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   St Hyacinth's Cremations

Gilbert Joseph S Road Front 2/2/1914-11/4/1990 Lt US Navy WWII
Gilbert Catherine Road Front 4/12/1914-
Hasinski Mary Road Front 1918-1990
Kuwik Florence R Road Front 1914-1992
Kuwik Stanley E Road Front 1915-1997
Miller Roberta Lee Road Front 1953-1995 Daughter
Schmitt Elaine Jane Road Front 1928- Mother
Kozlowski James J Road Front 1959-1995
Dull Rudolph S Road front 6/10/1926-10/17/1995 Tec4 US Army WWII
Bialaszewski Joseph F Road Front 1934-1997

This Section Is as it Appears . It is Located on the far NORTH side of the
Cemetery by the Infants section.

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