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 St Hyacinth's Cemetery

Section Two In Alphabetical Order

Code :Name - Section - Row - Inscriptions

???? Eva Two Sixteen ???? cement cross- possible Franckiewicz
???? Jozef Two Sixteen ???? small stone-Polish Inscript.
Adamczak Stella Two Twentyfive 1889-1965
Adamczak Valentine Two Twentyfive 1890-1947
Adamczak Virginia D Two Sixteen 1904-1968 Beloved Mother
Adamowicz Christopher M Two Eleventh died 1975 Infant
Adamski Theresa A Two Tenth died 1947 Baby Theresa
Andrews Dorothy Two Eleventh no dates
Andrews John Two Eleventh ?-1995 American Legion marker
Andrzejewski Louis Two Twelfth 1906-1930
Andrzejewski Mary Two First 1896-1903
Andrzejewski Michael Two Second 1858-1914
Andrzejewski Victoria Two Tenth 1862-1927
Augustyn Genevieve Two Sixth 1912-1922 The Lord Is My Shepherd
Baczkonski Adam Two First died 1902 Son of F and F Baczkonski
Bain Frank J Two Fifth died 1955
Bak Andrew Two Fifteen 1891-1944
Bak Anna Two Fifteen 1892-1965
Banach Henry Two Ninth died 1936 Infant
Banach Jan Two Twelfth 1882-1943
Banach Katarzyna Two Twelfth 1885-1964
Banach Mary Two Second 1878-1916 Inscript: and Daughter
Banach Mary Two Twelfth 1891-1959
Banach Walter Two Tenth 1881-1942
Barlog Anthony Two Fifteen 1870-1932
Bartkowski Kathleen Marie Two Eleventh June 16-24,1986 Infant
Bebak Anna C Two Seventh 1891-1922
Bebak Jacob S Two Thirteen 1884-1960
Begier Josephine Two First 1914-1914 metal cross ?
Belka Walter Two Fourth ?- June 3,1941 NY Corp Ord Dept
Berek Barbara Two Tenth died 1953 Infant
Berek Mary Two Fifteen 1890-1976 shared stone w/ Mackowiak
Beyer Mary Two Twentyone 1860-1911
Bialaszewski Jean Two Fifth 1921-1955
Bialaszewski Josephine Two Third 1858-1950
Bialaszewski Valentine Two Ninth 1860-1926
Bialkowski Jan Two Third 1823-1904
Biekaszka Anna Two Sixteen 1902-1945
Bielaszka Thomas Two Sixteen 1888-1963
Bienko Alex Sr Two Second 1881-1950
Bienko Clara L Two Sixteen 1886-1968 Mother
Binkowski Cecelia Two Fifteen 1884-1965
Blazejewicz John M Two Tenth 11/11/1946-11/26/1946 Our Baby
Bleck Ferdinand Two Seventh 1873-1906
Bober Frank F Two Thirteen 1/25/1899-3/21/1963 NY Pvt 877CML CO AIR OPR WWII
Borowczyk Rozalia Two Twenty 1861-1947
Borowczyk Tomasz Two Twenty 1859-1945
Boryczka Henry A Two Nineteen 1899-1935
Boryczka Louise Two Twelfth 1873-1930
Boryczka Thomas Two Twelfth 1869-1955
Braciszewski Madeline Two Twelfth 1875-1944
Braciszewski Martin Two Fifth 1864-1941
Bronislawa ? Two Eight ???? 2 ft white stone cross
Brzuszkiewicz Franciszek Two Ninth ???? UMarla26 Wrzesnia1907 Lat 90
Brzuszkiewicz Franciszeka Two Ninth ???? Polish Inscription - Zona
Brzyski Andrzeja Two First 1875-1948
Brzyski Jozefa Two First 1878-1975
Bucholtz Frank Sr Two Nineteen 1861-1935 Father
Bucholtz Mary Two Sixth 1864-1965 Inscript: Mother
Bucholtz Sophia Two Sixth 1905-1961 Inscript: Mother
Budniewski Joseph Two Seventh died 1906
Butryn Andrej Two Fifth 1890-1918
Butryn Angeline Two Twentyfour 1886-1965
Butryn Peter Two Twentyfour 1880-1946
Ceranowicz Two Sixth 2 ft. white stone
Cerlik Joseph Two First 1878-1939
Chrabasz Anthony A Two Sixteen 1/21/1913-10/28/1967 NY Pvt 21 Engineer AVNBN WWII
Chrabaszcz Helen Two Sixteen 1883-1948
Chrabaszcz Stanley Two Ninth 1870-1926 Inscript: Father
Chudzik Agnicz A Two Fifth 1882-1916 Polish Inscript. Hard to read
Chudzinski Joanna Two Eleventh 1891-1973
Chudzinski Joseph Two Eleventh 1889-1959
Chudzinski Jozef Syn Two Nineteen 1903-1935
Chudzinski Stanley J Two Fifth 8/5/1901-1/3/1955 NY482BASEHQABSQAAFWWIIAmLeg
Chudzinski Tillie Two Twentyfive 1883-1964 Mother
Chudzinski Walter E Two Fifth 10/3/1905-7/25/1975 Pfc US ARMY
Ciepiela George Two Sixteen 1871-1945
Ciepiela Joseph Two Ninth died 12/20/1932 Inscript: Infant Son
Ciepiela Joseph F Two Sixteen 9/6/1896-12/6/1967 US Navy WWI
Ciepiela Josephine Two Sixteen 1864-1958
Ciepiela Lois Two Ninth 9/15/1931-1/4/1932 Inscript: Our Daughter
Ciepiela Theresa Two Sixteen 1898-1963
Ciesielska Jozefa Two Ninth 1927 -1927 Um21Maja1927-Pocrzeb24Maja1927
Cieslawski Helen Two Twentyone 1888-1938
Cieslawski Vincent Two Twentyone 1880-1937
Cieslewicz Agnes Two Sixth 1880-1956
Cieslewicz Anastasia Two Fourth 1881-1951
Cieslewicz Boleslaus Two Sixth 1897-1959
Cieslewicz Frances Two Seventeen 1855-1911 Mother
Cieslewicz John Two Ninth 1848-1926 Inscript: Father
Cieslewicz William Two Fourth 1879-1955
Czarnecki John Two Fourth 1841-1918
Czarnecki Michalina Two Tenth 1865-1927
Czarniak Andrzej Two Fifteen 3/23/32
Czarniak Frances Two Twentyfive 5/8/47
Czarniak Stanley F Two Eleventh 9/1/1889-1/2/1968 NY Pvt CO L345 Inf WWI
Czarniak Victoria F Two Eleventh 1891-1959
Czeck Henry E Two Twelfth 1913-1959
Czeck Julia H Two Twelfth 1922-1987
Czekanski Mary Two Twenty 1884-1968
Dean Elizabeth Two Eighteen 1895-1985
Dean Otto Two Eighteen 1896-1965
Deszc L Two Tenth died 1950 Infant
Dloniak Victoria M Two Nineteen died 3/15/1935
Dobek Andrzej Two Seventh 1882-1922
Dobek Anna Two Third 1913-1917 In ground stone
Dobek Frank Two Sixth 1874-1941
Dobek Zofia Two Sixteen 1892-1945
Dobrzyn Anthony Two Nineteen 1898-1935
Doktor Josephine Two Fifteen 1904-1960
Dolski Daniel Two First 1912-1939? Inscript: Son
Dolski Edward S Two Second 1873-1947 Inscript: Father
Dolski Josephine Two First 1883-1947 Inscript: Mother
Dombrowski Aloys S Two Sixth 1905-1955
Dombrowski Anthony Two Eighth 1850-1925
Dombrowski Eugene Two Eighth 1927-1928 Always In Our Hearts
Dombrowski Mary Two Eighth 1857-1935
Domst Anthony Two Twentyfour 1902-1979
Domst Cecile Two Twentyfour 1906-1993
Domst Thomas Two Twentyfive 1936-1967 Dunkirk Vet marker
Drag John A Two Fifteen 1918-1968 Son
Drag Veronica Two Fifteen 1892-1960
Dragon Antonette Two Fourth 1883-1967
Dragon Joseph Two Fourth 1873-1952
Dubiel Jozef Two Fourteen 1887-1930 Polish Inscription
Dubiel Justyna Two Fourteen 1887-1966 Polish Inscription - Zona
Dudeck Mary Two Fourteen 1868-1930 Mother
Dudeck Michael Two Fifteen 1862-1932 ?
Dudek Agnieszka Two Seventh 1915-1923
Dudek Dennis C Two Eleventh 2/13/1958-5/12/1958
Dudek Jan Two Nineteen 1858-1942 Ojciec
Dudek Joseph Two Ninth 1887-1927 Inscript: Father
Dudek Josephine Two Third 1893-1956
Dudek Jozef Two Eleventh 1908-1929
Dudek Katarzyna Two Third 1887-1964
Dudek Katarzyna Two Nineteen 1860-1934 Matka
Dudek Magdalena Two Sixth died 1920 Inscript: Mother
Dudek Marianna Two First 1915-1916 Newman Funeral Home marker
Dudek Martin Two Third died 1917 Inscript: Father
Dudek Michael Two Third 1888-1951
Dudek Virginia Two Ninth 1926-1933
Dudek Wojciech Two Third 1880-1951
Dworak Adam Two Eleventh ???? Funeral Home marker
Dworak Bernice Two Ninth 1918-1926
Dworak Frank Two Twentythree 1909-1938 In Memoriam
Dworak Leonard "Lenny" Two Twenty 9/15/1927-1/16/1987 Pvt US Army WWII
Dworak Mary M "Margie" Two Twenty 1926-
Dykas Antonina Two Fourteen 1884-1931
Dykas Dominik Two Third 1878-1940
Dykas Florence Two Eighteen 1918-1967
Dykas John J Two Eighteen 1908-1968
Dykas Joseph J Two Third 1904-1951 4th Ward falcons marker
Dykas Leo Two Eighteen 1921-1967
Dykas Michael D Two Eighth 9/6/1918-9/19/1956 NY S Sgt ATCO186Infant WWII BSM
Dykas Stanley Two Sixteen 1906-1963
Dypka Kajetan Two Eleventh 1889-1928
Dziduch Joseph Two Twelfth 3/17/1884-9/29/1929 Inscript:Father- Age 45
Fabritius James Two Twenty 1952-1967 shared stone-Kornacki
Fafinski Rachel M Two Eleventh 7/2/1957-7/5/1957 Infant
Fetter Franciszek Two Eighteen 1880-1945
Frankowska Bronislawa Two First 1875-1948
Gaukin Nora Two Eighth 1890-1956
Gaura Anthony Two Seventh 1868-1922
Gaura John B Two Sixth 1906-1941
Gestwicki Bernard Two Ninth 1888-1967
Gestwicki Franciszek Two Sixth 1898-1900 Syn - Son
Gestwicki Jan Two Sixth 1853-1930
Gestwicki Josef Two Third ???? Cement Cross
Gestwicki Julianna Zona Two Sixth 1861-1939
Gestwicki Stella Two Ninth 1894-1957
Gestwicki Thomas J Two Eleventh 6/14/1892-12/31/1958 NY Pvt BTRYE106 FieldArty WWI marker
Glapa Anna Two Twentytwo 1885-1957
Glapa Valentine Two Twentytwo 1888-1966
Gnadzinski Anthony Two Third 1891-1951
Gnadzinski Julia Two Third 1891-1990
Gozdziewski Agnes Two Twentythree 1867-1937
Gozdziewski Joseph Two Twentythree 1867-1941
Graczyk Alice Two Third 1865-1904
Graczynowski Josef Two Eleventh 1908? Polish Inscription- worn,hard to read
Grzechowiak Barbara D Two Tenth 1898-1960
Grzechowiak Leo Two Tenth 1898-1958
Gula Michael Two Twelfth 1886-1959
Guziec Jozef Two Eighth 1865-1925
Guziec Katherine Two Fourth 1877-1941
Guziec Mary A Two Twentyfour 1904-1947 Mother
Guziec Maryanna Two Tenth 1917-1927
Guziec Teresa Two Tenth 1913-1927
Halas Robert E Two Tenth 1942-1943
Halberg Elizabeth A Two Tenth 3/6/46 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Haley Anna Two Twentytwo 1866-1946
Helasek Marcella Two Eighth 1858-1942
Herdzik Matthew W Two Eleventh 12/14/95 Infant
Herdzik Nicole Lynn Two Eleventh 7/22/81 Infant
Hoffman Agnes Two Ninth 1867-1942
Hoffman Albin Two Sixth 1906-1973
Hoffman Frank K Two Second 1881-1949
Hoffman Katherine Two Seventeen ???? in ground stone
Hoffman Michael Two Second no dates
Hoffman Rose Two Second 1884-1959
Hoffman Stephen Two Ninth 1860-1952
Jagoda Anthony Two Fifteen 1870-1931
Jagoda Julianna Two Fifth 1871-1906 stone cross
Jagoda Stanley E Two Third 1904-1953 Dk Vet WWII marker
Jagodzinska Aneronika ? Two Fifth no dates white stone cross
Jagodzinska Mary Berry Two Eleventh 1872-1943
Jaguszewski Catherine A Two Fifth 1890-1920
Jaguszewski Frank J Two Fourteen 1907-1920
Jaguszewski Joseph B Two Fourteen 1865-1919
Jakubowicz Katherine Two Eighth died April 10,1942
Jakubowicz Walter Two Eighth 1897-1944
Janice Caroline M Two Eighteen 1871-1952
Janice Joseph T Two Eighteen 1872-1945
Jankowski Stanislaus Two Ninth 1874-1926 Inscript: Father
Jankowski Stanley Two Fifth 6/1888- 12/5/1918
Janowski Eva Two Twentytwo 1884-1953
Janowski Joseph Two Twentytwo 1880-1946
Jasinski Andrew Two Eighth 1852-1907
Jaworski Anthony Two Tenth 1883-1927
Jendrasiak Frank X Two Twelfth 1861-1908
Jewski Dorothy Mary Two Sixth Oct.2,1922 Infant daughter A.S.and J.I.Andrze
Jeziorski Magdalena Two Third died 1917
Jeziorski Walenty Two Third died 1917
Johnson Elizabeth Two Ninth 1854-1940
Johnson John J Two Ninth 1859-1926
Jopek Joseph Two Eighth 1902-1956
Jopek Stella Two Eighth 1910-1984
Julga Katherine Two Sixth 1844-1941
Jusko John C Two Tenth died 1948 Baby John
Kaleta Mary Two Seventeen 1901-1935
Kalfasz John Two Twentythree 1859-1912 Father
Kaminski Ellen Rose Two Tenth 4/26/1954-3/18/1955
Kangigowski Edward Two Seventeen 1903-1933 PvBATTD106FieldArtyVetUSArmy WWI
Kanigowski Martin Sr Two Fifteen no dates
Kapuscinski Anastasia T Two Third 1915-1970
Kapuscinski Bernice Two Tenth 1910 ?
Kapuscinski Chester J Two Third 1908-1978
Kapuscinski John F Two Second 1883-1950
Kapuscinski Stella V Two Second 1884-1960
Katta Casmir F Two Eleventh 1886-1944
Katta Mary J Two Eleventh 1890-1943
Katulski Mary Ann Two Sixteen 1886-1969
Kaufman Ann Two Eleventh died 1/22/1952 Twin sister of MaryAnn
Kaufman MaryAnn Two Eleventh died 1/23/1952 Twin sister of Ann
Kaus Anna Two Fifth 1882-1954
Kaus Felix Two Fifth 3/8/1919-9/29/1919
Kaus Helen Two Twelfth 1891-1975
Kaus Jadwiga Two Sixth 1884-1954 Inscript: Mother
Kaus John Two Twelfth 1911-1998
Kaus Lawrence Two Twelfth 1885-1959
Kaus Michael Two Fifth 1879-1955
Kaus Stanislaus Two Sixth 1880-1941 Inscript: Father
Kaus Stanley Two Third 1914-1916
Kazimierz Mary Two First 1883-1962
Kazimierz Ozga Two First 1878-1949
Kazmierczak Casmir Two Thirteen 1909-1960
Kazmierczak Elizabeth Two Thirteen 1910-1965
Kazmierczak Katherine Two Nineteen 1873-1935
Kazmierczak Martin Two Nineteen 1871-1944
Kazmierczak Teodor Two Second 1876-1903 Polish Inscription-stone off foundation
Kendziorski Frank Two Eighteen 1907-1945
Kielsniak Maryanna Two Nineteen 1872-1935
Klajbor Chester Two Twenty 1913-1988
Klajbor Joseph Two Eleventh 7/12/1961-7/14/1961 Always In Our Hearts
Klajbor Stanley Two Twenty 1888-1965
Klajbor Stella Two Twenty 1888-1977
Kleparek Andrew Two Twentythree 1857-1937
Kleparek Catherine Two Twentythree 1863-1938
Kleparek Frank Two Nine 1882-1926
Klimaszewski Frank Two Fifth 1880-1955
Klimaszewski Leoradya Two First 1876-1939
Klimek George Two Fourteen no dates
Klimek Mary Two Nineteen ????
Klimek Veronica Two Second 1888-1950
Klinefelter Jason Eric Two Eleventh 6/16/1985-10/19/1985 In Loving Memory
Koba Andrew Two Twentyfour 1888-1947
Koba Mary Two Twentyfour 1888-1975
Kokocinski Franciszek Two Third 1888-1951
Kokocinski Joseph Two Seven 1854-1922
Kokocinski Leonard Two Sixteen 1913-1963
Kokocinski Mary Two Fifth 1879-1954
Kokocinski MaryAnna Two Third 1895-1957
Kolasa Joseph Two Eighth 1872-1926
Kolassa John Frank Two Twentytwo 10/4/1907-3/20/1967 NY Pfc 876 ABN ENGR BN WWII
Komsa Stanley D Two Third died July 19,1916
Koper John Two Eighteen 6/18/1895-5/9/1968 NY Pfc CO A 18 Infantry WWI
Korbas Anthony Two Sixteen 1892-1973 Father
Korbas Julia Two Ninth 1892-1942
Kornacki Dorothy Two Twenty 1930- shared stone- Fabritius
Kornacki Eugene Two Twenty 1929-1983 shared stone- Fabritius
Korwek Margaret Two Twentyfive 1906-2000
Korwek Stanley Two Twentyfive 1908-1965
Korytko Iwan Two Twentyfive 1903-1974
Korytko Jurij Two Twentyfour 1914-1972
Korytko Mapir Two Twentyfour 1880-1966 Inscription:YKPAIHA
Korytko Maria Two Twentyfive 1909-1995
Korytko O.Mnpoh Two Twentyfour 1877-1952
Koszyczarek Joanna Walenty Two Tenth no dates Infant-stone is tipped
Koszyczarek Luke Two Fourth 1862-1941
Kowalski Anthony Two Twentythree 1884-1938 Father
Kowalski Ceciela Two Twentythree 1885-19-- Mother
Kozial Emilia ? Two Sixteen Oct 1911-Aug 1912
Koziol Emilia ?? Two Eighteen 10/1911-1912 ?? Tu Spoczywa
Kozlowski Andrew Two First 1875-1950 Newman Funeral Home Marker
Kozlowski Andrew Two Twentyone 1873-1936
Kozlowski Anna Two First 1887-1948
Kozlowski Frances Two Twentyone 1879-1952
Kozlowski Hedwig Two Sixth 1890-1920
Kozlowski Jozef Two First 1877-1952
Kozlowski Paul Two Fifth 1878-1941 Inscript: Father
Kozlowski Veronica Two Second 1886-1973
Kozlowski William Two Second 1877-1940
Kraska Andrzej Two Third 1882-1903 Polish Inscript. -2 names on back
Kraska Pelagia Two Third no dates On stone of Andrzej Kraska - Corka
Kraska Wiktorya Two Third no dates On stone of Andrzej Kraska
Krawczyk Michael Two Third 1917 ? *or Michalena Krawczyk ??
Krell Jan Two Twentyone 1896-1911 Polish Inscript.-hard to read
Kroll John Two Tenth 1913-1927
Kroll Lucas J Two Sixth 1916-1956 Dunkirk Vets marker
Kroll Mary Two Seventeen 1875-1934 Mother
Kroll Vincent Two Seventeen 1873-1962 Father
Krupa John J Two Twentyfive 1918-1965
Krupa Lottie M Two Twentyfive 1916-1988
Kruszynski Joseph Two Twentytwo 1863-1946
Kruszynski Agnes Two Twentytwo 1865-1947
Kruszynski Joseph Two Twelfth 1918-1985 Son
Krzakala Cecilia Two Fifth 1896-1941
Krzakala Edward Two Thirteen 8/4/1926-6/11/1962 NY Cox US Navy WWII
Krzakala John N Two Twelfth 1888-1959
Krzal Frances Two Eleventh 1892-1970
Krzal Jacob Two Eleventh 1886-1958
Kszos John Two Sixth 1913-1941
Kubasik Hedwig Two Sixteen 1885-1964
Kubiak Andrew Two Ninth 1881-1957
Kubiak Magdalena Two Ninth 1884-1975
Kuczewska Natalia Barbara Two Third ???? Cement with Cross top/bad foundation
Kuczynski Jacob Two Eleventh 1852-1929
Kuczynski Mary Two Eleventh 1855-1929
Kujawa Katherine Two Twelfth 1872-1940
Kujawa Martin Two Twelfth 1864-1929
Kujawa Rose Two Twentythree 1904-1937
Kulczynski Antonina Two Fourth 1891-1918
Kulczynski H Two First no dates Cement Cross
Kulpa Antoni Two Fourth 1904-1904 urm czerw 1904-um 14wPzes 1904r
Kulpa Antonina K Two Fifteen 3/17/1870-8/9/1944 Mother
Kulpa Jofia ? Two Seventeen 1842-1933
Kulpa John Two Twentyfour 1879-1946
Kulpa Josef S.P. Two Seven 1922 R ? Polish Inscription
Kulpa Magdalena Two Third 1902-1904 Polish Inscription
Kulpa Martin Two Ninth died 1957
Kulpa Mary Two Ninth died 1960
Kulpa Sophia Two Twentyfour 1888-1953
Kulpa Wincenty J Two Fifteen 7/20/1870-6/19/1945 Father
Kupiec Lomu D ? Two Fourth 1918 ? stone cross broken
Kuras Angeline Two Tenth 1891-1958
Kuras Joseph A Two Twentyfive 1915-1947
Kuras Stanley Two Tenth 1882-1966 Inscript: Father
Kurgan John Two Seventeen 1870-1958
Kurgan Katherine Two Seventeen 1879-1933
Kusneske Andrew Two Second died 1916
Kussy Bartholomew Two Fourteen 1876-1931
Kussy Joseph G Two Twentyfour 1898-1975
Kussy Mary Two Eighth 1877-1942 Inscript: Mother
Kuwik Jan J Two Second 1880-1949
Kuwik Rozalia M Two Second 1884-1952
Kuzara John Two Ninth 1882-1927 planked by 2 angel stones
Kuzara Mary Two Ninth 1892-1979 planked by 2 angel stones
Kuzdzal Francsizka Two First 1893-1905 ? Hard to read dates
Kuziora Martin Two Fourth 1892-1952
Kuznicki John J Two Tenth died 1946 Infant
Kuznicki Mary A Two Eleventh 1895-1965
Kuznicki Wincenty Two Eleventh 1891-1958
Kwasniewski Alex Two Fifth 1886-1964
Kwasniewski Mary Two Fifth 1899-1954
Lach Anthony Two Eighteen 1888-1945
Lach Catherine Two Eighteen 1886-1956
Lacki Joseph Two Fourteen 1864-1909
Lajewski Franciszek Two Twelfth 1884-1930
Lajewski Joseph Two Thirteen no dates laying down off the foundation
Lajewski Josephine Two Fourth ????
Lajewski Leokadia ?? Two Thirteen no dates laying down off the foundation
Lajewski Stefania Two Twelfth 1885-1968
Lemanski Agnes Two Fourth 1870-1918 Inscript:Grandma
Lerczak Andrew Two Seven 1867-1937
Lerczak Josephine Two Seven 1871-1922
Letersky August Two Ninth 1879-1957
Letersky Sophia Two Ninth 1891-1973
Lewandoski ?? Two Seventh ???? unreadable tall stone
Lewandowski Andrew Two Fifteen 1862-1910
Lewandowski Joseph Two Third 1866-1940
Lewandowski Mary Two Third 1870-1940
Lewandowski Mary Two Tenth 1851-1928
Lewinski Elizabeth Two Sixth 1889-1955
Lewinski Joseph Two Sixth 1888-19--
Lokietek Cecelia Two Fifteen 1881-1911 Mother
Mackowiak ??? Two Nineteen ???? small stone-Polish Inscript.unreadable
Mackowiak Catherine E Two Thirteen 1890-1984
Mackowiak Eleanore Two Twentyfive 1899-1947 Mother
Mackowiak John F Two Thirteen 1885-1960
Mackowiak Paul Two Fifteen 1901-1968
Mackowiak Paul Two Twentyfive 12/13/1894-1/18/1952 Father-NY Pfc 307FieldArty78WWI
Mackowiak Rose Two Fifteen 1885-1962
Majka Frank Two Twentyfour 1870-1947 Light house type stone
Majka Joseph Two Eighth 1885-1925
Majka Mary Two Sixth 1891-1956 Inscript: Mother
Makuch Hedwig Two Twelfth 1883-1978
Makuch Walter Two Twelfth 1875-1929
Malarz Michael Two Sixth 1893-1920 ? Wrzesnia.29.1893 Luty11,1920
Malkowiak Bernice Two Thirteen 1885-1949
Malkowiak John Two Thirteen 1884-1944
Malkowiak Wladyslaw Two Tenth 3/3/1910-4/18/1910 Infant
Mataczynski Frances Two Fourteen 1896-1980
Mataczynski Frank Two Fourteen 1894-1930
Mateszon Florence I Two Eighth 11/2/1928-11/24/1928
Matyjakowski Frank Two Seventeen 1880-1933
Matyjakowski Kazimierz "Casper" Two Eleventh 11/1/1905-6/14/1929 Flag with WW Vet marker
Matyjakowski Pelagia Two Seventeen 1884-1959
Matysiak Frank Two Eleventh 1884-1943
Matysiak Mary Two Eleventh 1896-19--?
Maziarz John Two Fifth died July 9,1941
Maziarz Mary Two Fifth died Oct.3,1981
Mazur Helen F Two Twentyfour 1908-1993
Mazur John J Two Twentyfour 1911-1984
Mendlikosky Antonina Two Seventh 1868-1960
Mendlikosky Marcin Two Seventh ???? UMarla 26 Maja Roku 1923
Michalak Agnes Two Fourth 1887-1953
Michalak Anthony Two Fourth 1880-1960 4th ward Falcon marker
Michalak Juzef Two Second 1873-1950
Michalak Theadore Two Fourth 1889-1918 *New stone
Michalek Joanna Two Thirteen 1876-1959
Michalski Felix J Two Twelfth 1908-1959
Michalski Lottie B Two Twelfth 1908-2002
Mirek Maryanna Two Sixth 1879-1945
Mirek Wojciech -Albert Two Sixth 1878-1941
Mleczko Genevieve Two Twentytwo 1929- Daughter
Mleczko Harry F Two First 9/17/1922-4/18/1945 Sgt460AAA AWBNCPC WWII DkVetmk
Mleczko Jan Two Second 1914-1940 Nasz Drogi Syn
Mleczko Karl F Two Twentytwo 1889-1967 Father
Mleczko Katarzyna Two Twentytwo 1895-1982 Mother
Mleczko Wintory Two Fifteen 1911-1912
Mroczkowski Anieli Two Eighth 1898-1925 Tu S Poczywa
Mucha George Two Third 1889-1945
Mucha Louise Two Tenth 1886-1942
Mucha Martin Two Tenth 1879-1960
Mucha Mary Two Third 1896-1976
Muszalski Father Two Eleventh 1863-1947
Muszalski Florence E Two Fourth 1891-1961
Muszalski Frank J Two Fourth 1891-1952
Muszalski Mother Two Eleventh 1863-1928
Muzynska Karolina Two Fifteen died 1932
Nalepa Andrzej Two Eleventh ?-1990 Syn = Son
Nalepa Steven C Two Eleventh died 1961 Age 7 months
Nalepa Tekla Two Eleventh ?-1958 Matka=Mother
Napieralski Albert G Two Nineteen 1880-1935
Napieralski Helen F Two Nineteen 1888-1953
Nawrocki Anne Two Eighth 1876-1944
Nawrocki Jan Two Ninth 1879-1942
Nawrocki Stanley Two Eighth 1875-1942
Nawrocki Veronica Two Ninth 1878-19--
Nevlock John J Two Eleventh died 1957
Newblwk Jozef??? Two Second 1907 ? Can't make out surname ??
Niedzielski MaryAnn K Two Nineteen 1859-1911
Niedzwiecki Alexandera A Two Eleventh 1888-1979
Niedzwiecki Frank A Two Eleventh 1888-1975
Niewolak Martin Two Sixth 1848-1931 Inscript: Father
Niewolak Mary Two Sixth 1848-1921 Inscript: Mother
Nowacki John Two Sixth 1893-1963 Inscript: Son
Nowacki Joseph Two Sixth 1853-1921 Inscript: Father
Nowacki Rose Two Sixth 1852-1940 Inscript: Mother
Nowak Franciszek Two First 1885??` UR 16 Listo -hard to read
Nowak Franciszka S.P. Two Eleventh 1929 ? UMarla29Maja1929Liczac-47Lat
Nowak Jan S.P. Two Fourteen ???? UMarl26Lipca1931Liczac56Lat
Nowicki Agnes Two Tenth 1885-1974
Nowicki Chester P Two Tenth 7/16/1899-3/24/1958 Pfc1881Service Unit WWII
Nowicki Jan Two Fourth 1887-1918
Nowicki Julia Two Eighth 1864-1956
Nowicki Michael Two Nineteen 1854-1911
Odebralski Arthur Two Eighteen 11/9/1925-8/30/1966 US ARMY
Odebralski Gerald J Two Eleventh 5/15/64 Infant
Ojciec ??? Two Fourth ???? Murray Hose marker
Olejowski Catherine Two Thirteen 1900-1943
P???wska Helena Two Second ???? Hard to read
Pabijan Jan Two Twentythree 1879-1937
Pabijan Katarzyna Two Twentythree 1886-19--
Pachol Frances Wienckowski Two Eighteen 1907-1945
Pachol Ignatius Two Eighteen 1874-1958
Pachol Katherine Two Eighteen 1885-1963
Pacos Agnes Two Fifteen 1889-1978
Pacos Anthony Two Fifteen 1881-1960
Panek Caroline Two Sixteen 1874-1963
Panek Jan Two Tenth 1864-1927
Panfil Alice Two Eighth 1925-1925
Panfil Anthony A Two Thirteen 1888-1951
Panfil John Two Twentyone 1922-1937
Panfil Theresa M Two Thirteen 1930-1944
Panfil Victoria B Two Thirteen 1889-1973
Pangborn John Two Tenth died 1948 Our Son
Panowicz Frances Two Twentyfive 1866-1947 Mother
Panowicz Mary Two Eleventh 1907-1928
Panowicz Valentine Two Twentyfive 1863-1949 Father
Pasinki Katherine Two Fifth 1887-1953 Inscript: Mother
Pasinski Michael Two Thirteen 1882-1944
Pavlak John J Two Twelfth 1891-1930 Pvt BAT.D.310.Field Art Vet marker
Pavlak Margaret Two Twelfth 1894-1970
Pawlak Agnes F Two Tenth 1892-1967
Pawlak George Two Twentythree 1857-1912
Pawlak Jacob Two Eleventh 1860-1908
Pawlak John J * {1894 or 1895} Two Twelfth 6/21/1894-1/1/1960 NY Cpl 269PWESCORTCOASC WWI
Pawlak Lena Two Fifteen 1863-1932
Pawlak Pietronela Two Seventeen 1860-1932
Pawlak Stanley Two Second 1880-1968 Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit
Pawlak Stanley F Two Eighth 1906-1957
Pawlak Stanley J Two Tenth 1884-1958
Pawlak Veronica B Two Eighth 1910-1970
Pawlak Victoria Two Second 1887-1939 Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit
Pawlik Katherine Two Twelfth 1884-1959 Mother
Pawlowski Jozef Two Seventeen 1877-1933
Pawlowski Weronika Two Seventeen 1868-1944
Pearl Joseph J Two Ninth 1899-1966
Pencek Frank Two Seventeen 1876-1933
Penkaty Andrew Two Twelfth 11/30/1877-7/10/1930
Penkaty Bernard Two First 1915-1948
Penkaty Mary F Two Eighth 1881-1957
Penkaty Stanley Two Eighth 1901-1983
Piekarz Stanislaw Two Second 1879-1950
Piekarz Wojciech Two Third 1882-1951
Pilarski Joseph Two First 1871-1948
Pilarski Albert Two Eleventh ???? Metal cross on frame-Fantauzzi FunHom
Pilarski Joseph Two Twentyone 1864-1936
Pilarski Joseph R Two Eighth 11/9/1896-6/11/1956 NYPvt5CO152DepotBrigade WWI marker
Pilarski Pelagra Two Twentyone 1873-1937
Piotrowski Martin Two Nineteen 1878-1911
Piwowarski George Two Twentythree 1937-
Pochylski Helen Two Sixteen 1898-1985
Pochylski Peter Two Sixteen 1889-1945
Pokoj Angeline Two Twentyfour 1914-1970 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Pokoj Anna Two Twentyfour 1913-1985 Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Pokoj Belle Two Fifth 1889-1969
Pokoj Frances E Two Twelfth 1922-1929
Pokoj John Two Fifth 1880-1955
Polinski Robert J Two Third 1915-1917
Polowy Eugene Two Tenth 1944-1946
Polowy Jan Two Second ????
Poniatowski Zygmunt Two Tenth 1890-1942
Popielarz Franciszek Two Fourth 1898-1940
Popielarz MaryAnna Two Eighth 1865-1907
Poray-Kuczewski Maryanna Two Nineteen 1876-1936 Mother
Poray-Kuczewski Peter Two Nineteen 1875-1946 Father
Poweski Aniala Two Fourteen 1889-1931
Poweski Valentine Two Ninth 1875-1957
Poznanczyk Rose Two Ninth 1887-1926
Prell Margaret Two Fifth 1845-1941 Newman Funeral Home marker
Przeoientka Nikodem Two First ???? metal cross with crucifix
Przepiora Antonina Two Eighth ???? Large w/cross top-Polish Inscript.
Przepiora Stanislaw Two Eighth ???? Large w/cross top-Polish Inscript.
Przybylinski A. Two Twenty 1862-1946 Mother
Przybylinski F Two Tenth 1860-1907 Inscript: Father
Quinn Doris Two Fifteen ????
Quinn John Two Fifteen 1906-1965
Rahn John Martin Two Tenth March-Nov 1949
Rajski Andrew Two Tenth 5/3/43 NY Pvt 312 INF 78 DIV
Rajski Franksi ? Two Twenty 6/20/1891-10/15/1945 Ny Pfc Ordnance Dept. WWI
Rajski Martin P Two Twenty 11/5/1886-8/13/1953 NY Pvt 153 Depot Brigade WWI
Rajski Michael Two Ninth 1856-1926
Ranski Piotr Two Third 1904 R ? 4 ft cement cross/broken off
Ranus Agnes Two Eighth 1900-1976
Ranus Antonia Two Fourth 1871-1946
Ranus Dorothy Two Ninth 3/1939-3/1939 Infant
Ranus Leo F Two Eighth 1897-1956 WW marker
Ranus Norman Two Ninth 12/22/1937-12/25/1937 Infant
Ranus Sophie Two Eighteen ????
Ranus Stephen Two Eighteen 8/24/1895-4/1/1964 NYPvt CO C15MachGunBNWWI PH
Ranus Wladyslaw Two Fourth 1867-1941
Rider Katherine K Two Twelfth 1877-1959
Roesler Anthony Two Nineteen 1868-1944
Roesler Eva Two Nineteen 1898-1935 Daughter
Roesler Victoria Two Nineteen 1871-1946
Romanik Agnes Two First 1885-1954
Romanik Chester Two First 1924-1939
Romanik Phillip Two First 1881-1950
Romockyj Pylyp H Two Twentyfive 1893-1980
Rosplochowski Agnes Two Third died August 5,1940
Ross Ronald Edward Two Eleventh 3/31/66 Infant
Rozen Jozef Two First 1908-1948
Rucinski Michael Two Twentyfive 1909-1991
Rucinski Victoria Two Twentyfive 1915-1979
Russell Julia Two Seventh 1882-1922
Rybij Piotr Two Tenth 1892-1927
Ryczko Valentine Two Sixth 1889-1921
Rzesiewicz Bronislawa Two Tenth 1909-1909 Infant
Sadowski Stanley Two Ninth died 1958
Sanecki Michael J Two Fourth 1883-1952
Sanecki Stella M Two Fourth 1889-1964
Schultz Catherine V Two Twelfth 1903-1943 Inscript: Wife- (Walter)
Schultz Edward J Two Fifteen 11/4/1872-1/20/1953 Pvt CO H6 Regt.OHIO Inf SP AM WarPhoto
Schultz Rose J Two Fifteen 7/10/1882-4/22/1944Photo
Schultz Walter J Two Twelfth 1900-1961 Inscript: Husband- (Catherine)
Sell Bernice Two Third 1889-1968
Sell Frank P Two Third 1888-1950
Sery Jozef *Szay ?? Two Fourth 1905 ? hard to read
Setera Bernice Two Thirteen 1915-1997
Setera Gary Two Thirteen no dates
Setera Thaddeus Two Thirteen 1911-1959
Skrzypek Agnieszka Two Fourth 1890-1918 *New stone
Skrzypek Aniela Two First 1888-1977
Skrzypek Gabriel Two First 1878-1948
Skrzypek Katherine Two Second 1891-1950 Inscript: Mother
Skrzypek Louise A Two Eleventh 3/29/84 Twin Sister Of Cassandra
Skrzypek Marion T Two Ninth 7/3/1914-7/18/1957 NY S Sgt HQ CO355 INF WWII BSM
Skrzypek Thomas Two Second 1886-1955 Inscript: Father
Slominski Alojzy M Two Ninth 1923-1929
Smith Andrew Two Twentythree 1873-1948
Smith Angeline Two Twentythree 1875-1937
Smith Joseph Two Twelfth no dates Mackowiak Funeral Home marker/ urn
Smith Pauline Two Twelfth no dates Mackowiak Funeral Home marker/ urn
Smith Stella Two Thirteen 1894-1962
Sobkowski Elizabeth A Two First 1917-1988
Sobkowski Helen Two Sixth 1891-1955
Sobkowski Helen M Two Fifteen 1894-1974
Sobkowski John H Two Fifteen 1889-1960
Sobkowski Walter Two Sixth 1885-1947 Fireman's Flag-Amer.flag on stone
Sobkowski Walter A Two First 1913-1968
Somerfeldt Frank Two Third 11/25/1890-5/7/1051 NY Pvt 61Infantr 5 Div WWI PHeart
Somerfeldt Salomea S Two Eleventh 1859-1940 Zona-- wife
Somerfeldt Walenty Two Tenth 1882-1927
Somerfeldt Walenty P Two Eleventh 1853-1928
Sosinski Frances T Two Sixth 1894-1985
Sosinski Stanley E Two Sixth 10/26/1892-4/16/1956 NY Cpl COE 348Inft WWI Leg mrk
Spek Frank Two Twelfth 1876-1929
Spekczynski Wojciech Two First 1897-1902 Polish Inscription
Stachowiak John A Two Third no dates
Stachowiak Joseph Two Eleventh 1874-1928
Stachowiak Katherine Two Sixteen 1877-1945
Stachowiak Mary Two Third died 4/6/1940
Stanislawczyk Magdalena Two Fourth 1890-1952
Stanislawczyk Wojciech Two Fourth 1885-1969
Steck Alexander Two Tenth 1900-1910 ?
Steffan Frank Two Twelfth 1870-1959
Steffan John Two Fourth 1897-1952
Stolinski Frances Two Twenty 1890-1949
Stolinski Jan Two Twenty 1890-1945
Strychalski Cecelia Two First 1897-1903 In Ground stone
Strychalski Jane Ann Two Tenth August 29,30,1946 Infant
Stryczek Henry J Two Eighteen 1/5/1925-10/3/1968 NY Pfc 172 INF 43 Inf Div WWII
Stryczek Jan Two Third 1918 ??
Sullivan Jennifer Two Eleventh died 1978 Infant
Suski Stefan Two Twelfth died 12/28/1929
Swierk Agnieszka Two Fifth 1894-1955
Swierk Stanislaw Two Fifth 1837-1971
Szach Aloysius Two Twentytwo 1918-1976
Szach Ignatius Two Twentytwo 1887-1967
Szach Mary Two Twentytwo 1887-1978
Szlachta Casmir Two Twentytwo 1877-1946 Father
Szlachta Frank L Two Twentytwo 1909-1973
Szlachta Martin P Two Twentytwo 10/31/1916-8/16/1968 NY 1st Sgt 5 Inf 71 INF Div WWII-mrkr
Szlachta Mary Two Twentytwo 1887-1958 Mother
Szmy ? Josef Two Fifth 1904-1905 hard to read surname
Szocki Frank Two Ninth 1897-7/14/1992 Pvt USA Army-Am Legion marker
Szocki Stella Two Ninth 1901-1972
Szotkowski Paul Two Ninth 1882-1967
Szpekcinski Mikolaj Two Fifth 1849-1931
Szpekcinski Rozalia Two Fifth 1849-1918
Szukala Donald Two Tenth 1953-53 Our Sons
Szukala Mark Henry Two Eleventh died 1956 Infant
Szukala Ronald Two Tenth 1953-53 Our Sons
Szulcziewska Lawrence Two Eleventh 1908 ? Age 75 yrs
Szwebjka Eva Two Twentytwo 1895-1984
Szwebjka Walter W Two Twentytwo 1894-1975
Szwejbka John Two Ninth 1928-1930
Szwejbka John Two Tenth died 9/28/1927
Szwejbka John M Two Twentytwo 1924-
Szwejbka Leon Two Fourteen 1901-1931
Szwejbka Pauline Two Fifteen died 1/19/1932
Szydlo Agnes Two Fourth 1888-1965
Szydlo Peter Two Fourth 1880-1953
Szymanowicz Joseph P Two First 1873-1948
Szymanowicz Veronica Two First 1879-1968
Szynski Franciszek Two Second 1854-1939
Szynski Joseph B Two Tenth 1881-1958
Szynski Josephine Two Tenth 1885-1970
Szynski MarcyAnna Two Twelfth 1856-1917
Szynski Peter Paul Two Second 4/7/1894-5/29/1950 NY S2 USNRF WWI-WW Vetmarker
Szynski Stanislaus Two Twelfth 1878-1943
Tavano Sally Two Twentyfive 1909-1992
Tavano Tomaso Two Twentyfive 1896-1965
Thompson John Two Tenth 1945-1948 Age 2 yrs.10m.1day
Tomczak John Two Tenth 1887-1958
Tomczak John Daniel Two Twenty 1912-1996 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Tomczak Mary M Two Tenth 1887-1965
Tuczynski Peter A Two Eleventh died 1954 Infant
Tuczynski Timothy Two Tenth died 1956 Infant
Tyloch Mary Two Eighth 1908-1925
Tytka Joanna Two Fifth 1919 ? S.P. UMR29 ? stone cross
Velk Frank J Two Fourth 1890-1953
Velk John Two Ninth 11-28-1931 Baby John Velk
Voss Leo Two Sixteen 1906-1962
Wachowiak Albert Two Twentyone 9/24/1898-10/10/1969 NY Pvt COM 31 Infantry WWI marker
Wachowiak Constance Two Tenth 1869-1939
Wachowiak Joseph Two Tenth 1866-1927
Wachowiak Mary Two Twentyone 1867-1936
Wachowiak Peter Two Twentyone 1867-1944
Wachowiak W??anirank Two Twentyone ???? Old vet marker-unreadable
Walczak Joseph Two Eleventh 1888-1929
Wasag Piotr Two Tenth 1920-1928
Wdowiasz Joseph Two First 1885-1961 Inscript: Father
Wdowiasz Katherine Two First 1887-1949 Inscript: Mother
Welka John A Two Thirteen 11/24/1919-1/3/1963 Pennsylvania M3 USNR WWII
Wencek Catherine Two Seventeen 1857-1933
Wencek Valentine Two Twentyone 1860-1936
Wenski Frank R Two Second 4/18/1897-11/30/1963 NY FI USNRF WWI
Wenski John Felix Two Second 6/4/1895-3/1/1950 PennsylPFC6MBBNUSMC2DIV WWI
Wenski Valentine Two Fifteen 1861-1932
Wenski Victoria Two Fifteen 1861-1947
Wesolowski Paul Two Twelfth 1875-1909
Widlowski Alice D Two Twentyfour 1895-1981
Widlowski Joseph J Two Twentyfour 10/21/1893-4/27/1968 MontanaPvt CO G 306 INFANT WWI
Wilemski Antonina Two Tenth 1880-1954
Wilemski Delores M Two Eighteen 1915-1986 My Jesus Mercy
Wilemski Irene A Two Tenth 1918-1978
Wilemski Linda Two Eleventh 3/16/51 Infant
Wilemski Rose Two Tenth 1914-1996
Wilemski Stephen L Two Eighteen 1910-1968 My Jesus mercy
Wilemski Thaddeus Two Twenty 9/20/1909-3/10/1983 Pfc US ARMY WWII
Wilemski Walenty Two Tenth 1867-1942
Williams Ann Marie Two Eleventh 5/21/68 Infant
Williams Stevie S Two Eleventh 9/1958-4/1960
Winceniak Antonina Two Fourteen 1864-1935
Winceniak Peter Two Fourteen 1860-1931
Wisniewska MaryAnna Two Seventeen 1886-1934
Wisniewski Agnes Two Fourteen 1873-1944
Wisniewski Felix Two Fourteen 1902-1930
Wisniewski John Two Eighth 1893-1925 Pvt 99CO.Trans.Corp. WW marker
Wisniewski Matthew Two Fourteen 1870-1946
Witkowski Anna Two Third 1889-1916
Wlodarek Anthony Two Twenty 1877-1967
Wlodarek Frances Two Twenty 1879-1973
Wlodarek Katarzyna Two Ninth 1877-1927
Wojnarowski Henry Two Fifteen 1908-1971
Wojnarowski Marge Two Fifteen 1911-1994
Wolak Mary Two Tenth 12/7/07
Wolak Peter Two Seventh 1897-1921 PvtCO62nd16thBatt153D.B.WW Vet mrk
Wolak Simon Two Tenth 4/8/1919 ?
Worosz Jakub Two Twentythree 1866-1937
Worosz Weronika Two Twentythree 1870-1956
Wozniak Lawrence Two Fifteen 1865-1932
Wysocka Anna Two Fifth died Nov.14,1943 Inscript: Mother
Wysocki Bernice Two Ninth 1934-1935
Wysocki Louis F Two Twenty 1898-1968
Wysocki Lucas Two Second 1859-1916
Wysocki Martha F Two Twenty 1896-1994
Wysocki Rose Two Seventeen 1895-1933 Mother
Wysocki Victor Two Fifth 1885-1941 Inscript: Father
Wyszynski Jozefa Two Tenth 1882-1950
Wyszynski Walenty Two Tenth 1872-1942
Zagorski Albert Two Thirteen 1888-1969
Zagorski Frances Two Ninth 1898-1990
Zagorski Louis S Two Ninth 1898-1957
Zagorski Martha Two Third ????
Zagorski Mary Two Thirteen 1896-1982
Zagorski Michael Two Eleventh 1857-1943 American Legion marker
Zagorski Salomeja Two Twentythree 1858-1938
Zalewski Mary Two Second died 1903 Newmans Funeral Home marker
Zbieraski Anthony Two Fifth 1884-1960 Vet WWI marker
Zbieraski Helen Two Fifth 1884-1953
Zboch Joseph Two Second 1888-1950
Zboch Victoria Two Second 1884-1952
Ziemba Emily V Two Eighth ???? Big Urn Stone
Zientowski Jozef Two Second 1860-1903 ? Polish Inscription
Zoladz Leon Two Tenth 1907-1927 Tuspoczywa

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