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Holy Trinity Church -Dunkirk NY

Holy Trinity Church (formerly at 37 Ruggles St) was built for the Italian community in 1910 on a downtown corner lot, within walking distance of most parishioner's residences. However in 1960, in an era when almost everyone owned a car, when the parish built a primary school, it was erected on an ample lot located at the south end of Central Avenue. But the late 60's also saw many Holy Trinity parishioners moving from the downtown area because of the upcoming urban Renewal project (organized in 1966, federally funded in 1969) Recognizing these changes, the church was sold to the agency in 1970, and a new building was erected in 1971-72 on Central Ave adjacent to the school. Here, finally was off-street parking. The original Holy Trinity Church, and it's bell tower to the rear, were demolished in 1973. The lower photo above shows parking for the Lincoln Arms apartments after Urban renewal.

Former Holy Trinity Church Inside

Holy Name Society-Holy Trinity Year 19??

Former Holy Trinity Church on Ruggles St Dunkirk NY

Pastor Martin L Pavlock  annoints young Edward with ashes at Holy Trinity Church

(5-9-2000 photo from Dunkirk Evening Observer) above photo

Holy Trinity Church Central Ave Dunkirk NY

Holy Trinity School

Photo of inside of former Holy Trinity from Tim Donnelly's site...Visit Here

Other photo's taken from the Dunkirk Observer,Bottom 3 photo's taken November 2007


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