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Holy Trinity Cemetery

Dunkirk NY


This is a list of Holy Trinity Cemetery. It includes the entire cemetery, as seen above.
It does  include names from the outside walls of the  Mausoleum, but not the ones inside.
This work is still in progress. I am still searching thru records to find burials where the stones or markers have vanished.
This is mainly a  Catholic Italian, Spanish cemetery. Established in 1914.
Since I am not Italian or Spanish, it was hard to read some  headstones. There was also some unmarked gravesites. If you find a loved one interred here, and wish to make a correction or addition, please email me HERE.

This is a view of the Left side, with the Mausoleum in the background. The right side is only half this size.
Names are in alphabetical order, not as they are interred. You can see by this picture that the road goes completely around in a circle.

Interred Mausoleum
Veterans Photo's
Locating The Grave Unknown Burials

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