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St Hyacinth's Cemetery

Section One Code: Name-Section-Row-Inscriptions

Adamczak ?? One Fourth no dates big monumentw/other names??
Adamczak Helen One Ninth 1893-1930
Adamczak Stanley One Ninth 1891-1961
Andrzejewski Antoni One Fourteen 1848-1928
Andrzejewski Joseph A One Thirteen 1885-1919
Andrzejewski Jozefa One Fourteen 1863-1952
Aniszewski Camille One First 1897-1959 Inscript. Mother
Aniszewski Leon One First 1888-1966 Inscript. Father
Baczmowski Thomas One First Died Mar 17,1913 Age 64
Baranczak John One Ninth 1855-1925
Baranczak Tekla One Ninth 1864-1951
Barthold Martin One Fourth 1874-1949 Inscript: Father
Barthold Pauline One Fourth 1875-1965 Inscript. Mother
Bartkowiak Charles E One Fourteen 1939-2000 US Army
Bartkowiak Dorota Urszula One Ninth no dates
Bartkowiak Eleonora One Tenth 1833-1906 Inscript: His Wife
Bartkowiak Frank One Tenth 1831-?
Bazuszkewic ?? One Second ? hard to read
Becker Rita M One Fifth 1926-2001 Funeral Home Marker- and cross
Bejenka Charles One Seventh died 1924
Bejenka Katharen One Seventh died 1924
Bekelewski Arolonia One Ninth 1884-1915
Berek Genevieve One Third 1920-1989
Berek Ignatius J ? One Twelfth 1850-1903 hard to read
Beyer Edward One Fourteen 1853-1930
Bialaszewska Elizabeth V One Seventh 1883-1942
Bialaszewski Anthony One Second 1888-1940
Bialaszewski Brian M One Fifth 1951-1967 A Face carved on the stone
Bialaszewski Daniel E One Fifth 1926-2001
Bialaszewski Felix J One Sixth 1901-1966
Bialaszewski Helen A One Sixth 1904-1988
Bialaszewski Helen C One Fifth 1926-
Bialaszewski Julia One Seventh 1908-1914
Bialaszewski Pelagia One Second 1890-1967
Bialaszewski Theresa One Second 1887-1915
Bialkowski Franciszek One Third 1864-1950
Bialkowski Franciszek Jr One Third 1901-1921
Bialkowski Katarzyna One Third 1825-1921
Bialkowski Wiktorya One Third 1874-1951
Bielat Frances One Third 1894-1977
Bielat John One Third 1886-1961
Bielawski Macie J One Sixth 1851-1921 shared headstone-Jablonski
Bielawski MaryAnna One Sixth 1851-1937 shared headstone-Jablonski
Bielawski Max One Sixth 7/7/1881-1/29/1961 NY PvtCoD29 Regt Infantry
Bleck Max H One Twelfth 1890-1928
Bober Johanna One Ninth 1875-1966 Inscript: Mother
Bober Stanley One Ninth 1902-1982 Inscript:  Son
Boleslawa M One Third 1886-1915
Bonkowski Franciszek One Eleventh 1862-1945
Bonkowski Teofila One Eleventh 1871-1946
Brewer Edmund J One Fourth 1908-1974
Brewer Shirley E One Fourth 1908-1987
Brooks Glenn C One Fifth 1962-1980 Love Is Forever
Brooks Leonard J One Fifth 1933- Love Is Forever
Brooks Mary Ann One Fifth 1932- Love Is Forever
Brown Barbara One Fourth 1898-1977 Brown?was grouped with L.Brown
Brown Boyd One Fourth 1897-1983 Brown? was grouped with L.Brown
Brown Charles One Fourth 1893-1947
Brown Lottie One Fourth 1894-1979
Brown Louis One Fourth 1850-1922 Brown? was grouped with C. Brown
Brown Teofilia One Fourth 1860-1933 Brown?was grouped with C.Brown
Bugno George One Third 1879-1953
Bugno Joseph A One Third 1909-1982 Life is a voyage homeward bound
Bugno Veronica F One Third 1885-1963
Burkiewicz ?? One Fourteen no dates Large monument- no names
Burkiewicz Antoni One Seventeen 1879-1958
Burkiewicz Jozefa One Seventeen 1882-1962
Callahan Mach Kathleen Victoria One Third 1914-1998
Campbell Bernadette E One Sixth 1926-1994
Centner Raymond F One First 1896-1978 Inscript. Together Forever
Centner Rita One First 1920-1993 Inscript. Together Forever
Ceranowicz Elizabeth One Seventeen 1895-19--
Ceranowicz Elizabeth A One Fifth 1914-1918
Ceranowicz John J One  Fifth 1883-1925
Ceranowicz John J One Fifth 1925-
Ceranowicz Peter M One Seventeen 1894-1934
Ceranowicz Stanley One Sixth 1880-1950
Ceranowicz Stella One Sixth 1880-1946
Cieslewicz Casmir One Fourth 1908-1985 Dk Vet WWII marker
Cieslewicz Mary One Fourth 1911-
Claus Joseph One Second 1886-1918 Parents of Ardine,Joseph,Josephine
Claus Mary One Second 1889-1918 Parents of Ardine,Joseph,Josephine
Crandall V Doris One Seventh 1903-1946 Inscript. Mother
Crapes Walter One Eight 1873-1963 shared stone-Michael Sosinski
Cybart Jacob B One Third 1876-1940
Cybart Pauline One Third 1855-1931
Cybart Teofilia One Third 1882-1923
Czarnecki Anna B One Fifteen 1917- Together Forever
Czarnecki Edmund M One Fifteen 1921-1982 Together Forever
Czarnecki Rita M One First 1924-1995
Czarniak David S One Third 1925-1984
Czarniak Lucy One Third no dates
Czarniak Stephen One Third 1899-1964
Czekanski Aloysius J One Eleventh 12/14/1920-6/4/1993
Czekanski Esther A One Eleventh 5/13/1921-9/7/1990
Czekanski Frances One Tenth 1888-1980
Czekanski Frank One First 1877-1940
Czekanski George N One Tenth 1873-1951
Czekanski Henry One First 1901-1935 Pharc.mate US Navy-w mrker
Czekanski Ignatius One Eleventh 1892-1968
Czekanski Joseph One Tenth 1878-1925
Czekanski Klemens One Tenth born 1914 ???  Polish Inscription
Czekanski Mikolaj One Tenth 1846-1914 ?? very hard to read
Czekanski Sylvester One Eleventh 1859-1934
Czekanski Victoria One Eleventh 1863-1922
Czekanski Victoria F One Eleventh 1884-1947
DeMonte Josephine L One Ninth February 27, 1966
Dloniak Catherine One  Fourth 1890-1969
Dloniak Lorretta One Fourth 4/14/24-3/31/33 ? cross marker
Dloniak Michael  One Fourth 1886-1928
Dobrynski Boleslaw M One Seventeen unreadable
Dobrynski Katarzyna One Seventeen unreadable
Dobrynski Katherine One First 1894-1989
Dobrynski Walter Sr One First 1892-1958
Dobrzynski Bernard One  Tenth 1872-1953
Dobrzynski Bernice One Fourteen 1889-1986
Dobrzynski Eleanor C One Tenth 1906-1977
Dobrzynski Felix A One Nineteen 7/12/1897-7/11/1957
Dobrzynski Florence One Seventeen 1907-
Dobrzynski John I One Fourteen 1886-1937
Dobrzynski Jozef One Nineteen 1861-1946 Inscript: Ojciec
Dobrzynski Leo G One Seventeen 1910-1985
Dobrzynski Marie-Baby One Fourteen 1923-1923 Infant
Dobrzynski Rozalja One Nineteen 1863-1932 Inscript: Matka
Dobrzynski Sophia C One Tenth 1881-1959
Dobrzynski Stanley R One Nineteen July 31, 1932 Cook Base Hospital
Dolski Cecilia J One Thirteen 1905-1990
Dolski Frank X One Thirteen 1903-1972
Dolski Joseph L One Second 1881-19?? hard to read
Dolski Rose J One Second 1881-1949
Domanski John One Sixteen 1908-1966
Domanski Michael One Sixteen 1882-1942
Domanski Sophia One Sixteen 1907-1995
Domanski Stanislawa One Sixteen 1889-1982
Dombrowski Cecelia One Third 1882-1945
Dombrowski Joseph One Third 1879-1949
Domst Anna R One Fifth 1871-1943
Domst Anthony J One Fifth 1871-1943
Drachowski Mary A One Fourth 1885-1949
Drachowski William F One Fourth 1885-1958
Dragon Stanley One Third 1914-1952
Duded Ks Wincenty One Seventeen 1895-1957 Large Stone- Familia Duded- Syn
Duded Maryanna One Seventeen 1868-1950 Large Stone-Familia Duded-"Matka"
Duded Wawrzyniec One Seventeen 1865-1941 Large Stone-Familia Duded-"Ojciec"
Dudek Agnes One First no date on Pausek stone
Dudek Pawel One Seventeen 1889-1905 in ground stone
Dudek Stanislaus E One First 1888-1941
Dybeck Anthony One Twelfth 1873-1955
Dybeck Harry S One Twelfth 7/30/1909-4/24/1951 NY Pvt 10O MTraining Reg  WWII
Dybeck John F One Twelfth 10/14/1905-3/29/1992 Pfc US ARMY WWII
Dybeck Julia One Twelfth 1875-1945
Dybeck Leonard P One Twelfth 1909-1955 Newman Funeral Home marker
Dybeck Ruth A One Twelfth 1/12/1923-6/17/1998
Dybeck Walter J Sr One Twelfth 1/21/1915-2/5/1979 Sgt US Army WWII -AmerLeg marker
Edsall Theresa W One Fifteen 1905-1996 Mackowiak Funeral Home marker
Eva K Wisniewski One Ninth 1888-1971
Fafinski Antonina One Twelfth 1878-1963
Fafinski Donald S Rev. One Twelfth died May 21,1966 Ordained 4/23/1941
Fafinski Michael One Twelfth 1872-1920
Felicyanka Leontyna One Fifteen 1891-1918 Polish Inscription
Fern Genevieve G One  Seventeen 1912-2001
Fern Stanley One Seventeen 1878-1950
Fijal Cynthia Ann One Thirteen 1961-1962
Frackiewicz EA One Twelfth 1876-1903 ??
Franciszek ( first name ) One Fifth 1887 ? unreadable--possible Zuralski or Pawlak
Frankowski Anthony One Fifth 5/12/1900-3/21/1966 Pvt 1580 SerUnit  WWII war marker
Frankowski Casmir ? One Fifth  unreadable
Frankowski Jozef J One Fifth 1858-1946
Frankowski Marta One Fifth 1898-1985
Frankowski Michael One Fifth 1895-1977 US Army-war marker
Frankowski Teodozya T One Fifth 1860-1941
Fuller Mary M One Tenth 1967-1969
Fuller Matthew One Twelfth 1968-1996
Gaura Celia One Seventh 1907-1990 shared stone-Sweda
Gawronski Aloysius One Sixteen 1902-1961
Gawronski Felix One Sixteen 1903-1966
Gawronski Frances One Thirteen 1904-1945
Gawronski Lena One Sixteen 1879-1942
Gawronski Mary One Thriteen 1862-1949
Gawronski Michael One Thirteen 1902-1958
Gawronski Peter One Thirteen 1890-1958
Gawronski Stella One Thirteen 1887-1907
Gawronski Walter One Thirteen 1858-1941
Gawronski Walter One Sixteen 1878-1927
Geertson Ceranowicz Mary V One Fifth 1891-1993
Gestwicki Anna F One Eight 1886-1970
Gestwicki Frank One Thirteen 1855-1941
Gestwicki Mary One Thirteen 1857-1920
Gestwicki Thomas P One Eight 1885-1963
Golubski Anthony One Eight 1904-?
Golubski Julianna One Eight 1926-?
Gornikiewicz MaryAnna One Eleventh 1825-1903
Gorny Frank One Sixteen 1852-1924
Gorny Rose One Sixteen 1854-1905
Gozdziewski Frank One Eight 1899-1956
Gozdziewski Genevieve One Eight 1906-19--
Graminski Sophia G One Fifth 1899-1947
Gray Dorothy D One First 1921-1964 Inscrip. Mother
Gregory Anna One Twelfth died 194? Funeral Home Marker
Grupa Agnieszka One Sixth 1867-1952
Grupa Franciszek One Sixth 1861-1943
Grzechowiak Agnes One Tenth 1918-
Grzechowiak Martin One Tenth 1918-
Grzegorzewska MaryAnna One Thirteen 1848-1929
Grzegorzewski Anthony One Fifteen 1875-1914
Grzegorzewski Antoni ??? One Fifteen ???? large stone-unreadable
Grzegorzewski Belle One Fifteen 1877-1926
Grzegorzewski Ernest X One Eleventh 1/8/1902-12/15/1969 NY Pvt US Army  WWII
Grzegorzewski John H One Fifteen 1901-1931
Grzegorzewski Walerya One Eleventh 1904-1928
Grzegorzewski Wawrzyniec One Thirteen 1842-1913
Grzegorzewski Xawery One Eleventh 1880-1914
Gula Helen One Second 1896-1957
Gula John One Second 1888-1933
Halasinski Barney One Second 1910-1988
Halasinski Geraldine One Second 1942-
Halasinski Lillian One Second 1913-
Helminiak M.F.Rt Rev MSGR One Nineteen 1882-1953 Front entrance by Statue
Hoffman Felix R One Sixteen 4/11/1897-3/28/1966 NY Pvt 19Co 157 DEPOT BRIG WWI
Hoffman Gertrude One Sixteen 1904-1968
Holewinski Catherine One Fifteen 1841-1922
Jablonski Eleanor One Sixth 1880-1958 shared headstone-Bielawski
Jablonski Joseph One Sixth 1875-1939 shared headstone Bielawski
Jakubowski Aniela One Fourth 1875-1919
Jakubowski Barbara One Seventeen 1907-1991 Our Father who Art In Heaven
Jakubowski Frances One Fourth 1902-1919
Jakubowski John H One  Fourth 1906-1986
Jakubowski Stanislaw One Fourth 1871-1911
Jakubowski Stanley J One Seventeen 1907-1973 Our Father who Art In Heaven
Jankowski Charles One Tenth 1908-1920
Jankowski Clara V One Thirteen 1886-1967
Jankowski Frank L One Thirteen 1882-1968
Jankowski John One Tenth 1884-1968
Jankowski Michalena One Sixteen 1880-1949 Inscript: Mother
Jankowski Stefania One Tenth 1888-1915
Jankowski Victoria One Tenth 1894-1941
Janosinski Blanche One Seventeen 1916-1920
Janosinski Catherine One Seventeen 1882-1953 Inscript: Mother
Janosinski Eugenia One Seventeen 1905-1964
Janosinski Jacob One Seventeen 1881-1949 Inscript: Father
Janosinski John A One Seventeen 1903-1979
Janosinski Michael One Seventeen 8/29/1886-1/22/1948 NY Pvt 65ARTYCAC WWI-AmLeg marker
Jasinski John One Eleventh 1901-1967
Jasinski Stella One Eleventh 1908-1998
Jaworsky Joseph SAS REV One Fifteen 7/20/1880-9/21/1955 Very Rev.Canon Joseph SAS-Jaworsky
Jelonek Andrew S One Fifth 1886-1932
Jelonek Antoinette One Third 1884-1966
Jelonek Harold P One Third 1915-1985
Jelonek Joseph Jr One Third 1921-1955
Jelonek Joseph Sr One Third 1876-1934
Jelonek Rita F One Third 1918-1993
Jelonek Victoria B One Fifth 1891-1990
Jendrasiak Casmir One Twelfth 1891-1919
Jendrasiak Joseph One Twelfth 1896-1914
Jendrasiak Louis One Twelfth 1900-1969
Jendrasiak Ojciec Wawrzyniec One Twelfth 1890-1930 in ground stone
Jesse ??? One Sixth  unreadable
John Kurlinski One Seventeen 1910-1973
Jopek Angeline R One Second 1914-1952
Jopek Michael A One Second 1907-1962
Jozwiak Katherine One Eight died 1914
Jurczyk Children One Second  Matthew,Harry,Albin
Kaczmarek Anthony One Tenth 1867-1936
Kaleta Florence A One Ninth 1917-1993 Hail Mary Full Of Grace
Kaleta Henry P One Eighteen 3/5/1921-3/19/1998 Tec5 US Army WWII- DKVet marker
Kaleta Peter P One Ninth 1917- Hail Mary Full Of Grace
Kaminski Frank X One Thirteen 1876-1930 SercCoG13thRegIneSp-AmWar - marker
Kaminski Josephine One Thirteen 1904-1983
Kaminski Pauline One Thirteen 1881-1953
Kapelinska Katarzyna One Tenth 1856-1928 shared stone-F.Loiacono
Karabin Magdaline One Eleventh 1896-19--
Karabin Mary One Eleventh 1892-1924
Karabin Sylvester One Eleventh 1892-19--
Karalus Annette M One Third 1938-1954
Karalus Antonia One Third 1859-1944
Karalus Bernard Sr One Seventh 1904-1962
Karalus Bernard W Jr One Seventh 1932-1982
Karalus Genevieve One Third 1914-1968
Karalus Harriet One Seventh 1915-1992
Karalus John One Third 1897-1931 US Navy WWI Vet
Karalus Joseph One Third 3/16/1896-2/2/1962 Pvt115CoTransCorps  WWI VFW mk
Karalus Katharsyna One Seventh 1870-1954
Karalus Leo F One Third 1913-1976
Karalus Marcin One Seventh 1865-1908
Karalus Michael One Third 1866-1941
Karalus Stella M One Seventh 1936-
Kaus Aloisius F One Eleventh 1919-
Kaus Florence One Eleventh 1928-
Kaus Valentine One Sixteen 1842-1926 Inscript: Grandfather
Keopke Pamela L One Sixth April 20, 1959 Baby Pamela
Kittell Helen B One Eighteen 1895-1955
Kittell Leo S One Eighteen 1896-1957
Klajbor Agnes One Eight 1865-1948
Klajbor Martin One Eight 1864-1925
Klocek Shirley B One Third no dates Our Father Art in heaven
Klocek Stephen J One Third no dates Our Father Art in heaven
Kloszcynski Anna One Thirteen 1881-1973
Kloszcynski Irene One Thirteen 1914-1920
Kloszcynski Joseph One Thirteen 1885-1965
Kloszcynski Mary One Thirteen 1858-1926
Knowinski Richard M One Ninth 1927-1958
Kokocinski John One Nineteen 1863-1948 Inscript. Kokocinski and Family
Kokocinski Mary  One Nineteen 1860-1928 Inscript:Kokocinski and Family
Kolassa Sophia H One Fifteen 11/27/1903-11/6/1979
Kolassa Stanley H One Fifteen 3/23/1904-11/22/1978
Kominarek Jan One Second 1853-1905  Polish Inscript.
Kominarek Jozefa One Second 1857-1929 Polish Inscription
Komrek Julius One First 1889-1957 Inscript. Father
Komrek Richard One First 12/12/1928-3/12/1974 Pfc Army Korea, Inscript.
Komrek Virginia One  First 1905-1975 Inscript. Mother
Konko Evelyn One Fourth 1924-1949
Konko Norman One Fourth 1927-1929
Konrek Rys Mary One Eight 1906-1995
Konwinski Aniela One Ninth 1897-1918
Konwinski Hattie B. One Ninth 1887-1984
Konwinski Katarzyna One Ninth 1855-1932
Konwinski Marcin One Ninth 1856-1933
Konwinski MaryAnna One Ninth 1854-1921
Konwinski Richard One Ninth 9/28/1927-10/18/1958 NY Cpl517 Armored FABN  DkVet mk
Konwinski S. Edward One Ninth 1886-1967
Kopyszka Belle One Ninth 1891-1981
Kopyszka Jacob One Ninth 1882-1945
Korzeniewski Eleanor J One Sixth 1910-1986
Korzeniewski Walter T One Sixth 1911-1961
Kosciuszko Anna One Tenth 1875-1931 on group stone of Ratkowski's
Kosciuszko Constance One Eight 1874-1948 Inscript: Mother
Kosciuszko Stanley J One Eight 1905-1932
Kozlowska Agnieszka One Seventh 1873-1921
Kozlowski Albert One Seventh 1901-1941
Kozlowski Andrew A One  Fourteen 1888-1962
Kozlowski Belle K One Fourteen 1891-1970
Kozlowski Edmund I One Fourteen 1/5/1915-7/2/1974 Tech Us Army
Kozlowski Frank A One Fourth 1881-1964 Inscript:The Lord Is My Shepherd
Kozlowski Genevieve One Fourteen 1920-1998
Kozlowski Helen R One  Fifteen 1901-1997 Insript: Beloved Mother
Kozlowski Henry B One Seventh 1913-1989
Kozlowski Jan One First 1852-1908 hard to read
Kozlowski Joh F One Fourth 1909-1969
Kozlowski Josephine J One Seventh 1920-
Kozlowski Katherine One Seventh 1900-1938
Kozlowski Lottie One Sixth 1880-1954
Kozlowski Margaret I One Fifteen 1910-1999 Mackowiak Funeral Home marker
Kozlowski Martha One Fourth 1881-1921
Kozlowski Martha One Thirteen 1892-1976
Kozlowski Martin One Seventh 1868-1948
Kozlowski Mary Anna One Seventh 1846-1935
Kozlowski Michael One Thirteen 1886-1965
Kozlowski Norman One Fourth 5/30/1929-10/31/1929
Kozlowski Stephen One Seventh 12/18/1892-5/8/1946 NY Pvt11 S CoTransCorps  WWI
Kozlowski Victoria One Seventh 1899-1931
Krajewska Ludwika One Thirteen no dates
Krajewski Alexander One Thirteen no dates
Krajewski Franciszka One Thirteen no dates
Krawczyk Angeline One Tenth 1900-1976
Krawczyk Joseph J One Tenth 1895-1956
Kreps Maryanna One First Died 1935 stone shared / A.Tomczak
Kricheldorf Glenn F One Eleventh 1909-1977 US Navy
Kricheldorf Sophia One Eleventh 1908-20--
Krygowski Franciszek One Fifth 1847-1917 Inscribed on Pawlak stone
Krystofiak Aaron One Sixth died 1982 Funeral Home marker
Krystofiak Bernard One Fifth 1903-1968
Krystofiak Bernice One Fifteen 1984-
Krystofiak Florian J -Christy One Fifth 1934-1980
Krystofiak Frank One Fifteen 1863-1936
Krystofiak Mary F One  Fifth 1905-1964
Krystofiak Rose One Fifteen 1869-1949
Krystofiak Stanislaw One Fifteen 1899-1922
Krystofiak Victoria B One Fifteen 1894-1987
Krystofiak Warren One Fifteen 1968-
Kubiszewski ? One Third  Name is on stone of Maslakowski
Kubiszewski Helen One Third 2/17/1898-2/28/1998 Beloved Wife
Kuczenska Barbara One Eleventh 1854-1936  Polish Inscription
Kuczenski Anna One Twelfth 1887-1912
Kuczenski Felix One Twelfth 1912-1912
Kuczenski Irene C One Twelfth 1913-1996
Kuczenski Jan One Twelfth 1882-1920
Kuczenski Thomas One Eleventh 1851-1918 ?  Polish Inscription
Kuczenski William F One Twelfth 1907-1974
Kuczenski William R One Twelfth 1875- infant
Kuhn Andrew -Szymanski ?? One Twelfth 1907-1961 listed as just Andrew ???
Kuhn Frank H One Twelfth 1904-1969 shared stone-Szymanski's
Kuhn Viola D One Twelfth 1906-1966 shared stone-Szymanski's
Kujawa ? One Third  just the name nothing more
Kujawa Ignacy J One  Third 1895-1918 Pvt -AmLegion marker
Kujawa John One Eleventh 5/28/1837-1/18/1904 Birth year hard to read ?
Kujawa Peter One Eleventh 1867-1938
Kujawa Victoria One Eleventh 1900-1982
Kuralski John One Eleventh 1849-1932 Inscript: Father
Kurlinski Edna One Seventeen 1880-1964
Kurlinski John One Seventeen 1873-1952
Kuspa ? One Fifteen ???? Large monument
Kuzniecki Franciszek One Seventh 1836-1926
Kuzniecki Katarzyna Zona One Seventh 1842-1906
Lacombe Amelia B One Thirteen 1903-1980
Larson Agnes One Third 1896-1932
Lasecki Victoria One Eleventh 1848-1933
Lawrence Theodora One Fourth 1904-1976
Leggett Veronica S One Sixth 1912-1981 Inscript: Beloved Mother
Lemanski Aloisius A One Eleventh 12/2/1915-6/26/1999 Carved Picture of fisherman/stone
Lemanski Catherine D One Eleventh 1892-1967
Lemanski Kathleen A One Eleventh 1/6/1947-2/1/1993
Lemanski Peter One Eleventh 1889-1962
Lemanski Richard M One Eleventh 11/21/1939-12/23/1992
Levandoski Albert One Sixth 1891-1955
Levandoski Clementine One Sixth 1891-1959
Lewandowski Father ?? One Sixth 1859-1924 no name just Father Lewandowski
Lewandowski Mother ?? One Sixth 1861-1940 no name just Mother Lewandowski
Lipczynski Agnes A One Nineteen 11/21/1882-12/1/1961
Lipczynski Albin One Nineteen 3/21/1912-10/26/1913
Lipczynski Andrew J One Nineteen 11/30/1872-3/27/1912
Lipczynski Bronislawa One Nineteen 3/16/1906-6/13/1906
Lipczynski Joseph R REV One Nineteen 2/27/1905-2/16/1970 Ordained Priest-6/11/1938
Lis Victoria One Tenth died 9/13/1969
Loiacono Frances One Tenth 1882-1916 shared stone-K.Kapelinska
Lottes Frances B One Second 1888-1911 Wife of Martin Lottes
Lucas Belle One Fourteen 1885-1975
Lucas Dorothy One Fourteen 1905-1921
Lucas Florence One Fourteen 1906-1986
Lucas John One Fourteen 1876-1960
Lucas John Cpl One Fourteen 9/30/1909-1/4/1970 NY Cpl 955 AIRENGRSQAAF  WWII
Lucas Joseph J One Seventeen 1900-1966
Lucas Leo One Fourteen 1905-1918
Lucas Richard J One Seventeen 1936-1978 In Loving memory
Lucas Winifred J One Seventeen 1924-2001 In Loving Memory
Lucyia M One Third 1850-1914
Luczkowiak Angela One Thirteen no dates large group stone- 7 names
Luczkowiak Edward S One Eleventh 1875-1940 Dunkirk Police PBA marker
Luczkowiak Eugenia One Thirteen no dates large group stone- 7 names
Luczkowiak Floyan One Thirteen no dates large group stone- 7 names
Luczkowiak Heronim One Thirteen no dates large group stone- 7 names
Luczkowiak James J One Eleventh 8/9/1910-6/22/1945 Sgt US Army WWII war marker
Luczkowiak Jerome One Thirteen 8/23/1892-11/16/1945 WWI Vet Updated new markers
Luczkowiak Leon One Thirteen no dates large group stone- 7 names
Luczkowiak Mary B One Eleventh 1879-1951
Luczkowiak Stanley C One Eleventh 2/19/1905-3/24/1951 Pvt US Army WWII  DkVet marker
Luczkowiak Walenty One Thirteen no dates large group stone-7 names
Luczkowiak Wiktorya One Thirteen no dates large group stone- 7 names
Lukaszewski Agnes A One Fifth 1895-1985
Lukaszewski Pelagia K One Fifteen 1862-1948
Lukaszewski Peter P One  Fifth 1893-1986
Lukaszewski Stanislaw One Fifteen 1867-1909
Lyons Daniel W One Thirteen 1923-1995
Lyons Madeline M One Thirteen 1925-
Mach Anna One Third 1889-1920 Inscript. Mother
Mackowiak ? One Thirteen blank Ladies Aux.VFW marker
Mackowiak ?? One Sixth  Newer Big Blank stone
Mackowiak Agnes One Seventh 1889-1973
Mackowiak Edward One Seventh 1916-1964 Inscript:Florence-Edmund-Agnes RIP
Mackowiak Emilia One Fourth June 15, 1905 ?
Mackowiak Emily G One Ninth 1908-1965
Mackowiak Felix One Fourth May 20, 1905 ?
Mackowiak John A One Seventh 1883-1955
Mackowiak Larry One Seventh 1872-1951 Inscript:Florence-Edmund-Agnes RIP
Mackowiak Martha R One Ninth 1886-1964
Mackowiak Mary One Seventh 1886-19-- Inscript:Florence-Edmund-Agnes RIP
Mackowiak Piotr W One Fourth 1883-1922
Mackowiak Raymond One Seventh 1908-19-- Inscript:Florence-Edmund-Agnes RIP
Mackowiak Shirley One Seventh 1920-1996
Malak Helen One Sixth 1919-1996 Newman Fun.Home marker
Malak Michael J One Sixth 1906-1979
Malak Stanley One Sixth 1904-1959
Malicki Franciszka One Fifth 1862-1919
Malicki Jan One Fifth 1839-1931
Malinski Anna One Sixteen 1870-1918
Malinski Helen S One Sixteen 1893-1961
Malinski John A One Sixteen 1894-1973
Malinski Ladislaus J REV One Sixteen 3/27/1900-6/10/1969 Ordained 6-14-1924
Malinski Leon A One Sixteen 1904-1963
Malinski Michael One Sixteen 1862-1955
Malinski Sophia A One Sixteen 5/11/1898-4/15/1961 Inscript: Daughter
Malinski Sophia P One Sixteen 1898-1952
Malkowiak Anastasia One Sixteen 1889-1956
Malkowiak Andzej One Sixteen 1860-1940
Malkowiak Joseph One Sixteen 1884-1961
Malkowiak MaryAnna One Sixteen 1861-1950
Malkowiak Maryanna ? One Eighteen ???? unreadable
Malkowiak Tekla One Eighteen 1867 ?-1929 Polish Inscription
Marion Charlotte H One Sixth 1894-1959
Marion Frank One Sixth 9/17/1889-8/4/1951 NYSgt Quartermaster Corps WWI
Maslakowski Edwin L One Third 1921-1923
Maslakowski Wojciech One Third 1844-1928
Maslanka Aloysius One Sixth 12/10/1909-7/15/1969 Inscript:Beloved Uncle Al
Maslanka Catherine One Sixth 1884-1957
Maslanka John One Sixth 1876-1942
Mateszon Pearl One Sixteen 12/12/1909-1/8/1999
Mateszon Stanley One Sixteen 5/8/1906-7/3/1964
Maurer Albin One Ninth 1920-1929
Maurer Beatrice One Ninth 1920-2000
Maurer Elizabeth H One Seventeen 1914-1920 Inscript: Daughter
Maurer Frances B One Ninth 1885-1966
Maurer Martha One  Ninth 1918-1923
Maurer Richard E One Ninth 1916-1971
Maurer Walter I One Ninth 1882-1968
Mazurek Elizabeth One Seventh 1897-1921 sunken stone
Mekus Andrew H One Eighteen January 14, 1943 NY Pvt1 CL347 INF 87DIV  WWmarker
Mekus Andrew W One Second 1901-1984
Mekus Casmir One Eighteen 1902-1954
Mekus Ernest One Sixteen 1894-1953
Mekus Frank One Seventh 2/6/1906-10/23/1961 NY Cpl4 RepairSQ  AAF  WWII
Mekus Ignatius S One Eighteen 7/21/1898-3/17/1974 NY TECH4 US Army WWII marker
Mekus Julia C One Second 1090-1991
Mekus Lois One Eighteen 1933-1937 Inscript: Our Darling
Mekus Madilon One Eighteen 1902-1984
Michalak Katherine One Seventh 1886-1921
Michalak Lois Ann One Sixteen 10/1939-1/1940
Michalek Paul Gerald One Sixteen 6/27/1934-7/4/1960 NY Pvc OC2ARMDTNGREGT Vet marker
Michalski Florence A One Twelfth no dates
Michalski Jan Jozefy W One Eight 1854-1932
Michalski John W One Thirteen 1875-1907
Michalski Lena One Twelfth no dates
Michalski Mary One Twelfth died 1919 Funeral Home Marker
Michalski Mary One Thirteen 1879-1950
Michalski Stanislaw One Fifth 1872-1919
Michalski Viktoria One Fifth 1873-19-
Michalski William J One Twelfth no dates
Michonska Aniela One Eight 1867-1905
Michonska Piotr One Eight 1864-1918
Miga Anna F One Sixteen 1893-1947
Miga Helen One Ninth 1921-1999
Miga Julianna  One Sixteen 1851-1926 Zona
Miga Leonard One Ninth 1913-1966
Miga Michael One Ninth 1881-1921
Miga Nellie One Ninth 1883-1963
Miga Veronica A One Sixteen 1887-1956
Miga Wawrzyniec One Sixteen 1850-1930
Mikolajewska Rozalia  One Eight 1866-1927 hard to read
Mleczko Alfred One Fourth 1920-
Mleczko Emily -Millie One Fourth 1918-1978
Mother ?? One Second ?
Napierala  George One Second 1851-1919
Napierala Joseph One Second  WWI-war marker, FD MurHose4 mk
Napierala Josephine One Second 1851-1937
Neubauer Florence One Ninth 1916-1995
Neubauer John One Ninth 1907-1976
Nevlock Fred One Fifteen 1892-1962
Nevlock Harriett One Fifteen 1894-19--
Nowak Alton P One Fourth 1906-1990
Nowak Thela E One Fourth 1904-1995
Nowicka Jozefa One Sixth 1861-1932
Nowicki Anna Jeco One Eleventh 1856-1924 Zona  ( Wife )
Nowicki Belle One Eleventh 1884-1965
Nowicki Hyacinth J One Sixth 1896-1945
Nowicki Michael One Eleventh 1847-1924
Nowicki Pelagia One Eleventh 1884-1965 Corka  ( Daughter )
O Connell A One First no dates cross marker
Odebralski Elizabeth Matra One Seventeen 1867-1904 ? hard to read
Odebralski John T  One Seventeen 1914- ? Together Forever-married 11/27/1935
Odebralski Mary M One Seventeen 1915-1995 Together Forever-married 11/27/1935
Odebralski William One Seventeen 1879-1923
O'Husky Father One Tenth 1864-1924 no name
O'Husky Mother One Tenth 1881-1933 no name
O'Husky Stanley One Tenth 1901-1966
O'Husky Stanley Jr One Tenth 1927-1942
O'Husky Victoria One Tenth 1904-1987
Olejowski Stella One Eleventh 1883-1962 Inscript: Mother
Olewski  Ignatius J One Second 7/23/1909-8/29/1944 NYCpl 115 INF 29 Inf.div.WWII
Olewski  Mary One Second February 16, 1905 simple marker
Olewski  Rozalja One Second 1877-1970
Olewski  Wincenty One Second 1877-1954
Pakula Leo M One Thirteen 1903-1986
Pakula Michael J One Thirteen no dates
Pakula Stella A One Thirteen no dates
Pakula Stephanie  Faith One Thirteen 1907-1979 also Newman's Funeral Home marker
Pakulski Catherine S One Fourteen 1878-1933
Pakulski Helen One Fourteen 1880-1962
Pakulski Louise R One Fourteen 1848-1915
Pakulski Valentine L One  Fourteen 1846-1903 Inscript: Father
Panfil Anna One Nineteen 1889-1959
Panfil David P One Fifth 1941-1996
Panfil Marie D One Fifth 1918-
Panfil Martin One Nineteen 1876-1940
Panfil Zenon A One Fifth 1915-1987
Papierski John James One Eight 1945-1979 picture on stone wearing uniform
Papierski Loretta One Eight no dates
Papierski Stanley One Eight no dates
Paprocka J ?? One Fourteen 1882-1917 ??
Paprocka Katarzyna One Seventeen 1924 ? 1925 Polish Inscription
Paprocki Anthony One Ninth 1852-1945
Paprocki Bernard One Seventeen 8/7/1884-9/21/1940
Paprocki Casmir One Seventeen 1886-1957
Paprocki Mary One Seventeen 1887-1970
Paprocki Rozala One Ninth 1857-1925 ?  Polish Inscription
Pausek Catherine C One Thirteen 1883-1927
Pausek Florence One Thirteen 1912-1912
Pausek John M One Thirteen 1883-1975 Inscript: Father
Pausek Martha T One Thirteen 1886-1958
Pausek Stanley One Thirteen 1887-1918
Pauszek Michalene One First 1867-1954
Pauszek Thomas One First 1855-1940
Pawlak ? Father One Fifteen 1846-1933 looks like Pawlak ??
Pawlak ? Lawrence One Fifteen 1879-1941 looks like Pawlak ??
Pawlak ? Mother One Fifteen 1854-1918 looks like Pawlak ??
Pawlak ? Stanislaus One Fifteen 1881-1916 looks like Pawlak ??
Pawlak Alfred J One Fifteen 1933-
Pawlak Cecilia One Fifth 1846-1917
Pawlak Florian One Fifteen 1921-1938
Pawlak Franciszek One Fifteen 1884-1966
Pawlak Joseph One Fifth 1884-1960
Pawlak Klemens One Fifteen 1915-1919
Pawlak Laurence One Fifteen 1851-1924
Pawlak MarcyAnn One Fifteen 1850-1938
Pawlak Teresa One Fifteen 1889-19??
Pawlak Thomas One Fifth 1844-1920
Pawlak Walter One Fifth 1873-1935
Pawloski Vernice One First 1910-1922
Pawloski Vincent One First 1875-1910
Pawloski Vincent One First 1915-1961
Pawlowski Adam E One Ninth 1885-1914
Pawlowski Adelaide D One Ninth 1916-
Pawlowski Harry R One Ninth 1914-
Pawlowski Philip J PHD One First 1943-
Pawlowski Ralph One Ninth 1911-1921 Insript: Son
Pazderski Franciszka One Fourteen 1859-1933
Pazderski Josef One Fourteen 1853-1928
Paznieska Katarzyna One Seventh 1856-1926
Penkaty Jerome W One First 11/11/1920-11/5/1962 WWII US NavyKorea Dk. vet marker
Penkaty Phyliss A One Second May 12, 1905 Makowiak Funeral marker only
Pilarski Helen G One Tenth 1899-1951
Pilarski Martin One Twelfth 1884-1918 Amer.Legion marker
Pilarski Richard One Tenth 1919-1927
Pinkoski Joseph A One Nineteen 1900-1991
Pinkoski Sophia M One  Nineteen 1907-1982
Plewa ( Zona ) One Eighteen 1850-1923 3 more names on back of stone
Plewa Antoni One Eighteen 1850-1934 3 more names on back of stone
Plewa Jan One Eighteen 1878-1908 back of Plewa Antoni stone
Plewa Pelagia One Eighteen 1887-1905 back of Plewa Antoni stone
Plewa Thomas One Eighteen June 05, 1927 NY Pvt 314INF 79Div
Plewa Walenty One Eighteen 1880-1948 back of Plewa Antoni stone
Plombon Barney F One Fifteen 12/15/1896-12/13/1970 NY Pvt9 Regt FAREPLDRAFT WWI
Pochylski Edna One Eight 1893-1922
Pochylski George One Eight 1890-1955
Pochylski Isabelle One Eight 1913-1919
Pochylski Joseph J One Seventh 1876-1939
Pochylski Pelagia C One Seventh 1879-1938
Pokoj Harriet One Fifth 1908-1985
Pokoj Henry One Fifth 5/25/1911-5/26/1972 NYTech4USArmyWWII DkVet marker
Polasik Agnes One Eighteen 1885-1959
Polasik Antonina One Thirteen 1875-1931
Polasik Bronislawa One Thirteen 1902-1923
Polasik Florentyna One Thirteen 1907-1925
Polasik Isabelle One Thirteen 1911-1999
Polasik John One Eighteen 1840-1909
Polasik Josef One Thirteen 1871-1932
Polasik Mary One Eighteen 1877-1918
Polasik Petronella One Eighteen 1845-1926
Polasik Valentine One Eighteen 1881-1969
Polasik Veronica One Eighteen 1907-1978
Polcyn Anita T One  Twelfth 1940-1993
Polcyn Edward J One Twelfth 1904-1974
Polcyn Harriet A One Twelfth 1909-1991
Politowski Allen A One Fourth 1916-1992
Politowski Bernice One Fourth 1914-1917
Politowski Elizabeth One Fourth 1911-1932
Politowski Florence One Seventh 1910-1974
Politowski Helen One Fourth 1904-1965
Politowski Ludwig One Seventh 1914- ?
Politowski Marion One Fourth 1875-1955
Politowski Mary One Fourth 1881-1945
Politowski Mary One Seventh 1964-?
Politowski Tillie One Fourth 1906-1965
Proprocki Daniel One Seventeen 1915-1979
Przbyla Florence R One Fourteen 1904-1993 9 names on stone
Przbyla Frank Sr One Fourteen 1884-1934 9 names on stone
Przbyla Joseph H One Fourteen 5/21/1920-7/29/1975 AMM2 US Navy WWII DK VET marker
Przbyla Lawrence One Fourteen died 1934  9 names on stone
Przbyla Lillian One Fourteen 1907-1996 9 names on stone
Przbyla Pelagia One Fourteen 1971 ? 9 names on stone
Przbyla Regina ?? One Fourteen 1913-1938 9 names on stone
Przybyla Father One Fourteen 1856-1918 9 names on stone
Przybyla Mother One Fourteen 1865-1952 9 names on stone
Rajska Elzbieta F One Eighteen 1957? Polish Inscription
Rajska Franciszka K One Eighteen died 1935 Polish Inscription
Rajska Jozef One Eighteen died 1939 Polish Inscription
Rajska Valentyna F One Eighteen 1973? Polish Inscription
Rajska Wawrzyniec V One Eighteen died 1928 Polish Inscription
Rajski Stanley One Nineteen 1899-1982
Rancka Frank J  One Tenth 1889-1941
Ratkiewicz Joseph One Sixth 1896-1959 Inscript: Father
Ratkowski Agnes B One Tenth 1915-1985
Ratkowski Bernice One Tenth 1906-1914
Ratkowski Florence B One Tenth 1871-1945
Ratkowski Helen A One Tenth 1903-1976
Ratkowski Leo M One Tenth 1910-1991
Ratkowski Louise M One Tenth 1926 ?
Ratkowski Michael J One Tenth 1875-1949
Ratlowski Edna R One Tenth 1908-1988
Rinne Florence One Fifth 1914-1982
Roesler Anastasia  One Eleventh 1903-1972
Roesler Rita One Eleventh 1930-1931
Roesler Walter M One Eleventh 1901-1978
Rosplochowska MaryAnna One Thirteen 1839-1912 ?
Rosplochowski John One Thirteen died June 5,1929
Rozmus Jan ?? One Second 1913 ? unreadable
Rybacki Joseph One Fifth 1866-1923 Inscript:Father Rest in Peace
Rybacki Pauline One Fifth 1884-1919 Inscript: Mother-Rest In Peace
Rykaczewski Elizabeth One Eleventh 1872-1951
Rykaczewski Frank One Eleventh 1864-1945
Rykaczewski Joseph One Eleventh 3/29/1897-5/16/1969 NY Pvt19 Co157 Depot Brig WWI
Rys Jan One Eight 1886-1914
Rzesiewicz Jan One First 1882-1942
Rzesiewicz Julianna One First 1889-1951
Rzesiewicz Renwick Edward One First 1892-1968 Dis.Am.Vet marker
Rzesiewicz Teofila 4/27/1860-1/9/1910
Rzesiewicz Roman 4/15/1855-10/22/1936
Rzesiewicz Wojciech S.P. One First 1913-1925
Rzybylinski Ch ?? One Fifth 1905-1917 unreadable
Schubarg Elizabeth R One Second 1902-1961
Schultz William One Eleventh 1890-1930 Pvt Sec4 AircraftAcceptPark2  marker
Schwertfager Eva B One Second 1895-1985
Setera Alexander One Sixth 1906-1932
Setera John One Sixth 1881-1947
Setera Lena One Sixth 1888-1942
Shay Beatrice One Tenth 1912-1999
Shay Stanley One Tenth 1912-1954
Sitko Anna T One Eight 1887-1927
Sitko John E One Eight 1883-1949
Skrzypek Adam S One Tenth 11/16/1910-11/17/1968 NY Sgt US Air Force WWII DkVt
Skrzypek Julianna One Tenth 1892-1992
Skrzypek Mary A One Tenth 1916-1989
Skrzypek Thomas One Tenth 1882-1956
Skrzypek Thomas S One Tenth 1912-1999
Slawinski Anastasia One Second 1913-1957
Slawinski John One Second 1874-1916
Slawinski Sophia One Second 1881-1948
Slomianna Magdalena One Fifth 1861-1944
Smith Barney One First 1894-1956
Smith Ludwig One First 8/25/1870-4/19/1907 Tall stone 7 ft +
Smith Robert G One Second 1935-1936 Inscript.Son
Smith Viola  One First 1892-1956
Smith Wierzelawska Aggie One Fourth 1895-1987 Insript.Beloved Aunt
Smoczynski Agnes One Nineteen 1881-1961
Smoczynski Frances D One Eighteen 1916-1981 shared stone-Kaleta Henry
Smoczynski Hattie M Mackowiak One Eighteen 1905-1960
Smoczynski Helen L One Nineteen 1905-1932
Smoczynski Jadwiga One Nineteen 1842-1910
Smoczynski John One Nineteen 1875-1935
Smoczynski Joseph L One Nineteen 1918-1958
Smoczynski Julianna A One Eighteen 1882-1930
Smoczynski Julius One Nineteen 1904-1941
Smoczynski Karol S One Eighteen 1877-1953
Smoczynski Leopold One Eighteen 1909-1949 shared stone-Kaleta Henry
Smoczynski Leopold One Nineteen 1840-1908
Smoczynski Rose M (Bragg) One Nineteen 1922-1998
Sobkowski ?? One Sixteen blank Large monument
Sobkowski Aloysius One Thirteen 3/11/1910-10/10/1969 NY Cpl 497 BHQ+ABSQAAF
Sobkowski Francis s D.D.S One  Nineteen 1896-1985 Inscript: Son
Sobkowski John One Nineteen 1860-1919 Inscript. Father
Sobkowski John Jr One Nineteen 1898-1904
Sobkowski Josephine One Fifteen 1864-1942
Sobkowski Martha M One  Nineteen 1897-1985 Inscript: Wife
Sobkowski Nicholas One Fifteen 3/10/1896-1/10/1950 NY Pvt Medical Dept. War I
Sobkowski Nicholas One Fifteen 1859-1943
Sobkowski Shirley One Thirteen 1910-?
Sobkowski Sophia One Nineteen 1900-1904
Sobkowski Stanislaus One Nineteen 1883-1907
Sobkowski Stanislawa One Nineteen 1860-1941 Inscript: Mother
Sokolowicz Antonina One Seventeen 1890-1929
Sokolowicz Jozef One Seventeen 1840-1926
Sokolowicz Katarzyna One Seventeen 1877-1957
Sokolowicz Marcin One Sixteen 1855-1936
Sokolowicz MaryAnna One Seventeen 1854-1912
Solarek Emil One Sixth 1913-1923
Solarek Florence One Sixth 1912-1922
Solarek Helen One Fifth 1907-1968
Solarek Leon One Fifth 1935-1992
Solarek Paul C One Fifth 1937-1955
Somerfeldt Malgoezata (Margaret) One Fourth 1870-1942 hard to read
Somerfeldt Stanislaw One Fourth 1860-1919
Sosinski Michael One Eight 1867-1945 shared stone-Walter Crapes
Spayer Emily One Twelfth May 20, 1911 shared stone-Rev.Fafinski
Spayer Matthew J  One Twelfth 2/24/1904-5/28/1981 shared stone-Rev.Fafinski
Staskiewcz Joseph J One Eight 3/4/1900-5/6/1985 US Army WWI
Staskiewicz Frances One Eight 1902-1983
Staskiewicz Stanislawa One Eight 1867-1950
Staskiewicz Stephen S One Eight February 17, 1943 NY Pvt 348 Inf 87 Div -At Rest-Vet mk
Stefaniak Franciszka  One Fourteen 1854-1918 Zona
Stefaniak Josephine One Fourteen 1876-1971
Stefaniak Lawrence M One Seventeen 7/3/1871-5/24/1924
Stefaniak Michael One Fourteen 1846-1933
Stefaniak Rose One  Fourteen 1892-1978
Stefaniak Sally One Fourteen 1883-1974
Stefaniak Stanislaw One Fourteen 1881-1916
Stefaniak Wawrzyniec One Fourteen 1879-1941
Steffan Josephine One Seventh 1875-1929 Mother-Peace Be Yours
Stegelske Father One Ninth no dates
Stegelske Francis One Ninth 1878-1937 United States Judge
Stegelske John One Ninth no dates
Stegelske Joseph One Ninth no dates
Stegelske Mother One Ninth no dates
Stejakowski Andrew One Eight 1873-1940
Stejakowski Josephine One Eight 1879-1958
Stolinski Elizabeth One Ninth 1906-1977 Newman Funeral Home marker
Stolinski Father One Twelfth no dates
Stolinski Joseph A.S One Twelfth unreadable left stone-Mother right stone-Father
Stolinski Mother One Twelfth no dates
Stucynski Bernice One Seventh 1884-1972
Stucynski Julian One Seventh 1875-1923
Supkoski Chester J One Sixth 4/11/1916-11/17/1974 Pvt US Army
Supkoski Geraldine One Sixth 5/29/1920-11/22/1996
Suski Florence One First 1901-1963
Suski Florence C One First 1919-1990
Suski Frances One First 1863-1954
Suski Stanley One First 1893-1936 WWII-Am Legion Aux marker
Sweda Anna One Seventh 1918-1996 shared stone-Gaura
Sweda William One Seventh 1916-1985 shared stone Gaura
Swieca Joseph One Fifth 1896-1975
Swieca Theresa One Fifth 1898-1988
Symans Charles One Ninth 1942-1993 Eternal Love Always and Forever
Symans Florence One Ninth 1945- Eternal Love Always and Forever
Szacik Dominik One Fourth 1870-1948
Szacik Ewa Z One Fourth 1873-1945
Szalkowski Anna One Eighteen ???? unreadable
Szalkowski Florence A One Eighteen 1906-1976
Szalkowski Joseph Frank One Eighteen 1900-1948
Szelaszkiewicz Edmund One Eight 1894-1917
Szelaszkiewicz Jozefa One Eight 1860-1936
Szelaszkiewicz Wincenty One Eight 1858-1947
Szkotnicki Mary One Second 1905-1987 Mother- always in our hearts
Szkotnicki Pawel One Second 1870-1909 Polish Inscript. unreadable
Szkotnicki Stanley One Second 1907-1983 Father-always in our hearts
Szocka Elzbieta One Tenth ??1865 ?? In Polish & unreadable
Szocki Edmund One Tenth 10/26/1900-5/28/1954 NY Pvt CO A390 Inft  WWII vet mrk
Szocki Ignatius One Tenth 10/22/1894-10/3/1955 NY Pvt CO E348 Inft  WWII
Szocki Joseph M One Tenth 3/5/1888-7/4/1973 NY Pvt US Army  WWI
Szpajer Antonina One Nineteen 1877-1949
Szpajer Father One Nineteen no dates
Szpajer Ignacy One Nineteen 1877-1932
Szpajer Ignacy One Nineteen no dates large monument-5 stones in front
Szpajer Mary One Nineteen no dates
Szpajer Mother One Nineteen no dates
Szpajer Stefan One Nineteen no dates
Szpajer Wiktora One Nineteen no dates large monument-5 stones in front
Szpajer Wiktorja One Nineteen no dates
Szukala John S One Third 10/16/1893-4/3/1962 Pvt AirServ WWI -Son-Vet marker
Szukala Joseph S One Third 2/28/1898-1/30/1960 Pfc 9 SDepot SVCcoA8 WWI markr
Szukala Pauline One Third 1868-1955
Szukala Pauline One Third 1907-1982
Szukala Stanley One Third 1862-1930
Szukala Walter One Fourth 1900-1945
Szukala Wojeiech ? One Fourth 3/1857-1920
Szukala Zofia One Fourth 1870-?
Szulc MaryAnna Zona One Sixteen 1877-1920
Szulc Piotr One Sixteen 1866-1924
Szwejbka Aloysius A One Thirteen 1908-1991
Szwejbka Emily E One Thirteen 1909-1964
Szwejbka Hedwig M One First 1886-1960
Szwejbka Stanislaw J One Thirteen 1878-1932
Szymanowicz Antoni One Twelfth 1847-1926
Szymanowicz Blanche Matilda One Twelfth no dates small upright stone
Szymanowicz Cecelia One Twelfth 1891-1964 Inscript: Hail Mary
Szymanowicz Eugene A One Eight 1918-1991
Szymanowicz Jane E One Eight 1921-
Szymanowicz Magdalena One Twelfth 1851-1924
Szymanowicz Peter P One Twelfth 1894-1917
Szymanowicz Stephen One Twelfth 1891-1967 Inscript: Hail Mary
Szymanowicz Theresa F One Eight 1892-1992
Szymanski Antonina One Twelfth 1877-1912 Inscript: Mother
Szymanski Augustine One Twelfth 1848-1936
Szymanski Bernard One Twelfth 1911-1920
Szymanski Jane G One Twelfth 1899-1991
Szymanski John B One Twelfth 1876-1949 Inscript: Father
Szymanski Leon One Twelfth 1902-1915
Teclaw Agnes One Fourth 1850-1923
Teclaw Frank One Fourth 3/24/1885-7/25/1969 Pvt coB319 MachGunBN  WWI
Teclaw Michael One Fourth  unreadable
Thomas Stephen One Tenth 1899-1967
Thomas Stephen One Eleventh 9/1/1899-8/11/1967 NY S2 US Navy WWI
Thomas Victoria One Tenth 1901-
Tomczak Antoni One First Died 1908 stone shared/ M.Kreps
Tucholski Frances One Tenth 1867-1943
Tucholski John One Tenth 1890-1941
Tucholski Theresa One Tenth 1896-1981
Tucholski Walter One Tenth 1865-1946
Tucholski Walter One Tenth 1894-1971
Tuczynski Dorothy E One Eleventh 1910-2006
Tuczynski Harry F One Eleventh 1908-1961
Vernice P One Seventeen 1899-1953
Vesneski-Begier Evelyn One Sixteen 1922-1981 shared stone Vesneske/Begier
Vesneski-Begier Ferinand One Sixteen 1918- shared stone/Vesneske/Begier
Vesneski-Begier Sophie One Sixteen 1905-1969 shared stone Vesneski/Begier
Vesneski-Begier Stephen One Sixteen 1909-1985 shared stone Vesneski/'Begier
Voss Catherine One Second 1885-19--
Voss John One Second 1879-1960
Wantuch Peter One Third 1909-1982 Funeral Home marker
Welka ?? One Seventh  unreadable
Welka Anthony One Thirteen 1886-1960
Welka Dorothy C One Sixth 1901-1951
Welka Elizabeth F One Thirteen 1911-2001 Mackowiak Funeral Home marker
Welka Frank J One Sixth 1894-1946
Welka Sally One Thirteen 1890-1960
Wesolowski Daniel One Sixth 1910-1936
Wesolowski Felix One Sixth 1906-1919
Wesolowski Jan One Sixth 1876-1920
Wesolowski Magdalena One Sixth 1878-1936
Wilczewski Helen One Thirteen 1896-1958
Wisniewska Delphine One Fourth 1902-1927
Wisniewski  Joseph One Ninth 1889-1953
Wisniewski Angeline One Seventh 8/28/1914-11/11/1948
Wisniewski Clement One Twelfth 1916-1947 Dunkirk Vet marker
Wisniewski Helen One Seventh 1885-1936
Wisniewski Helen One Nineteen 1906-1951
Wisniewski John One Nineteen 1894-1942
Wisniewski Joseph One Nineteen 1853-1917
Wisniewski Joseph Jr One Ninth 1920-1924
Wisniewski Leo L One Seventh 4/10/1904-1/8/1980 US Army
Wisniewski Mary One Nineteen 1854-1943
Wisniewski Sophie W One Seventh 1905-1978
Wisniewski Stanley E One Seventh 1885-1962
Withington Helen D One Fourteen 1914-1999
Withington Robert G One Fourteen 1913-1988
Wojciechowski Helen One Fourth 1897-1973
Wojciechowski Jan W One Fourth 1857-1934
Wojciechowski Maryanna One Fourth 1859-1936
Wojciechowski Pelagia One Fourth 1881-1924
Wojciechowski Walter F One Fourth 1897-1958
Wojciehowski Paulene One Fourth 1866-1927
Wojciehowski Veronica One Fourth 1887-1905
Wojcinski Helen M One Fourteen 1888-1971
Wojcinski Leon S One Fourteen 1929-1998
Wojcinski Mary One Fourteen 1860-1934
Wojcinski Michael One Fourteen 1859-1911
Wojcinski R One Fourteen 1916-1917
Wojcinski Stanislaus One Fourteen 1883-1951
Wojnarowski Franciszek One Eleventh 1884-1952
Woloch Michael One Ninth 1879-1932
Wozniak Chester One Fifteen 7/28/1904-3/20/1991 Cpl US Army WWII
Wozniak Edwin F One Fifteen 1910-1979
Wozniak Elizabeth C One Fifteen 1935-1984
Wozniak Emily K One Fifteen no dates
Wozniak Joseph Jr One Fifteen 2/27/1910-1/6/1979 US Army
Wozniak Joseph L One Fifteen 1883-1954
Wozniak Leon J One  Fifteen 1877-1921
Wozniak Mary One Fifteen 1880-1951
Wozniak Stella One Fifteen 1883-1967
Wozniak Theresa One Fifteen no dates
Wyrozumialski John One Sixteen 1844-1919
Wyrozumialski Martha One Sixteen 1865-1914 Inscript:  His Wife   (John)
Wyszynski Anna One Fifteen no dates Inscript: Mother
Wyszynski Casmir One Fifteen no dates Inscript: Father
Wyszynski Erwin E One Fifteen 8/28/1922-2/21/1994 Pfc US Army AirCorps  WWII
Wyszynski Josephine One Fifth 5/15/1880-1/1/1917 Here rests Josephine Wyszynski
Wyszynski Lillian V One Fifteen 1908-1986 Inscript: Sister shared stone E.W.
Zacharyasz Agnes M One Twelfth 1904-1962 shared stone-Szymanski's
Zagorski Frances One Fifth 1919-
Zagorski Michael One Fifth 1915-1983
Zak Casmir A. Rt Rev MSGR One Nineteen 1919-  Front entrance by Statue
Zbieranska Josefa One Second 1845-1916
Zbieranska Thomas One Second 1843-1924
Zebraski Joseph Jr. One First 1927 ?
Zebrasky Florence One Seventh 1909-1985
Zebrasky Frank J One Seventh 1902-1980
Zgoda John One Fifth 1906-1963
Zgoda Rose One Fifth 1907-1998
Zientalski Anna One Ninth 1876-1952
Zientalski Jacob One Ninth 1870-1844
Zientowski Mary One Eight no dates
Zientowski Max One Eight 1889-1977
Zientowski Tekla One Eight 9/3/1892-10/8/1922
Ziolkowski Albert G One Seventeen 1863-1945
Ziolkowski Andrzy One Seventeen 1903?? Hard to read
Ziolkowski Mary H One Seventeen 1870-1946
Zolnoske Edward One First 1909-
Zolnoske Joseph One First 1871-1919
Zolnoske Julia One First 1847-1908
Zrulska Zuzanna One Eleventh 1840-1923 Kazmierczak Funeral Home marker
Zuchowski Jan One Third 1904-1923
Zuchowski Joseph One Third 1868-1939
Zuchowski Kathryn One Third 1903-1994
Zuchowski Mary One Third 1875-1955
Zuchowski Stanley One Third 1899-1956
Zuralski Anthony One Fifth 1863-1926  Polish Inscriptions
Zuralski Charles J One Ninth 1912-1979 Inscript: Together Forever
Zuralski Emily H One Ninth 1915- Inscript: Together Forever
Zuralski Frank One Ninth 1881-1950
Zuralski Frank Jr One Ninth 1908-1973
Zuralski Katherine One Eleventh 1854-1941 Inscript: Mother
Zuralski Maryanna One Fifth 1870-1923 hard to read
Zuralski Stella One Ninth 1885-1954
Zygaj Jozeea ?? One Eleventh ???? Large stone-unreadable
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