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St Hyacinth's Cemetery

Code : Name - Section - Row - Dates - Inscriptions

Adamczak Douglas E Four Tenth 1958-
Adamczak Edward A Four Tenth 1919-1996
Adamczak Janet E Four Tenth 1931-
Adomowicz Joan H Four Tenth 1927-
Adomowicz Walter J Four Tenth 8/29/1915-10/1/1988 Pfc US Army WWII
Andrasik Genevieve Four Eighth 1919-2000
Andrasik Joseph H Four Eighth 1/30/1917-9/21/1984 Cpl US Army WWII
Bailen Rita Ann Four First 1921-
Bailen Walter F Four First 1917-1983
Bak Elenor T Four Fifth 1925-1986
Bak Stanley P Four Fifth 1920-1984
Banach Alvie W Four Seventh 1925- Wedding picture on stone
Banach Clement S Four Seventh 11/8/1918-10/3/1996 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Beilen Florence Four Second 1918-
Beilen Henry Four Second 1915-1984
Bera Mary M Four Third no dates Inscribed on stone- Sara, Carl Smith
Bernatowicz Benedict E Four Third 10/23/1914-8/11/1989 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Bernatowicz Hattie J Four Third 1918-1987
Bielat Eleanor Four Ninth 1920-2000
Bielat John Four Ninth 1918-
Carroll Gerald Four Seventh 1926-
Carroll Victoria Four Seventh 1925-1993
Casey John Four First 1907-1994
Casey Mary Four First 1913-1983
Centner Elaine Four Second 1948-1984 nee Matuszak
Chrabasz Frances A Four Second 1923-1992
Chrabasz Jacob J Four Second 3/15/1917-3/27/1993 Pvt US Army WWII
Cieslik John P Four Sixth 1919-1988 Together Forever
Cieslik Mary M Four Sixth 1922- Together Forever
Daniels Albert J Four Tenth 2/1/1927-11/7/1998 Pfc US Army WWII
Daniels Michael P Four Tenth 1966-
Daniels Rita M Four Tenth 1931-
Draves Francis A Four Ninth 1915-1996
Draves Shirley J Four Ninth 1913-
Dubnicki Caroline Four Third 1893-1983 # Parish oragnised 1918-1959
Dubnicki John C Four Third 1888-1971 # Parish organised 1918-1959
Dudek Alex W Four Second 1904-1987
Dudek Emelia M Four Second 1899-1971
Duenzen Lottie Four Fourth 1910-1972
Dworak Stanley Four First 1915-1974 Father
Dworak Victoria Four First 1891-1973 Mother
Fijal Thaddeus Four Fifth 1903-1975
Fijal Wanda Four Fifth 1906-1997
Garsteck-Makuch Frances Four Second 1915-1992
Garsteck-Makuch John Four Second 1902-1979
Gaura Joan H Four Fifth 1925-1974
Gaura Thaddeus J Four Fifth 9/18/1925-8/18/1997 S I US Navy WWII
Gizzi Martha Bera Four Third 1924 ?
Gostomski Leo A Four Eighth 1917-1986 Father
Gostomski Louise Ann Four Eighth 1947-1977 Daughter
Gostomski Victoria M Four Eighth 1910- Mother
Gregoreski Edwin L Four Eighth 8/4/1915-7/6/1993 CSP US Navy WWII
Gregoreski Sophia Four Eighth 1825- With Him Are Wisdom and Strength"
Halberg Richard Four Ninth 1944-1994 Fireman marker
Halberg Ronald B Four First 1948-1981
Halberg Theresa M Four First 1948-
Halberg Virginia Four Ninth 1944-
Hoffman Chester Four Fifth 1910-1997
Hoffman Daniel C Four Sixth 1912-1989
Hoffman Regina Four Fifth (no dates on stone)10/24/1914-3/9/2003
Iskra Beverly J Four Ninth 1944-
Iskra Frank A Four Ninth 1942-1999
Jankowski August Hon. "Augie" Four Tenth 6/15/1924-12/16/1991 Loved and Respected Judge 1957-91
Jankowski Lucy Four Tenth 1903-
Jankowski Nicholas J Four Tenth 5/9/1908-4/22/1983 Cpl US Army WWII
Jankowski Otto Four Tenth 3/24/1916-11/16/1985 S Sgt US Army WWII
Jochym Sylvester Four Fifth 1907-1988 Sgt US Air Force
Jochym Victoria Four Fifth 1919-1996
Jopek Genevieve E Four Fourth 1914-1991
Kaleta Chester M Four Fifth 1913-
Kaleta Emily C Four Fifth 1919-1980
Kaminski Joan Four Second 6/30/1914-1/21/2003
Kaminski Joseph Four Second 1908-1970
Kaus Bronislaus "Brownie" Four Tenth 9/12/1923-11/29/2000 RM3 US Navy WWII
Kaus Elaine Four Tenth 1931-20-- To Jesus To Mary
Kempf David P Four Sixth 1939-1990
Kempf Rosemary Four Sixth 1945-
Kokocinski Patricia Four Tenth 1939-
Kokocinski Richard J Four Tenth 2/27/1936-3/29/2000 AIC US Air Force KOREA
Kolaga John J Four Fifth 11/24/1908-11/16/1983
Kolaga Josephine Four Fifth 3/19/1911-6/17/1982
Kordon Anthony J Four Fifth 1/11/1918-12/6/1975 Tec 4 US Army WWII
Kordon Donald A Four Fifth 1960-
Kordon Gertrude V Four Fifth 1920-
Kozlowski Frank F Four Second 12/5/1912-9/8/1955 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Kozlowski Ignatius Four Second 1909-1976 Together Forever
Kozlowski Jean Four Second 1910-19-- Together Forever
Kozlowski Mary A Four Second 1925-
Kozlowski Michael A Four Eleventh 1952-1999
Kucmierz Eugene C Four Twelfth 11/8/1947-9/15/1988 Cpl US Marine Corps VIETNAM
Kuczmierz Casimer S Four Twelfth 2/6/1926-3/12/1990 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Kuczmierz Genevieve T Four Twelfth 1922-
Kulczynski Jozefa A Four Second 1890-1982
Kulczynski Martin S Four Second 1884-1975
Kulpa Bernice Four Second 10/18/1908-3/26/1974
Kulpa Edward J Four Second 8/28/1906-12/30/1999
Kulpa Elizabeth S Four Sixth 1921-1987
Kulpa Frank J Four Sixth 1912-1975
Kulpa Lucille Dubiel Four Second 3/11/13
Kuras Frances Four Third no dates Inscript: Wife
Kuras Walter Four Third 4/28/1917-3/31/1996 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Kuwik Harry M Four Fifth 4/2/1920-3/25/1980 Pfc US Army WWII
Kuwik Katherine M Four Fifth 1922-2000
Kuzara Adele M Four First 1916-
Kuzara Barney A Four Sixth 1925-1989 Brownie
Kuzara Helen C Four Sixth 1924-
Kuzara John M Four Sixth 1913-1980
Kuzara Joseph J Four First 1915-
Kuzdzal David J Four Twelfth 1937- Ins:Our Boys Mike,Scott and Kevin
Kuzdzal Floyd H Four Fourth 4/28/1919-6/11/1996 Tec 4 US Army WWIIPhoto
Kuzdzal Rosalie Four Fourth 1924- Together Forever
Kuzdzal Virginia M "Ginger" Four Twelfth 1943-1999 Ins:Our Boys Mike,Scott and Kevin
Kuzma John Four Third 8/5/1917-11/26/1980 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Kuzma Josephine Four Third 1914-1996
Kuznicki Gertrude S Four Fourth 1920-
Kuznicki Thaddeus T Four Fourth 2/29/1912-9/7/1981 Pfc US Army WWII
Lajewski Chester F Four Fifth 7/2/1924-7/26/1998 Tec 4 US Army WWII
Lajewski Daniel J Four Eleventh 1927-1997
Lajewski Elaine M Four Fifth 1924-1982
Lajewski Rita M Four Eleventh 1927-1999
Lazarczyk Helen T Four Seventh 1921-2002
Lazarczyk Stanley J Four Sixth 1914-1998
Lazarczyk Stella S Four Sixth 1917-1993
Lazarczyk Walter G Four Seventh 6/2/1920-9/26/1990 GMI US Navy WWII
Lewinski Anna Four Eighth no dates
Lewinski Zigmund J Four Eighth 5/2/1916-4/3/1983 Pvt US Army WWII
Lewis Aloysius F Four Seventh 1904-1977
Lewis Elizabeth G Four Seventh 1910-1984
Makuch Adam S Four Third 1904-1972
Makuch Frances C Four Third 1913-
Marczynski Andrew L Four Third 9/1/1932- Scoutmaster Troop 8 and 208 +50 yrs.
Marczynski Andrew L II Four Third 9/21/1976-9/2/2000 Assist.Scoutmaster Troop 208
Marczynski Rachel A Four Third 12/9/1940-
Maslach Lorraine Four Ninth 1932-
Maslach Ralph E "Rufus" Four Ninth 9/21/1925-10/25/1997 GM3 US Navy WWII
Mekus Edward F Four Third 1919-1978
Mekus Monica C Four Third 1921-
Mets Jean M Four Tenth 1943-1993 Stone engraved Notre dame Cathredral
Mets Philip C Four Tenth 1943- Stone engraved Notre Dame Cathredral
Mielzynski Edward P Four First 1907-1981
Mielzynski Mary J Four First 1911-1987
Mleczko Dorothy I Four Fifth 1920-1982
Mleczko Frank M Four Fifth 9/6/1917-4/5/1996 Sgt US ArmyWWII
Mroczka Alfred "Fritz" Four Fifth 10/26/1926-12/8/1974 SF3 US Navy
Mroczka Winifred Four Fifth 1929-1989 Father Not My Will But Thy Will
Mucha Catherine C Four Seventh 1916-1987
Mucha John Four Fourth 1904-1983 My Jesus Mercy
Mucha Joseph M Four Seventh 8/21/1917-11/22/1984 Sgt US Army WWII
Muscato Dom G Four First 1911-1991
Muscato Emily J Four First 1913-1974
Muzacz Emily A Four Tenth 1924-1996
Muzacz Theophil Four Tenth 1915-2001 WWII Army
Napieralski Alfred E Four Fourth 1911- The Lord Is My Shepherd
Napieralski Frank Four Second 1906-1970
Napieralski Theresa Four Second 1914-
Napieralski Wanda G Four Fourth 1915-1982 The Lord Is My Shepherd
Olszewski Bronislaus S M.D. Four Second 9/10/1905-9/6/1989 Capt US Army WWII
Olszewski Helen Four Second 1912-1974
Pakula Chester L Four Eleventh 1910-
Pakula Genevieve F Four Eleventh 1914-1999
Panfil Roxane L Four Eighth 1965- Married 5/10/1986
Panfil Zenon A Four Eighth 1954-1998 Married 5/10/1986
Pauszek Rose Margaret Four Fourth 1901-1980
Pauszek Stanley J Four Fourth 4/30/1894-4/20/1984 Pfc ARMY WWII
Pawlak Edwin R Four Eighth 1918-1999 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Pazderski Edmund Four Third 5/25/1918-11/18/1992 CM 2US Navy WWII
Pazderski Lillian Four Third 1923-1994
Penkaty Frank Sr Four Ninth 1910-1999
Penkaty Marshall Four Ninth 1939- Commercial Fisherman and Fireman
Penkaty Theodora D Four Ninth 1912-1998 Wife
Pochylski Gloria Four Seventh 1944-
Pochylski Peter Four Seventh 5/6/1926-1/2/1995 Pfc US Army Air CorpsWWII
Polowy Edmund C Four Seventh 1914-2002
Polowy John J Four Eleventh 10/22/1916-11/10/1988 GM3 US Coast Guard WWII
Polowy Julia B Four Seventh 1916-
Polowy Mary Ann Four Eleventh 1924-
Price Helen M Four Sixth 1898-1987
Price Martin H Four Sixth 1893-1976
Pryga Angeline F Four Eleventh 1921-
Pryga Raymond F Four Eleventh 2/8/1921-3/26/1997 Cpl US Army Air Corps WWII
Przybyla Alvin F Four Seventh 1/11/1917-5/20/2000 T Sgt US Army WWII
Przybyla Martha M Four Seventh 1924-20--
Purol Daniel C Four Twelfth 1916-
Purol Dorothy F Four Twelfth 1916-1998
Raczka Julia Four Sixth 5/18/1914-4/5/1992
Raczka Walter Four Fifth 5/20/1908-12/10/1975
Romance Mickey Four Seventh 1933- DK.Fire Dept Local 616 and JSWA
Romance Sally Four Seventh 1940-1994
Romanik Genevieve J Four Twelfth 1922-
Romanik Walter F Four Twelfth 11/27/1912-6/16/1990 T Sgt US Army WWII-Purple Heart
Rozumalski Alberta M Four Tenth 1928-
Rozumalski Donald "Potsy" Four Tenth 7/3/1921-5/15/1998 S Sgt US Army WWII
Rozumalski Richard C Four Eleventh 1916-2000
Rozumalski Sophie A Four Eleventh 1918-
Ryczko Jean T Four Seventh 1913-1986
Ryczko John P Four Seventh 1914-1995
Salerno Carol A Four Ninth 1947-1997 Together Forever
Salerno Daniel T Four Ninth 1945- Beautiful Picturesque Stone
Sanick Agnes Four Fifth 1912-1997
Sanick Henry F Four Third 1903-1983
Sanick Matthew Four Fifth 1908-1988
Sanick Nancy A Four Eleventh 1938-
Sanick Richard J Four Eleventh 1935-
Sanick Selma M Four Third 1904-1988
Sek Michael Four Fourth 1958-1975
Shepherd Lorretta E Four Twelfth 1943-1999 Together Forever
Shepherd Thomas M Four Twelfth 1946- Together Forever
Skrypek Anne L Four Eleventh 1928- Married 1946
Skrypek Arthur A "Blackie" Four Eleventh 9/14/1918-11/7/1998 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Skrzyniarz Caroline Four Seventh 1911-1997 Carrie
Skrzyniarz Casmir Four Seventh 1903-1993 Cas
Skrzyniarz Emily Four Seventh 1941-
Sliwa Celine Four First 1931-
Sliwa Stanley Four First 1928-
Smith Carl R Four Third 1/10/1918-9/14/1982 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Smith Sara E Four Third no dates
Smoczynski Daniel M Four First 7/15/1915-5/31/1988 Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII
Smoczynski James E Four Thirteen 1941-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Smoczynski Julia C Four Third 1913-2001
Smoczynski Lillian S Four First 1919-
Stawasz Matthew A Four First 1903-1970 Brother
Stawasz Sophy F Four First 1901-1994 Sister
Stewart William A Four Fourth 1947-1978 Lt.Jamestown Police Dept.
Struzynski Albin Four First 1904-1987 Entered Into A New Life
Struzynski Bernice Four First 1911-1987 Entered Into A New Life
Strychalski Anna M Four Fourth 1906-1982
Strychalski Edmond W Four Fourth 1905-1978
Stuczynski Joseph Four Third 1913-1995
Stuczynski Teresa Four Third 1916-1976
Sujdak Joseph Four First 1892-1970
Sujdak Mayme Four First 1897-1990
Szalkowski Daniel H Four Ninth 1929-
Szalkowski Dorothy J Four Eighth 1920-1991
Szalkowski Loretta A Four Ninth 1931-
Szalkowski Roger S Four Eighth 7/6/1909-2/22/1998 S Sgt US Army WWII-Purple Heart
Szwejbka Andrew W Four Third 8/12/1918-2/11/2000 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Szwejbka Barbara Ann Four Third 1926-
Szwejbka Benedict J Four First 1916-1991 Our Love is Forever
Szwejbka Edmund J Four Tenth 2/6/1924-11/19/1995 RM 3 US Navy WWII
Szwejbka Mildred Four First 1917- Our Love Is Forever
Szwejbka Shirley R Four Tenth 1928-
Szydlo Helen Four Twelfth 1924- Forever In Our Hearts
Szydlo Rafael Four Twelfth 10/21/1914-5/23/1997 T Sgt US Army WWII
Tofil Joseph Four Ninth 1923-
Tofil Rose Four Ninth 1915-
Vincent Arlene A Four Eighth 1947-1999 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Wallace Frank S Four Ninth 10/9/1921-9/22/2000 Sgt US Army Air Force WWII
Wallace Irene K Four Ninth 3/14/1922-2/28/2003
Wallace Joseph Jr Four Sixth 1935-1977 Scooch
Wallace Joseph Sr Four Sixth 1913-
Wallace Victoria Four Sixth 1913-2002 Ladies Aux.marker
Williams Charles E Jr Four Fifth 6/1/1899-4/23/1981 Pvt US Army WWI
Williams Teresa M Four Fifth 1911-1988
Wisniewski Edward "Cherry" Four Twelfth 1928-
Wisniewski Genevieve "Jenny" Four Twelfth 1931-
Wisniewski Michael F Four Ninth 1919-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Wlodarek Belle Four Second 1905-1976
Wlodarek Blanche A Four Ninth 1911-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Wlodarek Edmund Four Second 1904-1970
Wlodarek Michael J Four Sixth 1915- Married 6/19/1937
Wlodarek Viola M Four Sixth 1913-1998 Married 6/19/1937
Woloszyn Albin J Four Second 1931-1999
Woloszyn Chester J Four First 1922- Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Woloszyn Evelyn Four Second 1934-
Woloszyn John P Four First 1928-
Woloszyn Mary T Four First 1920- Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Woloszyn Nancy A Four First 1924-
Wood Harold Four Sixth 1906-1976 Husband
Wood Stella Four Sixth 1904-1923 Wife
Worosz Gertrude Four Sixth 1915-1996
Worosz John F Four Sixth 1908-1985
Worosz Rudolph R Four Sixth 1906-1990
Zagorski Adalbert W Four Fourth 3/12/1926-11/18/1979 US Navy
Zagorski Fredia A Four Fourth 1929-
Zasucha Nathan Daniel Four Second 1/13/1999-12/12/1999 Teddy Bear Stone
Zielinski Alfred V Four Second 1916-1986 Together Forever
Zielinski Mary A Four Second 1916-1973 Together Forever

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