourth 1906-2000
Kenney Dolores C Five Two 1926-1973 Mother
Klimek Michael Five One 9/1/1893-3/6/1969 NY Pvt 21OrdinanceGuardCoWWII
Kolasa James K Five One 7/7/1944-9/26/1977 US Air Force
Kowalski Joseph A Five Two 1906-1970
Kozlowski Bernard F "Barney" Five Fourth 8/27/1913-8/25/1996 Sgt Us Army Air Corps WWII
Krawczyk Angeline Five Third 1900-1976
Kurgan Kenneth C Five Fourth 1937-1993 Husband of Anne M
Kurgan Thomas Five One 2/14/1912-12/17/1969 NY PfcUS MarineCorpsWWII
Kuznicki Henry F Five One 5/26/1928-11/9/1970 NY CPL Quartermaster CorpsKorea
Kuznicki Herman A Five Third 1932-1989 MakeMe An InstrumentOf Thy Peace
Lack Esther V Five Third 1926-1981 "Babe"
Layman Hattie A Five Two 1894-1973
Lewandowski Gloria Five Fifth 1953-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Maternowski Josephine Five One 12/4/1913-11/7/1969
Meyer Donna J Five Third no dates In Memory You Are Ever Near
Meyer Lt. David C. Five Third 11/26/1942-10/26/1988 SgtUSArmy+DkPoliceLT 1971-1988
Mleczko Leo J Five One 9/17/1917-4/15/1978 S Sgt US Army
Nawrocki Frank Five One 1885-1969
Ozga Stanley F Five Two 1904-1982
Petras John J Jr Five Two 1/4/1932-7/11/1988 SP 3 US Army Korea
Piekart John Five Third 1895-1980
Piekart Veronica Five Third 1912-2000
Poniatowski Celia Five Two 1889-1979 Mother
Poznanczyk Casmir Five One 1874-1969
Raczka Peter G Five Two 1906-1971
Romance Mike Five Two 1896-1974
Rutkowski Josephine A Dziduch Five Two 1884-1975
Sadowski Herman Five Third 8/8/1906-4/29/1976 US Army WWII
Sanecki Joseph F Five Two 3/12/1910-2/11/1982 S Sgt US Army WWII
Schultz Richard R Five Third 1941-1990 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Skrzypek Edward P Five Third 4/21/1919-1/17/1997 AM 3 US Navy WWII
Sloma Rick D Five Two 1954-1975 verse and picture on stone
Smith Josephine V Five One 1905-1988
Smith Paul L Five One 1906-1971
Stevens Virginia S Five Third 1927-1984 Mother
Swierk Joseph S Five Two 7/23/1912-9/23/1970 NY Pvt US Army WWII
Szymanski Dorothy Five Fourth 1/8/1912-5/14/1987
Szymanski William F Five Fourth 2/10/1919-7/2/1996 American Legion marker
Szynski Anna Five Third 1894-1990
Voss Helen Five Two 1906-1973
Wawro Dolores Rose "Bragg" Five Fourth 6/22/1947-1/24/1990 Beloved Mother and Sister
Witkowski Stephen A Five Third 1912-1979
Section Five ~ As They Are Interred In Rows

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