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St Hyacinth's Cemetery

Code: Name - Section - Row- Inscriptions

? Louis Three First 1903-1947
Adamski Anthony G Three Twelfth 1943-1988 Son
Adamski Josephine Three Twelfth 1920-1999
Adamski Leonarda Three Twelfth 1905-1990
Adamski Sylvester F Three Twelfth 1903-1967 Father
Adamski Walter P Three Twelfth 1902-1968
Andreski Genevieve Three Sixteen 1921-
Andrukowicz Jan Three Twelfth 1912-1974
Andrukowicz Steffania Three Twelfth 1926-1977
Andrzejewski Agnes Three Sixteen 1897-1983
Andrzejewski Clara Three Sixteen 1899-1994
Andrzejewski Martha Three Sixteen 1902-1983
Bain Helen Three Tenth 1915-19--
Bain Leo Three Tenth 1909-1967
Banach Dorothy F Three Fourteen 1919-
Banach Harry T Three Fourteen 12/21/1919-2/11/1972 NY S Sgt Army Air Force WWII
Banach Helen Three Eleventh 1904-1979 The Lord Is My Shepherd
Banach Joseph Three Eleventh 1903-1974 The Lord Is My Shepherd
Barberich Belle Three Sixteen 1898-1980
Barberich John Three Sixteen 1894-1971
Barlett Leo Three Seventh 1902-1968
Barlett Marlene Three Seventh 1938-1961
Barlett Rose Three Seventh 1907-1959
Barlog Julia Three Seventh 1875-1964
Barlog Stanley Three Seventh 1904-1978
Barlog William S Three Seventh 2/2/1908-4/29/1982 Tec 4 US Army WWII - AmerLeg marker
Barnes Genevieve Three Second 1909-2001
Barnes James Three Second died 1942 Father
Barnes Joseph Three Second 1911-20--
Barnes Mary Three Second died 1954 Mother
Barthold Aloysius M Three Twelfth 1908-1993
Barthold Helen E Three Twelfth 1906-1997
Bartkowiak Andrew Three First 1871-1952
Bartkowiak Charlotte Three First 1900-1980
Bartkowiak Florence Three Fifteen 1908-1986
Bartkowiak Frances Three First 1900-1964
Bartkowiak Mary Three First 1876-1947
Bartkowiak Ralph G DDS Three Fifteen 1902-1979
Bartkowski Eva Three Eighth 1895-1967
Bartkowski John Three Eighth 1898-1967
Bartkowski Michael A Three Fifteen 1909-1988
Bartkowski Viola R Three Fifteen 1904-1991
Baszak Cecilia L Three Eighteen died 1983
Baszak Frank M Three Eighteen died 1968
Bebak Frank J Three Eleventh 1926-
Bebak Irene M Three Eleventh 1930-
Begier Edward Three Second 1892-1972
Begier Mary Ann Three Second 1893-1972
Bekeleski Alton Three Seventeen 10/17/1922-11/18/1981 S2 US Coast Guard WWII
Bekeleski Katherine Three Seventeen 1924-
Bera Anthony Three Third 1884-1961
Bera Catherine Three Third 1890-1974
Bera Dorothy V Three Twelfth 1932- Together Forever
Bera John S Three Twelfth 7/21/1922-8/25/1980 US Navy WWII
Berek Anna Three Seventh died 1979
Berek Bernice Three Seventh 1920-1957
Berek Robert Three Seventh 10/23/1918-1/9/1993 Pfc US Army WWII
Berek Stanley Three Seventh died 1974
Bialaszewski Andrew F Three Ninth 1895-1970 Dk Vet marker
Bialaszewski Anna V Three Nineteen 1917-1981
Bialaszewski Helen E Three Ninth 1897-1993
Bialaszewski Jacob Three Eleventh 1884-1963
Bialaszewski John S Three Fifteen 1917-2001
Bialaszewski Josephine M Three Nineteen 1915-1993
Bialaszewski Mary Three Eleventh 1899-1960
Bialaszewski Michael Three Eleventh 9/12/1895-5/9/1965 NY Pfc 110 CoTransCorps WWI-marker
Bialaszewski Peter P Three Nineteen 1/30/1922-7/17/1996 Tec 4 US Army  WWII
Bialaszewski Stanley Three Eighteen 1894-1971
Bialaszewski Stella R Three Fifteen 1922-1996
Bialaszewski Stephen J Three Nineteen 1913-1997
Bialaszewski Susan Three Eighteen 1895-1986
Bialaszewski Victoria Three Eleventh 1892-1976
Bielaszka Emily Three Fourth 1920-
Bielaszka Florence Three Nineteen 1918-2006 Together forever
Bielaszka John Three Fourth 1887-1948
Bielaszka Sophia Three Fourth 1892-1972
Bielaszka Stephen Three Nineteen 1915- Together forever
Bitka Ed Three Tenth no dates
Bitka Mary Three Tenth 1917-1972
Borowski Donald P Three Eighth 1908-1969
Borowski Jennie Three Eighth 1914-1997
Borowski Joseph S Three Twelfth 1903-1981
Borowski Margaret Three Twelfth 1907-1982
Braciszewski Elaine F Three Sixteen 1926-2001 Am 2 US Navy WWII
Braciszewski Helen Three Fourteen 1901-1974
Braciszewski John Three Fourteen 5/25/1899-9/12/1979 US Army
Braciszewski Richard F Three Sixteen 2/23/1922-3/6/1986
Bradley Edward Three Nineteen 1914-
Bradley Ruth Three Nineteen 1920-
Brisky Alfred J -Kelly Three Eighteen 12/14/1915-6/8/1986 Pvt US Army Air Corps WWII Dk Vet m
Brisky Edmund Three Twelfth 1909-1964
Brisky Frances Three Twelfth 1917-1986
Brisky Martha R Three Eighteen 1917- Always in Our Hearts
Brooks- Kane Gladys Three Tenth died 1964
Brooks- Kane Joseph Three Tenth died 1959
Brooks- Kane Mother Three Tenth died 1967
Brooks- Kane Stanley Three Tenth 9/27/1923-9/27/1967 NY Cpl 527 MTR TransCorps WWII
Brushaber Lester G Three Sixteen 1907-1983 Vet Foreign Wars marker
Brushaber Marie D Three Sixteen 1909-1969
Bryant Allen C Three Fourteen 12/9/1916-8/10/1984 BM2 US Navy WWII
Bryant Helen A Three Fourteen 1915-1999
Budniewski Bernice Three Third 1929-2001
Budniewski Donna M Three Third died 1961 Infant
Budniewski Dorothy Three Fourteen 1930-
Budniewski Harry N Three Third 5/3/1929-8/8/1993 YN3 USNavy
Budniewski Richard Three Fourteen 2/28/1929-4/8/1968 NY Pfc Infantry
Burke Carolyn P Three Fifteen 1935-
Burke Ralph G Three Fifteen 1934-
Burlett Belle L Three Fourth 1898-1993
Burlett Francis P Three Fourth 1895-1951
Burlett Margaret M Three Fourth 1922-1949
Butryn Adolph P Three Sixteen 5/18/1909-8/12/1985 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Butryn Michael S Three Sixteen 1917-1977 US Army- St Anthony Pray for Us
Cabaj Jozefa Three Sixth 1886-1923
Cabaj Stanislaw Three Sixth 1884-1964
Chapman Stella Three Fourth 1896-1985 share stone-Madeline Glowski
Chudzik Edith A Three Third 1918-1996
Chudzik Mary Three Third 1882-1955
Chudzik Peter Three Third 1889-1963
Chudzik Peter P Three Third 1917-
Chylaszek Albert Three Sixth 1881-1967
Chylaszek Justina Three Sixth 1891-1966
Cieslewicz Belle Three Fifth 1909-1990
Cieslewicz Beverly Sue Three Fifteen 1929-1986
Cieslewicz Florian J Three Fifteen 1926-
Cieslewicz Louis  Three Fifth 1895-1964
Cieslewicz Rita M Three Fourteen 1930-
Cieslewicz Thomas V Three Fourteen 10/10/1920-8/13/1982 AN US Navy Korea
Clary James H Three Ninth 1927-
Clary Mary B Three Ninth 1924-1962
Clifford Delphine M Three Fourth 1911-1995
Cline Mary Ann Three Third 1954-1962
Cutcher Anthony Three Fourteen 1905-1986
Cutcher Rose Three Fourteen 1904-1991
Cybart Eunice M Three Ninth 1909- Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Cybart Florence T Three Eighth 1930-
Cybart Frank W  Three Ninth 1894-1971 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Cybart Joseph B Three Tenth 3/17/1915-9/1/1967 NY Pfc 742 Bomb SQ AAF WWII
Cybart Richard J Three Eighth 6/28/1927-10/28/1998 AMM 3 US Navy WWII
Cybulski Cecelia A Three Seventeen 1910-2000
Cybulski Edward S Three Seventeen 4/14/1912-10/4/1994 Tec 5 US Army WWII- vet marker
Cyganowski Alice Three Eleventh 1894-1966
Cyganowski Edmund J Three Eleventh 11/4/1916-8/17/1982 Tec 5 US Army WWII - Vet marker
Cyganowski Florence S Three Eleventh 1914-1992 Together Forever
Cyganowski Joseph Three Eleventh 1888-1967
Czaenecki Katherine Three Sixth 1885-1959
Czarnecki Belle Three Sixth 1911-1998
Czarnecki Frank Three Sixth 1907-1961
Czarnecki Stanley Three Sixth 1871-1950
Czarnecki Theresa S Three Fourth 1902-1961
Czarnecki Valentine F Three Fourth 1904-1967
Czekanski Mary Ann Three Eighth 1931-
Czekanski Robert G Three Eighth 1954-1968 His picture on stone and verse on back
Czekanski Robert J Three Eighth 4/3/1922-9/18/1992 MM3 US Navy WWII
Czosnowski Josephine J Three Fourteen 1906-1968
Czosnowski Victor T Three Fourteen 1898-1977
Dach John C Three Seventeen 4/10/1922-7/13/1996 BMI US Navy WWII
Dach Loretta D Three Seventeen 1922-1997
Damian Lawrence Three Fifth 1895-1986
Damian Theresa Three Fifth 1898-1963
Damon Frank Three Twelfth 1894-1977 US Vet marker
Damon Victoria Three Twelfth 1894-1969
Deszcz Helen Three Seventh 1922-
Deszcz John Three Seventh 5/21/1922-11/13/1957 NY Tec4 1691 ord Suft Maint.Co WWII
Dloniak Evelyn E Three Seventeen 1936-
Dloniak Leonard F Three Seventeen 1931-1991
Dobek Elizabeth Three Eleventh 1911-2001
Dobek Ida M Three Fifteen 1917-1989
Dobek John T Three Fifteen 2/3/1910-3/26/2000 Pfc US Army WWII- Purple Heart
Dobek Stanley Three Eleventh 1908-1990
Dobrinski Dorothy C Three Fifteen 1910-
Dobrinski John F Three Fifteen 1908-1988
Dobrzyn Lucy Ryczko Three Twelfth 1894-1972
Dobrzynski Anna Three Fourth 1885-1969
Dobrzynski Bernice Three Fifth 1889-1960
Dobrzynski Harry V Three Fifth 1881-1963
Dobrzynski Louis F Sr Three Fourth 1875-1946
Dobrzynski Peter D Three Fifth 1893-1972
Dobrzynski Sophia N Three Fifth 1897-1962
Dolski Albine D Three Sixteen 1908-1975
Dolski Mary R Three Sixteen 1913-2002
Domanski Genevieve Three Seventh 1914-1991
Domanski Henry Three Seventh 1913-1967
Dombrowski Alexander Three Fifteen 1886-1965
Dombrowski Anna R Three Nineteen 1914-1976
Dombrowski Florence Three Eighth 1918-
Dombrowski Frances Three Fifteen 1890-1966
Dombrowski Henry Three Eighth 1911-1968
Dombrowski Matthew Three Nineteen 9/21/1914-9/6/1993 M Sgt US Army WWII- AmLeg marker
Dombrowski Walter A Three Seventeen 1913-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Dominiak John Three Sixteen 1903-1969
Dominiak Victoria Three Sixteen 1907-1973
Donna Poncharik Three Seventeen 1956- shared stone w Sobczak
Drag Louis Three Second 1895-1967
Drag Mary Three Second 1897-1962
Drewniak Andrew Three Fourth 1877-1944
Drewniak Sophia Three Fourth 1878-1954
Drewniak Walter Three Fourth 1916-1987 Newman Funeral Home marker
Dubiel Anthony J Three Eleventh 1913-1984
Dubiel Florence A Three Eleventh 1916-
Dubiel John Three Eighth 1911-1977 American  Legion marker
Dubiel Lucille Three Eighth 1913-
Dudek Edmund R Three Seventh 12/31/1918-9/11/1968 NY Cpl US Marine Corps WWII
Dudek Florence Three Ninth 1908-1968
Dudek Harry J Three Sixteen 1926-
Dudek Ignatius Three Ninth 1902-1984
Dudek Irene Three Seventh 1920-
Dudek Rita L Three Sixteen 1929-1981
Dull Edward J Three Seventh 1928-1964 Vet WWII
Dull Frances Three Ninth 1895-1984
Dull Hedwig  Three Seventh 1892-1992
Dull Joseph Three Ninth 1892-1971
Dull Stanley M Three Seventh 1891-1966
Dybka Susan G Three Fifteen 1893-1977 Double stone w Susan Dybka
Dypka Bernice Three Sixth 1887-1976
Dypka Frank V Three Sixth 1915-1969
Dypka Stanley Three Sixth 1884-1947
Dziduch Clara Three Second 1921-1941
Dziduch Dorothy Tynan Three Second 1918-1970 Daughter
Dziduch Mary Three Second 1896-1969 Mother
Dziduch Michael Three Second 1888-1970
Dziduch Sophie Sikora Three Second 1925-1995 Daughter
Dziedzic Anthony Three First 1877-1957
Dziedzic Anthony Three Second 1877-1957
Dziedzic Edward A Three Second 7/5/1918-1/4/1996 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Dziedzic Helena Three First 1885-1945
Dziedzic Helena Three Second 1885-1945
Dziedzic Stanislaw Three First 1909-1934 Vet Foreign Wars - marker
Dziedzic Wanda P Three Second 1926-1994 Always In Our Hearts
Favata Jerry A Three Twelfth 1926-
Fedyszyn Anna Three Nineteen 1924-
Fedyszyn Anthony S Three Nineteen 11/22/1914-6/29/2000 BM1 US Navy  WWII
Fedyszyn Casmir Three Fifth 1888-1965
Fedyszyn Catherine Three Fifth 1892-1978
Fedyszyn Elizabeth A Three Nineteen 1929-2000
Fedyszyn Irene M Three Eleventh 1917-
Fedyszyn John B Sr Three Nineteen 5/20/1926-3/22/1992 US Navy WWII Korea
Fedyszyn Stanley J Three Eleventh 1916-1983
Felt Adele M  Three Nineteen 1929-
Felt Donald E Three Nineteen 1931-
Fendt Samantha "Sammy" Three Twelfth 8/2/1968-7/30/1979 Her picture on the stone
Fern Edmund R Three Sixteen 1910-1981
Fern Isabelle D Three Sixteen no dates
Fetter Sophie Three First 1890-1951 Mother
Fijal Boleslaus Three Sixth 1900-1969
Fijal Cecelia Three Sixth 1907-1962
Floramo Rose M Three Twelfth 1927-
Floramo Salvatore P Three Twelfth 7/18/1922-12/19/1980 Pfc US Army WWII
Franz Julianna Three Sixth 1898-1965
Franz Vincent P Three Sixth 1902-1968
Fredlund Bernice Three Twelfth 1919-1983 Our Father Which Art In Heaven
Fredlund Kenneth L Three Twelfth 7/7/1909-8/21/1986 Pfc US ArmyAirCorps WWII
Fromma Jane M Three Eighteen 1901-1999
Frye Evelyn Three Two 11/2/1924-10/6/2001
Fuller Bernard C Three Seventeen 1930-
Fuller Rita Ann Three Seventeen 1931-1979
Gakan Tekla Three First 1876-1941 Mother
Gaken Frances Three Second No dates
Gaken Frank J Three First 1869-1952 Father
Gaken Ignatius P Three First 6/1/1902-5/19/1958 NY Pvt Army Air Force WWII
Gaken Leonard Three Second 1900-1971
Gaken Stephen John Three Second 1/19/1911-7/7/1962 Ny Pvt Co F 143 Inf WWII-Vet marker
Ganslow ? Three First no dates
Gaura Anastasia Three Ninth 1873-1963
Gaura Matthew Three Ninth 1897-1963
Gawlowicz Belle Three Sixth 1913-
Gawlowicz Felix Three Fourteen 1905-1979
Gawlowicz Frances Three Sixth 1879-1964
Gawlowicz Nellie Three Fourteen 1905-1982
Gawlowicz Walter Three Sixth 1879-1947
Gawronski Celia Three Fourth 1907-1978
Gawronski Edward J Three Fifteen 7/21/1917-5/29/1998 Cpl US Army Air Corps WWII
Gawronski Frank S Three Tenth 1907-1981
Gawronski Gerald Three Tenth 1937- On back Of  Frank Gawronski's stone
Gawronski Helen P Three Tenth 1892-1967
Gawronski Ignatius Three Fourth 1900-1963
Gawronski Josephine R Three Tenth 1915-2001
Gawronski Raymond Three Tenth 1935- On back Of  Frank Gawronski's stone
Gawronski Rose A Three Fifteen no dates
Gawronski Stanley Three Tenth 1892-1971
Gestwicki Gerald V Three Fourteen 10/12/1921-7/29/1986 Cpl US Army WWII
Gestwicki Marie L Three First 1903-1984
Gestwicki Martha Three Fifteen 1906-1969
Gestwicki Mary Three Fifteen 1881-1970
Gestwicki Mary A Three Twelfth no dates
Gestwicki Maurice Three Ninth 1910-1990
Gestwicki Peter Paul Three First 1907-1993
Gestwicki Rita Three Fourteen 1929-
Gestwicki Theodore Three Fifteen 1883-1968
Gestwicki Valentine J Three Twelfth 2/14/1893-1/6/1965 NY Pvt US Army- Vet marker
Glowski Edward V Three Third 10/3/1908-2/9/1986 Pvt US Army WWII
Glowski Felix Three Third 1906-1962
Glowski Frank S Three First 1902-1958 Vet WWII - Dk Vet marker
Glowski Irene R Three First 4/29/1914-9/26/1998
Glowski John A Three Third 1897-1978
Glowski Justine Three Third 1872-1943
Glowski Madeline Three Fourth 1886-1956 share stone-Stella Chapman
Glowski Valentine Three Third 1856-1947
Gorczynski Helen Three Seventh 1887-1969
Gorczynski Walter Three Seventh 1884-1961
Gorka Agnes Three First 1882-1932 Mother
Gorka Andrew J Three Eighth 1903-1984
Gorka Anna C Three Eighth 1904-1987
Gorka Anna R Three First 1900-1983
Gorka Edmund J Three First 1908-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Gorka Joseph Three First 1875-1925 Father
Gorka Monica J Three First 1916-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Gorka Monika Three First 1913-1948
Gorka Peter L Three First 1899-1984
Gorka Stephen Three First 1905-1910
Gould Frances T Three Tenth 12/13/1921-2/12/1979
Gould John D Three Tenth 10/20/1918-11/29/1966 NY PfcCo163Infant WWII BSM PHeart
Gould Raymond Three Eighteen 1924-1970 WWII marker
Gozdiewski Ida H Three First 1901-1964
Gozdiewski Stanley E Three First 7/31/1892-6/21/1970 NY Pvt Co D153 DepotBrig WWI- mrk
Graminski Andrew L Three Eleventh 4/23/1920-6/2/1982 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Graminski Belle F Three Nineteen 1918-
Graminski Edwin J Three Nineteen 1916-1995
Gregoreski Gary J Three Fifth 9/7/1961-12/10/1961 Our Little Angel
Gregoreski Ralph M Three Sixteen 1908-1995
Gregorseki Jean N Three Sixteen 1911-1989
Gregory Raymond Three Seventh 1907-1968
Gregory Teresa Three Seventh 1906-1989
Greskoviak Paul P Three Third 6/29/1893-2/8/1948 Ny Pvt Infant WWI - AmerLeg marker
Gromala Florence J Three Tenth 1928-
Gromala John K Three Tenth 1909-1974
Grupa Anthony Three Third 1871-1959
Grupa Bernice Three Third 1876-1967
Grupa Connie Three Eighth no dates
Grupa Donald Three Third 1940-1961
Grupa John Three Eighth no dates
Grupa Joseph F Three Second 8/6/1912-3/29/1943 Ny Pvt 47 Inf WWII- Dk Vet marker
Grzegoreszewski Sophie Three Seventh 1877-1955
Grzegoreszewski Stanislaw Three Seventh 1877-1957
Grzegorzewski Katherine M Three Fifth 1884-1975
Grzegorzewski Stanley Edward Three Fifth 1884-1954
Grzeskowiak Antoinette Three Fourth 1901-1987
Grzeskowiak Frances Three Fourth 1929-
Grzeskowiak Peter Three Fourth 1893-1948
Gula Stephnaie T Three Fifteen 1930-
Gula William F Three Fifteen 9/12/1017-12/5/1987 Tec 5 US Army  WWII
Guziec Harriet R Three Sixth no dates
Guziec Michael J Three Sixth 8/25/1896-7/28/1965 NY F3 US Navy  WWI
Guziec Veronica E Three Sixth 1906-1963
Halas Edward J Three Fifteen 8/19/1917-12/22/1986 FI US Navy  WWII
Halas Elizabeth Three Fifteen 1919-1993
Halas Robert J Three Sixth 1943-1953
Halasinski Helen R Three Fifth died 4/14/1992
Halasinski Roman T Three Fifth died 9/26/1986
Halberg Ben D Three Fifteen 1907-1990
Halberg Florence Three Fifteen 1914-1990
Halpainy Clara - Dombrowski Three Nineteen 1921-1997 Wife Of Robert Halpainy Sr
Harris Edwin C Three Eleventh 1905-1976
Harris Stephanie R Three Eleventh 1910-1977
Helminiak Katherine Three Seventh 1880-1966
Herdzik Adolf Three Eleventh 1919-1991
Herdzik Eva Three Eleventh 1919-1982
Hoffman Daniel Three Eighth 1902-1959
Hoffman Harry Three Eighth 1906-1975
Hoffman Louis A Three Eighth 4/3/1903-1/15/1962 NY Tec 5 HQ Co 8 Port of EMB WWII
Hoffman Martha Three Eighth 1900-1982
Hoffman Mayme Three Eighth 1896-1967
Howard Dorothy Three Fourth 1887-1966
Huels Clara A Three Third 1894-1991 Our Father Which Art In Heaven
Huels Edward W Three Third 3/18/1896-1/28/1985 Sgt US Army WWI
Hutchins Charles Three Tenth 1911-
Hutchins Veronica H Three Tenth 1915-1982
Iskra Dorothy B Three Ninth 1913-
Iskra Frank A Three Ninth 1912-1968
Jablonski Harry V Three Sixteen 3/26/1917-3/8/1990 Sgt US Army WWII
Jaguszewski Agnes Three Third 1873-1948
Jaguszewski John Three Third 1887-1948
Jaguszewski John Three Fifth 1904-1990
Jaguszewski John Jr Three Fifth 1937-1945 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Jaguszewski John M Three Fifth 1937-1945
Jaguszewski Martha B Three Fifth 1906-1997
Jakubiec Genevieve M Three Eighteen 1919-
Jakubiec Herman A Three Eighteen 9/29/1914-2/3/1999 1st Sgt US Army WWII- Purple Heart
Jakubowski Carl Three Fourth 1918-1942 Lost At Sea - WWII
Jakubowski Delphine E Three  Second 1918-1989 Jakubowski- Jacobs on stone
Jakubowski Felix J Three Second 1913- Jakubowski- Jacobs on stone
Jakubowski Florence Three Fourth 1919-1982
Jakubowski Frank Three Fourth 1883-1964 Thaddeus on Back of This stone
Jakubowski Joseph J Three Fourth 1911-1963
Jakubowski Mary E Three Fourth 1888-1964
Jakubowski Thaddeus J Three Fourth 3/10/1908-3/26/1982 USNavyWWII-back of Frank Jakubowski
Jankowski Balbina Three Seventh 1897-1988
Jankowski Frances E Three Seventh 1891-1968
Jankowski John Three Seventh 1891-1958
Jankowski Peter F Three Seventh 1884-1954
Janowski Daniel Three Sixth 1919-1959
Janowski Mary Three Sixth 1894-1976
Janowski Stephen Three Sixth 1892-1967
Jelonek Edward F Three Sixteen 1904-1973
Jelonek Olga S Three Sixteen 1911-1999
Jesse Aloys Three Twelfth 1911-1976
Jesse Hildegarde Three Twelfth 1914-1995
Jesse Joseph Three Thirteen 1877-1964
Jesse Valentina Three Thirteen 1882-1964
Johnson Irene M Three Eleventh 1913-1964
Johnson Lillian B Three Eleventh 1920-1976 US Navy
Johnson Mary Three Tenth 1892-1985 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Johnson William Three Tenth 1889-1960
Jopek Donald N Three Twelfth 12/28/1933-12/11/1962 NY Pfc1 RADBCST & Leaflet BN-Spwar
Jozwiak John M Three First no dates Father
Jozwiak Stephen Three First 1906-1971
Jozwiak Theresa Three First 1906-1989
Jurczyk Andrew Three Tenth 1888-1975
Jurczyk Mabel Three Tenth 1895-1966
Jusko Chester L Three Eighteen 11/5/1922-9/20/1988 Wt2 US Navy  WWII
Jusko Rita E Three Eighteen 1927-
Kaczor Francis Three Eighteen 1909-
Kaczor Louis Three Eighteen 8/6/1916-5/7/1995 Pfc US Army Air Corps WWII
Kaminsky Helen H Three Sixteen 1914-1978
Kaminsky Stephen J Three Sixteen 1911-1985
Kane Eugene C Three Fifteen 11/9/1912-5/29/1997 Tech 4 US Army WWII
Kane Helen D Three Fifteen 1911-1987
Karalus Anna E Three First 1900-1941
Karalus Casmir J Three First 1901-1979 Together Forever
Karalus Helen H Three First 1902-1976 Together Forever
Karpinske Katherine Three Ninth 1899-1986
Karpinske Leonard M Three Ninth 1896-1970
Kasprzak A Three Ninth 1957- Inscript: Syn
Kasprzak Ann S Three Sixteen 1912-1987 Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit
Kasprzak Franciszek Three Ninth 1925- Inscript: Syn
Kasprzak Franciszek S Three Ninth 1868-1956 Inscript: Ojciec
Kasprzak K.S. Three Ninth 1900- Inscript: Syn
Kasprzak Michalina Three Ninth 1873-1960 Inscript: Matka
Kasprzak Walter J Three Sixteen 1905-1965 NY Pfc Co D4 Medical BN WWII
Katta  Genevieve  Three Sixteen 1926- Verse and Stone is Book Of Life
Katta August J  "Gus" Three Sixteen 8/12/1920-2/11/1979 Cpl US Army
Katulski Frank A Three Nineteen 12/31/1919-7/27/1993 Cpl US Army  WWII
Katulski Hedwig Three Third died 7/6/1963
Katulski John Three Third 1925-1969
Katulski Leocadia A Three Nineteen 1924-
Katulski Simon Three Third died 1/10/1943 Vet marker
Kaufman Donald A Three Eighteen 9/14/1924-5/9/1997 ABM {CP } 2US Navy WWII
Kaufman Sue Three Eighteen 1920-
Kaus Ann J Three Nineteen 11/3/1918-9/1/1991
Kaus Casmir J Three Nineteen 9/21/1915-1/26/1993 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Kaus Felix M Three Tenth 1917-1975 Together We Remain
Kaus Irene E  Three Eighth 1925-1985 Asleep In The Arms Of Jesus
Kaus Louis S Three Eighth 8/16/1917-2/2/1992 Pvt US Army-WWII-Purple Heart
Kaus Rita A Three Tenth 1920-1991 Together We Remain
Kawski Bernard A Three Eighteen 1922- Always In Our Hearts
Kawski Irene A Three Eighteen 1924-1994 Always In Our Hearts
Kazmierczak Anthony Three Third 1893-1975
Kazmierczak Martha Three Third 1893-1988
Klajbor Amelia S Three Ninth no dates
Klajbor Felix S  Three Ninth 1899-1955
Klajbor Frances Three Fourteen 1903-1983
Klajbor Frank Three Fourteen 1901-1960
Klajbor Herman J Three Ninth no dates
Klaybor Leonard V Three Fourth 1917-1980
Klaybor Lorraine P Three Fourth 1922-1998
Kleparek Tillie G Three Fifteen 1898-1982 Double stone w Susan Dybka
Klimaszewski Anthony F Three Fourteen 12/15/1914-4/15/1966 NY Pfc Btry C 118 AAABN CAC-WWII
Klimaszewski Mildred B Three Fourteen 1921-
Klimek Mabel Three Eighth 1900-1990
Klimek Sylvester Three Eighth 1896-1986
Klocek Stella M Three Eighth 1906-1976
Klocek Walter J Three Eighth 1908-1961
Knapik Ann Three Eleventh 1912-1976
Knapik John Three Eleventh 1909-1980
Knapik Julian Three Ninth 1911-1967
Knapik Robert J Three Eleventh 4/21/1932-9/18/1980 Cpl US Army- Korea
Knapik Wilma A Three Eleventh 1933- Together Forever
Kokocinski Cecilia F Three First 1907-1998
Kokocinski Eva Three Eleventh 1901-1980
Kokocinski John Three Eleventh 1903-1988
Kokocinski Mary Three Twelfth 1922-1994
Kokocinski Stanley Three Twelfth 9/10/1914-3/30/1978 US Army
Kokocinski William J Three First 1892-1971
Kolasa Anna K Three Twelfth 1916-
Kolasa Louis P Three Twelfth 1909-1977
Kolassa Felix J Three Thirteen 1920-1962
Kolassa Helen L Three Thirteen 1916-1980
Konko Antoinette K Three Twelfth 1901-1980
Konko Chester Three Twelfth 10/26/1919-5/22/1978 Sgt US Army
Konko Eleanor Three Twelfth 1922-1977
Konko John Three Twelfth 1893-1959
Kopliner Chester Three Eighth no dates
Kopliner Lucille Three Eighth no dates
Koprowski Agatha Three Second 1873-1967
Koprowski Andrew Three Second 1878-1943
Koprowski Andrew Three Eighteen 1910-1996
Koprowski Dorothy Three Eighteen 1918-1997
Koprowski Kenneth Three Eighteen 1955-
Koprowski Leo T Three Second 12/11/1914-11/14/1992 Tec 4 US Army WWII
Koprowski Peter S Three Second 8/2/1907-2/3/1993 Cpl US Army WWII
Kopystianska Ewhena Three Sixteen 1888-1964 Born In The Ukraine
Kopystianski Anizia Three Fifteen 1913-9/27/2001
Kopystianski Walter Three Fifteen 1913-1988
Korbar Julia Three Eighteen no dates
Korbar Tony Three Eighteen 12/20/1917-12/27/1996 Tec 4 US Army WWII
Korbas Angeline I Three Fifteen 1916-1993 Wife and Mother
Korbas Joseph J Three Fourteen 1/25/1917-6/2/1976 CMM US Navy WWII
Korbas Olga L Three Fourteen 1921-
Korbas Walter S "Korby" Three Fifteen 1920-1979 Hunting Scene Stone
Korwin Bernice A Three Seventeen 12/25/1915-4/7/1991 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Korwin Joseph F Three Fifteen 1916-1997 Picturesque Christ Host on Stone
Korwin Rita M Three Fifteen 1920-1988 Picturesque Christ Host on Stone
Korwin Stephen F Three Seventeen 8/15/1915-6/4/1992 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Korzeniewski Alton J Three Seventh 1918-1994
Korzeniewski Henry S Three Fourth 1906-1958
Korzeniewski Mary S Three Seventh 1892-1966
Korzeniewski Robert "Peter" Three Seventh 1927-1993
Korzeniewski Stanley F Three Tenth 1924-1994 Veteran Foreign War
Korzeniewski Theodore L Three Seventh 1885-1971
Korzeniewski Theresa H Three Fourth 1907-1957
Korzeniewski Thomas Three Tenth 1950-1967 Twin Brother of Timothy
Korzeniewski Timothy Three Tenth 1950-1967 Twin Brother Of Thomas
Korzenski Bernard T Three Eighth 1912-1986
Korzenski Eugenia N Three Eighth 1913-
Kosciuszko Stella Three Third 1899-1959
Kosciuszko Thaddeus Three Third 1897-1957
Kosciuszko Thaddeus Jr Three Third 4/1/1924-4/27/1956 NY at 7 USNavy WWII Korea AM
Koszyczarek Mary Three Third 1866-1943
Kozlowski Alphonse H Three Eleventh 1904-1985
Kozlowski Anna M Three Eleventh 1907-1976
Kozlowski Brenda  Three Sixth 1957-1957 Infant
Kozlowski Constance Three Eighth 1877-1960
Kozlowski Frances Three Seventeen 1922-1987
Kozlowski Joseph Three Eighth 1887-1967
Kozlowski Martha Three Seventh 1916-1989
Kozlowski Mary M Three Sixteen 1901-19--
Kozlowski Peter P Three Sixteen 1888-1972 Vet Foreign war marker
Kozlowski Rose Three Seventh 1901-1986
Kozlowski Stanley Three Eleventh 1902-1964
Kozlowski Tillie Three Eleventh 1910-2000
Kozlowski Vincent Three Seventeen 1921-1994
Kroll Cecelia M Three Thirteen 1900-1986
Kroll Helen C Three Thirteen 1892-1982
Kroll Stephen Three Thirteen 8/27/1902-4/4/1982 Cpl US Army- WWII
Kroll Teresa B Three Thirteen 1916-
Kruszynski Casmir F Three First 1888-1940
Kruszynski Frank A Three Fourteen 1892-1974 Together Forever
Kruszynski Helen Three Seventh 1906-1971
Kruszynski Helen M Three First 1893-1917
Kruszynski John Three Seventh 1912-1967
Kruszynski Mary A Three Fourteen 1896-1973 Together Forever
Kruszynski Vernice E Three Fourteen 1896-1978
Kruszynski Walter E Three Fourteen 1894-1979
Krystofiak Bernard S Three Eighteen 11/21/1923-4/4/1992 Cpl US Marine Corps WWII
Krystofiak Dorothy E Three Eighteen 1929-
Krystofiak Elizabeth A Three Seventeen 1917-1998
Krystofiak Fred J Three Seventeen 7/12/1918-6/13/1997 Pfc US Army WWII
Krzyanowicz Patricia M Three Ninth 3/15/1963-1/6/1964
Krzyzanowicz Irene Three Twelfth 1927-
Krzyzanowicz Richard Three Twelfth 3/27/1928-5/9/1993 Pfc US Army  WWII
Krzyzanowski Helen R Three Fourteen 1915-1998
Krzyzanowski Leo A Three Fourteen 3/21/1897-4/26/1983 Pfc Us Army WWI
Kszos Angeline Three Third 1897-1990
Kszos Lawrence Three Third 1894-1952
Kuba Frances Three Fourteen 1928-1995
Kubera Emily A Three Ninth 1910-1991
Kubera Walter J Three Ninth 1905-1957
Kubiak Julia T Three Seventeen 1917-1999
Kubiak Leon J Three Seventeen 1914-1990
Kucharski Mark S Three Ninth 11/22/1965-4/1/1967
Kucharski Matthew Three Nineteen 1912-1987
Kucharski Sophie Three Nineteen no dates
Kuczynski Frank W Three Ninth 6/24/1894-5/25/1961 NY Wagr Btry D 11 FieldArty WWII FW
Kuczynski Lillian A Three Ninth 1897-1980
Kuczynski Rose K Three Fourth 1892-1970
Kuczynski Stanley K Three Fourth 1896-1946 Vet marker
Kujawa Anna C Three Thirteen 1890-1967
Kujawa Frank J Three Thirteen 1/11/1895-8/3/1965 NYCpl CoC312Inf WWI-ForiegnVetmarker
Kujawa Harriett B Three Fourteen 1904-1984
Kujawa Walter E Three Fourteen 1906-1986
Kulpa Anne B Three Eighteen 1940-
Kulpa Frank V Three Eighth 1912-
Kulpa James A Three Eighteen 1971-1993
Kulpa Julia L Three Eighth 1914-
Kulpa Katherine S Three Eighth 1885-1981
Kulpa Peter Three Eighteen 1907-1994
Kulpa Ronald F Three Eighteen 1937-
Kulpa Viola Three Eighteen 1916-
Kupiec Frank A Three Sixth 11/4/1918-3/26/1992 Tec 4 US Army AirCorps WWII
Kupiec Gertrude M Three Sixth 1923-2001
Kupiec Mary Three Sixth 1893-1957
Kupiec Thomas Three Sixth 1892-1972
Kurgan Frank J Three Fourteen 1910-1986
Kurgan Helen A Three Fourteen 1906-1986
Kurgan Madeline T Three Fourteen 1908-1999
Kurgan Regina T Three Fourteen 1911-1992
Kurgan Sofia E Three Fourteen no dates
Kussy Bernard A Three Nineteen 1915-1993
Kussy Helen M Three Nineteen 1917-1992
Kuzdale Daniel E Three Second 5/16/1926-5/12/1971 NY SIUS NAVYWWII -1 AF Member
Kuzdale Doris nee Rajski Three First 1899-1933
Kuzdale John T Three First 10/14/1896-7/3/1963 NY F2 USNRF WWI
Kuzdzal Anthony P Three First 10/1/1905-12/9/1980 Tec 5 US ARMY WWII
Kuzdzal Anthony Sr Three First 1870-1956 Father
Kuzdzal Edward S Three Second 1897-1954 American Legion marker
Kuzdzal Frank P Three First 1904-1961 Son
Kuzdzal Ignatius A Three First 1899-1967 Son
Kuzdzal Magdalena Three First 1874-1957 Mother
Kuzdzal Sophia J Three Second 1900-1987
Kuziora Angeline Three Sixth 1895-1968 Mother
Kuziora Henry Three Sixth 1931- Son
Kuznicki Beatrice M Three Fifth 1914-1995
Kuznicki Blanche L Three Fifth 1926- Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Kuznicki Bronislawa Three Sixth 1894-1970
Kuznicki Dominik Three Sixth 1885-1960
Kuznicki Evelyn A Three Fifth 1914-
Kuznicki Joseph J Three Fifth 10/9/1913-2/4/1969 NY MM3 US Coast Guard WWII
Kuznicki Michael F Three Fifth 1912-1975
Kuznicki Mikolaj Three Fifth 1888-1950
Kuznicki Stanley F Three Fifth 12/11/1924-9/19/1979 US Army
Kuznicki Thomas Three Fifth 1916-1976 US Navy- Dk Vet marker
Kuznicki Wiktorya Three Fifth 1890-1955
Kwiej Albin Three Eleventh 1920-1968
Kwiej Dorothy Three Eleventh 1922-1973
Lack Dolores J Three Nineteen 1929-
Lack Edmund M Three Nineteen 11/21/1915-1/27/1992 Cpl US Army WWII
Lajewski Henry V Three Fifth 10/18/1920-7/25/1944 NY Cpl 21 Regt USMC 3 div WWII
Lajewski Jadwiga Three Fifth 1895-1965
Lajewski Jozef Three Fifth 1895-1986
Lanski Casmir F Three Fifteen 11/19/1920-3/31/1987 Tec 5 US Army  WWII
Lanski Dorothy T Three Fifteen 1921-1989
Leja Dorothy H Three Sixteen 1915-
Leja William W Three Sixteen 1911-1988
Lemanski Bernice Three Twelfth 1917-
Lemanski Frances Three Sixth 1884-1966
Lemanski Harry J Three Twelfth 1914-1981
Lemanski Martin Three Sixth 1888-1968
Lentz Florence Burek Three Sixteen 1930- Mother
Lentz Leonard C Three Sixteen 11/4/1926-12/6/1973 Cpl Army Air Forces WWII - Father- vmark
Leon Paul  Three First no dates
Letersky Alfred W Three Sixteen 1920-1999
Letersky Ann Three Second no dates
Letersky Deborah Ann Three Eleventh 1952-1971
Letersky Frances E Three Eleventh 1888-1973
Letersky Herman P Three Sixteen 9/4/1911-6/7/1990 Sgt Us Army WWII
Letersky John J Three Eleventh 1884-1960
Letersky Norman R Three Second 3/13/1910-1/17/1970 Ny Pfc HQCO CCB AD WWII
Letersky Ralph A Sr Three Eleventh 12/25/1925---- Married 10/30/1948
Letersky Theresa J Three Eleventh 2/25/1929-3/4/1999 Married 10/30/1948
Levandoske Casmir Three Fifth 1906-1965
Levandoske Sally Three Fifth 1911-1991
Levandoski Chester B Three Fifth 9/28/1920-7/11/1987 Cpl US Army WWII
Lewandoski Pauline Three First 1867-1940 Mother
Lewandowski Anastasia Three Fifth 1893-1987
Lewandowski Anthony Three Seventh 1901-1983
Lewandowski Dorothy T Three Fifth 1906-1965
Lewandowski Frances Three Seventh 1905-1963
Lewandowski Leo J Three Fifth 1903-1967 First Ward Falcons marker
Lewandowski Raymond K Three Fourth 1927-1945
Lewandowski Walter Three Fifth 1891-1971
Lipinczyk Stella M Three Fourteen 1898-1966
Lipinczyk Walter J Three Fourteen 1894-1982
Lipka Edwin J Three Eighth 7/12/1917-10/24/1981 Pfc US Army WWII
Lipka Florence O Three Nineteen 1917-1996 Together Forever
Lipka Frances Three Eighth 1885-1971
Lipka Henry V Three Nineteen 1919- Together Forever
Lipka Matthew Three Eighth 1884-1953
Lishev Stefania Three Sixteen 1917-1963
Lishev Vsevolod Three Sixteen 1910-1977
Lokietek Elizabeth C Three Fourth 1906-1998
Lokietek Frank Three Fourth 1906- ?
Lomysh Daria Three Fifteen 1911-
Lomysh Lev Three Fifteen 1909-1991
Luczkowiak Eugene Three Eighteen 1904-1970
Lutgen Jack P  Three First 8/1/1912- ?
Lutgen Patricia E Three First 6/24/1914-9/18/1998
Mackowiak Arthur A Three Ninth 4/6/1920-5/27/1969 NY S Sgt Svc Co423 Infant WWII marker
Mackowiak Edward J Three Third 1917-1952 Father
Mackowiak Esther Three Fourteen 4/3/05
Mackowiak Frances K Three Twelfth no dates
Mackowiak Irene Three Third 1920-2001 Mackowiak Funeral Home marker
Mackowiak Josephine B Three Ninth 1923-
Mackowiak Leonard F Three Fourteen 11/10/1913-2/7/1993 Pvt US Army WWII
Mackowiak Louis M Three Fifth 1899-1963
Mackowiak M Henry Three Twelfth 1919-1979
Mackowiak Mary Three Fourteen no dates
Mackowiak Peter Three Fourteen no dates
Mackowiak Virginia E Three Fifth no dates
Madurski Catherine B Three Nineteen 1923-
Madurski Edward  Three Nineteen 1909-1987
Madurski Frank B Three Nineteen 4/22/1921-5/8/1982 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Madurski Mary S Three Nineteen 1910-1991
Magyar Clara F Three Sixth 1905-1972
Magyar Nicholas J Three Sixth 1910-1967
Mahon Mark L Three Fifteen 1958-1977 Time Takes All But Memories -Picture
Majka Harry J Three Sixth 7/5/1913-9/11/1990 Pfc US Army WWII
Majka John C Three Sixth 1880-1952
Majka Julia R Three Sixth 1911-1985
Majka Mary  Three Sixth 1883-1970
Majka Walter J Three Ninth 2/13/1915-5/10/1999 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Marczynski Helen Three Tenth 1911-1969
Marczynski Louis Three Tenth 1904-1962
Marczynski Monica Three Tenth 1913-1991
Marczynski Theodore Three Tenth 1909-1965
Markuszewski Katherine Three Seventh 19--
Markuszewski Walter Three Seventh 1959-
Marut Jan Three Fourteen 1894-1939 Father
Marut Joseph S Three Fourteen 12/26/1920-8/29/1994 Pfc Us MarineCorps  WWII
Marut Mary Three Fourteen 1897-1975 Mother
Marut Stanley J Three Fourteen 8/1/1919-1/22/1967 NY Pfc 552 Ordnance Co  WWII
Maslach Adam J Three Third 11/30/1906-9/20/1971 May Eternal Light Shine Upon ThemPhoto
Maslach Josephine R Three Third 5/20/1907-3/29/1995 May Eternal Light Shine Upon ThemPhoto
Mataczynski Helen Three Ninth 1921-
Maternowski Dorothy Three Eighteen 1919-1983
Maternowski Edward Three Eighteen 1916-2000
Mathews Ann M Three Nineteen 1941-1997 Together Forever
Mathews Lynn E Three Nineteen 1940- Together Forever
Matyjakowski Eleanor Three Eleventh 1915-
Matyjakowski Frank Three Eleventh 1908-1987
Matyjakowski Henry Three Second 10/23/1910-4/8/1951 NY Tec 5 1207 ServUnit WWII
Matyjakowski Irene Three Eleventh 1915-1977
Matyjakowski Jerome Three Eleventh 6/4/1917-4/10/1984 Pfc US Army WWII
Maurer Constance Three Second 1878-1946 Mother
Maurer Joseph F Three Second 1876-1944 Father
Maurer Katherine Three Second 1880-1972
May Lottie A Three Tenth 1910-1994
May Roman F Three Tenth 1904-1963
McAfee Kathleen K Three Fourth 4/1948-4/2001 Orcutt Funeral Home marker
Mekus Alexander S Three Second 2/29/1908-5/5/1995
Mekus Eugene C Three Fourteen 4/29/1924-3/26/1985 Sfc US Army WWII  Korea
Mekus Felix F Three Seventh 10/10/1895-2/22/1967 NY Cpl Co F 59 Pioneer Infant WWI- mk
Mekus Julia V Three Seventh 1897-1973
Mekus Louis Three Seventeen no dates
Mekus Mary Three Seventeen no dates
Mekus Michael P Three Second 1887-1976 Inscript:Thy Kingdom Come
Mekus Stella Three Second 1890-1988 Inscript: Thy Kingdom Come
Melnyk Bohdan Three Nineteen 1931-1972
Melnyk Irene M -Oleksj Three Nineteen 1911-1972
Mentley Emily S Three Seventeen 1910-1992
Mentley Frank P Three Seventeen 1910-1999
Meyer Josephine H Three Fourteen 1892-1970
Michaels Joseph J Three Fourteen 1907-1986
Michaels Stella Three Fourteen 1909-
Michalak Francis -Kirk Three Nineteen died 1973
Michalak Frank Three Fifth 1897-1968
Michalak Helen Three Nineteen no dates
Michalak Mary Three Fifth 1899-1982
Michalak Peter Three Ninth 1904-1983
Michalak Phillip Felix Three Fourth 5/24/1893-11/21/1963 NY Oiler US Navy WWI
Michalak Raymond Three Fifth 8/20/1924-9/8/1944 Pfc 26 Inf I Div WWII- Vet marker
Michalak Stella Three Ninth 1909-1970
Michalak Viola Three Fourth 1897-1963
Michalski Alphonso Three Seventeen 1915-1985
Michalski Delphine Three Seventeen 1916-1982
Michalski Louise K Three Twelfth 1892-1983 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Michalski Thomas P Three Twelfth 1887-1966 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Miehl Helen Spayer Three Seventeen 1909-1973
Miehl John F Three Seventeen 11/24/1909-3/4/1985 Pfc US Army WWII
Miga Agatha M Three Third 1909-1992
Miga Edward J Three Third 1908-1992
Mikolajczyk Jan Three Second 1869-1947
Mikolajczyk Konstena Three Second 1876-1960
Mikolajczyk Szczepan Three Second 1898-1949
Mildenstein Dorothy E Three Sixteen 1926-1978 Together on stone w  Anthony Zagorski
Mirek Frank Three Eighth 1910-1989
Mirek Stella Three Eighth 1910-1966
Mizwa Frank Three Tenth died 1990
Mizwa Victoria Three Tenth no dates
Mleczko Arthur F  Three Seventeen 12/31/1923-10/10/1997 Sgt US Army WWII -Vet marker
Mleczko Edward Three Seventeen 1915-1983
Mleczko Genevieve Three Seventeen 1923-
Mleczko Jane Three Seventeen 1919-1993
Mleczko John Three Eighth 1888-1977
Mleczko Rose Three Eighth 1893-1961
Moch Lucia A Three Sixth 1907-1999
Moch Stanley F Three Sixth 8/15/1897-5/9/1950 PFC Evacuation Hosp 19 WWI
Mroczka Constance Three Third 1903-1986
Mroczka John Three Third 1902-1952
Mucha John J Three Fourth 8/2/1919-8/9/1944 NY Sgt 109 INF WWII
Mucha Joseph J Three Seventh 8/16/1814-12/9/1996 Cpl US Army WWII- PurpleHeart
Mucha Karolina Three Fifth 1897-1954
Mucha Michael Three Fifth 1898-1966
Mucha Michael F Three Fourth 1932-1951
Mucha Monica T Three Eighth 1922-1965
Mucha Theodore G Three Eighth 5/2/1920-9/2/1987 BKRIUS Navy WWII
Muzacz Anna k Three Thirteen 1891-1975
Muzacz Anthony B Three Thirteen 1889-1963
Nalepa Frank J Three Seventh 1926-1989
Nalepa Mary Three Sixth 1895-1967
Nalepa Rose V Three Seventh 1929-1963
Nalepa Walter Three Sixth 1893-1971
Nevlock ? Three Second 1886-1960
Nevlock Elizabeth  Three Fifteen 1922-
Nevlock Frank J Three Fifteen 1914-2001
Niedbalski Angela B Three Thirteen 1913-1974
Niedbalski Joseph F Three Thirteen 1910-1965
Niedzwiecki Jerome A Three Eighteen 1913-1991
Niedzwiecki Veronica T Three Eighteen 1915-1991
Niewolak Ellen A Three Third 1893-1981
Niewolak Stanley E Three Third 1889-1974
Nocek Paul Three Second 1880-1951
Nocek Sophie Three Second 1892-1972
Nowacki Julia Three First died 1973 Infant
Nowacki Lucy E Three First 1889-1971
Nowacki Mary Three First died 1961 Infant
Nowacki Walter F Three First 1886-1942
Nowak Albert J Three Tenth no dates
Nowak Alberta Three Tenth no dates
Nowak Edmund A Three Eighteen died 1982
Nowak Frances E -Luczkowiak Three Eighteen died 1977
Nowak Josephine Three Tenth no dates
Ofiara George M Three Eleventh 1896-1966 Our Father Who Art In Heaven-Vet mark
Ofiara Sophie M Three Eleventh 1905-1989 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Oleksij Gregory Three Sixteen 11/30/1912-2/9/1995 Beloved Father and Grandfather
Olekslj Tatiana Three Seventeen 1891-1981 Mother -Inscript: ICXC
Opaciuch Bernice Three Sixth 1905-1987
Opaciuch John Three Sixth 1903-1983
Orcutt George H Three Nineteen 1/4/1921-3/27/1992 Pfc US Army Air Corps  WWII
Orcutt Jean E Three Nineteen 1915-
Oyach Frank Three Eighth 1915-1961
Oyach Jennie Three Eighth 1918-
Pachol Sophie Three Eighth 1912-1995
Pachol Thaddeus Three Eighth 1911-
Pakulski Bertha F Three Tenth 1899-1970
Pakulski Felix R Three Tenth 11/6/1898-4/27/1990 SEA2 US Navy WWI
Pakulski Marcia C Three Fifteen 1943-
Pakulski Robert F Three Fifteen 1930-1984
Panek Stanley J Three Fifteen 1907-1983
Panek Thelma G Three Fifteen 1909-1999
Pangborn Daniel Three First 1954- Our Son
Panowicz Allen Three Tenth 1903-1972 Inscript: Brother
Panowicz Emily Three Ninth died1991
Panowicz Frenchie Three Ninth died 1971
Panowicz Hattie Three Tenth 1910-2000 Inscript:Sister
Panowicz Michael J Three Second 1891-1974
Panowicz Sophie M Three Second 1894-1988
Papierski Agnes Three Sixteen 1889-1974
Papierski Leo Three Sixteen 1883-1970
Parker Raymond A Three First 3/24/1926-4/11/1964 NY RM3 USNR WWII
Parker Ursula Three First no dates
Paszwa Ludwig Three Fifth 1885-1955
Pauszek Casmir "Cash" Three Seventh 1901-1982
Pauszek Dorothy M Three Tenth 1900-1970
Pauszek Felix A Three Tenth 1900-1981
Pauszek Ida Hedwig Three Seventh 1903-1979
Pawlak Agnes B Three Eighteen 1911-1988
Pawlak Alphonso R Three Seventeen 1908-1976
Pawlak Chester A Three Seventeen 1921- Father
Pawlak Eleanor P Three Seventeen 1924- Mother
Pawlak John C Three Seventeen 1950- Son
Pawlak Richard F Three Eleventh 4/2/1933-9/16/1979 Us Air Force Korea
Pawlak Shirley A Three Seventeen 1908-1984
Pawlak Steve J Three Eighteen 12/2/1908-5/15/1996 FI US Navy
Pawlak Valerie F Three Eleventh 1936- God's Love
Pawlowski Geraldine Three Ninth 1931-
Pawlowski Harry Three Ninth 1909-1965
Pawlowski Julia Three Ninth no dates
Pazderski Frances Three Fourth 1894-1984 Together We Remain
Pazderski Irene Three Fourth 1916- Together We Remain
Pazderski Raymond Three Fourth 1892-1970 Together We Remain
Pchelka Elaine C Three Eighteen 1931-1999
Pchelka Harry E Three Eighteen 3/23/1928-7/15/1996 F1 US Navy WWII
Pencek John T Three Twelfth 1918-1963
Pencek Lillian A Three Sixteen 1905-1998
Pencek Mary A Three Eighth 1878-1959 Mother
Pencek Mary D Three Twelfth 1925-
Pencek Matilda M Three Seventeen 1919-1993
Pencek Paul F Three Sixteen 1901-1970
Pencek Peter A Three Seventeen 7/6/1915-12/18/1973 NY Tec 5 US Army WWII -vet marker
Penkaty George J Three Eighth 1883-1961
Penkaty Veronica Three Eighth 1894-1967
Perry Bernard D Three First 1912-1991 McGraws Funeral Home marker
Perry Virginia A Three First 1919-1995 McGraws Funeral Home marker
Petras Geraldine Three Second 1930-1944
Petras John Three Second 1903-1949
Petras Viola Three Second 1903-1999
Philip E Three Second 1918-1943 Lt US Army Air Force-AmLeg marker
Pincoski Eugene Three Tenth 1922-2001
Pincoski Gary Three Tenth 1952-1970
Pincoski Irene Three Tenth 1928-
Pincoski Patricia A Three Tenth 1933- Serenity Prayer On back of stone
Pincoski Richard E Three Tenth 1932-1974 Serenity Prayer On back of stone
Piniewski Rose M Three Seventeen 1927-1990
Piniewski Stanley J Three Seventeen 1926-
Piwowarski Paul Three Sixth 1889-1962
Piwowarski Tekla Three Sixth 1890-1973
Piwowarski Walter Three Sixth 1913-1987 Loving Father
Pleszewski Irene J Three Sixteen 1919-1990
Pleszewski Nicholas J Three Sixteen 6/20/1919-10/2/1997 Y2 US Navy WWII
Pleva Dorothy Three Sixteen 1924-1991 Always In Our Hearts
Pleva Edwin P Three Sixteen 4/1/1922-10/2/1990 T Sgt Us Army WWII
Plewa Peter S Three Fourth 1885-1957
Plewa Rose C Three Fourth 1890-1972
Pochylski Belle F Three Fourth died 1953
Pochylski John J Three Fourth died 1958
Pogorzelski Andrew Three Ninth 1864-1956
Pogorzelski Stella Three Ninth 1875-1970
Polasik Andrew S Three Twelfth 1887-1974
Polasik Clement Three Eleventh 1914-
Polasik Felix J Three Fifth 1900-1946
Polasik Josephine Three Fourth 1899-1992
Polasik Lottie R Three Twelfth 1894-1983
Polasik Mary Ann Three Eleventh 1920-
Polasik Stanley Three Fourth 1899-1970
Polasik Stanley J Three Fourth 11/22/1925-4/1/1945 NY Pfc54ARMDINFBN10ARMDDIVWWII
Polasik Theresa H Three Fifth 1898-1986
Polinski Joseph F Three Ninth died October 12,1972
Polinski Selma M Three Ninth no dates
Polowy Jerome E  "Cleo" Three Seventh 9/30/1918-7/17/1996 Cpl US Marine Corp WWII
Polowy Mary A Three Third 1895-1987
Polowy Mary H Three Fourth 1891-1961
Polowy Mildred M Three Third 1922-1995
Polowy Peter P Three Third 1892-1940
Polowy Vincent J Three Fourth 1886-1969
Poweska Nicholas Three Second 1894-1979
Poweska Stella Three Second 1895-1945
Poznanczyk Beatrice M Three Seventeen 1914-1993
Poznanczyk Leo E Three Seventeen 9/2/1915-12/29/1991 Pfc US Army  WWII
Prell Rose Three Fourteen 1882-1985
Price Frank F Three Fourth 1890-1953
Price Josephine R Three Fourth 1890-1963
Pryll Norma F Three Nineteen 1928-1983
Przybycien Delphine A Three Fourteen no dates
Przybycien Genevieve Three Seventh no dates
Przybycien Michael Three Seventh no dates Disabled Vet marker-Foreign Wars Vet
Przybycien Thomas F Three Fourteen 1913-1995
Przybyla Alfred Three Tenth 11/21/1914-2/22/1988 T Sgt US Army WWII Vet marker
Przybyla Loretta Three Tenth 1918-1970
Przytula Aloysius Three Fifth no dates
Przytula Delphine Three Fifth no dates
Purzycki Stanley Three Sixteen 1908-1989
Purzycki Victoria Three Sixteen 1910-1985
Randall Gertrude J Three Ninth 1920-1996
Randall Harry K Three Ninth 1918-1976 WWII
Ranus Alexander Three Eighteen died 1993
Ranus Ann Three Eighteen no dates
Ranus Dolores J Three Eighteen 1931-
Ranus Leonard L Three Eighteen 2/10/1927-6/30/1990 Pfc US Marine Corps  WWII
Ranus Martha M Three Nineteen died 1973
Ranus Stanley Three Nineteen died 1989
Rasmus Belle Three Fifteen no dates
Rasmus Edward Three Fifteen 1930-1971
Rasmus Frances Three Fifteen no dates
Rasmus Fred B Three Fifteen 1933-
Rasmus Joseph Three Fifteen no dates
Rasmus Louise A Three Fifteen 1934-1999
Renwick Frances A Three Sixth 3/26/1917-2/2/1967 ACM US Navy WWII
Root Elvina L Three First no dates
Root Ralph J Three First 11/23/1923-8/24/1988 Tec 4 US Army WWII
Ross Joseph F Three Eleventh 1918-1971
Ross Rozalia Three Eleventh 1914-
Rozmin Stacia Monique Three Eighteen 8/16/1999-8/26/1999 Infant
Rozumalski Frank Three Fourth 1877-1957
Rozumalski Irene A Three Eleventh 1920-
Rozumalski John M Three Eleventh 1913-1984
Rozumalski Myrtle Three Fourth 1880-1953
Rozumalski Peter P Three Eighteen 12/25/1894-12/6/1966 NY Mech Infantry WWI
Rushboldt Edward Three Eleventh 1895-1969
Rushboldt Felix F Three Eleventh 11/6/1901-9/8/1969 Pfc UsArmy WWI -AmerLegion marker
Rushboldt Theresa Three Eleventh 1893-1979
Rushboldt Virginia Three Eleventh 1914-
Rutkowska Elzbieta Three Third 1898-1945
Rutkowski Agnieszka Three Third 1857-1944
Rutkowski Andrzej Three Third 1857-1948
Rutkowski Frederick Three Fourteen 12/24/1915-4/10/1988 S Sgt US Army WWII
Rutkowski John J Three Fifteen 1888-1967
Rutkowski Joseph Fred Three Fourteen 1948-1990
Rutkowski Mildred Three Fourteen 1913-
Rutkowski Victoria R Three Fifteen 1887-1973
Rybij Mary Three Tenth 1895-1984
Rybij Regina Three Tenth no dates
Rybij William Three Tenth no dates
Ryczko Anna S Three Third 1886-1971
Ryczko Helen L Three Third 1925-
Ryczko Joseph A Three Third 1929- 1999
Ryczko Peter J Three Third 1885-1961
Sadowski Babe Three Eleventh 1918-1987 My love is eternal Tina, Rem.forever Pat
Sadowski Sandy Three Eleventh 1914-1976 My love is eternal Tina, Rem.forever Pat
Sajdak Aloysius Sr Three Tenth 1905-1965
Sajdak Joanna Three Tenth 1905-1998
Sajdak Leon S Sr Three Tenth 1903-1962
Sajdak Pauline Three Tenth 1910-
Sanecki Mary Ann Three Second 1949-1984
Schubarga Anna J Three Seventh 1909-1985
Schubarga Norman J Three Seventh 1909-
Schultz Alex Three Eleventh 1917-1977
Schultz Betty Three Eleventh 1917-1980
Schultz Edward J Three Seventh 11/30/1902-7/24/1986 Pfc US Army WWIIPhoto
Schultz Ernest Joseph Three Third 12/20/1925-1/13/1958 NY S2 USNR WWIIPhoto
Schultz Mary B Three Seventh 1909-1996Photo
Sekula Anastasia P Three Fifteen 1897-1985
Setera Anna Three Sixth died 3/10/1970
Setera Valentine Three Sixth died 4/19/1963
Shain Anna Three Twelfth 1891-1982 Mother
Shain Jackson R Three Twelfth 6/8/1879-4/13/1961 NY ICL Pvt 1 BN Engineers-marker
Sikora Anthony J Three Eighteen 1/12/1919-1/10/1988 S Sgt US Army WWII
Sikora Delphine D Three Eighteen 1921-
Sikora John J Three Twelfth 1920-1989
Sikora Katherine Three Fifth 1895-1996
Sikora Michael P Three Third 11/8/1917-2/8/2000 Tec5 USArmy WWII- PHeart
Sikora Mildred B Three Twelfth 1921-2000
Sikora Sohie T Three Third 1915-1963
Sikora Stanley J Three Eighteen 1919-2001 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Sikora Thomas Three Fifth 1891-1948
Sikorski Frank Three Sixth 1896-1973 Pvt US Army WWI- AmLegion marker
Sikorski Josephine Three Sixth 1871-1948
Sikorski Martin Three Sixth 1865-1947
Sikorski Sally L Three Eighteen 1897-1993
Sikorski Sophie Three Sixth 1899-1972 Together Forever
Sikorski Stanley W Three Eleventh 1899-1967
Sikorski Viola R Three Eleventh 1912-1983
Sikorski Walter P Three Eighteen 11/11/1894-4/7/1982 Pfc US Army WWI -AmLeg marker
Sipiorski Anthony E Three Fifth 1897-1963 AmerLegion marker
Sipiorski Emily C  Three Fifth 1900-1984
Sipiorski Helen Three Fifth 1895-1983
Sipiorski Pelagia B Three Fifth 1890-1972
Skrzypek Edward S Three Seventeen 1944-1986 American Flag on stone
Skrzypek Esther Three Seventeen 1929-
Skrzypek Richard Three Seventeen 9/17/1919-1/1/1988 S Sgt US Army AirCorps WWII
Skrzypek Richard A Three Seventeen 12/8/1959-12/19/1982 AIC US Air Force
Slawinski Anthony J Three Eleventh 1916-1987
Slawinski Olga L Three Eleventh 1917-1986 As Always
Sliwinski Lillian Three Fourth 1906-1992
Slojkowski Henry Three Ninth 1913-1977
Slojkowski Nora Three Ninth 1903-1970
Slominski Mary R Three Third 1894-1991 My Father Who Art In Heaven
Slominski Walter Three Third 1893-1980 My Father Who Art In Heaven
Slonia Irene Delphine Three Eighth 1919-2000
Slonia Matthew John Three Eighth 3/6/1921-9/23/1955 NYCplCoA832 Engr Avn Bn-DkVetWWII
Smith Arthur J Three Second 1901-1975
Smith Eugenia G Three Second 1904-
Smith Frances J Three Seventh 1912-1981
Smith Michael Three Fourteen 1902-1979
Smith Peter J Three Eighth 8/10/1914-2/7/1992 SKG3 USNavy WWII-Korea- Dis Vet
Smith Raymond Three Seventh 1907-1986
Smith Rosalie B Three Eighth 1908-1997
Smith Sophie Three Fourteen 1906-1988
Smoczynski Edmund J Three Fifth 1910-1983 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Smoczynski Florence M Three Fifth 1916-1965 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Snieg John Three Eighth 1886-1974
Snieg Julia Three Eighth 1892-1984
Snyder Ann M Kober Three Fourteen 1915-1986
Sobczak Agnes H Three Seventeen 1920- In Loving Memory
Sobczak Alex Three Seventeen 1926- shared stone w Poncharik
Sobczak Delphine Three Seventeen 1926- shared stone w Poncharik
Sobczak Walter E Three Seventeen 1/14/1920-5/14/1991 Pfc US Army WWII
Sobilo Eleanora S Three Third 1887-1955
Sobilo John C Three Third 1886-1978
Somerfeldt Anastasia Three First 1892-1972
Somerfeldt Andrew B Three First 10/15/1888-11/11/1961 NY Cook 2 Co Trans Corps WWI- mrk
Somerfeldt Jerome J Three Ninth 1912-1987-(Staff Srgt.Us Army WWII P.H.)
Somerfeldt Julia W Three Ninth 1918-2007
Somerfeldt Mary Ann Three First 1923-1972
Somerfeldt Rose V Three Nineteen died 1972
Somerfeldt Stanley A Three Nineteen died 1973
Somerfeldt Walter E Three Eleventh 6/17/1914-6/9/1968 NY Pvt 362Inf 91Inf Div WWII- Vet marker
Sosinski Anthony Jr Three Fifth 1930-1947
Sosinski Anthony L Three Fifth 2/15/1896-11/14/1956 NY PvtCoM346 Inf WWI-  Father
Sosinski Margaret Three Fifth 1927-1999
Sosinski Marie P Three Fifth 1907-1952 Mother
Sosinski Richard M Three Fifth 6/16/1928-6/15/1990 Pfc US Army Korea
Sprague Juanita F Three Nineteen 1952-1985 Ladies Aux. VFW
Sprague Martha R Three Eighteen 1918-1972
Sprague Milton E Three Eighteen 11/19/1913-6/4/1977 Sgt US Army
Standera Sophia Three Fifteen 1903-1984
Standera Walter Three Fifteen 1904-1966
Steffan Andrew J Three Fourteen 1908-1973 Together Forever
Steffan Caroline Three Ninth 1907-1979
Steffan Celia S Three Fourteen 1912- 5/27/1986 Together Forever
Steffan Edward Three Ninth 1904-1970
Stolinski Aloysius H Three Twelfth 2/9/1914-6/21/2000 Pfc US Army WWII
Stolinski Angeline M Three Twelfth 1919-1998
Stolinski REV Robert A Three Twelfth 1945-
Strychalski Vincent C Sr Three Sixteen 7/2/1914-7/26/1984 Wt2US Navy WWII Vet Foreign Wars
Strychalski Wanda I Three Sixteen 1916-1993
Sudol Genevieve Three Twelfth 1913-1980
Sudol Joseph Three Twelfth 1917-1973
Surma Stephen F Three Third 1910-1956
Suski Joseph  Three Fifth 1913-
Suski Julianna Three Fifth 1887-1949
Suski Marcin Three Fifth 1881-1956
Suski Mary Three Fifth 1914-1988
Sypniewski Bernice Three Seventh 1909-1993
Sypniewski Constance Three Seventh 1883-1972
Sypniewski Stanislaus Three Seventh 1881-1958
Sysol Antonina Three Eighth 1894-1977 Not My Will But Thy Will
Sysol Chester L "Chet" Three Fourteen 9/6/1915-10/23/1984 Pfc Army WWII
Sysol Genevieve "Jean" Three Fourteen 1919-1990
Sysol Ludwig Three Eighth 1890-1969 Not My Will But Thy Will
Szewczyk Florence Three Eleventh 1913-1974
Szewczyk Joseph Three Eleventh 1911-1991
Szocki Agnes Three Seventh 1926-
Szocki Daniel  Three Seventh 1924-1964 Dk Vet marker
Szocki Eugene G Three Twelfth 6/25/1923-7/13/1982 SC 3 US CoastGuard WWII
Szocki Mildred M Three Twelfth 1920-
Szocki Reginald F Three Nineteen 12/8/1925-1/5/1993 S1 US Navy  WWII
Szocki Theresa M Three Nineteen 1928-
Szopinski Theodore N Three Fourteen 3/22/1927-5/17/1984 Cpl Us Army WWII
Szot Caroline Three Third 1895-1943
Szot Sebastian Three Third 1887-1972
Szukala Anthony J Three Fifth 1902-1971
Szukala Florence  Three Fifth 1912-1967
Szukala Helen Three Twelfth no dates Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Szukala James R Three Fifth 4/16/1949-11/9/1949 Son
Szukala Louis Three Twelfth no dates Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Szukala Peter Three Eleventh 1903-1979 Together Forever
Szukala Sophie Three Eleventh 1907-1980 Together Forever
Szwejbka Albin J Three Third 1928-
Szwejbka Eleanore M Three Third 1927-
Szydlo Helen Three Ninth 1921-
Szydlo John Three Ninth 1908-1965
Szymanowicz Adrian A Three Sixth 1918-1989
Szymanowicz Andrew C Three Sixth 1884-1952
Szymanowicz Hedwig A Three Sixth 1886-1963
Szymanowicz Janet B Three Sixth 1935-
Szymanowicz Jozefa B Three Fourth 2/1887-10/1956
Szymanowicz Stanislaw J Three Fourth 1/1882-10/1958
Szymanski Helen J Three Eighth 1883-1961
Szymanski Peter Three Eighth 1883-1974
Teclaw Julia S Three First 1966-
Teclaw Leon M Three First 1982-
Terese Anthony P Three Seventeen 11/22/1924-9/17/1992 Pfc US Army WWII -Purple Heart
Terese Elaine R Three Seventeen 1932-
Thomas Helen Three Fourth 1900-1971
Thomas Joseph A Three Fourth 1896-1973
Tofil Elizabeth J  Three Fourth 1927-19--
Tofil Frances A Three Fourth 1924-
Tofil Irene M Three Fourth 1918-1991
Tofil Leo Three Fourth 2/6/1928-9/20/1963 Pfc US Army WWII
Tofil Mary Three Fourth 1921- Daughter
Tofil Michael T  Three Fourth 1926-
Tofil Rita Helen Three Fourth died June 1950
Tofil Salomea Three Fourth 1894-1949 Mother
Tofil Stanislaw Three Fourth 1890-1976  Father
Tuczynski Joseph A Three Nineteen 1905-1978
Tuczynski Josephine A Three Nineteen 1908-1996
Urbanik Theresa H Three Second no dates
Urbanik Walter J Three Second no dates
Velk Sophia Three Fifth 1891-1964
Velk Stanislaus Three Fifth 1888-1974
Waclawski Betty L Three Fifteen 1921-
Waclawski Carl S Three Fifteen 4/5/1918-4/18/1990 Tec 5 US Army WWII
Waclawski Michael C Three Seventh July 20-21, 1988 Asleep In The Arms Of Jesus
Waclawski Richard II Three Seventh Oct 22-Dec 2,1970 Our Little Boy-Always In Our Hearts
Walczak Anthony J Three Twelfth 1916-
Walczak Celia Three Twelfth 1912-1980
Walczak Julian S Three Eighth 2/2/1924-5/6/1980 Pfc US Army WWII
Walczak Mary A Three Eighth 1891-1973
Wasag Angeline Three Seventh 1892-1965
Wasag Jerome P Three Seventh 11/1/1934-9/9/1984 A3C US Air Force
Wasag Louis Three Seventh 1888-1959
Wawro Frances J Three Fourteen 1911-1985
Wawro Raymond K Three Fourteen 1912-1984
Weglinski Frank Three First 1895-1991
Weglinski Victoria  Three First 1893-1980
Welka Felix F Three Fourteen 1924-
Welka Francis J Three Fourteen 2/10/1930-8/23/1985 Sgt US Army Korea
White Andrew John Three Ninth 2/1/1906-2/14/1973 NY CGM US Navy WWII-marker
White Anna Three Ninth 1907-1976
White Robert Andrew -Bienko Three Eighteen 8/8/1987-10/14/1990 Letter from Mom- engraved on back
Winceniak Albert F Three Ninth 1909-1986 Together Forever
Winceniak Florence Three Ninth 1913-2000 Together Forever
Wisniewski Alexander Three Seventh 1893-1957
Wisniewski Anna Three Seventh 1904-1983
Wisniewski Anna A Three Eighteen 1910-1998
Wisniewski Ed Cherry Three Eighteen 1902-1985
Wisniewski Emily Three Fifteen 1917-1991
Wisniewski Stanley Three Fifteen 1918-1962
Witerski Casmir S Three Eighteen 1910-1983
Witerski Celia S Three Eighteen 1912-1992
Wlodarek Harry E Three Fifteen 1912-1999
Wlodarek Mary M Three Fifteen 1914-
Wojarnarowski Adolph Three Seventh 1912-1999
Wojarnarowski Barbara Three Seventh died 1940
Wojarnarowski Mildred Three Seventh 1916-
Wojcinski Edmund J Three Sixteen 3/8/1913-3/8/1995 Tec 4 US Army WWII died on birthdate
Wojcinski Eleanor  Three Nineteen 1929-
Wojcinski Florence J Three Sixteen 1920-1986
Wojcinski Henry P Three Nineteen 6/4/1926-11/9/1997 Pfc US Army WWII
Wojcinski John Three First 1888-1975 Father
Wojcinski Josepg G Three Sixteen 1956-
Wojcinski Nancy Three Nineteen 1955-1977
Wojcinski Rita W Three First 1921-1939
Wojcinski Sophia Three First 1891-1968 Mother
Wolak Barney J Three Eighth 1907-1956
Wolak John Three Eleventh 1899-1967 American Legion marker
Wolak Theodosia Three Eleventh 1910-1987
Wolak William Three Eighth 1902-1961
Wolfe A Mildred Three Fourth 1927-
Wolfe Allen Paul Three Fourth 1962-1964 Our Darling-In God's Care
Wolfe Robert F Three Fourth 2/6/1924-9/30/1969 NY Pfc BTRY C 72 AAABN WWII
Worosz Belle Three Thirteen 1903-1984 Together Forever
Worosz Felix  "Zip" Three Thirteen 1898-1988 Together Forever
Wozniak Adam L Three Sixth 12/6/1892-1/11/1965 NY BKRI US Navy -Dk Vet marker
Wozniak Mary Three Sixth 1894-1978
York Agnes P Three Fourth 1/6/1908-2/18/1993
Zacharias John E Three Tenth Janurary 10 1985
Zacharias Stella G Three Tenth October 6 1999
Zachary Chester J Three Eleventh 1917-1977
Zachary Frances Three Eleventh 1919-2000
Zacharzewski Aloysius A Three Sixteen 7/7/1916-12/22/1988 S Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII
Zacharzewski Mary P Three Sixteen 1918- US Navy
Zaedow Eleanor Three Tenth 1914-1973
Zaedow John G Three Tenth 4/23/1909-5/18/1973 Tec4 US Army WWII
Zagorski Anthony C Three Sixteen 1917-1968 Disabled Vet marker  - shared stone
Zaleski John B Three Tenth died 8/29/1973
Zaleski Martha Three Tenth died 7/10/1974
Zatorski Frank Three Sixth 1888-1967
Zatorski Stella Three Sixth 1893-1963
Zebracki Angeline Three Eighth 1918-1990
Zebracki Peter J Three Eighth 1911-1975
Zebraski Joseph A Three Tenth 1900-1966
Zebraski Monica C Three Tenth 1903-1992
Ziegler  Martha  J Three Fifteen 1909-1965
Ziegler Diane A Three Eighteen no dates Limo Picture on stone
Ziegler Paul B Three Fifteen 1901-1979
Ziegler Paul H Three Eighteen 1934-1997 Limo Picture on stone
Zielinski Adam Three Second 1868-1952
Zielinski Antonina Three Second 1881-1942
Zielinski Felix B Three Second 1917-5/8/1980
Zielinski Joan Three Second 9/21/1919-10/20/2001
Ziemba Andrew J Three Sixth 1938-
Ziemba Belle Three Sixth 1897-1990
Ziemba Dorothy M Three Nineteen 1931-20--
Ziemba Edward J Three Nineteen 4/8/1927-12/13/1999 Pfc US Army Air Forces  WWII
Ziemba John Three Sixth 1893-1974
Zinkan Austin  F Three Ninth 1884-1978
Zinkan Helen J Three Ninth 1896-1978
Ziolkowski Mary A Three Eighth 1898-1964
Ziolkowski Walter F Three Eighth 1896-1976
Zolnoski Adam E Three Tenth 1914-1967
Zolnoski Joan R Three Tenth 1924-
Zuchowski Daniel M Three Twelfth 1922-1993
Zuchowski Irene Three Twelfth 1921-
Zwolak Anna Three Eighth 1896-1976
Zwolak Frank Three Eighth 1893-1956

As Interred Section Three

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