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Chautauqua County Obits
Partial List 1997 and 1998

Names Dates Notes Photo

Abbey Marjorie L 1921-1997 Age 75-b Ripley NY-Quincy Rural Cemt Ripley NY no
Alexander Michael J Sr died 1-20-1998 Age 53- Union Cemt Westfield NY no
Allen June Gilbert died 2-17-1998 Age 66 b.Angola NY-Glass FH Tampa Fla. yes
Andolsek Anna M 1915-1997 Age 82 b.Pa.-Holy Cross cemt.Gowanda NY no
Bartold Helen E 1906-1997 Age 90-b.Dunkirk NY-St Hyacinths Cemt no
Batts Josephine B 1904-1998 Age 94 b.Hammett Pa- Calvary cemt Erie Pa no
Binkiwitz Margaret 1915-1997 Age 82 b.Bridgeport Conn.-Buried Fairfield Conn.
Bowker Barry L 1951-1998 Age 46- b. Silver Creek NY-Forestville Cemt. NY no
Braunbach Eugene H 1926-1998 b.Buffalo NY-Schindler FH Gowanda NY no
Buckreis Frances 1924-1998 Age 73-b.Buffalo NY-St Marys cemt Dk NY yes
Childs Laurence W 1955-1997 Age 41 b.Batavia NY-Pioneer cemt. yes
Christensen Ole E 1912-1997 Age 84 b.Alden NY-Quincy Rural Cemt Ripley NY no
Crandall Lucille A Hoffower 1912-1998 Age 85-b Ellery center NY-Union Cemt Centralia yes
Cunningham Lois 1905-1998 Age 92 b.Washington Pa.-burial washington Pa. no
Davidson James H 1901-1998 Age 96-b.Johnstown Pa.-Forest Hill Cemt. no
DeCeilio Antoinette M 1930-1998 Age 67-b.Fredonia NY-St Anthonys Cemt Fredonia NY no
Dorman Floyd J 1907-1998 Age 90 b.Stockton NY-Cassadaga Cemt NY no
Eggert Libbie Gregory 1899-1997 Age 97-b.Tidoutte Pa.-Mathews FH Ripley NY no
Ekins Sister Mary John 1899-1998 Age 98 b.Richardstown,County Louth,Ireland-STColumbiaCem no
Francis Jane S 1917-1998 Age 80 b.Mayville NY-Mayville Cemt. no
Franklin Kenneth W 1915-1998 Age 82 b.Mayville NY-burial Beverly Hills Fla. no
Frost Ruth (Strebel) 1914-1998 Age 83-b.Mayville NY-Mayville Cemt no
Hubbard DeVillo W 1925-1997 Age 72 b.Ripley NY-Quincy Rural Cemt Ripley NY no
Johnston Robert A 1935-1998 b.Gowanda NY-Age 62-Villenova Cemt S Dayton NY no
Kitzmiller Mildred D 1917-1997 Age 79 b.Gettysburg Pa-Evergreen Cemt Gettysburg Pa yes
Kornprobst Edward J Sr 1911-1998 Age 86 b.Dunkirk NY-Willowbrook Park Cemt. no
Korzenieski Alice 1919-1997 Age 78 b.Dunkirk NY -St Hedwigs Cemt.
Landahl Edward W 1917-1997 Age 79 b.Lancaster NY-Wentley FH N Collins NY no
Lesch Ora V 1906-1998 Age 91 b.Dunkirk NY-Forset Hill Cemt yes
Lewinski Anna A 1914-1998 Age 83-b.Dunkirk NY-St Hyacinths Cemt.Dk NY no
Lohrey Henry 1918-1998 b.Springville NY-Age 79-Collins Center Cemt no
Luther Florence died 1-29-1998 b.Springville NY-Age 70-Mentley FH Gowanda NY no
Mangus Lena 1921-1997 Age 75-b.Dunkirk NY-St Anthonys Cemt no
McDaniels Charles M 1913-1997 Age 84 b.Silver Creek NY-funeral Oklahoma City no
Michielli Friny 1928-1998 Age 69 b.Tanzania Africa-Gardinier-Colletti FH Dk NY no
Miller Emma 1900-1998 Age 97 b.Brockport Pa-Mt Prospect Cemt.Franklinville no
Morales Marcelo 1915-1998 Age 82 b Ponce,Puerto Rico-St Marys Cemt Dk NY yes
Nagle Robert C 1924-1997 Age 72 b,Gowanda NY-Holy Cross Cemt Gowanda NY no
Naslund Theodore W 1922-1998 b.Dunkirk Age-75-Orcutt-Timko FH yes
Notaro Margaret died 1-24-1997 Age 93-Lady of Mount Carmel Church cemt Brant NY no
Pagan Rufino died 9-22-1997 Age 89 b.Puerto Rico- buried Puerto Rico
Pencek Lillian 1905-2005 Age 92 b.Poland-St Hyacinths Cemt no
Pero Angela R (Ganci) died 5-22-1997 Age 85-Our lady Mount Carmel Cemt Brant NY no
Phillips Georgia I 1916-1998 Age 81 b.Leon NY-Treat Memorial Cemt. Leon NY no
Pine LeRoy A Sr 1903-1998 Age 94 b.Rosenburg(town of Collins)Jolls Cemt Gowanda NY no
Porpiglia Anthony 1919-1997 Age 77 b.Dunkirk NY-Mount Carmel cemt. yes
Rennicks Daniel "Jim" 1924-1998 Age 73 b.Buffalo NY-Ashford Hollow Cemt. no
Rick Rudolf G died 5-14-1997 Age 92 b.Germany-Acacia Park cemt,N Tonawanda NY no
Robbins William H 1910-1998 Age 87 b.Waterford Ontario-Cassadaga Cemt NY yes
Sam Martha 1912-1998 Age 85 b.Irwin Pa-Forest Hill cemt yes
Sandberg Helen R 1933-1997 Age 63 b.Jamestown NY-Bemus Point Cemt.NY no
Sander Anna Pearl 1914-1998 Age 84 b.Niagra Falls NY-Lane FH Niagra Falls no
Sanderson Mabel 1902-1998 Age 94 b.Slippery Rock Pa.-Slippery Rock Cemt Pa no
Schrader John C 1914-1998 Age 83 b.Dunkirk NY-Willowbrook Park Cemt no
Schuler Marion "Edie" 1912-1998 Age 85 b.Buffalo NY-Webster St Cemt. yes
Seekings Ann 1910-1997 Age 87 b.Titusville Pa.-Mayville Cemt NY no
Seyler Marie G 1930-1997 Age 66 b.Fredonia NY-St Josephs Cemt. Sheridan NY
Shearer Ward 1921-1997 Age 76 b.Lackawanna(Gardenville)-St Marys Cemt.
Sheffield Charles W 1918-1998 b.Parish Fla,-Age 79-Willowbrook Park Cemt yes
Sinden Russell O died 1-28-1998 Age 78-Westfield Cemt. no
Spann Anna Eva (Russ) 1915-1998 Age 83 b.Westfield NY-St James Cemt no
Steinbach Helen 1897-1998 b.Silver Creek NY-Age-100-Elmlawn Cemt Kenmore NY no
Stilson Margaret M 1903-1997 Age 94-b.New Lisbon-Highland Hill Cemt.Sidney Center NY no
Szalkowski Roger S 1909-1998 Age 88 b.Dunkirk NY-St Hyacinths Cemt no
Szydlo Rafael "Bob" 1914-1997 Age 82 b. Dunkirk NY-St Hyacinths Cemt no
Tardi-Morales Josefina 1906-1997 Age 91 b.Sabana Grande Puerto Rico-funeral Puerto Rico yes
Tetzloff Alvin "Jute" 1906-1998 Age 91 b.Dunkirk NY-Funeral Sandusky Ohio no
Tunison Patrick A 1960-1997 Age 37 b Erie Pa-N East Cemt Pa no
Tyler Rose A died 9-21-1997 Age 81 b.Fredonia NY-Buried Florida
Tyszko Larrie E 1940-1998 Age 58 yes
Vogtli Doris M 1923-1998 Age 74 b.Marietta Ohio-Collins Center Cemt NY no
Ward Matilda G Bruyer 1898-1997 Age 98-b.Shamet Pa,-Red Bird Cemt no
Wielgasz Rose A died 1-21-1997 Age 73 -Forestville Cemt.NY no
Williams Paul Sr (Pastor) 1914-1998 Age 83 b.Matthew Pa.-Glenwood Cemt Silver Creek NY yes
Wolfe Martha B died 11-14-1998 St Marys cemt Dk NY no
Wroblewski Katherine died 2-22-1998 Willowbrrok Park Cemt Dk.NY no
Zuchowski Esther 1913-1997 Age 84 b.Dunkirk NY -St Marys Cemt.

These are obituaries I have in my files, if you are searching for ones you do not see here, as there were many more, please email me HERE.

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